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    (IN PROGRESS) Currently Ripped: Story Mode - Includes the Audio from the Cutscenes / Endings of ACT. 1 / 2 / 3 from Arcade Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes All the Sprites used on the Cutscenes / Endings of ACT. 1 / 2 / 3 from Arcade Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes Portraits / Names / Emblems / Drives / Misc of All Characters. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes the All the Images from In-Game Gallery Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes all the Character Sprites / Effects / Color Palettes. ( IMPORTANT NOTE: CURRENTLY THERE'S NO WAY TO GET SUSANOO / ES / MAI / N.O.L. Noel SPRITES ) Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes all the Background and Character Sprites that Appear on Story Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews
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    I am seriously going to start taking a shot every time I see these comments every game, like fuck. Guys, for real. Extend has been out in Japanese arcades for almost a year as 2.0, CP in general has been around for almost three years. A new iteration was bound to happen, you seem to forget that the primary base is in JAPAN and not America. Like fuck, and even then. It has to come out in Arcades first, then console IN JAPAN and finally American console. American won't get CF until probably late 2016 at the earliest. So please do not assume you cannot continue to enjoy Extend until then, because playing will still ultimately benefit you. Tired of this mindset.
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    93% of the FGC thinks you pulled that stat out your ass
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    Found this on tumblr: @rayplay: Are those Unblockables Burst-safe/Reversal-safe?
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    >people actually believing mori >2015 hohohohohohohho
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    Various bug fixes and additional functions will be added in a patch that releases during March. Here are the details: Various Fixes Network - Improved the cross-platform play stability Player Match - Fixed the issue where your MOM character's level was displayed incorrectly - Fixed the issue that you could only rarely play with some players (?) Trophies - Fixed the issue that you couldn't earn the Trophy "Single" (*Those who have failed to get it, will earn the Trophy by fighting a one match) System Voices - DLC System Voices are now adjusted, so they are easier to hear. Library - Fixed typos and omissions Improved Functions Network Lobby - Increased amount of Beginner Lobbies, changed the Lobbies place in the list - Added a function that forces you out of Lobby if you stand-by (No inputs) for too long. When you've been in stand-by for 5 mins, your avatar will turn sideways and after 15 mins it'll exit the Lobby Ranked Match - We changed the Waiting function so that it doesn't briefly stop as often. Player Match Room - Added voices that tell when it's your turn to fight - You can now quickly move back to Waiting Area by pressing the X button (Most probably O button in the localized version) - Voice Chat is now forced off once you enter a Voice Chat Banned room - You can now change character while you're seated on fighter seat - Date and time is now displayed on the top of the screen Player Match - Font size and scroll-speed of the Comment function are now optimized Ranking - Added a menu that let's you retrieve a player's profile Replay Theater - You can now skip the victory animations while watching a Replay Option - Removed the function to reset your D-Code _____ More importantly, that text lists that another patch will be released later this year. This patch will have 1.10 balance, support for the tournament app, added "Room Disband Notice" function for the Room Owner, and added "Random" option to System Voices. They also write they have found a way to fix the issues with PS4 Rank Match search, but it'll take some time and they are not sure if it'll make in time for that patch...
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    Exchanges like these make me question whether or not FG people are normal human beings.
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    One-button throws are a fighting game mechanic that dates back to the first fighting game anyone cares about: Street Fighter II. A one-button throw is an unblockable attack that requires you to be within a certain range of your opponent. When they work, they come out fast. In SF2 and GG, they come out in 0 frames. Usually a one-button throw is done by hitting a specific attack button and holding either backward or forward. This means that if you’re unable to throw and attempt one, you get whatever attack is usually bound to that button instead. There’s another kind of throw called a command grab, which is similar in many ways. Like a one-button throw, a command grab is an unblockable attack. Unlike a one-button throw, a command grab has a startup animation and a whiff animation. If attempted, a command grab will always start up, and if it fails to connect with the opponent for any reason, the command grab’s whiff animation happens. Notably, both of these mechanics have several limitations that prevent them from being too strong. Hitstun, blockstun, and jump startup animations are all invulnerable to throws. In most games, there’s even a window, usually between 4 and 7 frames, where this invulnerability persists after the opponent leaves blockstun, hitstun, or knockdown state. This has an important implication: If you're coming out of these states, and the opponent can throw you, you can always throw them (Assuming you've got the same throw range as them) Many fighting games made recently have opted not to include one-button throws, most of them include a universal command grab instead as their throw mechanic, usually done by hitting two buttons. Notable examples include SFIII, SFIV, P4U, BlazBlue, Melty Blood, and UNIEL. Like a command grab, throws in these games have startup and a whiff animation, so they can happen whether they succeed in hitting the opponent or not. A lot of people playing Guilty Gear for the first time are having trouble adjusting to a game with one-button throws. That’s understandable, it’s a whole new system mechanic to play with, and a game with one-button throws in it is a pretty different experience from a game without them. But if you’re going to be playing Guilty Gear, you’re going to have to learn it. There’s just no getting around it, because one-button throws are the core mechanic of Guilty Gear. I’ll repeat that because it’s important. One-button throws are the core mechanic of Guilty Gear. In Guilty Gear, you throw by pressing forward or backward and the hard slash button (this command is commonly abbreviated 6H or 4H). You have a ground throw and an air-throw, which can only be used against grounded and aerial opponents respectively. The entire game is built around throws. Every single character’s throw either knocks down or leads into a combo, sometimes with the option to do either. Since it’s 0 frames, it constitutes a universal reversal option and a universal punish at -1 for the entire cast. Every single strong Guilty Gear player has their throws on point. If you run into throw range on wake-up, you will be thrown. If your block-string gives them a frame to act and you’re on top of their face, you will be thrown. If you dance around in the air on their wakeup, you will be airthrown. If you’re in throw range and they’re neutral for even a single frame, you will be thrown. If they don’t throw you, it’s often because they have a better punish for what you’re doing. The designers of Guilty Gear are thinking about throws first and foremost in nearly every decision they make. A ton of moves have throw-invulnerability and no strike-invulnerability compared to nearly every other fighting game. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some other mechanics: Gatling cancels: If your normal gets blocked, you can cancel it into another normal so you don’t get thrown for being at frame disadvantage. If you chain enough attacks together, you can even push yourself out of throw range. Instant Block: Be holding a neutral direction within 7 frames of blocking an attack. Reduces blockstun, reduces pushback. This is a crucial tool that has a very important function - Getting a throw while you’re being pressured. Instant blocking can make a weak punish into a strong punish, but it can also get you a punish in what would normally be a blockstring, because all you need is one frame and to be in throw range. Faultless Defense: Hold two buttons while blocking an attack. This increases both blockstun and pushback, as well as reducing chip damage and letting you block some attacks in the air. Not only can you sometimes push an opponent out of throw range when blocking their tick, but even when they won’t be pushed out enough, you’re still putting yourself in additional blockstun, messing up their timing for the throw. Air Dashes and Double Jumps: Because of these air movement options, you can change the arc of your jump, making your position in space less predictable so you’re harder to throw. While these mechanics are obviously useful for a lot of other situations, throws are always there, lurking in the background, influencing every design decision made in this game. They’re the hidden force that holds the whole game together, and it makes it a fun, dirty game that feels different from any other fighting game out there, where every situation can turn around, and a subtle read can upend your entire game plan in an instant. Burst may have been Guilty Gear’s biggest innovation, and hard knockdown may be the most important design choice in Guilty Gear, but throws, more than any other factor, make Guilty Gear’s system mechanics what they are. Which brings me to another important mechanic in Guilty Gear: Throw option selects. Arc put a lot of thought into throw option selects in this game, as evidenced by the ones they’ve prevented from existing: You can’t option select FD and throw, and you can’t airthrow after airdashing either. What you can do is choose what standing normal you get if a throw doesn’t come out. To option select with another normal. press 6H+Any other button (Whichever you want to use) simultaneously. Note that because you can’t throw OS with FD, you can’t option select a backwards throw attempt at all. Most characters’ normals were designed with this in mind. This effectively means you have five throws, which are, for many characters, all different guesses about how your opponent will try to avoid your throw. 