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    (IN PROGRESS) Currently Ripped: Story Mode - Includes the Audio from the Cutscenes / Endings of ACT. 1 / 2 / 3 from Arcade Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes All the Sprites used on the Cutscenes / Endings of ACT. 1 / 2 / 3 from Arcade Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes Portraits / Names / Emblems / Drives / Misc of All Characters. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes the All the Images from In-Game Gallery Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes all the Character Sprites / Effects / Color Palettes. ( IMPORTANT NOTE: CURRENTLY THERE'S NO WAY TO GET SUSANOO / ES / MAI / N.O.L. Noel SPRITES ) Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes all the Background and Character Sprites that Appear on Story Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews
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    I lost my composure, thanks @kylehyde for calling me out on it. It's like how you don't make "chicken jokes" around Paradigm for being a Dragon. It was never my intention to just be "right" and be a jerk about it so, sorry for that. That all said, GGXrd has dark parts if you look carefully, they're easy to miss (older GG games were in Visual Novel format so that made stuff more obvious). @Aegis High When the Universal Will invaded Justice' body in 2074, she took Justice' DNA and transplanted it in to the Japanese people who mutated in to Antimatter Gears, these were the "Variable X" creatures that Asuka identified shortly before he used Gamma Ray on Japan. The surviving Japanese people got "sick" with the unstable Gear DNA inside their Bodies "Ki Overflow Syndrome", like May had, unexploded Information Flares. From 2074 to 2187 the Japanese were quarantined not to leave the Dimensional Colonies, the biggest was Miyabi. May was born sometime before 2174 as she was just a child in appearance when she met Johnny at that time. Baiken was a child in 2074 when her people mutated in to Gears and attacked their village, Anji lived in the same village but was born some time later and has memories of Crow Kuruwaba. They've been alive all this while and even escaped the Colony on occasion, though Baiken has a bounty on her head. As an aside, Youkai-like Gears were sealed inside the Colonies along with the Japanese (based on Ogre Valley info), War Relics were sealed there too, because of the danger.
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    Well wht feels like forever jubei finally got announced at evo and is meant to be out this summer sometime. can't wait to get my hands on his sprites.
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    Oh yeah. I don't care if this is a DLC, Extend, or something else, i'm happy. I got my cat. Bring it on!
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    OMG! JUBEI!! They did it! Those bastards did it lol this needs a frontpage announcement!!
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    I suspect that 'something new' might be a new mechanic to stir things up. Meanwhile GG Fanbase has been bashing BB CrossTag, guys, c'mon we're better than this.
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    So, I guess we already know who the next char is: https://www.redbull.com/us-en/evo-2017-daisuke-guilty-gear-interview
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    Sorry for double posting. All character battle quotes ripped. Have fun, guys. https://mega.nz/#F!hQhy1AAB!tR_4fd5IZw-ai_RJVHhN5A Some fixes for previous rips: Ragna: added Act 1 generic B set Susanoo: added Terumi's special interaction clips
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    Here comes a bunch. The voices of CP roster are ripped. https://mega.nz/#F!0E5W3aLJ!4R7HuGMGgcih5HwrjWGT9g
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    Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7cpb0a2vmwhntx/Mai.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/47d994r353a4kxf/Izanami.zip?dl=0
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    Jubei Scan Translation by GreatFernMan: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s296/sh/ca509ddf-dbc9-48a9-9b16-e3e3548a0283/9909d5c905002731d73ee0c682df1173
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    BVH VOL2 (Raw) http://www.mediafire.com/file/2uzepjy8ix8gbkv/Blazblue_Variable_Heart_Volume_2_(Raw).7z
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    With the HUD slight changes, they probably will pull out a REV2, with some interface changes, new chars and some more story content, I guess...
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    BVH CH13 (Raw) http://www.mediafire.com/file/ddih4sa9owqjnw9/Blazblue_Variable_Heart_Chapter_13_(Raw).7z
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    Sorry I meant to edit that part out as just quoting Jourdal's twitter. But on closer inspection, I'd say the timer box is different and the healthbar has some other touches (like the techno-lines). Compare to this one for better results. https://apollo2.dl.playstation.net/cdn/UP1024/CUSA04191_00/FREE_CONTENTpgMgfiXxeVo7mYhDWI1F/PREVIEW_SCREENSHOT1_128272.jpg
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    Capcom is hella dead at this point. I can't rest until I know the BB crossover is a PC game too. I don't want to wait 2 years...
