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  1. Mikado Exhibitions FT7 En (SL) vs Mocchi (SO), Rion (KY) vs Endou (CH)

    Mikado is having a double dose of sets to commemorate the console release of Revelator! This weekend's sets will be Civil War: En (Slayer) vs Mocchi (Sol) [Former Tougeki/SBO teammates] face off in a FT7!

    After that match, it's Evo 2015 finalist Rion (Ky) face off against Endou (Chipp)! As usual, 2djazz will be commentating the matches (in English!) on Jonio's channel at around 5:30 JST on Saturday May 21! Follow jonio on twitter @jonio_mikado, and 2djazz at @2djazz.

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  2. Baf0 Highlights All GGXrd Character Specific Discord Servers

    Community member Baf0 has provided links to all the current character specific Discord servers. For those uninitiated, Discord is the spiritual successor to the archaic but fond-remembered IRC web platform, albeit with a more streamlined and 21st century feel. The app is available on Android and iOS and has been a recent boon within the community of SFV, and also with a General Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- & Misc. server by way of Mr. Biscuits. 

    Check below for links to each characters' respective server. Note that there are also links to a Europe FG community server, as well as Xrd predecessor Guilty Gear XX AC +R.


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  3. Machaboo vs Nage FT7 Exhibition!

    The Exhibitions from Mikado Arcade in Tokyo march on!

    This time it's Machaboo (Sin) vs Nage (Faust) in a FT7. Jonio will be streaming on his Twitch channel starting at 6PM JST (2AM Saturday PST/ 5AM Saturday EST).

    @2djazz (aka MajinObama) will be doing English commentary.

  4. Nakamura vs. Karinchu Exhibition This Weekend!

    Nakamura (Millia) and Karinchu (Johnny) two of the strongest players with their respective characters will be having a FT7 this weekend (Sat May 7 6pm JST)!

  5. Mikado Arcade Hosting a Double Jack-O Exhibition this Weekend! Hase vs Mike and FG vs Samitto

    This weekend Mikado is having it's usual Xrd tournament filled with high level players. However, In an effort to to make content catered towards the Western audience, they've decided to host 2 Jack-O exhibitions as well since she is a new character that the West can now access via the demo on PS4. 

    Hase (Slayer) vs Mike (Jack-O) will take place sometime before or after the usual 3on3 April 9, 2016 Saturday night JST at the usual place: (follow him!). Unlike most events at Mikado however, this will feature English commentary by Jazz aka Majinobama.


    FG (Jack-O) vs Samitto (Chipp) will take place on Sunday, April 10, at 12:30 PM JST. (Thus, it will air live Saturday night in the Americas!) This will be broadcast on Majinobama's personal channel,


  6. REVELATOR Demo on PS4 on Apirl 5th when you preorder the game on PSN!

    GGXrd-R_Logo.png.14b00d1b38c308a2f5a8404In case you missed the announcement at Anime Ascension, Aksys announced that if you pre order the game for PS4 on PSN, you'll get access to a demo of the game, but they didn't mention a date... until now! Mark your calendars for April 4th!

    But the demo is not just your ordinary demo - it comes with arcade mode, local versus mode, and training mode! It will have all arcade characters (sorry, no Raven, Kum Haehyun, Dizzy).


  7. Raven and Kum Haehyun Demonstration, 3v3 Featuring Ogawa, FAB, Machaboo, and More!

    We've been blessed with a double feature: a demonstration of Raven and Kum Haehyun featuring Ogawa, FAB, Machaboo, Mocchi, Nage, and LOX!

    And if that weren't enough, they also do a regular 3v3 using their mains to boot!

  8. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Console Version Adds Raven To The Roster


    Dizzy is also teased with a silhouette.

  9. Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator Gets European Release Date

    While certainly unexpected, Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator will be getting quite the timely release this spring across the European territories.

    Revelator will launch on June 10th 2015, 3 days after the North American release date of June 7th.

    The teaser trailer for the release has been recently updated to reflect the E.U release...