5H (When you can’t OS): 5H is a close-range move for every character. This is because it’s the only normal you can get if you attempt to backthrow. Backthrows are inherently more risky, because you only cover the options your normal hard slash covers if your throw is made to fai. 6H (When you don’t OS): Most 6Hes in the game were clearly designed to punish a backdash from throw range: They tend to reach pretty far, be either long hitboxes or have forward momentum, and have pretty bad startup for contesting other normals. Zato’s is weird because its hitbox is more about punishing jump back, but it’ll still tag some of the backdashes that don’t travel as far. If you call out that they’ll either get thrown or backdash, this is often your best option to tag them with (Although many characters can tag a backdash with their far slash, too) 6P: Every character has a 6P that’s upper-body invulnerable, though the startups, hitboxes, and properties of these moves vary a lot (But never as fast as a jab). For some characters it’s a good way to beat out pokes and for some characters it’s an extremely strong anti-air. It’s also important that it’s bound to P. A throw option-select with jab would probably be a little too strong. Close slash/Far slash: This mechanic is obviously made to work with throw OSes. Most far slashes are your character’s quickest long-range poke, which covers the situation where you get FD’d out of throw range. A lot of close slashes are either a character’s best normal (In terms of startup versus blockstun) or a strong anti-air. Since jump and FD are two strong options against tick throws, this covers a lot of ground, but since it’s slash, it definitely won’t beat a jab. 6K: A lot of characters have a 6K so that they can’t OS with their 5K. 6Ks aren’t standardized and have a lot of disparate properties. Some are overheads, some are throw-invulnerable, some are just strange attacks. Characters without a 6K have an option select with their 5K, which is often a pretty strong option-select because 5Ks tend to be fast. Another notable throw OS is Gold Burst. If you hit 4H+D or 6H+D and burst is available, you’ll get a throw if the opponent is throwable and a gold burst if the opponent isn’t. Since gold bursts are invincible and get you full meter for hitting with them, this can be a good callout for a lot of ways out of throws, though remember that bursts are throwable themselves. The choice to use throw option-selects seems to have been made for a number of reasons. For one thing, it makes life easier for people who haven’t mastered their throw timing yet, either in general or in a particular matchup. Getting stuck in a huge move because you aren’t used to a 1F timing in an opponent’s string is a very punishing outcome for trying to use a mechanic the game designers expect you to use as your go-to fastest attack, and pressing two buttons isn’t very hard. But even at the highest level, there are far too many options and far too many situations resulting from throw attempts to cover without an option select. Since this game has one-button throws instead of a command grab, throw option selects give you control over what attack constitutes the “whiff animation” for your throw, making a choice so you can guess what your opponent will attempt to do to get out of your throw. I’m hoping that gives you a good idea of how throws work in Guilty Gear, and why they’re so important. Since so many of the game’s moves and system mechaniscs were designed around working with one-button throws, you can form a good fundamental basis for playing the game by thinking about when to throw, how to throw, when your opponent can throw, and how to avoid throws. All other aspects of neutral, offense, and defense tactics layer nicely on top of this basis. Thanks for reading, and praise be! (Shoutouts to Mynus, Contra, and Amadeous for some helpful suggestions and editing)
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    No one probably cares with all the netcode arguments but Xrd won best looking game of the year from Giant Bomb
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    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Seems like they once again only list the buffs... Can't wait what kind of nerfs JP players will find tomorrow... Anyways, here's the system stuff translated... Character specifics are coming soon... All done! Shadow: - Burst gauge added, Reversal Burst is usable - Attack power increased - HP amounts has been individually changed - SP gain amount has been adjusted Shadow Frenzy - Only usable when Burst gauge is charged (Usable even if you don't have full SP gauge) - Unburstable - Adjusted the amount of SP moves use during the Frenzy - Activating Frenzy with max SP recovers Persona cards All-out Attack - You can hold the button to do the All-out Rush - Harder to punish on block Ground Throw - Is now super cancelable Auto Combo - You have to use Auto Combo until Skill-move comes out in order to receive the "Bonus". Some Persona-attacks - In most of the C-moves, Persona is invincible during the start-up of the move (Until they actually appear on the screen) S-Hold System - Only usable in single-player modes Ailments - System message is now displayed when you get hit by an Ailment - In Confusion, you now block whether you hold the lever forward or backward - In Spinning, the latter half where you can only guard has been removed - In Freeze, you can press buttons to free yourself Colors - Some set-up items now change color for P1 and P2 (Teddie, Yukari, Rise, Marie) YU: - SP Heroic Bravery is now a strike move - D Ziodyne has faster start-up and a greatly reduced recovery - Zio's performance has been changed. D-version is a fast projectile and the old D is now the SB version YOSUKE: - After you use Moon Assault three times, you can continue with Kunai or V-Slash - Landing recovery from Crescent Cut has been decreased - Mirage Slash's invincibility starts faster, recovery also decreased CHIE: - 2C faster start-up, faster recovery - Herculean Strike has faster start-up, harder to punish on block, SP-version has added projectile invincibility - Effect of Power Charge is now show in numbers (?) than in a time-restriction. YUKIKO: - Jump B landing recovery decreased - B-version Flame Dance has faster start-up, can be combo'd from C-attacks - All Skills can be cancelled with Phoenix Flame Swirl on hit. KANJI: - SB Added Cruel Attack is now One More Cancelable and Super Cancelable - j.C have faster start-up, decreased landing recovery - 5C hitbox increased from before Kanji, increased reach TEDDIE: - j.2C can be used near the ground, P-Combo Route added so it can be cancelled from j.B - You can now use D-moves during the cooldown from Mystery Teddie SP - D Teddie Warp has hitbox for where Teddie comes out NAOTO: - Switching between versions of "Snipe" is faster. Final Bullet from C-version is ricochet - D-version Venom Zapper has faster start-up, combo can now be continued from it - 2C is cancelable on block MITSURU - Coup Droit B and SB versions have faster start-up - Charged 2B, rises the opponent into midair on hit - Tentarafoo has faster start-up, can be combo'd from some moves AKIHIKO: - The opponent isn't forced to start when hit by Kill Rush - Double Upper is now faster depending on your Cyclone Level - If you use Hop or D-moves, you won't lose your Cyclone Level and can continue with Boomerang Hook and others... AIGIS: - When you use Vulcan Cannon, you can hold the button to land on the ground - Second half of Air Boost can now be cancelled with normals or Skills - In Orgia Mode, 2A, 5B and Sweep are jump cancelable ELIZABETH: - Mabufudyne has faster recovery, A-version is now Super cancelable - Mahamaon has faster start-up and can KO only under specific conditions - Diarahan now has a hitbox and hits the opponent LABRYS: - Standard Axe Level is now Green. It's harder to get a high Axe Level to decrease - When you counter opponent's move with Axe Slash its start-up will be faster, it's also harder to punish on block - C or SB Weaver's Art: Beast increases Axe Level on hit SHADOW LABRYS: - Buffalon Hammer has faster start-up, Asterios' endurance value has been increased - Hammer Upper's (8C/j.8C) start-up is now a lot faster - Chain Knuckle has faster start-up, decreased recovery YUKARI: - Arrows from "Feather Arrow" now fly a lot faster and can be reflected from Magaru - Faster start-up on B-moves - 6D now makes Persona to appear far away from Yukari JUNPEI: - Aerial C Full Speed Slide is now a low, Aerial D & SB versions are overhead+low - You no longer get one "Out" if the opponent techs from your throw - 5A, 5B, 2B, j.2A, j.2D have faster start-ups SHO: - You can now follow Dodge action with an attack (C or D button) - Soaring Fang is now usable in midair - Height of each Survival Knife has been adjusted, low knife is now actually a low attack MINAZUKI: - C & SB Dream Fog now causes super flash when the move is successful. D-version is now a strike move - Recovery of his D-moves has been decreased, Charged versions are now a little safer - Destructive Fang is now safer on block RISE: - B ROCK YOU's music note's trajectory can be changed by holding the button, notes now moves forward as they burst - Tetrakarn and Makarakarn have decreased recovery, added projectile invincibility (SB also has strike invincibility) - 2B second hit now has head-invincibility KEN: - Vile Assault has faster start-up, decreased recovery - Mediarama now has a hitbox and it hits the opponent - Now you need to hold D to have Koromaru exit from the screen - Koromaru now executes his attacks when you release the C-button (Doesn't work with Skills) ADACHI: - Evil Smile has faster recovery, SB-version hits crouchers - Latter half of Scared? can be cancelled with Skills - Magatsu Mandala status boost changed, after you use it Adachi's SP Skills leave 2 Ailments on the opponent. MARIE: - Greatly increased reach on 5C - "Fallen Angels" (Chocolate) and "Memories of Grief" (Cloud) have faster start-up, decreased recovery on SB-versions - Run Amok SB-version has faster start-up, can be combo'd now MARGARET: - In "God Hand" Persona is invincible until the start-up - During "Mediarahan" Margaret can take attacks from the opponent, increased HP-recovery when taken hits - You can now delay his Sweep by holding the button
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    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2y8969 Here's my low quality Bandicam recording of BBCF footage from the test stream (no actual gameplay). Character Select music is pretty awesome!