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    Hey, you know what, i'm on cloud nine. Yeah, no more complaining about Jubei not being in.
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    Hello, after a long time of me being dead I came back with something. Announcers: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iws4ean4wt87ycl/AAD4KxNzU9WKZXoHQOsRWoYFa?dl=0 I didn't have time to organize the names or anything, but everything should be easy to figure out and as always, if anything is missing or misplaced you should let me know.
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    A link with Streams/schedule for those who wants to watch EVO this year: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DEjHp61VwAANSPT?format=jpg
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    one more thing i would like to ask is how do u make sprites transparent lookin. heres an example with the two serpents on terumi.
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    created the pallete file for naoto's overdrive. cheers for the help Johhny. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8rc57kx5yvo1msc/naoto+overdrive+pallete.rar
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    Naoto's white hair and red eyes are in his default palette, you just need to find the correct ones and rearrange the colors in the palette. This can be done by selecting the sprite background, clicking on the Colors tab, going to map, and hitting Rearrange Colormap in Gimp (couldn't tell you what to do for Photoshop).
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    I'm working on doing all the characters right now just give me time to get them all done its not easy process but I'm getting there I will post what I got done.
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    here's some susanoo edits i did for the laugh if anyone wants to use.
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    Well, unless Faust comes up with a cure, I don't know what else to tell you. May's origin is a mystery yet too, as she just appeared outside the Colony in 2174 where Johnny found her. I can only assume her parents were trying to escape the Colony and little May got left behind, but that's a guess on my part. I don't know what really happened, nor does it account for May's ridiculous physical strength enough to spook Justice of all Gears. Baiken being able to slash a house in half with one arm is curious enough, but the fact the Zessen OutRage reacts to Japanese blood (OutRage are Anti-Gear weapons, they shouldn't respond like that to humans unless the user is exceptional at using Magic). I-No's comment about Baiken's age isn't easy to ignore after all this.
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    Her "current" Homeland technically is the Dimensional Colony "Miyabi" (Miyabi is the largest of the Dimensional Colonies created for the refugees, specifically the Japanese during the Crusades.) According to the information I've been able to gather, there are several Japanese Colonies, with Miyabi as the largest, located in the Himalayan region. It's never stated how many other colonies there are or where the others are located. In addition, due to the Japanese "International Treasure" status (which is actual a Racial Quarantine after Japan was destroyed and the Gear mutations were discovered), other people have envied the preferential treatment the Japanese got, though these don't know the truth. The residents of South Africa are Crusades refugees who never received Government Assistance of any kind, so Chipp Zanuff set up his "Eastern Chipp Kingdom" there to get the United Nations to recognize them and send aid. Only certain medical doctors and staff as well as the Conclave knew about the Japanese having Gear-like symptoms, and they kept it under wraps. Doctor Faust was the first to recently stumble on the coverup when he treated May. It's not a retcon or a contradiction, just a well-kept secret. Baiken and other Japanese survivors originally lived in Japan, but after Gamma Ray and the "Black Sunrise" events, they migrated to the Colonies sealed by the Zessen to protect them. Justice didn't start her rebellion until other nations began to retaliate against her Gear Plant in America. From there, she waged her war primarily in Russia and Italy, increasing her army with every Gear Plant she ransacked.
