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    Timing is all wrong for GGXRD news. The entire Ark Systems works team must be hammering away at getting DBFZ ready and do not want to take any of the lime light away from that game. At the absolute earliest I would not hope for any news until the end of Evo Japan
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    Our gorilla lord and savior has come. Oh and Gordeau, and Yukiko.
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    Hibiki and Bullet sketch by Mori #BBDW
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    You keep repeating this and you are wrong. Mai says in her arcade mode that she met Relius before, but she did that in Remix Heart. There's no need for her to meet him again in Variable Heart. And Mai didn't show hatred towards Relius when she first encountered him in CF. She was cautious, but her objective for finding him was to gauge whether he was a threat. She only started hating him once he demonstrated that he was a sociopath who saw everyone else as tools and material for his research instead of people. And of course you have absolutely no evidence that Relius will kill Meifang. I think it's probable she'll die in Variable Heart but there's no reason to think that Relius will kill her. By the way, here's the next chapter preview:
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    BlazBlue Fanart [Some NSFW]

    Naoto Kurogane 3D.
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    all fake
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    Characters that I want to see in the game: -Hakumen -Jubei if he will fit in. -Susano'o. -Gordeau -Merkava -Labrys -Pyra -Deathbringer (Guest character?).
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    Collapsed: Story Lambda as Nu: Collapsed: CP Platinum, Hatsune Miku pallete:
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    Looks like the manga is at its climax. I'm guessing it will end up being 3 volumes long instead of 4 like Remix Heart was. Trinity gave Muchorin to Bell in this chapter. I guess that might explain why Luna doesn't remember Mai, since Muchorin uses its user's memories as a power source. Perhaps Bell will end up sacrificing her mind to save Mai.