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  10. Hitbox Viewer for XRD by Altimor

    Untitled-1.png.afd8ac038395de60e1fed51caAltimor has given us quite a treat: a hitbox viewer for PC Xrd!

    You can follow the latest updates on the project in the thread linked below. I've tried it and you can see the results on the left, showing the hitbox on Sol's j.K.





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  11. Guilty Gear XRD -REVELATOR- North American Release 6/7/16!


    Hot off the heels of Arc System Work's release announcement for Japan, Aksys Games has announced the release date for North America on June 7, 2016!

    The game is coming out on both PS3 and PS4 and you can preorder at



  12. Guilty Gear Crash Course #5: Attack Range

    The Chemical Lovers are back with the 5th episode of the Crash Course series, this time covering attack ranges and recognizing which attacks to use when.


    They've also created a playlist with all their episodes in case you want to go back and re-watch a past episode.

  13. Next Level Battle Circuit adds GGXrd to Roster

    If you live or work in the NYC area, chances are you know of Battle Circuit, Next Level Arcade's weekly Wednesday tournament. Starting this Wednesday, October 28th, Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- will make its debut to the weekly alongside staple Ultra Street Fighter IV! Be sure to come out in force in support of the title, and take full advantage of the amazing competition that the NYC scene has to offer!





  14. Guilty Gear Crash Course #4

    The Chemical Lovers released their 4th Crash Course video, this time covering air movement.

    If you missed the previous parts, they've got all their current episodes in a playlist. Hit the jump for an embedded episode 4!


  15. Guilty Gear Crash Course #2 and 3! Blocking and Ground Movement

    Sorry we're late to the party, Chemical Lovers has recently put out 2 new videos covering more of the core principles of Guilty Gear. These two videos cover Faultless Defense, Running, and Backdashing. Click the article to see both of the new videos, or go to  their playlist on Youtube to see them all.


  16. Nage's Thoughts During Toshin Gekitotsu Match vs Kazunoko (Part 2)

    After a bit of a hiatus, Nage's back with his interesting series where he tries to break down his decision making process during his match against Kazunoko at Toshin Gekitotsu

    thanks to @_tenkai for translating it into English. 

    if you missed part 1, you can find it here:

  17. Guilty Gear: Crash Course - Looks to Provide Basic Airdash Fighter Fundamentals

    The team over at Chemical Lovers has undertaken a project to help acclimate beginner players to the nuances of Guilty Gear which seem to hold them back from understanding the core principles underneath all of the flash and fast paced action. 


  18. Guilty Gear Midwest Round-Robin Broadcast

    GGXrd Logo.png

    As a follow up to both the West Coast Round-Robin and the East Coast Round-Robin, the collaboration between American and Japanese GGXrd players continues, this time featuring players from the Midwest.  The broadcast will take place Saturday 9/26 at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT.

  19. Bursting Grand Viper Tutorial by VR-Raiden

    GGXRD Sol Icon.png

    Bursting Grand Viper correctly can be tricky business, but VR-Raiden has posted a tutorial showing how. The short video covers not only where the optimal bursting point is, but also how Sol with resources can punish someone for doing so both mid-screen and in the corner.

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  20. "The President" GGXrd -SIGN- Chipp CMV by ArT

    GGXRD Chipp Icon.png
    ArT created a combo video for Chipp dedicated to flashy combos and experimental combo paths with cancelling Banki Mesai. Check it out!

  21. Pachi Comments on GGXrd Character Election

    GGXrd-R Logo.png

    Pachi recently posted on the official GGXrd website regarding the returning character election for GGXrd. Players in Japan who complete arcade mode will get to vote on which character they would like to see return next. You can read the original article about the election here.

    The page mostly covers his thoughts on how he thinks the characters will play like. GREATFERNMAN has taken the time to translate it into English.

  22. Nage's Thoughts During Toshin Gekitotsu Match vs Kazunoko (Part 1)

    GGXRD Faust Icon.png

    Recently, ArcSystemWorks partnered with Sony and hosted a PS4™×『‎GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-』”闘神激突” event which consisted of a team battle between Guilty Gear specialists and other fighting game players strong at various games. Original article with full footage here.

