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  1. P4U2 Sho SB Metsuga Kara Cancel Tutorial by platefork

    25jv8ee.jpgOne of Sho's air specials, Metsuga, has a height restriction which limits it's usage in both combos and pressure. platefork gives a tutorial on how to bypass that by kara cancelling from C or D air Kousoku Idou. Check out the video below to see how to do the kara cancel as well as the various ways it can be applied.


  2. P4AU: CEO Match Analysis Tonight (9PM EST)

    Ever wondered how Souji went from 5-1 to 0-3 against BananaKen at CEO? Well, tonight, Jose (@BananaKen), Bace (@bacesk8), and I will be discussing this newly-public set as well as Winners Finals. In addition to the match up, we'll be covering how to adapt to an opponent and how to prepare. Tune in, ask questions, bring popcorn!


    The stream will begin at 9PM EST here

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  3. Aigis Optimized Combos and Oki

    Anne posted two videos pertaining to Aigis: One is a optimized combo from Koichi and the other is a video full of safejumps, oki and gimmicks she can do. - Optimized combo - Safejumps, oki and gimmicks

    Hit the jump to see both videos embedded!

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    • I'm just wondering but is anyone going to be getting scans of the new blazblue centralfiction material collection?
    • hey this might be a bit much to ask but could someone please get all the character sprites and effects into one big download zip or a link to all of them separate? it's a bit of nightmare trying to find all of them through these forum pages.
    • Arcade vers. A-Cho 18.02.2018 Comtetch Tower 10.03.2018 Gamechariot 11.03.2018 よーし(RA) VS キジハト(PO) A-Cho 18.03.2018 casuals Comtetch Tower 24.03.2018 G-Com Wajiro 27.03.2018 G-Com Wajiro 30.03.2018 HLS Nishinakajima 30.03.2018 Playland F1-R 31.03.2018 Mat Mouse FTG 31.03.2018 G-Com Wajiro 06.04.2018 HLS Nishinakajima 06.04.2018 Mat Mouse FTG 08.04.2018 TAC 08.04.2018 SEGA Sannomiya Sanx 09.04.2018 大回転(FAUST) vs KJK(SLAYER) 蝿ちゃん(ELPHELT) vs KJK(SLAYER) そーへい(DIZZY) vs KJK(SLAYER) タグチ(JOHNNY) vs KJK(SLAYER) G-Com Wajiro 10.04.2018 HLS Nishinakajima 10.04.2018 Game Chao Matsutaka 11.04.2018 せこい(ch) vs DKJ(jo) Taito Station Mizonokuchi Megarage 12.04.2018 MAXIM HERO 12.04.2018 G-Com Wajiro 13.04.2018 HLS Nishinakajima 13.04.2018 Playland F1-R 14.04.2018 Playland F1-R 15.04.2018 ダッシュ(JO) vs いんちき(MA) いんちき(MA) vs GAKU(RV) ダッシュ(JO) vs GAKU(RV) Mat Mouse FTG 16.04.2018 MAXIM HERO 16.04.2018 FPWAR へろさん(ラムレザル) VS SHIBU(ポチョ) HLS Nishinakajima 17.04.2018 G-Com Wajiro 17.04.2018 SEGA Sannomiya Sanx 18.04.2018 タグチ(JOHNNY) vs KJK(SLAYER) + タグチ(JOHNNY) vs そーへい(DIZZY) SEGA Sannomiya Sanx 19.04.2018 まっど(VENOM) vs ギロチンカッター(SLAYER) タグチ(JOHNNY) vs サク(SLAYER) SEGA Sannomiya Sanx 20.04.2018 そーへい(DIZZY) vs ギロチンカッター(SLAYER) Game Center Tecnopolis 20.04.2018 G-Com Wajiro 20.04.2018 Mat Mouse FTG 21.04.2018 A-Cho 22.04.2018
      Console vers. GGXrd Rev2 Daru(IN) matches
      vs Anco(EL) 28.03.2018
      vs Ruki(DI) 10.04.2018
      vs Ruki(DI) 24.04.2018 CYCLOPS athlete gaming 02.04.2018 CYCLOPS athlete gaming 09.04.2018 CYCLOPS athlete gaming 16.04.2018 WF LF GF
    • Apocalypse of Darkstalkers 11.02.2018 *updated* Playspot Big One 2nd 27.03.2018 Mat Mouse FTG 28.03.2018 Takadanobaba Mikado 31.03.2018 KyleW Exhibition Namba Hills Apr.2018 (feat. KyleW) Playspot Big One 2nd 03.04.2018 Mat Mouse FTG 04.04.2018 Mag Max Kawagoe 04.04.2018 Takadanobaba Mikado 04.04.2018 - Newcomers tournament Playspot Big One 2nd 10.04.2018 Yu Magical 12.04.2018 Game Ace Amusement 13.04.2018 Okayama Fantasista 15.04.2018 Club Sega Shinjuku Nishiguchi Battle Arena 15.04.2018 <<<DPG7 Qualifier n.4>>> Playspot Big One 2nd 17.04.2018 Mat Mouse FTG 18.04.2018 Mag Max Kawagoe 18.04.2018 Yu Magical 19.04.2018 Playspot Big One 2nd 24.04.2018
      VSAV2 Gamechariot 24.03.2018
    • I'm super excited about Naoto.  She seemed like a given if we expected ASW to have all of the investigation team in the game, but after Aigis was announced, I guess all bets were off.  I liked Vatista announced as well, tho I don't plan to play her.  Hakumen is cool, i figured he was a shoe-in.