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    Baiken's words to Asuka when confronting him (she asks "Why did you kill them? Why did you burn them?"): http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/25423681342/can-your-explain-why-did-baiken-decide-to-give-up Baiken's Childhood Recollection (1:33 mark of GGX Anime Video): http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/97229802634/im-posting-this-here-because-of-reasons-leave Please note that this cutscene has parts that were retconned from actual GGX dialogue, but so far it's the only "evidence" depicting Baiken's Childhood according to her bio information. When Baiken's memory actually occurred during events is vague and unclear, but Daisuke Ishiwatari deliberately placed this information alongside the events that Destroyed Japan, so the two are connected, primarily because rampaging Gears were involved, but also their connection to "That Man". Another piece of "vague evidence" is the Conclave who were supposedly the Overseers of the Japanese Colonies. The Conclave Members Chronus and Axus supposedly have been "alive" since 1999. Libraria was the youngest member supposedly, but their recollections on Magic and lifespans date back at least 100 years according to Axus and Chronus. Chronus was an old colleague of Asuka's and even managed to live as long as he has! That is not direct evidence that Japanese live long lives, but it IS evidence that the Conclave have lived an exceptionally long time as Humans. How they did so is unknown. Baiken's memory may be vague, but it's the only vivid evidence we have that suggests she recalled the destruction of her people as a survivor. If future GGXrd Episodes reveal more about Baiken's past, we'll be able to paint a clearer picture of events. So far, however, because of the DNA transfer from Justice to Japan, it's implied most Japanese are Gears, and Gears are CONFIRMED to have long lifespans. The Japanese who turned in to Antimatter Gears are further proof of this, as is testimony surrounding them. Gears like Justice and Sol have lived 100 to 200 years, Dizzy's GGXPlus ending implies she'll live 200 years or more as well. Izuna, as a Youkai, is implied to have lived since Japan's antiquity if the "Killing Stone Legend" is connected to Izuna as implied by his GG2 story. Tyr from GGXtra is also a mystery, as he remained a child in appearance from 2162 to 2170 or so to get sealed away. He hasn't aged at all when Ky meets him again in 2181.
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    Sources for Longevity/Baiken's story: --GGXrd Sign cites Japan was destroyed in 2074, according to Baiken the Gears attacked her village shortly thereafter. Faust reads a book called "The Black Sunrise" which gives an account that the Japanese had mutated in to monsters and attacked their own. This book was mentioned in Revelator and jives with Baiken's account which was first told back in GGX. --According to GGXtra, the Japanese had been sealed away in Dimensional Colonies for 100 years. This accounts for 2074 to 2174 which was most of the Crusades. Anji Mito stole the Zessen in 2181, this removed the Colony Barrier allowing other Japanese to leave the Colony. Baiken had been inside the Colony until 2180 when she attacked Justice. How she escaped is unknown, just cited. May was found outside the Colonies in 2174 by Johnny, again, how she got out is unknown, or she was never in the Colonies in the first place. --It was said in GGXtra that only Japanese blood can activate the Zessen, however the Zessen is OutRage designed as an Anti-Gear device based on Gear Technology, and YET Anji Mito can wield it. The OutRage were built in 2075 in response to Justice being built. This means that Zessen has been in use for 100 years with no mention of the barrier being deactivated UNTIL 2181. --GGXXAC I-No says Baiken is older than she looks. --Baiken recalled a tall slender "man" standing among his Gears, however this may not jive with Asuka R. Kreutz account (Asuka was in America at the time Japan was destroyed in 2074)! Anji Mito claims he recalled Crow Kuruwaba in GGXXACPlus, who may in fact also be Japanese, said by Baiken to be a traitor to his people. Anji also implies Baiken mistook the Gearmaker for someone else in XrdRev2. Crow was sealed away in Dimensional Prison until 2175 when he created the Seal to trap Justice. --Maximus Ariels rose to power in 2177 and did not officially sanction the release of the Japanese until 2187, 10 years later, so Japanese residents have been sneaking in and out since before that time. In Accent Core Johnny asked Anji if he knew of any Japanese survivors living outside the Colonies. Anji said as of 2181 the only "escapees" were himself and Baiken, though he made no mention of Mizuha or Tyr. This rules out May who must have lived outside the Colonies for some time. --Baiken fought Asuka in 2181 during GGXX events but was too weak to fight him, choosing to grill I-No for answers instead but Anji stops her. Anji meets with Asuka who explained everything to him. Anji decided to help Asuka recapture I-No in Accent Core with Raven's help. After that Anji stood by Baiken while watching Asuka from a distance. --Baiken's recollection says she watched her family "burn" before her eyes, this jives with Gamma Ray being fired in 2074, and Baiken was a child at the time. --Baiken has the physical strength to cut a house in half if her Instant Kill is accurate, she wonders if she's actually an "Oni" or Demon, though the rhetoric in her Intro implies all Gears are Demons making this world Hell itself from her perspective, which would make her a Gear in irony. --Anji Mito was said to live in