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    Remember guys, if the character is female and not deranged, it's a waifu moeshit weeaboo bait character
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    Gonna go ahead and do a detailed overview using screenshots from that article and information from it and other sources. Kum Haehyun is girl riding around in a humanoid puppet that looks like an old tough man. She's a link-based character with easy-to-input specials with follow-ups focused on either holding and releasing the attack button or moving the stick in a certain direction. Her normals tend to have a short range but deal a lot of damage. Size is similar to Potemkin, movement options aren't very good, but she can dash, airdash, and can move while while crouching. This is her crouch. She's actually moving in this image, though it's hard to tell. This is her projectile, Chōdengan (Tune Relay Sphere). 236+S or HS. You can actually use the stick to move it left and right after launching it. HS version is red. This is Shi'inken (Saingeom, aka Four Tigers Sword). Standard input (623+K) is an anti-air kick (left). If you hold K she starts to spin and travel forward along the ground, hitting low multiple times, before leaping into the air with a spinning kick that hits multiple times. If you hold back on the stick after she starts spinning, you'll do a powered up version of the anti-air kick that you can gatling after. This is Hayabusa Otoshi (Falcon Drop). It's an axe kick. 214+K. Normally it's small and blue, but you can hold K to do a powered up version (pictured) that hits harder that you can gatling after. Can also be used in the air. This is her first Overdrive, Arahan Sanzenshō (Arhat's Three Thousand Palms). 236236+H. Has a short cinematic startup where all these extra energy palms start rotating around her mech's hands, then she does a big forward hand clasp. You can hold the button, which creates a big sphere centered on Haehyun that pulls the oppontent toward her if they're inside of it. This is her second Overdrive, Shinkung: Chōdengan (Divine Bow: Tune Relay Sphere). 236236+S. A bigger more powerful version of Chōdengan, which you can control with the stick. Unlike the normal version of Chōdengan, you can also move this one up and down. In her intro, she plays some notes on a zither which then transforms around her, becoming her humanoid puppet armor. After the the cockpit closes, the puppet crosses its arms. In her win pose, the camera zooms into her cockpit and she leans back in her seat, relieved, but accidentally pushes a self-destruct button with her elbow. Warning messages start flashing on all of her monitors with a countdown while she freaks out. When the timer hits 0 the screen flashes to white. In the cinematic for her IK, Zengen Teppai (Total Chord Elimination), the camera zooms into the cockpit and she conjures a magical zither with strings made of ki and starts to play a tune on them. The strings extend outside the puppet and wrap around the opponent, forcing them to their knees. She marches forward while delivering a lengthy speech, kneels in front of the opponent, then flicks them in the head with her finger, sending them bouncing across the ground and over the horizon. Raven is one of That Man's three lieutennants and an immortal whose body can regenerate from any injury. He has a unique Excitement Gauge that fills when he uses his ability Koko ni Saretai ("I Want It Here!"), increasing his damage and changing the property of his attacks. His normals are on the slow side, but generally have a lot of range and a very briefly lingering slash trail that maintains the attack's hitbox even after it looks like the attack is done, so they're good for zoning. I've seen them compared to Dhalism, but it's more like he dislocates the joints in his arms and lashes them around like whips. His dash looks like a teleport, but he won't pass through the enemy. This is his airdash. It works like a glide, angling downwards, and the steepness of the angle is determined by how high up he is when you input it. As you can see in the image, it deals damage on contact and can be used to start an air combo. This is Koko ni Saretai. 214 + K (can be held). He'll stay in this stance until you let go of K. He'll absorb all incoming damage and fill up his Excitement Gauge. When the gauge is full his animation changes to the one pictured. Damage won't knock him out of the stance and attacks will just push him around, but he can be grabbed. Any damage he takes in this stance will slowly regen when you cancel it. This is Grebechlich Licht (Fragile Light), 236+P or K during a jump, a downward-angled projectile. P or K determines the angle of the attack. He also has a horizontal ground projectile, Schmerz Berg (Painful Mountain), which is 236 + P. The needles used in both of these attacks will afflict the enemy with a short (1~ sec duration) slowdown. This is Scharf Kugel (Sharp Circle), 236+HS (air ok), a spinning saw-like projectile that travels forward a bit, slows down, then spins in place briefly, like Jedah's Dio Sega from Darkstalkers. The air version travels at a downward angle with a slight forward arc. This is Grausam Impuls (Gruesome Impulse), 236+S (air ok), a long range claw slash that knocks back and seems to be meant as a combo finisher. This is his command grab, Wachen Zweig (Guarding Branch), 63214 + S or HS. S is pictured, HS is an anti-air. He lashes out and snags the enemy, then slams them down into the ground. If his Excitement Gauge is full, it'll bounce them up into the air for combo potential. This is his first Overdrive, Getreuer (Loyalty). 214214+HS. Has a short range and a bit of a windup. If the first hit catches the enemy, he'll unleash an increasingly rapid flurry of slashes and then deliver a big kick with knockback. The number of hits seems to be based entirely on how full his Excitement Gauge is. It looks like it does 51 hits total with a full gauge, and 1 (just the kick) with it empty. This is his second overdrive, Verzweifelt (Despair). 632146+S (air ok). He summons a bunch of needles and then charges forward with them, Psycho Crusher-style. At the end of the move he does one of several different random poses, just like the GG2 version. Raven's new theme is currently titled "Tsuki no Shida" (月の虐), which means something like "The Moon's Dominance." It has vocals. In his intro, a crow is perched on a branch in front of a blood moon, preening its feathers. The camera zooms in until its eye (which has a gold coin instead of a pupil and iris) fills the screen, then zooms back out to reveal that the eye belongs to Raven, who is now floating in front of the moon in a "bird of prey" pose. He starts to spin around, then quickly flies off the screen, leaving behind fluttering black feathers. In his win pose, the blood moon is in the background and he's hunched over in the foreground. He slowly rises, then throws his head back and says his win quote, before leaping up and transforming into a four ravens that fly towards the moon. In the cinematic for his IK, Sehnsucht (Yearning), he slowly walks towards the enemy while his silhouette is enveloped by an aura of purple flames, leaving only his eyes and grin visible. He grabs them by the throat and lifts them into the air, then his eyes and smile turn red and energy starts to radiate from his left eye. The energy erupts around them, disintegrating them both completely. Nothing is left but a pile of smoking ash, which Raven's regenerating arm suddenly reaches out of.