    Nage outlines his thought process during his match against Kazunoko as part of a two part blog. @_tenkai has translated the first part into English. 

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    • well someone awesome scanned the whole central fiction material collection (画集・設定資料集)_BLAZBLUE_CENTRALFICTION_公式設定資料集.zip
    • So I’ve gone through a few threads and I’ve seen a lot of people saying just block until your opponents pressure is over, but it seems like a good player’s pressure is never over in this game. I don’t know if I just need practice, but it seems like reversal DPs don’t work. I find myself getting put in blockstun and then blocking for 20 seconds and eventually get opened up and it’s over. Am I missing something or do I really just need to block all day?
    • Neyagawa ABC 11.03.2018 - 17th New Generation Cup Mat Mouse FTG 25.04.2018 Takadanobaba Mikado 28.04.2018 Amusement Ace 29.04.2018 <<<DPG7 Qualifier n.6>>> Playland F1-R 29.04.2018 Playspot Big One 2nd 01.05.2018 Mag Max Kawagoe 02.05.2018 Mat Mouse FTG 02.05.2018 Yu Magical 03.05.2018 Playspot Big One 2nd 06.05.2018 <<<Devil's PlayGround 7>>> Playspot Big One 2nd 08.05.2018 Yu Magical 10.05.2018 Takadanobaba Mikado 13.05.2018 - Newcomers tournament Playspot Big One 2nd 15.05.2018 Mat Mouse FTG 16.05.2018 BONUS
      VSAV2 Gamechariot 29.04.2018
    • Seeing as there still isn't any character forums for BBTAG and that this the most relevant thread for this info, I'll post this right here (though mods are free to delete this if game play analysis doesn't belong in a news thread). Just some stuff I found about the P4 cast while playing the beta. Yu Narukami's revolver action (or P combo as they called it in P4A) is surprisingly similar to what he had in P4AU. He can cancel 4A (old 5A) to 2A and back (or vice versa) and still continue on. EX: 4A > 2A > 4AAA > Light Zio. He can then move on to his old heavy chain of 2B to 5A (old 5B) to 5AA (old 5C). The difference now is that the heavy loop is like his light loop so 5A can go to 2B and back (or vice versa) but now if you try 5AA to 2B to 5AA again, only the 5A will come out. It appears Narukami is restricted to one 5AA per string like his 5AAA (old 2C). EX: 5A > 2B > 5AAA > Heavy Swift Strike.                        EX: IAD j.5AA > 4A > 2A > 4AA > 5A > 2B > 5AAA > Heavy Swift Strike. (Assists can extend this, Resonance Blaze allows for Super ender) As far as I can tell, the only changes to his revolver action is that 4AAA (his old last auto combo normal P4A or his Shadow's last auto combo normal in P4AU) is now placed within the same chamber as his 5BB (old 5DD) (old 2D was also in the same chamber but is no longer usable as a normal, only as an assist, which is his back assist, or 4P), his 5AA is now in the same chamber as his 5AAA, and that 2C (his old 2AB) is now the last normal in his string (couldn't be used once he began using persona normals and could only cancel into 2D). TL;DR: The revolver actions of Persona characters is largely the same as it was in P4AU, only now they can still do sweep after doing their last auto combo normal and sweep is the very last normal you can cancel into in a single string. Minor changes exist between characters but this holds true for the most part.
    • A bunch of Birthday illustration, from February until May (except Mai Natsume; her illustration were already posted above):

      Jin Kisaragi:  Mei Amanohokosaka (XBlaze):  Taokaka:  Yuuki Terumi:  Ragna the Bloodedge:  Tsubaki Yayoi and Izayoi:  Arakune:  Makoto Nanaya:  Hakumen:  Kokonoe:  Hades Izanami:  Hazama:  Nine:  Carl Clover:  Hinata Himezuru (XBlaze):  And here is an illustration Noel and Ragna, by Higuchi, which will be distributed at specific events in Japan