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    http://www.ggxrd.com/rev/cs2/outline/ Rev2 includes an "After Story". Additional story is planned for free release after launch. Online Lobby is now independent of Ranked and Player Matches, meaning it's now a true 3rd mode of netplay like in BB and not a required sign-in to play the other modes of netplay. Ranked match now allows rematching up to a FT2. Player match now allows you to spectate a match that has already started. You can switch back to the original Revelator in the options menu if you wish to netplay with a person who hasn't upgraded yet.
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    Okay, I'm back. Sorry. It was a long day and I'm kind of sick. Answer's took me 15 seconds. Baiken's intro and outro took me...longer than I want to admit because WTF IS THIS? lol Answer (Intro): 直行直帰 (Chokkou Chokki) "Going straight home without stopping" Baiken (Intro): お頼み申す お頼み申す 卒爾ながら冥府わ何処 外道が笑えば民が泣く 諸行に埓なき沙汰あれば魔道の始末を請負いたす 己は尾籠の三一侍 士道死花無用の所存 (Otanomi mousu, otanomi mousu: sotsuji nagara, meifu wa izuko? Gedou ga waraeba, tani ga naku. Shogyou ni rachi naki sata areba, madou no shimatsu wo ukeoi itasu. Onore wa birou no sanpinzamurai. Shidou shinibana muyou no shozon.) "I humbly ask, I humbly ask: though 'tis sudden, where doth lie Hell? Whilst the demons laugh, the people weep. Since it doth lie outside the bounds of virtuous deeds, I shall undertake the task of felling the Netherworld. For I am a vulgar samurai of lowest rank. I have not intent of dying the honorable death of a warrior." Baiken (Outro): 詮議 成敗 御上の政 仇討ち是非なし阿鼻にて野放図 なにとぞ良しなに閻魔殿 なにとぞ良しなに閻魔殿 (Sengi! Seibai! Okami no sei! Adauchi zehi nashi abi nite nohouzu! Nanitozo yoshinani Enmadono, nanitozo yoshinani Enmadono...) "Inquisition! Judgement! The law of the Emperor! Vengeance unleashed inevitably throughout the lowest levels of Hell! Pay thy respects to the palace of Yama pay thy respects to the palace of Yama..." Yama = the god of death. So, I'm 90% sure Baiken's outro is telling you that you died and you now have to face judgement in the afterlife. lol
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    Festive. "Small Easter Egg. Baiken's (Christmas) color 16's Tatami Gaeshi isn't a 'tatami'." I wonder if Faust's doors do the same thing in color 16.
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    http://www.ggxrd.com/rev/cs2/products/ Rev2 soundtrack details: Break a Spell - GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 Opening N.S.F.W. - GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 AC Ending Dear Song - GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 CS Ending One Dawn - GUILTY GEAR Xrd Dizzy's Theme 六文 -ROKUMON- - GUILTY GEAR Xrd Baiken's Theme Enough is Enough - GUILTY GEAR Xrd Answer's Theme Break a Spell (Instrumental) N.S.F.W. (Instrumental) Dear Song (Instrumental)
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    It's going to be an announcement regarding Central Fiction. Otherwise it wouldn't be at EVO and would be announced through some other, non-FGC related media outlet. Stop thinking that ArcSys hates you without proper reasoning. It accomplishes nothing and makes you look like a fucking idiot.
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    Off-hand, I know Chipp's is Shiki Soku Zekuu (色即是空). It's a Buddhist mantra that means "All is nothing." or "Matter is void". I'll try to find the rest when I get up in the morning.
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    ASW April Fools Day website went online. The theme this time: Idols! http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/4fool2017/ (For good measure; the archived version: https://web.archive.org/web/20170331152602/http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/4fool2017/)
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    Okay, my turn! Approached the edge of the world There I watched a burning light The night sky set on fire Red road goes so far This world is borderless We! Trial! And instill fear We need to Break a Spell (So what?!) Whose spell is this? I wanna flare up This is never over We lie in the highlights It's never on time They are passing judgement And now to recant Just mixing in my mondegreen with Tokkan's if that's alright, mostly because I couldn't figure out a few lines at all or they sounded too wrong. That being said, part of me thought the first line of the chorus was "I want a prayer" or something.