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    Plus, theres like a standard, then a premium version of the viewlix cab, and...you arent always going to play on the premium one, and even the premium ones dont feel as good as the cabs running aime (xrd/dfc/mb/uni etc) i am this close to learning tsubaki because these character complaints just blow my mind lmao i am going to go into a pretty lengthy post about this... if you don't care about being competitive, or want to take things casually then you really don't need to read this. If you care about winning on netplay for one reason or another, then this isn't for you either. I am writing in reference to midlevel players who have (limited) access to offline play. once again, i am going with this foreword of not wanting to sound like a total douchebag but i will tell you like it is. i am sorry if i hurt any feelings, but this is it. Am i trashing netplay? i dont really know. Sorry if it's the only thing you have access to. But this is what it is. granted, a lot of this comes from my perspective but i've been playing bb for such a long time, i even came from netplay myself! this is a scene x netplay commentary: the ode to the midlevel american (maybe netplayer) by yours truly netplay straight up is disconnected from the US meta. It is TOTALLY irrelevant. Our midlevel that doesn't have access to a good offline scene won't learn online because there is almost nobody to play since the netplay is SO whack, especially in comparison to how we play the game offline over here. Even when people did play eachother often, the game usually doesn't grow past a certain point. Not that it is exclusively a fault of netplay, but rather also has to do with mindsets of players IMO, so ill go into that later. jpn can more feasibly practice online, even though it isnt quite the same as arcade. But this also ends up with jp having a very even distribution of skill level, since the game is much more accessible in general. it is much easier to learn and practice what you learn in arcade or on netplay, or whatever. So you get a lot of surprisingly solid players who come out of nowhere because play can be emulated and practiced widely, arcade or online. Even their midlevel players are sort of shoo'd into playing the game similarly to how they "should" be playing, in part thanks to netplay not being total ass in comparison to their arcade scene. 99% of the time i play online and try to stop someone from doing something bad or structuring pressure poorly, i cannot impart anything that i have understood to be correct and it REALLY SUCKS. Yes, maybe they can get pieces and more general, easier to implement things. Surely, they will get a little bit closer. But there comes a level of reaction and decision making that just isn't possible in delayed environments. Rps changes, risk/reward of situations change, neutral approaches change, the game changes. I can't convey all of those things to you by showing you in play because our proper play isn't accessible, as jpn usually can be shown to a fairly competent level. it ends up with usa being like...top players from select regions (with some outliers), then a huge skill gap between them and midlevel. there is barely any proper exposure between scenes since we are so spread out. i can think of like...2/3 players i'd describe as bridging the gap between high level and mid level lmao. As far as comparative skill level goes between us and jp, speaking for myself, i can pretty confidently say i'm about the same level as their top players, and i personally don't think there's any environmental issue(???) for our current strong players advancing (at least for myself, this is pretty much based on my opinion of how i'd further develop, so it might not be shared haha) but the glaring problems i'm talking about are the midlevel's accessibility to the game and the correct meta. A lot of good can come from this, and having a more even skill distribution and stronger median can help give some people the right push and overall benefits the scene's skill level right? But why does this huge gap from the midlevel to high level exist? It's that disconnect of information, because people can't explicitly "show" what is right since we are so spread out (not to mention our internet is usually whack). My only other option is to "show" people things through something like this, an online forum, general advice, etc. The problem where we are spread too thin is not affecting high level players (as much), it is affecting the midlevel ones. Most of our strong players already have ideas of how the game is supposed to be played, they had the right exposure, maybe they were critical enough to get to that point without as much exposure even if they did come from netplay (hey, fighting games are "supposed" to be played offline, maybe everything im doing is affected by delay wowwww 2015 2009) and they usually end up digging enough for themselves to end up with a strongly supported understanding. This is rather rare, but this is how most of our strong players came about, no matter where they are from. These players would be good with or without anyone to show them the right direction, which is why this isn't an issue for them. Unfortunately, the reality of our "accessible" environment for midlevel players is that you have to push yourself through midlevel to high level understanding on your own. You don't have the environment to SHOW you the right things unless you happen to live in a nice place. Netplay is NOT that place. You will not be able to grind it out online and tell me that you have a good idea about something like tiers or offense or neutral when you likely have no conception of what is "right". Coming from netplay and attending a few TSB's does not make you know what you're talking about either. Your game needs to be developed around that, thats how you get "good". You will be thinking about and doing things more in line with what you should be doing. Japan's midlevel either has the right ideas about the game but cannot implement perfectly, or they implement faulty ideas. Those get ironed out. Our midlevel doesn't have the right ideas, and does not have the environment for most faulty ideas to be corrected. So you NEED to be critical of your own play, or you wont advance. And that is where I am talking about "fault" in the players, IMO midlevel netplayers that only have limited offline access don't think about what is "right" enough. And why can I say that? I was a netplayer, and I had been playing for like a year. From the JUMP i was thinking about the right way to play the game and the effect that delay had on it, so it never proved to be a problem for me outside of ironing out select habits and increasing my understanding of things that I COULDNT know with the inclusion of delay. You will NOT be able to understand how someone reacts or the speed of a reaction outside of a specific scope, a one shot connection, which probably sucks. Just think about the idea that it is harder to tech a throw online because of delay. Where doesnt that apply? It applies to neutral approaches, the kind of guesses that can be made, etc and all of these things have effects on eachother. Netplaying as a tool to improve past midlevel comes with a very big hurdle of needing to use it properly, you can't just go into it like jp can, and that is one of the reasons why our midlevel is less proficient. Its reality. We're in the USA, our netplay is just as "accessible", but less rewarding. Thats what you have to deal with. We have a bigger burden of analysis with our netplay. That causes the level of play to be lower because it is more demanding. Theory around how the game should be played and information from that is what really lets netplay shine. It lets you optimize your limited playtime offline, and thats one of the only ways we can progress with the problem of having less rewarding netplay, IMO. Netplay CAN be used for practice beyond a midlevel (as i said in an earlier post, supplementary to offline learning). if you aren't constantly thinking about how the game should be played offline in your understanding then it's pointless, even if you can't directly get the practice. I got a LOT of practice through netplay while learning, and that was because i approached it from a perspective outside of what i was experiencing. If i did an overhead, i would acknowledge that this overhead is /much harder/ to guard than it should be. Maybe I really just would not use 6B or GH at all under the assumption that it would get blocked offline, and the reason why that was a problem was because the resulting situation was disadvantaged from the pressure situation that i'd give up in order to get the 6b in the first place. I'd just keep my pressure stronger, it would not make sense for me to practice around getting a 6b. I was just wasting my own time. Sure, you won't be able to understand all the nuances that go into these kinds of things from the jump. I mean, I didn't imagine that i could react in 10 fucking frames to wolf brjA until just recently. How offense should be structured, how defense should be structured...you have training mode, offline, test yourselves against things. if I expect this overhead here, why wouldnt my opponent? if i cant tech a throw on reaction, is it impossible or am i just bad (lol). If i get anti aired in a 4 bar but not this 1 bar, why the fuck am i still jumping in? Talk to people about what the realistic approach to a situation would be. Come up with your own answers if you cant implement those, or answers to deal with people who cant implement those. But the basis of these conclusions is the consensus of what developed play is. Keep it logical, keep your reasoning clean. And TALK ABOUT YOUR REASONING. THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT FUCKING UP WITH NETPLAY. If you practice the right ideas, then by the time you end up playing offline (or the limited amount of time you do get to play offline) you will be that much faster to pick things up. Things will make more sense to you if you practiced safe offense vs. you having practiced offense which consists of a gauntlet hades / 2d high low 50-50. You will have practiced the right stuff, and be ready to implement those things. Maybe you won't be able to tech throws on reaction right away, or maybe you'll try to avoid the situation instead of dealing with it. Eventually, you need to develop your response to reach a higher level. But it's progress, the right ideas get imparted and develop faster. And surely, when I spit words at my screen they begin to make more sense. Sure, if you go back to netplay the delay might inhibit what you can do but you have a basis to which you can practice. So what if you cant AA this shitty bullet player who keeps jumping in on you in a 2 bar? Maybe its time to stop playing the bullet player, unless you can get something else from the match. How you practice is important, and really does affect how quickly you'll pick up things given the right opportunities (so travel out when you can, but make the most of it). Imagine, if maybe, just maybe you end up playing someone who is also trying to emulate offline play. Holy crap!! wow!!! Maybe you can get used to certain things that you should be getting used to! This could be another good angle, but unfortunately most people kind of just do what they want to do or try to win without really thinking about it too much, though that is practice in its own way, if you have the right mindset to it. You might lose to things you "shouldn't", but thats ok. Netplay match exposure has a major use that isn't very diminished IMO: Developing Adaptive Ability. One of the main things that a lot of HEAVY netplayers are good at is adapting on the fly to what they can or cant do in X frames of delay and formulating ideas that go around that. This kind of thing is really good and while you don't need to adapt to different levels of delay where play is most developed, being able to change it up is a really good thing to practice. Honestly, i am far too stubborn so i never practice this but it really is a great skill you can work on through netplay, even without the right understanding of things. Is the connection shitty enough that I can feasibly hit someone with Ragna 6B 4 times in a row to win? Alright! You just need to make sure that you are thinking about things and actually applying them, haha. Generally getting used to how people react in certain connections and etc etc could be nice too, and give you information. Just, make sure you don't get the wrong idea. Like that your 6B is SOOO good but what happens when you take that away with an opponent who can block it consistently? Are you ready for that? While you can put yourself through a lot of situations, without theorizing your approach properly you can end up practicing the wrong things for an offline environment, so you need to keep your application in check. Sure, this is much better to do offline. But you can do it online too, lol. Just gotta be critical about it. I know. Maybe it feels good to hit someone with your oh so threatening offense but boy does it feel better to totally invalidate a character's tools on defense especially when people think their characters are scary if you really aim to develop your play then it has no place depending on your understanding (do i think this overhead is easily reactable? is this offense stable against players who dont consistently react in under 15f?), just think around it. As far as conveying what the "proper" ideas are and what good play is, that is what I am here for. I am here to talk about reasoning in matches and stuff. That is the most useful thing I can give. All of our top players are accessible, everyone is pretty willing to talk. Just, please, keep an open mind about things. Personal experience over netplay is just that, so please think about it logically. In a nice, condescending tl;dr; THE QUESTION OF WHERE DO WE STAND AS A WHOLE? The game might be accessible to a point to low and midlevel players, but that point is pretty bad. The gap between the average players and the top players are huge. Our most accessible form of play does NOT convey our high level concepts easily, thus (IMO) the huge gap. The only players who really bridge the gaps are the ones who are developing on their own, rather than being shown or taught these things because the usual method of learning that jpn has, we dont after that point. The only real solution to this limiting netplay experience is to be very critical of it. Our strong players are doing just fine, nothing is really preventing us from progressing and the level of play isn't very stagnant...i think. Either way, a higher midlevel would be beneficial...probably. ~~~ In conclusion, just, do what you can. It really doesn't benefit me, I am not writing this with some sort of agenda, i really do mean well. Even if some of what i wrote is pretty judgmental or makes me come off like a dick. It feels like there really hasnt been a lot of progress.
