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    Well guys, Famitsu goes nuts on GG Xrd Rev 2 info. Google Translated so far, lol. Beisdes the release date that we already know, the prices for both the Physical and Digital (non-upgrade) are 4,800 Yen+Tax, 2,000 Yen+Tax (paid upgrade). Those that pre-order the JP physical version will get Rev 2's mini soundtrack CD with 9 songs included. Those themes will include Answer's, Baiken's, and Dizzy's. And for those in JP, there's going to be a GG Xrd Rev 2 event on March 26, 2017 JST. Where there will be exhibition matches, Daisuke doing signatures, and Talks. Other things are mentioned in the article. Answer and Baiken will be playable at the event. Also, Rev 2's new UI, sleek and stylish! Official JP Rev 2 site updated with price info on both PS3/PS4 versions. Nothing on PC version yet, sadly. Also, Gematsu has more info on Rev 2 as well.
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    Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 launches May 25 in Japan https://www.famitsu.com/news/201702/28127924.html
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    I had a feeling Anji would show up in Baiken's story mode. I will F5 for screenshots I need to see my man!!!!!!!!!
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    Checked out the game at the arcade. I never really used Baiken with any regularity, so I can't comment too much on what's different. But, her 236236+S super definitely did less damage than I expected it to. She doesn't seem to be lacking in tools to make up for it, though. She also has this Yamazaki-style, mob-boss strut going on when she walks forward. Arched back and everything. It's goofy-looking as hell in comparison to her inching forward in the past games. So, you can look forward to that. Her intro and outro involve this kind of long-winded samurai period-drama narration. It's pretty funny. I really like Answer. His shenanigans are fun, but I definitely did not unlock any potential in one playthrough. I really want to play this character some more when the game hits. Nothing like Chipp at all if anyone was worried. He is actually on the phone throughout the entire match. Like, having full on convos while fighting you. Even a few strained lines when he gets hit. Dude's a multitasker. lol Also, Zato has a glowing red outline now. Akin to how in the previous games he would fade into black continuously. And a minor spoiler regarding something in Dizzy's episode mode regarding Ky...
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    counter hit 2/3hs is same as current version. 1/2/3hs is Jump-cancellable on hit and block. new 6hs: can cancel from 2/5/6p 5k but wont combo, its only special-cancellable on 2 first hits, not jump cancellable. nothing special on CH. TK Task A Prime on okizeme will crossup. good jump 3K combos? will 2k -> 5hs is not the problem, its 2hs losing its launch properties. i guess we have to stick with B&B and finish with task b or 2d as for 2p, did it changed?, it felt same to me. tried 2/3hs -> deja vu b but didnt combo. i did in the corner 1hs -> RC -> 6hs -> 5s -> 5hs -> task c.
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    For people still confused about Sol's and Justice' role in all this: http://gear-project.tumblr.com/tagged/Mass-Information-Seed
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    This is considered a Spoiler guys, so I'd appreciate it if you treated it as such.
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    ggxrd rev2 2nd loketest report: im not sure what exactly changed. i didnt find any patch notes, but i feel like nothing changed from the 1st loketest. - 2/3hs air hit acts like the current version, so you still can do j.236hs -> 2hs -> 236HS - 2k to 5hs is still gone - didnt find any use for the new 6hs - air deja vu has long recovery, if you do it after normal jump you will land. feels really risky without YRC. - if you TK the air deja vu, you will lose your air momentum. if anyone wants me to try something, please tell me. the loketest will last for a week, plenty time to experiment.
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    Well, Anji players, rejoice! Let's hope for more cast returners. Also... Rev 2 in the US coming out same week as the JP release, and I assume EU version to follow suit. $20 Digital Upgrade for all systems (hoping cross-buy on both PS3/PS4, steam will be its own thing, of course), and $40 PS4 disc. No word on PC/Steam date yet.
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    Es in an outfit I made for something else. Enjoy!
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    Good job as always ktulu! Hope to see more of your tabs in the coming days. Keep on rockin'
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    ASW never got PC peeps hopes up. It was just Gematsu jumping the gun.
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    http://gematsu.com/2017/02/guilty-gear-xrd-rev-2-launches-may-25-japan English article here, confirmed PC, PS3/4 simultaneous release in Japan!
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    http://guiltygear.us/rev2/ English Rev 2 site open! Not much info besides what we already know, no info on price/date yet.