the "same village" as Baiken so he is technically a survivor, however his account of the events back then suggests he was too young to recall what happened, which is why he refers to Baiken as "big sis" (Anesan) being older than he is. Yet he does recall Crow, so the "invasion of Gears" that Baiken recalls may not be the same as the Crusades that happened outside Japan. Ogre Valley stage implies there was a war with Ogre Gears being fought INSIDE the Colony sometime later, which may or may not be related. --The images depected in the book "Black Sunrise" of 2074 are identical to the Antimatter Gears (like Juzo Sano) that appeared in 2187, these also jive with Asuka's 2074 Report in Xrd Sign of the "Variable X" creatures, described as "giants with faces". --May's Gear-like physical strength has been apparent since 2180, but she started feeling "Ki Overflow" symptoms in Xrd Sign as of 2187, this jives with Dr. Faust's medical notes on the medical treatment of the Japanese who eventually had to take Placebos or get "Tuned" to ease their symptoms. Baiken had described feeling berserker-like symptoms in Accent Core if you follow her bad ending, this also jives with Mizuha's awakening symptoms in GGXtra and May as well in the first GG. Mizuha was also drawn to the Gear Asteroid "Mothership" in GGXtra due to her electromagnetic power to resonate with it. --Answer states in Rev2 that his ability to detect Ki is very poor, but even HE was able to sense Baiken's Ki from far away. Only Gears like Justice and Valentines can generate such a "loud" Ki Signature signal (Kum Haehyun, Chipp, and Jam all cite this to be true), especially during the Babylon incident with Justice' Cradle Form which Chipp says was a massive amount of Ki. --I should also add that Baiken has exceptionally long hair now, which could be a tell-tale sign of being a Gear, as according to Sin Kiske and Ky, they have to get haircuts every few days.
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    The GG World Library is kinda vague about it, look up "Juzo Sano" and you'll see the connection. Juzo Sano was one of the Japanese Bedman detonated. http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/160043680974/okay-before-bedmans-fight-with-slayer-in GGXtra Manga also hints that Mizuha had Gear-like powers too. lol that's not a Gear Mark, it's a Buddhist Mantra for Health and Well-being. http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/23264720701/guide-to-baikens-moves-and-symbols THIS is a Gear Seal: http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/147000888159/fusion-its-not-perfectly-accurate-to-the-story You probably won't ever see a Gear Seal on the Japanese because their DNA was altered instead of a full Gear conversion. Like a Mutation instead of the Gear Cell dubbing process. The mutation is what made them sick though some adapted to it, like May, others did not. Baiken lost her arm and eye before the mutation happened to her body, so they won't grow back like Gear limbs usually might. Kum had to tune the Japanese to prevent further mutation as that triggered Information Flare chain reactions.
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    UNIST Console Opening, looks very damn crisp, lol. Be aware at the moment, no localization has yet to be annouced, but if like UNIEL, then UNIST will be too eventually. Also, PS4 version comes in physical/digital, while PS3/Vita will be digital only, so...make your purchase wisely when you guys are willing to import or head off to the JP/Asia region PS Stores. Or, if possible, wait for the (possible) English release.
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    Holy shit. LOL I was spouting on and on wanting to see some crazy shenanigans with Sol and "family," but I'll definitely settle with Ky on the receiving end. The fact that Sol has any ties to his family tree will never guarantee him a good night's sleep.
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    Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!! is halfway through its Kickstarter campaign, and thanks to its passionate fans they've already reached their initial goal of $100,000, and will be porting the game to PC via Steam! But, like any good Kickstarter, EXAMU has added some exciting stretch goals in hopes of bringing in more funding, and we need your help to reach them! When the Kickstarter first launched, EXAMU worried that they wouldn't even be able to fund the game itself. But thanks to the outpouring of support in Japan and from around the world, and so they've announced these stretch goals with the intent of releasing the final, definitive Arcana Heart 3 revision. The first stretch goal - Paracelsia (the game's boss character) as an Arcana, and updated balancing - has already been reached, and as of writing we need another $85,000 to reach the next: a new playable character, currently nicknamed Shark Girl! Next, at $400,000, is the mysterious, dual-wielding Dark Heart, and her Arcana: Love Prison Geist! Little is known about her, but I must admit her design has me very interested. At the $500,000 mark we see the introduction of a new boss character, Omega! Additionally, a new storyline will be added that also brings together the stories from earlier titles. At $570,000, Omega will also be added as a playable character! We've still got a way to go before these new characters are funded, so please consider chipping in if you can! Just $25 gets you the port on Steam, in English, as well as a key for all the DLC funded by the stretch goals (not to mention a love letter from the producers), which is an incredible deal on its own. There are only 15 days left, so get it while you can!