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    Here's a full list of notable stuff... Correct me if there are mistakes. NAOTO Drive: Bloodedge (Attacks using blood. Holding the button creates more powerful attacks) Blood Repulser (Faster start-up for charged drive moves. Enhancer moves also powered up) Exceed Accel: Grim of Phantom SPECIALS Banishing Fang (236B) - Banishing Fang: Roar (236B) -- Banishing Fang: Bash (236B) -- Banishign Fang: Raid (236C) Slash Guide (214D) Inferno Crusader [Air OK] (623C/D) -- Overhead Kick (2C during Inferno Crusader) Shift Sway (214A) - Phantom Pain (28A during Shift Sway) Enhancer (Use Specials of Distortions during Dash) DISTORTION Divine Smasher [Air OK] (632146B) Divine Reaper (632146D) HIBIKI Drive: Double Chase (Creates a copy of himself) Overdrive: Schwarz Reis (Accelerates his Drive) Exceed Accel: Sakuougi "Haraebimi" SPECIALS Hizanshou (214C) Hizanshou Kai (214D) Hiyokujin Ten (214A) Hiyokujin Chi (214B) Hiyokujin Utsuro (Press D during Ten or Chi) Zanshoukyaku (236A) - Senba (A during Zanshoukyaku) - Ressou (B during Zanshoukyaku) - Misagokudari (C during Zanshoukyaku) - Magauchi (D during Zanshoukyaku) Souyokusen (623C) Senshijin (j.214A) DISTORTION Ugaimai "Oboro Ootori" (632146C) Kuremikazuchi "Nue" ____________________________________ RAGNA Exceel Accel: Seed of Tartaros Nightmare Edge (j.214C) - Follow-up (214D during Nightmare Edge) * Belial Edge removed JIN Exceel Accel: Kokuujin Ougi: Gekka Hyourou Hishousetsu [Air OK] (236D) * Hishougeki removed NOEL Exceel Accel: "Zero Gun: Sleipnir" Revolver Blast (j.214C) [used to be j.236C] RACHEL Exceel Accel: Gerbera Lute Ivy Blossom [Air OK] (214B) * Impish Gypsophila removed Barrel Lotus [Air OK] (22A) * Beelze Lotus removed TAOKAKA Exceel Accel: Kaka Clan's Hospitality Trick Edge! (2 charge 8 + D [Hold 2 during the move to change it]) TAGER Exceed Accel: Charge Lightning Gigantic Tager Driver (360 + A [Delayable]) Wedge Catapult (360 +B) - Impact Driver (360 +B during Wedge Catapult) * B version Gigantic Tager Driver removed LITCHI Exceed Accel: Crimson Peafowl (Koukujaku) Straight Through (With the staff 41236A/B/C [Chargeable] Use D to cancel) Rensou (214 B/C With the staff) ARAKUNE Exceed Accel: n Factorial Zero Vector [Air OK] (236D) a±b [Air OK] (236D while in Curse state) [used to be 41236A] Denial of P (Autonatically activates if you use use "If P then Q" (214A/B/C) near the opponent) DISTORTION DRIVE: f Equal (236236D while in Curse state) BANG Exceed Accel: Shishigami Ninpo Extreme Art: Yorozuka Ryoran Zehhana Secret Art: Bang's Crushing Blast Technique (Press D after successfully blocking an attack with Guard Point) CARL Exceed Accel: Symphonia of Lamentation * Con Tenerezza (46D) removed HAKUMEN Exceed Accel: Kokuujin Kingi: "Tengai" Enma (623A>A no longer consumes Magatama) Yanagi (214D consumes 1 Magatama) NU 13 Exceed Accel: True Impreza Luminous Slave (214D Launches a projectile by pressing D after the charge) * Spike Chaser removed TSUBAKI Exceed Accel: Shinbatsu Mei wo Iru Ikazuchi Shintsui Chi wo Kudakutsuchi (22 B/D [Can be used as a follow-up after 236A/B/C/D or 214B/D]) * Sanctum Decus/"Shinken:Kaze wo Nagu Tsurugi" removed HAZAMA Exceed Accel: Meija Gekkouga Jagai (236B) Jasetsu (214D or automatically after Jagai) Jameijin (j.214B) * Wind Serpent's Fang/Hirentotsu removed MU 12 Exceed Accel: Tsuchi Ikazuchi Kuni no Kototachi [Air OK] (214D when planting a Steins Gunner) * Divine Wrath/Ame no Habakiri removed MAKOTO Exceed Accel: Cygnus Combination Sirius Jolt (41236C) Infinite Rush (Press C during A Asteroid Vision [button can be mashed]) - Mars Chopper (A during Infinite Rush) - Star Gazer (B during Infinite Rush) - Lander Blow (D during Infinite Rush [Chargeable]) Shooting Star (236B [Can be used after Infinite Rush or Asteroid Vision]) [used to be 236D and was chargeable] * Lunatic Upper removed VALKENHAYN Exceed Accel: Sieg Naegel PLATINUM Exceed Accel: Blast Angel * During loketest, her Drive always starts with the new item "Magical Boomerang" Mami Circular (236 B/C) RELIUS Exceed Accel: Zera Varius Geara Kars (236D) * Geara Act removed IZAYOI Exceed Accel: Banshee Lancer Crusade Seraphim: α [Air OK] (623B [Only ground version chargeable]) Crusade Seraphim: β [Air OK] (236C [Only ground version chargeable]) Crusade Seraphim:γ [Air OK] (236B [Only ground version chargeable]) * Noir Edge removed AMANE Exceed Accel: Hazan Gekisou "Jiyaku Aden Gekitai" Gangan Senpu "Ginga" (214C) BULLET Exceed Accel: Execution Manuever Cross Fire Wheel (360 +B) - Shot Shell: Engage (63214D during Cross Fire Wheel [Requires Heat-Up state]) AZRAEL Exceed Accel: Full Spartan Panzer Strike (623B) Cobra Spike (6C during 236C) [used to be 46C] KAGURA Exceed Accel: Kouryuu "Genma Rettouzan" Ryuurenbu (8 charge 2 +C in midair or during Ryuujinshou/Fafner/Dragon's Ascent) KOKONOE Exceed Accel: Armament No.11 "Fullmetal Heavy Weapon Ver 2.05" Armament No.02 "Broken Bunker Assault Ver 2.21" (236A [Chargeable]) * "Broken Bunker" B version removed Armament No.09 "Solid Wheel Drive Ver3.37" (236B) TERUMI Exceed Accel: Jarakuen Gokusen Tsuishouga (214C) LAMBDA 11 Exceed Accel: Duo Cultus Act Parser Tri (236B) Act Parser Tri: Spada (6A during Act Parser Tri) Act Parser Tri: Blade (6B during Act Parser Tri) Act Parser Tri: Cavalier (236C) CELICA Exceed Accel: Puech Vapeur New System: "Recover Cap" - Recovery Capability is shown in the health bar when a Drive attack connects. Armure Sorbet recovers health depending on "Recover Cap". Also, by consuming Recover Cap you can use the charged version of the Specials. Marteau Flan (214B [Charge removed]) Lance Quiche (214C [Charge removed]) Armure Sorbet (632146A [Charge removed]) EDIT1: All fixed. Thanks, Tokkan! EDIT2: Thanks for the notes, SoWL EDIT3: Added mentions of the moves that have been removed.
