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    This trend is sounding a little too off-topic-ish so I'll be as brief as I can. The general rule when it comes to Mori is to take everything he says with a grain of salt. The interview which the guy is talking about mentions nothing about the next BlazBlue not being a fighting game. You can check it out yourself here. But I'll quote the things of interest because I don't like unproven musings being presented here. Part 1: "Alpha-1" is the tentative name of the character that Mori has been teasing around for a while now. She doesn't exist, technically, in any form beyond some concept art and twitter posts. To think the next saga stars her is presumptuous. What Mori said in that interview is as follows: Translation: keep your hype and expectations in check. "Alpha-1" is not something that exists as of right now. Ergo, it is pointless to dwell on anything that she might be representing because we have virtually nothing to go on. Again, she's so far only something that Mori draws and showcases from time to time. Part 2: Mori never said that the next BB will not be a fighting game, as far as that particular interview is concerned. His primary response is that he'd like to take a break from fighting games since he's been doing it with BB for a while now. And that's perfectly reasonable on his part. He considers BBCF a complete game so if he were to do another, new BB saga, it'd need to start from scratch (whatever that means for him). We only know that BBCF concludes "Ragna's story" which was made clear months ago. Trying to predict something beyond that is grasping at straws. Long story short: don't worry about it. Start making your judgement after ASW decides what to roll out within that supposed 2 year time period. Right now we've got BBCF with Jubei+patch coming in. We also have BBCTB announced for next year. Focus on that and wait out the time until the next bit of news comes our way. All good?
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    Jubei's move list,credit goes to Moosejuice.
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    Apparently, Jubei's AH will be "unique" in every character, before he starts slashing everyone to death. Proof, you ask? Here:
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    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    The "reaction icons" for posts are super huge too.
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    And about Jubei's Arcade, any translation or playthrough?
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    Main visual for the arcade version of BlazBlue Centralfiction 2.0!
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    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGRCJI2VoAA1-8T.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGRCJI3UQAAxugB.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGRCJI2V0AAZbf6.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGRCJI1VYAAfjEK.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGRCMKKUAAE4Esu.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGRCMKJUIAAtYWa.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGRCMKMU0AAi0-V.jpg These were posted on limbo AKA the Matrix AKA Discord. I escaped unharmed.
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    Apparently, it will be a free update, with Jubei as DLC
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    Just let him have his moment. It's been a long time.
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    Wow, don't get me wrong, but that sounds kinda egotistical. What about all those people, to whom Jubei wasn't the most awesomest thing in all of BlazBlue?
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    2.0 opening. https://youtu.be/MhFTGvZddyo
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    ASW will be publisher of the Korean-horror game White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. Therefore the cast will have BlazBlue crossover costume! http://gematsu.com/2017/07/white-day-ps4-early-purchases-include-blazblue-collaboration-costumes-japan http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/whiteday/privilege/early/
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    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    Some handy-ish things for desummon combos. The numbers here aren't exact and were gotten from eyeballing the Ignis gauge while using the record playback feature to get rough numbers. This should be replaced with more accurate data whenever possible. from point of desummon it takes about 160~180F for Ignis to begin regen when she is desummoned with red bar about 260F for Ignis for blue bar status to clear Blue bar status doesn't refresh if it's already applied even if Relius or Ignis was hit to make her force desummon again, and progress toward clearing blue bar status is kept when Ignis is summoned back in with blue bar status. ^(Example, if ignis is force desummoned and given blue bar and you wait 140 out of the 260 frames it takes to clear it and resummon her, blue bar will still be on Ignis but it will only take 120 frames after she is desummoned again for blue bar status to clear.) Even when blue bar status is cleared Ignis will not begin regen until the 160~180 mark has been cleared for the red bar regen. ^(In the above example even though the blue bar status would be cleared after 120F of de-summon time, Ignis will not begin regen until the remaining 40F or 60F passes. This means if Ignis gets force desummoned, and you resummon her you ideally want about 160~180 left of blue bar status. This will basically negate any further regen loss and since Ignis has blue bar status applied, she cannot get it again making future force de-summons not lose you any regen time at all!) With red bar it takes roughly 320F to regen a full bar of Ignis So if we factor in our data about