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    Jubei sprites https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9cf6h7f4w7qo0s/Jubei.rar?dl=0
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    Heh funny, actually someone long ago has requested me the exact the same thing, so there you go:
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    Morrigan Aensland as Cutey Honey. ♥
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    The "Picking a Main" thread

    Jack-O is pretty versatile: she has an invuln reversal (2D), a variety of strong normals, command throws (regular and super), and the whole servant system which can be used for both okizeme and zoning. Ram and I-No aren't very versatile because their toolsets are designed for getting the knockdown and running mixups afterwards, former having midscreen combos that practically always carry to corner for sword setups and latter having the hoverdash that allows quick high-low mixups from any knockdown. Their only reliable reversals are supers, and I-No's isn't even throw invulnerable (unless you do the Burst version of it). Not being "versatile" doesn't mean the character isn't viable in tournament play, it just means the character is more polarized (eg. good mixup but no defensive options, big damage but bad mobility, etc.) compared to an orthodox character like Ky who has a good set of normals, good DP and projectiles, safe projectile okizeme for mixups, decent movement, decent damage, etc, but isn't particularly great at any single area (which means you need to adapt more to how the opponent plays).
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    missing effects for jubei also character artwork and arcade ending images. as always credit goes to rNNN_ https://www.dropbox.com/s/cmcbi6uitlk2twy/JubeiEff.rar?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p1nfhn6cnkd3xlg/JubeiArtwork.rar?dl=0
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    Combatting Susan

    The following is more general defensive advice in the context of Susanoo. You said no advanced advice, but defensive advice really relies on frame data so I'm going to have to bring some of that in. If you don't already know, the game runs at ~60 FPS, so frame numbers given are in x/60ths of a second. However fast that might seem, all that really matters is the comparative speed (after taking frame advantage from blocking into account) because that determines whose move wins going into a situation where the buttons were pressed at the same time. Frame advantage, as in +X, 0, or -X, refer to how "far ahead or behind" the attacker is compared to the defender framewise after the defender blocks an attack. Frame advantage is per move and is not cumulative. I apologize if this is review to you. Susano'o's moves are not fast, in fact most are relatively slow. * His fastest (non-distortion) attacks are 2A and the C mash special if unlocked at 7 frames. For comparison, most characters have a 6f jab, some even have a 5f jab. Susano'o's fastest moves are even in speed with some character's B pokes. * His farthest reaching moves like 5C and the D moves tend to be slow to glacial in comparative speed, with a notable exception in 5B which is Susanoo's best allround poke at 9f startup. If you feel Susano'o's reach is overwhelming you, 5B is likely the culprit. Alone that doesn't mean too much, but Susanoo also doesn't have very many moves with positive frame advantage. His only options are: * 5A (8f start up, glacial for a jab, but it never whiffs on crouching and is significantly plus on block at +3) * 2A (0, so even for both players), * 6B (+2), but its startup is very slow (18f) and most characters can poke, DP, or jump out. * 214A (the sand kick, goes from +1 at lvl 1 to a whopping +12 at lvl 3). In fact, a lot of his moves are more than -5 on block (meaning punishable w/o instant block by most jabs, by many B pokes if IB'd), esp. the moves that come late in a blockstring like his drives. Taken together with the slowness of his moves, this means Susanoo actually has a lot of gaps in his blockstrings, esp. later on. This means he is theoretically quite