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    Some in progress pictures of Dizzy, Baiken, Elphelt, Haehyuns new Rev 2 stage, etc. from ASW's employment ad http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/official/company/artist/#offer-bg
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    All-Aksys!‏ @AllAksys 3h3 hours ago Join us on 04/03/2017 at 4PM PST for an exclusive first look at the PS4 version of Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2! https://www.twitch.tv/aksysnation
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    Sorry for the double post, but I've been watching some of Jonio's stream from last night, just wanted to leave some thoughts. Ky's new 6HS still looks like a solid oki tool, seems to have huge advantage on block. It actually reminds me a bit of his old 6HS in GGX (I think it was that one.) Skimming through the Ky vs. Faust matches in the beginning, I only saw one of Faust's new items, the box of donuts. Seems like the big versions are really rare, but really funny. Later a giant chibi Faust came out, made me laugh. Near the end of the stream, a giant meteor drops and Jonio freaks out. Baiken gets a meterless combo off of throw in the corner. It also looks like Baiken players are having trouble finding how to get a knockdown after some of the longer combos. Answer looks nuts, looking forward to trying him out. Air Bandit Bringer just looks like it will always knockdown now. I'm not too excited for Sol's new 6HS. The animation is cool though. Also, I thought I had read somewhere that Wild Throw causes a camera angle change in Rev 2, but I don't think it does. Maybe that was removed after the loketests? Millia. I have no idea what they've done to her. It doesn't look like her new j.HS knocks down. There was a player doing something with the hairpin at the end of his air routes, maybe someone who knows Millia better can tell what he's going for. I think she has to a pin to get the knockdown now. There were a few Elphelt matches, I think the player was Fumo. Feels like she has the defense of a tissue. He did the shotgun loop off of CQC xx Grenade Pull, and an the unblockable setup after that, so maybe she's not as gutted as some of us feared. Still not sure what Ram's new moves can be used for. I-No's new hoverdash angle seems wacky, I'm wondering if anyone will find a good application for it. Raven predictably looks like he has to make more use of his excitement mechanic. It's kind of hard to see the changes for these characters (translator's note, I don't know these characters well enough,) but there was also some footage of Haehyun, Slayer, Johnny, Venom, Dizzy, Jam, Potemkin, Zato, and Axl, if anyone is interested in checking out some gameplay of their character. I didn't watch everything (it's 12 hours,) skimmed through a lot so I certainly missed some stuff.
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    Pretty sure that was just Mr. Biscuits not so subtly making fun of Street Fighter V.
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    I will now attempt to write down Break a Spell's lyrics by ear. I expect it to not even be close to the official lyrics. Approach the edge of the world. There I want no body alive. The night sky set on fire. We've all come so far. This world is full of laughs. We stroll in dystopia. We need to Break a Spell. (So what?) Whose filth is this? I want to flare up! Deceived and hung over! We have to fight! It's never on time. But all this is just life. And now to recant.
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    More info from an official stream. Arcade release on the 30th of March (this coming Thursday) The After Story is in 3 parts; 1st part is available day 1 and the 2nd and 3rd parts will be added in later updates. You will need to have watched the main story first. The Online Lobby includes an official twitter feed.
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    Checked out the game at the arcade. I never really used Baiken with any regularity, so I can't comment too much on what's different. But, her 236236+S super definitely did less damage than I expected it to. She doesn't seem to be lacking in tools to make up for it, though. She also has this Yamazaki-style, mob-boss strut going on when she walks forward. Arched back and everything. It's goofy-looking as hell in comparison to her inching forward in the past games. So, you can look forward to that. Her intro and outro involve this kind of long-winded samurai period-drama narration. It's pretty funny. I really like Answer. His shenanigans are fun, but I definitely did not unlock any potential in one playthrough. I really want to play this character some more when the game hits. Nothing like Chipp at all if anyone was worried. He is actually on the phone throughout the entire match. Like, having full on convos while fighting you. Even a few strained lines when he gets hit. Dude's a multitasker. lol Also, Zato has a glowing red outline now. Akin to how in the previous games he would fade into black continuously. And a minor spoiler regarding something in Dizzy's episode mode regarding Ky...
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    All fan illustrations ASW received during this years April 1st stream (available until 27th of April): http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/arcnama/premium/ Archived link: https://web.archive.org/web/20170421102922/http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/arcnama/premium/
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    I'm sorry. Did you serious just say that a dub, something that is present throughout literally 100% of the gameplay experience, inconsequential? I understand if you personally don't care for it but wake the fuck up if you think it doesn't matter. It matters to just as many, if not more, people than "must have Jubei nao" does. Are you really so far up your own ass with this Jubei business that anything else is inconsequential? I would bet even things like unlimited characters, new story content, or a different playable character being announced (Kajun is not unrealistic since she already has arcade art) would be inconsequential to you as long as they're not your precious Jubei. Your attitude towards this is utterly baffling. You seem resigned to disappointment despite having absolutely no proof of what is to come. You do realize you are complaining about a conclusion to a future announcement that you yourself made up right? Your relationship with this series seems masochistic. It would be so much more bearable if every hint at something new made you excitedly hope that it's Jubei as opposed to your doom and gloom nonsense. If you are so convinced you will never get Jubei either give up on the series or learn to deal with it like a rational human being and move on because your constant bitching, which has extended to lashing out at literally nothing, is not healthy for you and just pisses the rest of us off.
