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  1. 25jv8ee.jpgOne of Sho's air specials, Metsuga, has a height restriction which limits it's usage in both combos and pressure. platefork gives a tutorial on how to bypass that by kara cancelling from C or D air Kousoku Idou. Check out the video below to see how to do the kara cancel as well as the various ways it can be applied.


  2. Ever wondered how Souji went from 5-1 to 0-3 against BananaKen at CEO? Well, tonight, Jose (@BananaKen), Bace (@bacesk8), and I will be discussing this newly-public set as well as Winners Finals. In addition to the match up, we'll be covering how to adapt to an opponent and how to prepare. Tune in, ask questions, bring popcorn!


    The stream will begin at 9PM EST here

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  3. Anne posted two videos pertaining to Aigis: One is a optimized combo from Koichi and the other is a video full of safejumps, oki and gimmicks she can do. - Optimized combo - Safejumps, oki and gimmicks

    Hit the jump to see both videos embedded!

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    • 12/23 Athena Nipponbashi Hakumen vs Valkenhayn Tager vs Valk   1/3 Athena Nipponbashi Suya (VK) vs Murishin (AZ) Suya (VK) vs Tenchi (IZ) Itou Sae (CA) vs Suya (VK)   1/9 Athena Nipponbashi Hazama vs Valkenhayn Nine vs Valkenhayn -Post is currently being edited with more vids-
    • If anyone still do UNIEL Recolors, I'd like someone to recolor this Chaos Portrait as these Colors          
    • MTL Airdashers Monthly #5 Results   Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Swiss Rounds 1. Scrubtrash (Chipp)
      2. Brice (Potemkin)
      3. Reyntime (Leo)
      4. fan (Sin)
      5. PochP (Dizzy/Ky)
      6. SamTheGreat (Zato)
      7. Spider (Sin)
      8. Dex (Ky)
      9. DerQ (Bedman/Kum)
      10. Kiras (Sol)
      11. Patty (Raven)
      12 Nachos (Sol)
      13. Hush (Raven)
      14. Rurouni (Dizzy) Blazblue Central Fiction Double Elimination 1st PochP (Mu-12)
      2nd Brice (Tager)
      3rd SamTheGreat (Valkenheyn) 
      4th DerQ (Amane)
      5th Neanis (Azrael)
      5th Reyntime (Susano/Kagura)
      7th Dex (Nine)
      7th Nachos (Ragna)
      9th Dhaos (Nine)
      9th Fan (Jin)
      9th Scrubtrash (Hibiki)
      9th Spider (Mai)
      13th Rurouni (Es)
      13th Wolf (Izayoi) Monthly #5 Playlist:   Thank you for watching and attending!
    • Where can I find a list of the meanings of all the different stats/medals you receive after an online match?
    • Thanks for pointing it out! If I bother to have anything else translated it'd probably be the end of ps4 where Terumi tosses Nine in the boundary + all that nonsense happens. My interests are selfish, hah.