vulnerable to being poked or DP'd out of his pressure. Don't just press buttons against him though! By canceling moves, Susanoo can get around this for a time or even leave 1-4f gaps meant to trap you into pressing a button to get countered! However, he cannot do this forever. Susanoo cannot chain his jab into itself, and cannot microdash to stay in on you. Eventually he either has to A) commit to walking or dashing back in, allowing you a gap B) go for a mixup with a high or low, which if blocked will probably end his pressure unless he has higher leveled specials or a rapid cancel C) try to throw you. Unless he purple throws (more easily broken), this forces him to leave at least a small gap D) try to use a positive on block move E) use jump cancelable normal (5A,B,C) or 5D/C mash pushback to disengage. Here's how to deal with each of those, generally: A) Learn when he likes to do this, or react if you can, and try to get distance (unless you're a close range character, then try and get close). If he flat out ended on an unsafe move with no cancel, you might be able to punish, but if he's varying his pressure well trying this could just get you frametrapped. Basically, use the gap to escape and return to neutral. B1) Block it. Susanoo may have a lot of overheads, but all are reactable if you practice. All are - on block, most are unsafe. Furthermore, he severely lacks safe lows. 3C, 2D, and 236B are his only lows. 2A is NOT a low! Those moves are 12f, 16f, and 18f startup respectively. Not reactable, but still quite slow. -8/-10/-15 respectively on block, all punishable if he doesn't cancel or rapid. The best way to block these is to instant block them to increase your frame advantage. It may seem hard, but learning to IB in this game is critical because it widens your windows to escape or counter pressure. Wider gaps can make safe moves unsafe or even make frametraps invalid (which eliminates the mindgame). B2) OD raid it and either do a fast poke into OD combo or use your Exceed Accel. Works best on moves that are severely minus on block/how long recovery. 5C is one of the best examples, but the drive mixups are good examples too and have fewer cancel followups. The likely result of this is either he went straight into a cancel to make that move safe and you can punish with a poke in OD combo or Exceed Excel (because you canceled your own blockstun), or he stops pressure there and it's your turn to pressure (or get distance if that's what your character needs). C) Poke the throw attempt, backdash/jump out of the throw attempt (better for scenarios like a tick throw after 5A where your poke would get countered), or tech the throw. D) 5A can't be used late in a blockstring and is slowish (so not optimal for stagger pressure), 6B has a long startup that can be interrupted, Monolith (214A) has to be unlocked. If he does hit you with one, play it safe and block the incoming pressure until a new opportunity arises. E) Not much you can do to punish, but this returns the situation to neutral and you're out of pressure. So, essentially, get better at blocking his mixup overheads on reaction, punish his risky plays, and learn to IB moves that will give you a good opportunity to counterpoke or jump out. At times, you will need to risk his using a frametrap or blocking a DP if you have one. Forcing him to vary his pressure in and of itself will open up options for you to escape. Alternatively, if his frametraps are what are catching you now, calm down and force him to try and use his risky mixups. As an Azrael player (another character with strong, built in frametraps), nothing is an easier match than impatient blockers. This is probably way more than you wanted, and maybe less than useful, but there is no magic bullet. Just getting better at defense. If you tell me what character you play I may be able to help more specifically, esp. if I play that character. Or one of the Susanoo mains will come around and expose me for being a fraud. Hope so, as they can probably articulate the weak points in his pressure better and more clearly.
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    Dr. Cheesesteak