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    New Famitsu Article incoming. https://www.famitsu.com/news/201704/18131304.html Burger Sheriff confirmed!
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    Dude seriously, why must you freak out over every single thing that even resembling news? There is NOTHING that says a PC release has any connection to DLC characters, or that either of those are connected to EVO. Now I'm not saying we will be getting something else after EVO but that's still 3 months away. Save your judgment until it actually comes. We all get it, you REALLY want Jubei to be playable. You have told us a thousand times so you don't need to continue to do so at every opportunity. Are you really so obsessed that the possibility of a PC release, which has zero bearing on DLC, is worth getting upset over?
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    Baiken's Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPNq5L6nY-0
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    Some Xblaze designs/concept art translated. https://kantopia.wordpress.com/tag/xblaze/
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    Demo confirmed, no specific details yet but its happening.
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    Answer Combos: I saw some stuff for Baiken, but it also includes the beginning of her story mode and what not, so I'll be posting it in the story forum. EDIT: Re2 Dizzy Combos:
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    I like to think the mellow piano part is Answer putting you on hold. I agree it's a great theme
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    Enough is Enough switches from rock to jazz that you would hear in a freakin office lounge or a bar. This theme really nails the character.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_4cg1mJgDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlnypVX9TnM
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    You know, people who say stuff like "Anything besides Versus Mode is useless" or "Dragon Install is useless" or "2nd Player Menu is worthless" sound like total GG newborn Babes to my ears. When an option is viable, it's an option. P2 Movelists are so you can know your enemy better if you're new to the game. 2P has the right to agree to rematches or not. Dunno who was yacking away during the stream, but they need to play more GG instead of griping.
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    Baiken's outro is a throwback to Samurai Showdown / Spirits games.
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    So... Rev2's intro is essentially a clash combo video...
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    Oh, silly me. I forgot the funniest thing about Answer. For his dust attack, he quick summons a giant frog that licks you up into the air. And for his mid-match win pose, he summons it again (while he's still talking on the phone) and it eats you. Then, it decides it doesn't like you and spits you back out. lol
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    Hmmmm... I don't recall feeling like I had Chipp health or anything when I was using Baiken. But, the computer was kind of a pushover, so I was the one dealing it out more than receiving it. Sorry. I did feel a little vulnerable when it was Answer vs. Slayer. But, you know...it's Slayer.
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    She helps fight Fuzzy in Variable Heart alongside Mai, Bell, Tar.o, Shiori, and Ragna. She uses chemicals to fight.
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    http://gematsu.com/2017/04/night-birth-exelatest-announced-ps4-ps3-ps-vita It's a freaking console release and a new character!
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    https://www.famitsu.com/news/201704/18131311.html I can't read but I think this is pretty big.
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    One word to describe ROKUMON: LIT!
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    A YouTuber's guide to Guilty Gear: http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/159530809044/i-want-to-get-my-girlfriend-into-gg-but-ehe
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    http://shoryuken.com/2017/04/04/there-will-be-a-guilty-gear-xrd-rev-2-demo-for-playstation-4-aksys-games-announces/ So SRK reported preorder demos is being rolled out today for PS4, in English. Anyone can verify this?
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    Interesting stuff from a twitter thread started by GCYoshi... https://twitter.com/ottori_Gengar/status/847463250346127361 It's nice to see the new 6HS in action and what kind of things you can get off it in the corner. GCYoshi also says that air Deja Vu does open interesting new opportunities, especially with Task A Prime. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I believe the Bed will live on!
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    Just checked, but sorry Faust's not as festive. Millia's Chroming Rose is though. By the way, can anyone help grab me Answer and Baiken's Intro-Outro Kanji? I'm not very good at reading paintbrush Kanji. Chipp's Kanji too while I'm at it.
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    Oh hey, it's been forever since I last posted here, so yea I made a bunch of Naoto videos...
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    First to 2. I think it's more common to see it written as 2 out of 3.
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    Oh, btw, did you noticed their defense modifers? Just to know. I wonder if Baiken still with her paper-thin defense, the (almost) same works with Answer, since being a Ninja, like Chipp, would make him a paper character.