blue bar, regenning a full bar of IG from a complete blue bar status should take about 400F For reference, it takes about 760F for a dead Ignis to become usable again. Now for OD! In OD Ignis will start regenning IMMEDIATELY when ether idle or desummoned regardless blue bar or red bar. Even with OD Blue bar persists for about 260F when Ignis is desummoned, and will never go away if she is out but idle. Additionally even if OD ends, regen will not halt once it's begun, so 214A>5D>2C combos can get back 100% IG easily HOWEVER blue bar can throw a wrench in this because after OD ends it resumes its function and blocks Ignis regen until it's cleared. If you do not factor this into how you use regen combos you will find you can lose upwards of 50% IG from regen combos you may attempt! It takes about 250F to fully regen a summoned but idle Ignis with red bar in OD It takes roughly 620F to fully regen a summoned but idle Ignis with blue bar in OD (yikes) With red bar it takes roughly 120F to regen a full bar of Ignis in OD With blue bar it takes about 200F to regen a full bar of Ignis in OD In OD a dead Ignis only takes about 240F to become usable again. ^(with this in mind you can actually get more IG regen if you kill Ignis and then use OD instead of letting her stay out and regen with a blue bar. For example You're in the corner with 100%HP, OD, 1000IG left, and a blue bar state. You land a throw: you can 5B+C>OD>214A>665D>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B for [3268DMG/+23HT/IG=5000] or you can 5B+C>214A>6A>(Ignis dies)>OD>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B for [3447DMG/+25HT/IG=9000] In this situation and ones like it, it is OPTIMAL to kill Ignis)
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    Aegis High

    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    No man, it applies to the fantasy genre, it’s called retcon. But you said it was a fact. You said “Baiken IS 100+ years old. That's not a claim, it's a fact”. That’s why all this debate began. That’s why I asked you When was that stated? Don’t you remember? Because you told me you didn’t know if the story of Xtra is canon or not. If you know that Xtra is not a credible source, Why are you using it as evidence? That’s my question.
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    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Just finished after story C...wtf did I just watch
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    New illustrations featuring Kazuma, Konoe and Trinity, from the BlazBlue Alternative Dark War website: http://www.blazblue.jp/pr1/
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    BlazBlue had a collaboration with the mobile game "Venus Eleven Vivid!", where multiple characters borrowed outfits and signature moves from the BB cast or even played soccer themselves. There was also a short story mode section with Noel, Makoto, Tsubaki and Platinum.
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    It is. Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sQpDd_HQRLYoVE5pLHDhvKcUzMjdbJtKajc-mV8J_1U/edit
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    At Wonder Festival Summer 2017 two new BlazBlue figures were revealed: Makoto Nanaya, by BellFine (based on a garage kit by the circle Iousen) Noel Vermillion (Chrono Phantasma) with CF color 6, by Vertex Prototypes of Hazama and NOL Noel were also showcased
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    I don't think it's going to be unique to every character. The Terumi one is a reference to how the Sekigan can see his true form but that is a detail exclusive to Terumi. It's a nice touch but won't effect any other characters.
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    Here's a quick combo showing the tipper 236a and j.214c blowback change:
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    This is an interesting change, and I hope to see the others soon
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    There's an early release event going on in like 5 hours for 2.0, supposed to show off Jubei: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv303679143
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    That's 90% of the FGC, though. They only care about faves and that's it. That's just the state of things unfortunately.
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    Phew, been extremely busy lately but hey I'm bringing my latest .PSDs! Xrd Baiken http://www.mediafire.com/file/m5s52z870ecvyna/baikenxrd.psd Enkidu http://www.mediafire.com/file/s95duo23zaq3r26/enkidu.psd
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    Hello there, can you upload all SE(FX) and the Character Select Items (as Portraits and Stage and BGM Select, and more...) ? Beforehand, thank you...
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    The more adjustments they make on character select screen, the more confused I get. Damn, now my hopes for an extra char are crushed, but oh well, CF is good, we got Jubei and a patch. Aaaaaand people are guessing unlimited chars are back, because Hazama "used" one of his unlimited skills, let's see what happens.
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    It might be worth noting that Jubei is where the random select slot was previously. I'm interested in seeing where they're going to put the timer and random select slot now.
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    Not a fighting game? I hope not. The only thing I might find Interesting would be a strategy game centered around the wars of Blazblue or a hack and slash game like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. Pound for pound though, I want a fighting game.
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    Fan-based music by fans!

    I'm back with more! And this time, it's some Dragon Ball FighterZ-hype! A theme for Gohan! Enjoy!
