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Baf0 Highlights All GGXrd Character Specific Discord Servers

  • Community member Baf0 has provided links to all the current character specific Discord servers. For those uninitiated, Discord is the spiritual successor to the archaic but fond-remembered IRC web platform, albeit with a more streamlined and 21st century feel. The app is available on Android and iOS and has been a recent boon within the community of SFV, and also with a General Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- & Misc. server by way of Mr. Biscuits. 

    Check below for links to each characters' respective server. Note that there are also links to a Europe FG community server, as well as Xrd predecessor Guilty Gear XX AC +R.





Decided to compile all the XrdR Character Discord Servers. Join them so you can learn more and discuss your characters.

Please PM me here or Tweet at me if there's any problems with the links.

Axl Low               https://discord.gg/0sTNLglD2uMibgWs
Bedman               https://discord.gg/0zFfsuE4onR1bvVG
Chipp Zanuff        https://discord.gg/0hwyckGQ2bQKtOGE
Dizzy                   https://discord.gg/010mhBiZ6iFf6edGL
Elphelt                 https://discord.gg/0g2PWaA3VYwX2c7Z
Faust                   https://discord.gg/0YsZMsyXsk0fki0z
I-No                     https://discord.gg/0wwNU581DjmZkkdp
Jack-O'                 https://discord.gg/0XbyOuifGoWPv1G3
Jam Kuradoberi     https://discord.gg/0vIKAGeYQhoLj8mY
Johnny                 https://discord.gg/0sTHJeygKh7PsSvq
Kum Haehyun       https://discord.gg/0rpeN0Gem4oCDaLm
Ky Kiske               https://discord.gg/0u3qom4GahOTTByB
Leo Whitefang      https://discord.gg/010paK4rwvO6cN3t4
May                     https://discord.gg/0TarBXRJrjkBni3s
Millia Rage           https://discord.gg/0fzWmoA2f5VuNtid
Potemkin              https://discord.gg/010msuSsL8Ur5Nb1P
Ramlethal             https://discord.gg/0YLh9Ml3Li1foiDc
Raven                  https://discord.gg/0rflCoHYS3OFEK7h
Sin Kiske              https://discord.gg/0ZcD43zJDeX7qFMx
Slayer                   https://discord.gg/0108GJa0BJP2rV2vX
Sol Badguy           https://discordapp.com/invite/0fnjEdA32QziBwra
Venom                 https://discord.gg/010mtfwzqq54ecePm
Zato-1                  https://discord.gg/0o3wPdUINR4kewtO



Here's some bonus links if you want to join more GG related Discords

General Guilty Gear Discord


EU FG Community






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