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    ARCSys isn't trying to cut corners unless they absolutely can't help it. http://gear-project.tumblr.com/tagged/GG-Interviews
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    Venom library of ball formation: Venom P formation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJWtIzVUdtXp2MvjSVZr1AmH Venom K formation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJWNC7tg0bWH_LXkDGWsW_wE Venom S formation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJVVJWuEhw_vqQRGTTbc7auW Venom HS formation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu58Y-WztJJXrCn7TzkF5X77yKwTBpD5z
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    As much as this is awesome and all, this should have been a Rev 2 situation instead (Paid/Free Upgrade/Update). I've already mentioned my peace over at the steam forums for something like that, all it is, is just the same game with only 1 new character/arcana, and possibly supposed balance changes. Nothing much's changed other than the title screen and the character select. But if this version's going to have more additions on the way, then I guess it may be worthwhile.
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    I might as well mention it here too. Six Stars crowdfunding project, talked about here: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/13086-arcana-heart-4-confirmed-in-the-works/&do=findComment&comment=964993
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    Thank you! I had fun getting back into this. Except Thor that time signature change in Susanooh. That probably took me 2 hours to figure out... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fantastic as always guys, your hard work is very much appreciated!
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    Jam's ready to jam it out 2night! I'm sorry, I'll see myself out the door... *jumps out through a glass window*
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    Icarus is almost done, so I figured I'd upload it anyway. Guitars, bass, drums, lead vocals, background vocals and strings are done, piano is done except for chords in the chorus. Keep in mind that this is still a WIP, I'll try to add those soon. Guilty Gear - Icarus (WIP).zip
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    Yrc though. If you tiger knee the j2k and yrc before the upward momentum you fall fast. Look check this out.
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    Just my two cents to anyone interested in doing this, but if you have Photoshop, select the Blue parts of images like this (the sword edge for example), paste them in a new Layer, do Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, then set the Layer Mode to Screen and then duplicate the Layer a few times, reducing opacity, you'll get yourself a nice "glowing sword" effect. Works for eyes too. It's alright I already helped him
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    Ha, I've never seen that quiz before. I don't think it works quite as well after you've already established a main. I think I was biased towards Sol.
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    yo isuka is amazing what are you talking about
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    You know, coming back to the CF OST, God of War feels a lot like it belongs in a movie. Like, it's a pretty sweet VS Theme, but it feels like it would work even better as something to play during a movie trailer or a battle cutscene. Imagine Hakumen and Susano'o squaring off against each other in a movie-esque cutscene with God of War playing. If anything, I think Daisuke must've had something like this in mind when composing it. With that said, God of War has become my favorite VS Theme in the series. [Followed by Black & White, in JUSTICE, and Imperial Code II] On the note of GGXrd Rev 2, really excited to hear Answer and Baiken's themes.
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    For anyone who cares: http://shoryuken.com/2017/02/11/gameplay-impressions-from-the-guilty-gear-xrd-rev-2-second-location-test/ I'm glad about the Raven changes, I felt ArcSys dropped the ball when it came to his design. Especially when in relation to his BDSM special and meter. I still feel it should get jacked up in accordance to the attack power of moves. Like, any character's 5p shouldn't be the equivalent of Sol using Fafnir on BDSM stance... Really curious about Ky's new 6hs, the current one is kinda useless outside of oki/pressure :/. Sol's 6hs looks like he's' trying to shovel you lol
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    For the Holy Order ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Oh, sorry man, I meant the one with the Gradient Layers, like the one I can use to make custom colors. The PSD in OP just has alternate colors in it. Posting a custom Terumi Color Pallete for Susano'o, and a custom Susano'o Color Pallete for Hakumen.
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    Will make the guide visual in my YT channel: and I will add more content
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    Celica A. Mercury Template If anyone can make it better, I would appreciate it. Have fun.
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    Since it seems likely that we aren't getting the BBCF dub tomorrow. I was curious if anyone was willing to compile a list or video of what the characters say to each other during the start and end of matches. I'd love to know exactly what Susanoo and the other new characters say to one another.
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    I love this color soooo much. It's almost like a match made in heaven.
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    Mai's theme definitely sounds like it should be in Xrd, as a potential new Bridget theme.