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    A quick translation of the trailer or something. Rachel: I'm not here to get the Azure nor to achieve my ambition. I came to confirm... who you are. Now, let us go. There isn't time to waste. We need to solve this situation before "she" can wish for the destruction of this world. Ragna: It doesn't matter who I am... I'm myself. Now, come on! I'll "save" you. Hibiki: I don't have a wish of my own... I've always been empty. Naoto: I'm sorry, but if that's a Murakumo Unit... I'm going to have to destroy it. Jin: Hero created by others serves no purpose. Noel: A rebellion? I'm just chasing after the Grim Reaper. Rachel: Ragna still has a role he needs to fulfill. Hazama: You'll tell me... Just how much do you know about the Azure? Azrael: This is interesting. You've lost your memories, but still intend to repeat everything... Hibiki: I exist only for a certain person's sake. Noel: I know you. Who... are you? Tsubaki: I'll handle this. You go on ahead! Makoto: I should be only one who has to fighting in a dirty way... I'm used to that kind of thing. Hazama: The world you wish for... What kind of cruel reality will it force on to you? I'm looking forward to it... Kokonoe: To seal off the world... So, you're the cause of this strange phenomena. Amane: "Search for me", huh? Just where should I look from... Noel: This is weird feeling... Like, we're watching an eternal dream... Nine: What kind of world do you wish for? What kind of history? What kind of war? What kind of destruction would you like? Eventually someone defeats the Izanami and learns the truth of this world... An unchangeable truth.... The Central Fiction... What will the humanity choose at that time? What do you wish from this worthless world, Ragna the Bloodedge? That's your wish? Seriously... What a worthless thing to wish for.
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    I'm sorry Carry on
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    They're not holding them for hostage, they're under development. It's important to understand that this game is developed using the Unreal 3 engine. Modelling, skinning, texturing, bump/displacement/vector mapping, rigging, weight mapping, dynamics (such as Millia's glorious hair or pieces of clothing), REDOING EVERYTHING WHEN YOU DISCOVER SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE CHANGED UGH, animating, effects, lighting, and scripting take more time and cost more money to make compared to a 2D game which is drawing, key-framing, inbetweening, cleanup and coloring. Since it's a fighting game, they have to get these perfect, frame by frame. It has to be optimized, it has to be as bug free as possible. By releasing Leo and Elphelt as DLC characters, it helps bring in extra funding for what is essentially a high-budget niche game. As to the point of which characters were chosen, a popularity contest was held to determine which characters were going to make the cut. The developers also made choices independent of the poll due to the importance of certain story characters and elements. Then they gave us a handful of NEW characters to keep things fresh. Yes, there is a favorite character or two people are going to miss; it sucks, but with the wealth of new changes and plenty of new characters to experiment (or oldies to give a shot), I'm sure you'll find something. Please don't complain about the industry if you don't understand how it truly works in the background. Really, please no.
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    [Xrd] Tier Discussion

    One other thing to consider: Tier lists measure character power differences at the highest level of skill. This means that at lower levels of play, skill barriers and caps are extremely important toward power. For example, Potemkin and Ky are relatively straightforward, easy to grasp characters with few situations in which they require lots of nuance. Someone like Zato not only has to know how to do what he wants to do (difficult inputs), he also has to make more complex decisions because he has more variables to consider at any one given time. This means that characters like Potemkin and Ky will be much better at lower levels of play as a lesser skilled player can do a higher % of things FAB or Ain could do, as opposed to the same level of player picking up Zato, they would be able to do a smaller % of things Ogawa can do. This is commonly why bad players complain about stuff like fireballs and grapplers. qualities of characters that possess lower skill caps. So if you play a bunch of Pots online and get wrecked or whatever, the Potemkin players could be as good as you, perhaps even worse players, and still win because of this. Anyway my general impressions of the game are: any character can win, really. You might not want to pick the bottom tier, but we live in AMERICA land of the FREE so I'll probably end up getting top 4 a lot by playing like a fucking moron like I did with Tager back in the day. So don't worry too much about your character's power unless you plan on winning evo or something I guess.
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    https://www.evernote.com/shard/s296/sh/26144efa-a120-4380-938c-6c1948f387c5/251d86b7853f98d5a84e9ac2a8330c2a i'll get to HOS, dizzy, testament, baiken and bridget eventually.
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    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    That Man's and Raven's dialogue from Revelator opening movie that was shown today. RAVEN: Can't you escape yet? THATMAN: It's difficult. That boy, "Bedman" is the same type as I am. RAVEN: Then, I'll buy you some time. THATMAN: No, we'll use Jack-O' RAVEN: Jack-O'? Isn't it too early for that? THATMAN: "The Universal Will" is making its moves fast. THATMAN: Everything is over if Elphelt fuses with Justice. RAVEN: Understood. I'll give I-No the order. RAVEN: With this, our future is settled. RAVEN: What about the Flame of Corruption? THATMAN: Seek help from him. Tell that I'll explain everything later...