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    Small interview with Mori. https://www.redbull.com/us-en/evo-2017-blazblue-developer-interview Blazblue is not over after the end of Ragna's arc, I guess we already knew or guessed about this but is the only interesting thing in the interview.
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    Not only Ruby Rose, but with the franchise by itself. It is Blazblue x Persona4 x UNIEL x RWBY
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    woo~, never have to see you or anyone carry on about jubei, lol bbxetc looks rad
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    FINALLY EVERYONE WILL SHUT UP ABOUT JUBEI!!! Also HOLY SHIT BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle with Ruby Rose!!! So that's what was going on with Rooster Teeth. A bit disappointed it's not a full RWBY fighting game but what can you do.
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    Like I've been saying, Nationality has nothing to do with what people are affiliated with or where they currently live. The Arena is just indicating May is Japanese (Origin: Japan means Japanese), she still "lives" with the Jellyfish. Raven's FROM the "Holy Roman Empire", and neither that empire nor Germany that came after it exist anymore, Germany was annexed in to Illyria after the Crusades. But that doesn't change the fact Raven is German! Most of GGXrd's story about May further PROVED May was Japanese, so why are you debating this point? I-No's comment about Baiken's Age was in GGXX, Baiken's story. http://guiltygear.ru/files/faqs/Guilty_Gear_XX_The_Midnight_Carnival.txt I-No wasn't the only person to make that age comment either, Robo-Ky does too when he hits on her in ACPlusR, saying "she's passed the limit" (Robo sensors don't lie). Also, I-No's Bad Ending in ACPlusR shows that Baiken "awakens" even after I-No struck her down! Ky was shot in Xrd in a similar manner, guess what happened? During that scene Baiken even MENTIONS the Japanese having special powers (according to what she heard from Crow Kuruwaba of all people). Need more proof? The P.W.A.B. were "recovering the Japanese AND Gears", now why do you suppose they were given a task that lumps the Japanese in with Gears UNLESS there was some connection?
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    I'm back again with an original, for once! Here's my Anji-theme! Enjoy!
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    updated files + source code https://mega.nz/#!vAsljSIb!-KCorfEbNCBENg1w2Ct26xUJlozYM13sFs12oYlaLNQ ggxrd_hitbox_overlay.zip
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    According to what ArcSys have said in the past, XX and AC+ stories are considered "gaiden" stories.
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    You know what, just for you @Calamitus: 1. Philosophy is never "needless" in a Story. 2. Maybe if you studied the stories before Sign and Rev, instead of putting up expectations, you wouldn't feel so disappointed? 3. Sol has legit reasons to complain about his situation IF you RECALL HIS BACKSTORY. Being a "Tsundere" involves dishonesty with one's self, something Sol OVERCAME. 4. Asuka was being polite to a guest in Axl Low, obviously he had more important things to do, but he was thanking Axl Low for risking his life to deliver a message. Axl was almost killed by Bedman. 5. Raven has lived over 900 years and nearly FORGOT what having friends was even like! You try living that long and see if you stay positive about it! 6. Robo-Ky was never a jerk, just crude in speech, and only following orders. He's got a life of his own now, so leave him be. 7. Zato went through several hells of the Backyard and was nearly erased. You expect him to do parlor tricks after all that? 8. Potemkin was humiliated by Bedman, so of course he had a crisis. He's not made of steel despite his looks. He's human! 9. Jam has her own world views, just like everyone else so stop judging. 10. Robo-Ky never WANTED TO BE Crow's friend. The guy's a reclusive N.E.E.T. with a Dizzy obsession. 11. We don't know anything about Ariels so you're jumping the gun. Also feeling ARE IMPORTANT. This game would be dull if emotions didn't exist. 12. Your beef with Shonen Anime is your own, but GG has nothing to do with it. GG is a lot better than most Shonen Anime I've ever seen. Prove me wrong! Seriously, STUDY the Story instead of Speedrunning through it. Maybe you'll understand something.
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    I really liked his design, but unfortunately it seems like he's probably not on par with the rest of the cast, given how terrified of Venom he actually was. Side note, this is probably just a coincidence, but the guy Zato's talking to in this old illustration for the original PSX Guilty Gear bears a pretty strong resemblance to him:
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    2cave or not 2cave? That is the question.
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