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    [I'm sorry, I got to let loose, this stuff is too good] I am in love with "MUST DIE", it just blew my mind! I did not expect it to have vocals, but oh my Tsuki no Shihai, it's so goooooood! I'm dying to know who the vocalist is! [Cause going by voice, I'm pretty sure as hell it ain't Jun'ya Motomura or Naoki Hashimoto] conciliation is amazing too! Today is a good day for a fan of BB's music like me!
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    S Formation: "The diamond formation" Defensive formation. You may have to go backward to hit the S ball and the hitting options are limited but the other balls locations are good. If you have some far balls generated or you don't know what to do with them, just generate S ball to make them near you. This formations has the most QV applications because the SQV can be followed by 5p to hit the generated ball. Your position on the screen may affect the results, if the screen sidelines are behind you, you might not hit the balls. 1-S: You have limited options to hit this ball and most of them are forcing you to go backward. You can double backdash or back airdash then deal with it as a K ball. Immediate: neutral j.S or neutral j.d jump backward or back IAD > jumping normal QV: QV will genrate a ball that will get very close to you while moving to its position and you can hit it with 5p only but this leads to many interesting stuff in many areas like combos or collisions. SQV>5p>HSQV for 2-ball collision Because the ball is very close to you, when you hit 5p you can do: SQV>5p>dash>genrate one or more balls to make them collide 2- P:S You can hit them both using the same as what hits the S ball except j.k and j.p. If you want to hit them seperately: jump backward j.k>airdash>j.k 3- P/S You can neglect the S ball and deal with the P/S seperately. Hittable by 5p,5s,6hs. You can get closer and deal with it as a P ball. DHM: will send the ball slightly diagonally depending on the position/timing. CR: S CR will give a low black ball. 4- K:S An additinal ball to hit with. Not much options to hit but j.s and j.d are great. Back IAD>j.p or j.d for collisions QV: You can make 3-ball collisions by this: Generate K ball>SQV>5p>Generating P or HS ball 5- K/S: Negelct the S ball, you can hit it by any jumping normal and the HS CR will give you a high black ball. 6- HS:S Limited options again to hit both balls. Jumping backward normals and neutral j.d to hit them both or you can j.s>2p or j.s>2s Good for pressure if you seperate the balls. 7- HS/S: A very useful ball. You can hit it by most of jumping/standing/crouching normals. SA: will give close black balls. CR: S CR will give a black ball in the same location of the S ball. HS CR will give a black ball at higher height than venom's shoulders but still hittable by 5p, 5d. 8- K,P:S Just hit it with what hits K:S if you to make a 3-ball collision. 9- K,P/S You can neglect the S ball or do SQV>5p to get this j.k, j.hs or j.d if you want to hit them both for seperate hits: j.p or j.s > ground attack that hits P/S Dash/walk> hit P/S>jump bakward or air backdash>jumping normal 10- HS,P:S Deal with it the same way as HS:S if you want to hit them all. Otherwise, nothing new but only additional ball and HS,P/S 11- HS,P/S Neglect the S ball, you get a low collision similar to K:P. The same applies here, hit directly for collision or dash>hit for no collision. 12- HS,K:S Same as 10 13- HS,K/S Nothing much, if you want to hit them together, do neutral jump j.h or j.d. You can hit them in a sequence of jumping attack>ground attack or vice versa Generally its useful because you have a high ball in the air and a low ball at the same time. 14- HS,K,P/S j.hs to hit them all. Otherwise, partitioning will make it useful. 15- {S} To hit them all, you must hit with what hit both balls in HS:S Note: You may not have many options here, but partitioning is strong and the SQV either can give you a ball in action while bringing the other balls near you or make some collisions.