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    OK so I just got back from the loketests. I was watching people play for like 4 hours lol. I'll post whatever notes I have jot down. Sorry if some of these info have already been posted. Plat: New item, a boomerang. You max stock is 1, flies out horizontally when you use it, then returns to you. Becomes transparent when it contacts the opponent, indicating it doesn't have a hitbox anymore. Izayoi: j.236D throws out 3 sonic sabers, kinda like jin's old j236D. air seraphim is angled downwards, floats opponent up. Ragna: j.214C > follow-up sends them flying away. Corner stuff > 623D 236C 236C > 2C blah blah still works. GH+follow-up > 5B still works. Tager: 5C works after using the new grab (the one that bounces them off the wall). Looked like it has invuln, invuln'd through jin's 5C cleanly. Gadget leaves them just outside of 5A range. 6C floats. GETB does 5522 Litchi: if staff is flying, drops if you get hit. still returns to you if you go into block. DP staff ends up a little further away. corner stuff > DP > haku works. itsuuA is one hit only, sends them flying up and away. Kokonoe: can do bunker without 2nd hit. has a fire spin move that moves like may dolphin/plat's C-mami. Usable in air. Affected by graviton. 6B more startup. Jin: 623C corner combos still work. 5B in the corner leads into ~4.4k meterless. I'm guessing his 3C got replaced by a sword trip? Functions the same. Naoto: DP animation looks like volcanic viper lol has a stationary dodge move with invuln, cancelable into special/normals? (don't know which of his moves are specials or normals. Has a dash where he briefly disappears, crosses up. Chargeable moves that guard crushes, one useable in the air. has a long-ish poke that hits low. Original Character Do Not Steal. Hazama: New special that staggers, goes into stance stuff blah blah, you guys probably already know this one. Command grab sends them flying straight upwards, does 600 dmg. Air throw bounces them higher, maybe? Raw stance-A > 5C works. Stance-B sends them flying further away. stuff > 6C > 5D > stance-A > 5C works. Hibiki: Has moves like makoto's 214x. Works as a high/low mixup. Has several moves that sends out a clone image of himself to attack. Can choose which he ends up as. Has a cross-up clone-image-sending move. Has a move on the ground where he spins in the air and strikes like an OH, but it's not an OH, people around me were surprised by it too. Active curse depletes on a timed basis again. Regular curse BnB still works. cloud doesn't disappear after contact. Instead, curse gauge fills up over time if opponent stays in contact with opponent. Homing cloud and above-the-head cloud are still present, don't know about the other one. jC > jD works. New grab-looking move is a hit move. They tech very soon after the final hit, high in the air. Noel: 6C doesn't wall stick. They tech before you can connect with any ground moves. Hakumen: New move that dashes kishuu-like distance, with 5D (or 5D-like?) active during the dash. If it catches a move, slams opponent as seen in the trailer. Renka 2nd hit kicks upwards, jump-cancellable. Lambda: New act parser kicks opponent in the gut, followup with a low (old 236B) or a launcher. Shoulder tackle (236C?) still goes into big damage. Gravity floats on hit, they float slowly backwards. Kagura: Flashkick doesn't wallbounce. 3C floats lower. Can't 3C > 2DC. Saw people do 5BB > 2C in the corner instead. 5DA hits them further away. Bang Midscreen relaunch combo still works. Saw people do high damage combos 4-5k with web nails and daifunka. Nu Sends out a black orb above her head that pulsates for a bit, then shoots out a sword (downwards?) Can also quickly (about the speed as regular D moves) shoot a sword from above her head, sword shoots angled downwards. j214D is a lot slower. Can feint. Can airdash-cancel forwards/backwards when you feint. That's all the information I have for now. Again, some of these have been mentioned before. I'm gonna try going back again tomorrow. If there's anything specific you guys want me to test out, lemme know.
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    Last page of the Famitsu article has an interview with Daisuke Ishiwatari and he drops some info bits. - Johnny was the most requested character, so they decided to add him. - Jack-O' is imaged after a toy box. It's cute and has all sorts of cool stuff popping out from it. Jack-O' is a character series has yet to see. - Elphelt brought elements from FPS-games. Jack-O' brings elements from RTS-games. - Updates on the graphics: Shaders on the characters have been changed. Rim light has been added (a light to ensure the character's borderlines stand out) Contrast and colors on a character changes in different stages. "Point light source" has also been added (Gunflame shines in a dark stage and when it hits the opponent they also start to shine from the flames) - Ishiwatari would like to hold as many loketests as possible. Listening to people's opinion and adjusting just once doesn't necessarily lead to a good result. - REVELATOR's story starts after the events of SIGN's story mode. "Merciless Apocalypse" finally makes its move... - REVELATOR's story is supposed to settle everything else than the fight between "That Man"
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    Please stop talking about Jubei. It is getting WAY out of hand.
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    The DT countdown gives you time to mumble curse words while wiping the sweat from your hands then mash buttons in confusion
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    Hi yes hello, I'm one of those inactive mods that people are talking about but I do want to voice my opinion since this is partly the reason I started to feel tired with Dustloop back when I was more active, saw a decline in activity and before becoming largely inactive and falling into idol hell. This is gonna be a long one but before I begin I want to be clear: This is not a bid to bring back General off-topic threads, just my opinion and feelings since we seem to be more accepting on criticism and I actually feel comfortable letting this out now. First, I need to give context about where I'm coming from because I feel this is important. General discussion/off-topic threads were a widely debated topic then and even now but I understand why we wanted to cut down on this. Tsubaki and Noel sub forums had very well known off-topic General threads that I felt allowed the community, especially new people to come in and feel comfortable asking questions and sort of bond with each other. Long story short, people were allowed to post whatever they wanted and for those threads they were restricted to the character forums, but Dustloop wanted to become more gameplay oriented. Okay, that's fine I can understand that. My issue is with how it was handled, implemented and the lack of explanation to our own members, even some of the mods, and not allowing their feedback to be heard because it didn't line up with the "vision" some people had for Dustloop, which we seem to be working on right now. Honestly, HOW it happened is what I feel started to garner some of the "unfriendly" atmosphere that seems to permeate DL now. It was basically shut down with little warning (I knew it was coming but I had to essentially shut it down the same day it was decided, the members of the board had no clue) and we threw them, members of the community, into what we had called "groups" that was a pain to navigate to and basically hidden from the site. Needless to say, they were confused as to why this happened especially when net play general was still allowed to exist (at the time) but we were shut down and hadn't done anything really harmful to the site. I explained it was because we wanted the boards to be more gameplay oriented. Many asked if there was a way to "petition it" but the staff at the time was very adamant about removing general threads and I know that's not going to change soon. Again, I understand why. (The irony to this is later on, I see it's okay to be "off-topic" in the gameplay threads as long as it's about the character which was what I thought we were trying to get rid of? But I digress.) Not too long after this incident most people who frequented the Tsubaki board and contributed left. Essentially, I feel we had splintered the community by removing casual talk so people can you know, actually get to know each other and, here's the big one not listening, including or even considering them in what we wanted Dustloop to be. Honestly, this probably wasn't solely the reason why people left but I noticed that when we tried to be strictly gameplay oriented no one wanted to contribute and activity dropped because let's face it, not many people feel comfortable contributing when they're not considered a "top player" or "well-known" lest they be mocked and ridiculed. More than anything though, they may have felt that they didn't have the chance to let their opinion be heard which was not the intention but it made us far more unwelcoming than it should have. I feel it became a catalyst to how Dustloop became what it is today and why so many people are now far more active on Twitter and other social media sites. Like it or not those "casuals" are part of our community too! I know people will disagree and I'll probably be hated on more than before but I don't care. Maybe I'm not qualified to say anything now because I've been largely inactive but I wanted to throw this out there because it frustrated me to no end and seems pervasive with Dustloop's bad rep. Yes, I'm far less active than I was before to the point where even I've wondered why I'm still listed as one but when I was, I put in the time and work because I cared and I still care, far more than I would like to admit. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to even make this post. I have other things to say but that can be for another time, I've ranted long enough. For the record, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting Dustloop to be more gameplay oriented. Again, the issue I have is with how it was handled. TL;DR We're not as welcoming or as friendly as we like to think we are. Asking a community to help and be more active won't be as effective when they feel like they won't be heard, shunned away or punished simply for talking. This this this specifically rules 11 and 12. I agree with what TD has said as well for being positive in general.