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    Anybody else get this level in ranked? It appears to be an easter egg perhaps? https://twitter.com/theefenders/status/897971023437582336
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    Tension gain modifier Tension pulse < -12500 = 25 Tension pulse >= -12500 = 50 Tension pulse >= -7500 = 75 Tension pulse >= -3750 = 90 Tension pulse >= -1250 = 100 Tension pulse >= 1250 = 125 Tension pulse >= 5000 = 150 100 really means 100 and not 1.0 Truncated after modifiers are applied Having a tension penalty active adds a 20% modifier Penalties are 6 seconds for RC, 1 second for FD, 4 seconds for dead angle, and 10 seconds for negative penalty Penalties do not stack and do nothing if the current penalty timer is longer than the new penalty Being 875,000 Guiltymeters or more away adds an 80% modifier (http://i.imgur.com/Nloo8VL.jpg) Being 1,312,500 Guiltymeters or more away adds a 60% modifier (http://i.imgur.com/6JJoeWR.jpg) For run/forward dash tension: 60% modifier during the first 9 frames 50% modifier during frame 62 onwards Tension pulse Has a minimum of -25000 and a maximum of 25000 Decreases by 1 per frame when 7500 or below Decreases by 3 per frame when above 7500 Decreases by 8 per frame when tension pulse penalty is 360 or greater Still changes during hitstop, but not super freeze While 280,000 Guiltymeters or more away (http://i.imgur.com/gw3VNfs.jpg): Decreases by 6 per frame when moving backwards Decreases by 100 per frame during the first 6 frames of a backdash and by 30 during subsequent frames Decreases by 150 per frame during the first 6 frames of an air backdash and by 45 during subsequent frames Landing an attack will increase it by 5 * damage Having an attack blocked will increase it by 2 * damage Instant blocking increases it by 1000 Walking forward increases it by .07 * tension gain modifier per frame Airdashing forward increases it by .05 * tension gain modifier per frame Running or dashing forward increases it by .12 * tension gain modifier per frame (See the running frame modifiers under the tension gain modifier section) Tension pulse penalty (separate from negative penalty) Has a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 1800 Resets when negative penalty is incurred Always increments by 1 every frame While 280,000 Guiltymeters or more away (http://i.imgur.com/gw3VNfs.jpg): Increases by .2 * tension pulse penalty gain modifier per frame when moving backwards Increases by .5 * tension pulse penalty gain modifier per frame during a backdash or air backdash Landing an attack halves it and subtracts 300 Having an attack blocked decreases it by 60 Decreases by 3 every frame you move forward Tension pulse penalty gain modifier Tension pulse < -17500 = 350 Tension pulse >= -17500 = 250 Tension pulse >= -12500 = 200 Tension pulse >= -7500 = 150 Tension pulse >= -5000 = 125 Tension pulse >= -2500 = 100 Being less than 437,500 Guiltymeters away adds a 50% modifier (http://i.imgur.com/fgc3yYu.jpg) Being 875,000 Guiltymeters or more away adds a 150% modifier (http://i.imgur.com/Nloo8VL.jpg) For some reason all of this resets if both you and your opponent have both AFK'd for 360 frames
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    lol yes they still exist, there are CF2 videos up for you to see. You should check out a couple. To our knowledge so far. The Ren chan's Projectile hit has less hit stop so we can't do long range non-CH conversions off it like we can now - they tech faster The one combo that someone confirmed to "not work" anymore is xx>Ren Chan > 236c>236a>236b > 63214A (because ren chan's hit stop his reduced) Ren Chan is a bit less safe on hit > but it isn't really the best move to use for "pressure" but it's still good to fill in gaps at time. But............ the good thing is, they balanced the Ren Chan change by making its recovery faster. That's probably why a large majority of our old combos still work. Also in other news , since Kan Chan is now faster: litchi can do 6C > Kan-chan in normal combos Example: https://youtu.be/4mI-zdYer1g?t=2584
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    So uh, there's a patch for Central Fiction on Steam to put in the CP dub voices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQrJEDJOGcM http://raijikan.tumblr.com/mods It's a pretty valiant effort. Also, belatedly, I appreciate you all showing the petition some love, even though it failed. Tried the best I could.