    The "Picking a Main" thread

    Is "tools" another word for "boobs and butts"? Anyway, welcome! I'm new to the series too, been playing for just about 1.5 months, so my advice is not that of an expert. As for comfort, I presume that'd be personal preference, yeah? How you like their fighting style, inputs, etc. For instance, I like dual-maining and had it narrowed down to Ramlethal, Bedman, Haehyun, and Jack-O'. I narrowed down Jack-O' (as much as I loved her) b/c her sweep input is different than everyone elses, and I like consistency between the characters I play. I picked Ramlethal b/c I liked her combination attacks (something I'm used to from my time in NRS games). Bedman vs Haehyun just came down to flavor preference. I dislike DP inputs, so I was a bit reluctant to pick Haehyun, but after watching some vids, I learned you can be a good Haehyun player w/o using her DP. But yeah, it came dow to a teenage girl controlling a buff old-man mech vs a teenage boy who's asleep on a mechanical, weaponized bed. Both are bizarre and interesting concepts lol, but I just liked Haehyun as a character just a bit more. Imo, Jack-O' and Ram seem pretty versatile, Baiken seems decently versatile. I-No seems to have good mixups. They are all fairly weak on defense per http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=GGXRD-R2/System_Data, but I'd say I-No and Baiken seem to be the worst, although Baiken has really good Guts. None of those characters have charge inputs, afaik. I've read that's just Leo, Axl, Pot, Venom, and May. As for representation, i'm a PST player and in the PST and newbie rooms, I do see a lot of Ramlethal, some Baiken, a little bit of Jack-O', but rarely I-No. Anyway, I'd suggest looking at all of their individual pages from http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Guilty_Gear_Xrd_REV_2 to maybe get a better idea or more information for what you're looking for.
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    Well, for those that waited long for the PC/Steam version to get Jubei, he's coming out on 9/14.
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    Welcome! We have a local in Evanston actually, for more information on that and other events, join us in our discord.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_z12rtp3Z8 like, share and enjoy :D!
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    I'm tabbing X-matic now, original version to be specific. I won't finish it soon since I'm really busy until the end of the year (and mainly because I end up playing along instead of listening to the instruments), but I thought I'd post an update.
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    When is the asia ver. getting Jubei?
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    Hey all, So GGXrdREV2 is my first ever GG game and I got it just a week ago and after clearing the Arcades for all 25 characters, going through some of Story Mode, and doing some dabbling in the Dojo, it's time I decide on who I actually want to play! So long story short, I'm making this decision purely off the character themselves as characters - their story, personality, flavor, etc. I have no real preference in style, as I've played zoners, grapplers, rushdowners, etc. Learning curve MAY be a factor, but I'm going to dedicate a lot of time to this, so I won't mind. I haven't really dedicated time learning a fighter since Mortal Kombat X. In fact, the majority of my FG history is NRS, Namco, and Smash. This'll be the first time I embrace a 2D anime/Japanese fighting game. So anyway, for a variety of reasons, I've narrowed it down to Dizzy, Haehyun, Jam, and Ramlethal. So my question may not quite be "who do you recommend", but rather just "who do you like" out of the 4 above? You can vote based on however you want - background, play style, difficulty, representation in the community, even just as a recommendation, etc. Thanks for any and all input! (also, why does Dizzy not have an updated sprite for the Xrd character forums list? ) edit: I should say style/mechanics DO matter in the sense that I ruled out Jack-O' due to her sweep being 3H instead of 2D like everyone else(?). I didn't want that throwing me off in case I had a co-main/pocket/sub characters.
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    Central Fiction artbook coming.
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    New sketches by Mori: a young Jin and Izanami in a military academy uniform and a young Kagura
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    well, you may be pleased to hear I've decided on Haehyun ...and Ramlethal. I'll co-main them eventually, but those are the 2 I've settled on. I figured since I'm new to the GG series, I'd pick characters who are new to the GG series as well, appearing first in the Xrd line (since I did watch all the SIGN Arcade and Story Mode vids at least!).
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    I like Haehyun for a number of reasons. For one, I like badass old dudes as well as big characters, and Haehyun happens to be both. I like that the gameplay is simple but with twists. The kickloops are the most fun I've ever had with difficult combos, and the oki is a lot of fun to pull off.
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    May I request a Squigly Phonon PSD as well as a Yuzuriha Mai PSD?
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    Pre-orders for the Mai Natsume figure, by FREEIng, are now open. They also revealed images of the finished figure Product details and description (source) Price: ¥15,556 (Before Tax) Release Date: 2018/3 Sculptor: Yadokari Size: 1/8 scale, 26.5 cm tall Order Period: August 24th, 2017 – September 21st, 2017 Manufacturer description: A magnificent dance from the beautiful Mai! From the popular 2D fighting game “BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION” comes a figure of Mai Natsume sculpted in a dynamic pose making use of her Red Bullet: Exseal Drive! The flow of her hair, well-toned body and impressive curves all come together to bring out her charm in lovely detail, creating a figure filled with highlights for both long time fans and newcomers of the series to enjoy! EDIT: Some more pictures from FREEing's website: http://www.freeing.co.jp/products/post-3689?ver=1
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    BBCF 2.0 Early Tierlists from Dora http://shoryuken.com/2017/08/23/early-blazblue-central-fiction-2-0-tier-list-gives-a-new-perspective-on-the-competitive-landscape/ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168909043 Not surprised that Litchi is at the top, that's her place.
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    Sure, here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7a7inkdoizwy530/phonon.psd
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    Phew, been extremely busy lately but hey I'm bringing my latest .PSDs! Xrd Baiken http://www.mediafire.com/file/m5s52z870ecvyna/baikenxrd.psd Enkidu http://www.mediafire.com/file/s95duo23zaq3r26/enkidu.psd
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    I'll just go in order then. I was planning on doing all the characters CS colors eventually anyways. Since I did Rags I should do Jin next. Oh, and I also already have a few Noel re-colors as well if you'd like those. :3 I also have one for Bang I did for a friend.
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    BlazBlue: Central Fiction [RIP PROGRESS]

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    It depends a lot on the character you're fighting against. Many of them have good AAs that can be a j.b after a blocked agito, but most of the time you can probably do a falling j.b before they can react, especially if they just barely block a crossup Agito.