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    K formation: "Box formation" So in this formation balls get near each other and form a rhombus. Your main hitting method after chosing this formation is either 6p or forward j.k. Very useful in many aspects and mainly for setups and anti-air. QV has its applications also. 1- K unreachable by most standing normals. Useful as anti-air and your main setup ball. The ball will move to its location in very short time so there is no point in delaying the hit unless inside certain setups. Immediate: 6p, 2hs for anti-air. any forward jumping normal to cover some air-to-ground or doing pressure/setups (mainly j.k). neutral j.p and j.hs will hit the ball also and I think the j.p is good to cover some aerial space. Note that after hitting in the air, you can air-dash after the hit following the ball so it will add to your offence. CR: H CR will make a low black ball. QV: Hitting with K QV will give you little time to delay hits. Its great as a combo component. KQV hit>[5p]>6p>6HS. Note that 5p is required sometimes to make the combo work as the ball is still moving upwards. You can create a collision by P ball set>5p>yrc>dash>KQV. RC: After hitting the ball by a jumping normal you can yrc instead of waiting and you get a little more time to dash or do anything else. I think this is great move that let you have more control. 2- P:K Used very much because of its strength, it gives you both aerial ball and a ball that cover the ground. A nice 2-ball collision will happen if you hit 5p then generate P or HS balls. You can hit with 5p>dash>generate HS ball for 3-ball collision also. 5p>QV is a 3-ball collision also Immediate: 6p, 2hs for anti-air 5p>j.p j.p>j.d j.Hs j.d 5p>6p 5p>forward jumping normal Delayed: you can forward jump attack>back airdash>jump attack to hit them seperately (example: forward j.p>back airdash>j.p) and you can forward jump>back airdash>jumping attack to hit them together (example: forward jump> back airdash>j.p) Note that generally you can use high jump to get easier timing in some situations. DHM: will send two vertical balls. MS: Is the same as always but note the ease of use in this subset. 3- P/K You can get this by j.p the K ball. You get a closer and higher ball than the regular P ball. So generally its hittable by the same normals that hit the P ball immediately with the addition of neutral jumping normals. This will collide with QVs you generate after hitting with 5p because its very close to you. You can alternatively dash and generate after hitting 5p to make collisions. SA: Because of being closer, SA will give you closer black balls which is very useful. CR: The HS will give you a very high aerial black ball. 4- S:K This will generate a little far additional ball that will go with almost any hit for the K ball. Hittable only by what hits the K ball if you don't move, so I'll list the notable ones. Immediate: 6p and 2hs great anti-air sending two balls diagonally forward j.p>any jumping normal Delayed: Walk/Dash>5p>neutral jumping normal 5- S/K You can get this by j.p the K ball You get the same ball as P/K but being far. Hit it with what hits the K ball or do CR to get a low black ball. You can also close the range by walking/dashing and deal with it the same way as a P/K ball. 6- HS:K You get two balls on the same height. You can deal with it as a K ball and most things will hit the HS ball but the results are different from the S/K ball. Immediate: j.p for aerial 2-ball collision forward j.k>neutral double jump>j.p forward j.k>forward double jump>j.k or any jumping normal You can wait and jump a second jump if you have a problem with timing but it will take longer time to hit the second ball. Delayed: forward jump>delay>j.p to hit them together Dash>jump>j.p>air backdash>j.p Forward High jump>j.D is cool 7- HS/K You can get this by j.Hs the K ball. The same as K ball but being far. Hit with S CR for a low black ball or close the range and deal with it as a K ball. Airdash>jumping normals is great 8- S,P:K Just additional balls if we talk about how to hit. But easy for partition and the parts will be useful. For collisions generate HS or P ball after hitting 5p for 3-ball collision. Do any QV except SQV after 5p to get 4-ball collisions. 9- S,P/K You can get this by j.p the K ball. Clearly a 2-ball collision but you can dash and hit to make them move together. 6p is good ant-air. 10- HS,P:K Not much different from S,P:K but will give different paths/collisions. You can only generate P ball after hitting 5p to get the 3-ball collision. PQV or KQV for 3 or 4-ball collision depending on timing/spacing. 11- HS,P/K You can get this by neutral j.hs (at specific time) or forward j.s Nothing special or new. You can deal with them seperately. 12- HS,S:K You either deal with it as a K ball or dash/walk to deal with S/K ball. After getting closer to S/K, you can hit 5p and make collisions like previous ones. 13- HS,S/K Almost impossible to get(impractical but covering it theoretically), you have to go backward/backash>DHM to remove the K ball but what you get is only a far version of P:K 14- HS,S,P/K Impossible to get with nothing special 15- {K} You can hit with variety of normals or simply deal with it as a K ball. j.p>5p for both high and low collision forawrd j.d covering the screen 2hs anti-air that cover vertical space Note: collisions after QV has an alternative: Dash>generating ball instead of the QV. Also there is an interesting move of YRC dashing after hitting the generated balls, generate more balls and you may get a big number of balls colliding specially if you YRC a 3 or 4 ball collision.