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    I wanted Jubei for so long, got mocked and ridiculed every time I spoke up for desiring him, and then when I want to celebrate about it, you want to tell me I need to be considerate of the feelings of others? You're not having your cake and eating it too. You all stomped on me every time I spoke up for my desires, now it's your turn to eat crow for a little bit. I had 1 sole desire, and I got it finally after all this wait, I couldn't care less what they do other than that.
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    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Whew, ARC is going to have to step their game up when it comes to Combo Challenges. Also Wagner seems like a pretty cool dude so far, it's odd having some many options and being able to just chain into whatever. I can't tell if UNiB was always like this or if I'm just remembering Yuzuriha being far more stiff (in her routes) than she actually was.
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    English (translated) notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sQpDd_HQRLYoVE5pLHDhvKcUzMjdbJtKajc-mV8J_1U/mobilebasic
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    Active Flow: We only made the following actions that trigger active flow. · Hit the attack (Do not activate with guard) · Activate overdrive · Hit Exceed Axel · The opponent activates a negative penalty
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    Got News patch notes for new version: http://www.blazblue.jp/cf/ac/images/refine_v2.pdf
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    I suspect that 'something new' might be a new mechanic to stir things up. Meanwhile GG Fanbase has been bashing BB CrossTag, guys, c'mon we're better than this.
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    Nothing yet, so far...but eventually there will be news of it. Any yeah, to those saying..."I've been waiting since CT for Jubei", lol.
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    [UNIEL] Menu Translations

    Menu Translations. Training Mode (will be proof-read with options added upon release) Collapsed: Page 1: Return to TrainingRestart (Left Corner (Facing Right) / Left Corner / Midscreen / Right Corner / Right Corner (Facing Left)Command ListController SettingsHide MenuReturn Settings to DefaultMain Menu Collapsed: Page 2: Health Regen (Yes/No)Max HealthEXS Gauge (Super Meter Default / Auto Increase / Auto Decrease / Always Max)GRD Gauge (Default / Self Advantage / Enemy Advantage / Self Vorpal / Enemy Vorpal)Counter Hit (Default / Force Counter / Force High Counter / Random Counter / Random High Counter) Collapsed: Page 3: Enemy State (Stand / Jump / Crouch / CPU / Controller / Dummy Playback)Guard (Never / Always / State)Guard Timing (Default / After First Hit / Random)Throw Break (Never / Always / Random Use / Random Timing / Random Use and Timing)Air Tech (Never / Neutral / Back / Random Direction / Random Direction and TimingGround Tech (Never / Neutral / Back / Random Direction / Random Direction and Timing)Emergency Tech (Never / Neutral / Back / Random Direction / Random Direction and Timing) Collapsed: Page 4: Star Dummy RecordingRecording SlotDisplay Playback Time (Yes / No)Playback Timing (Fixed Length Repeat / Recovery Repeat)Playback Type (Normal / Random) Collapsed: Page 5: Display Damage (Off / On)Display Inputs (Off / On)Input Delay (Number of Frames) Network Mode Collapsed: Ranked Match Search Settings: ConfirmArea Setting (Any / Same Area)Player Strength (Any / Similar / Stronger)Connection SpeedOpponents Dropped Matches (Any / Low Drop Rate only)Restore Default Settings Collapsed: Ranked Match Search: Quick SearchCustom SearchTraining Mode (while waiting for opponent) Collapsed: Player Match: Search for RoomCreate RoomCheck Game Invites Collapsed: Player Match Room Search: Begin SearchMax PlayersConnection Speed LimitNetwork Mode Strength Limit (Any / Similar / Stronger)Restore Default Settings Collapsed: Room Creation Settings: Create RoomRoom NameMax PlayerReserved SlotsConnection Speed LimitNetwork Mode Strength Limit (Any / Similar / Stronger)Max Number of Wins Per RotationAuto-Pass (Available / Not Available)Skip TimerPlayer Switch after match (Loser Out / Winner Out / No Switch / Random)Rounds to WinRound Time (Slow / Normal / Fast / Fastest)Restore Default Settings Collapsed: Room Options: X = EntryO = Cancel Entry/Leave RoomTriangle = PassSquare = Player InformationStart = Sub MenuSelect = Send Quick Message Collapsed: Room Sub Menu: Display Player InformationRemove from Room (Room Admin only)Toggle Auto PassDisplay Room InformationInvite a PlayerClose Menu
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    thank you! and that's what i was planning on doing next. (i'll update this post with it)