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    [Xrd] Tier Discussion

    Details for FAB's tier list. We had a translator from japanese to german, but there's always a chance something got lost in translation. Zato: very strong Okizeme; flying and Break the Law are very strong neutral game tools, YRC options are strong. Millia: fast speed both in her neutral game as in her Okizeme (= many attempts to hit during her Oki). Very good YRC options. Elphelt: Very high corner damage. Shotgun Stance neutral game is very strong. Pineberry Grenade forces the opponent to act, he cannot ignore it. Has a very good overhead. Overall strong tools. Faust: Biggest strength is his reach. Item throw is strong (FAB gave no reason, but it's probably for the same reason El's grenade is strong). Also has a very good overhead and his overall toolset is strong. Axl: Rensengeki, both with and without YRC is very strong. 2S & his shoryuken move are very good anti-airs, and paired with his range, make him strong. Also, he has no trouble using 6HS because of 2S and his shoryuken. (When we asked him about Axl's sparrow stance, he said it was strong) Sol: ALL of his special moves are strong and useful. He can kill in two combos. Although FAB considers his gunflame okizeme "normal", he says it is strong anyway. (when asked for 5K and dragon install, FAB said both is strong) Ky: Stunedge YRC is a very strong neutral tool. f.S and 2HS very good moves with high reward, 2HS also a very good anti-air. 3H has a very high reward as well. Overall Ky is a very strong character in the neutral game. Just like Sol, he only possesses "normal" high / low Okizeme, but he considers it strong as well. Chipp: Speed, teleports and invisiblity are the 3 main reasons he is strong. FAB also specifically mentioned to ability to "steal" a match with many hits, when the opponent is already on low HP (ignoring damage scaling). I also asked him whether he thinks that invisibility is still strong despite the nerf, he said yes. Sin: all he said was two words: range & power. When we asked him whether that's all, he said "that's all." I-No: her high / low game loops into itself and is hard to block. High damage with no meter. HCL YRC is strong. May: "One Button Character" (jokingly), all her HS-Normals are strong. High damage in the corner. Her setplay is strong. Venom: His zoning game is so strong that he could almost (but not quite) win with it by itself. His damage is just "OK", but his meterless combos are good. In FABs opinion, Venom has to be played perfectly for him to be in B-tier, otherwise he would be in a lower tier. Leo: "Kusoge Character". His blockstrings and his combos are almost the same. His resets are strong. Bedman: His combos have become easier and lead into his Okizeme more easily as in 1.0. His 6P ist particularly strong. Slayer: K Dandy Pile gives very strong combo options, which made him a slightly stronger character. Otherwise he has the same problems he had before. 6P & 2H are very good normals. Ram: His first word about her: "dame" - useless. The placement of swords has been nerfed hard, j.P nerf is also very hard for her. Her damage is OK, and her midscreen okizeme a little better than before the nerf. Potemkin: too big. Would be a strong character if he was smaller. His normals are hard to use. Potubster & hammerfall yrc are strong. Trishula buff helped. Trishula okizeme hides pot's high / low behind it. He considers him hard to play.
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    I'm going to try and kill this ENTIRE discussion and say that there has been private testing in the past, and there is likely private testing right now. and a lot of it is deliberate, so don't worry about it too much. Izayoi...okay. Im going to write this essay and hopefully just kill this discussion because reading it is really giving me a headache. There was a LOT wrong with the character, it was not that she wasn't figured out. There is a lot to talk about in comparing how a character develops on console and in arcade as well. I don't really want to turn this into a full blown discussion, and i dont really want to come off as an asshole but a lot of this is really straightforward, cut and dry. I will tell you like it is. If you think im crazy, or dont want to listen to me, then DO NOT LISTEN to me. I dont want to talk about this forever. 1.0, the character had certain strong tools, but she really came off as incomplete. Did not have all the tools to function, specifically neutral and pressure. 1.1 was a huge jump, she literally went from a low/mid tier character to top tier. Neutral and pressure were heavily augmented. In 1.1 though, why and how she was "top tier" was really "difficult". And the reason why I found her to be so strong was because her neutral and pressure were so dominant at a very very high level of implementation...on console. Characters develop differently based on the environment they play in, yeah. Okay. Reading JP tier lists and character impressions? yeah, okay. Understand that character strength is reflective of the environment. I am a player who always plays in delay free, consistent environments. The beauty of USA's console standard. That is the basis of my analysis, that is my blazblue. You know how Nu is considered so strong there? Whereas if you asked sG (i am pretty sure he would respond this way) about the character's strength, he would probably say she is not quite as strong as they usually convey her to be (definitely still up there, though). So i said all that to say this: The way I "tried" to play that character in 1.1 was driving neutral rps, pressure, and making sure i could mitigate as much risk as possible with good defense. The kind of defense and neutral rps that becomes a bit impractical in any delayed environment. Even then, I wasn't good enough to make it work 100% even on console, but the character potential was there. There was a lot that I didn't get to flesh out with her on pressure, neutral, offense, etc by the time ex came around. The char in 1.1 was honestly so deep. I played her for a year (from 1.0 to 1.1) before I got competent with her to the point where I could play like that practically in tournament. However, that practical high level implementation of the character was very very hard to implement in japan, which is why you really never saw her then. I honestly also feel that my control choice (i play pad) has a lot to do with practical implementation of the character and that kind of play. So, I think a lot of things came together and helped me make that character work. In 1.1, izayoi was NONEXISTENT in japan. Honest to god, izayoi in delay is actually way worse. How every izayoi player i met in japan played the character made sense if you approached the game in the environment they practice in. They also had no clue how i approached certain situations or why as well. This is because we /dont play the same game/. Anyone who played console and had a good understanding of the meta and high level console meta knew that this character was strong. How strong, I wouldn't expect people to know unless they really dug deep and understood her but people saying she was weak in 1.1, shy of exposure (if you used her and said she was bad, you actually pissed me off so much because you were actually just too bad) problems had no clue what they were talking about. But IMO it was excusable, because the character was so fucking hard even on console. Nobody was really gonna put in the time for it, but i saw the potential in the character so i worked at it. And you know, it paid off! Atm, i think her 1.1 incarnation was ~top 3 on console if played optimally. Ill keep this part short. Fast forward to EX. So, japan's impression of the character was not too hot, lol. It makes sense, because for them, the character was...not too hot. So what happened? She got buffed pretty heavily. The new DP and system changes to throw offense were sorta significant, and she got much stronger pressure tools and she became much much faster. A lot of "problems" that she had in 1.1 that /I felt were workable because of where i played/ were not quite so for her over there, and as such they were alleviated. So she became a LOT "easier". You had less of a burden to make up for if you wanted to drive her strengths, if that makes any sense. To me, this ended up shooting her up to like super top tier because a lot of the changes she got were not tailored for where i played her, lol. If you play console (offline) and think this character is not BLATANTLY top tier, i have no hope for you. But in jpn, the buffs they gave her worked in such a way that they consider her pretty strong over there now! But still not quite the same as how i feel, but it makes sense because /WE DONT PLAY THE SAME GAME/. So everyone in this thread is constantly talking about jpn impression jpn blah blah blah, yes you can take a lot of things from them. Yes, there is a lot of useful information to be gathered, yes certain aspects don't change as much, and we can definitely share consensus on a lot of things. But jesus christ lol. If I sound crazy about how i am talking about the character, just watch how dogura played me at evo, the kind of offense he ran. His offensive structure isnt the same as mine (as a result he wastes a lot of pressure opportunities by getting "too greedy" for me, but it's general offense in jp), and honestly developing console meta undermines a lot of what they practice, so i feel like i went in with a home court advantage, so to speak. Hopefully that wraps up all this IZAYOI SUCKED BUT WTF? JAPAN DIDNT KNOW??? CHARACTER UNDEVELOPED? shit, because theres no way they would have known. we dont play the same fucking game. They would have figured her out the exact same way if they played on console. And honestly, this is kind of exceptional because usually there isn't such a fine line that causes such a drastic change, but this is one of those cases. There were when the character came out, and then she fell off really hard. She was whack as fuck. Her neutral was incomplete. This is not her problem, but for the sake of example, say you have a 24f overhead, without ANY LOWS. Your character literally has no lows. That was her neutral and pressure, she could not juxtapose anything properly. her normals were fucking good as hell, but she didnt have any way to implement them. They fixed this in 1.1 with new movement options and increasing ch untech on one of her really important moves (normal mode 2C). Combo routes were fine, but they made them really good in 1.1. i know you said IMO, but im gonna talk about this so we're all on the same page here. This is definitely like, totally backwards lol. CF is a revision of CPEX. the whole meta from CSEX to CP changed because of a...whole bunch of shit. New burst system, no primers, OD, drastic character changes, movement speed changes, gravity on a lot of chars is different, jump heights changed, barrier changed, throw ranges were altered, etc. Characters are MUCH more similar to cpex than CSEX to CP. 80% of the cast can do the exact same combo routes they do now. Active flow is not nearly as big of a deal as most people I see on DL are making it out to be. It does influence a GENERAL approach, yeah, but most of the reasoning that goes into the match uses the same tools. Active flow is one of those tools, even then it is not that big, since it compliments most of the current meta. System changes are the biggest thing, but it's mostly about working with new systems on top of what we already have, with light character changes. Aka, a revision. That's the point of this update being so similar lol. They want to keep the meta in tact. jesus christ please dont let me regret this post edit: im going to clarify why nu is weaker on console. offense is weaker, but overall neutral guesses are much safer and more reactive, and can yield higher reward. doesn't have to play so low commit while being "safe". However, neutral guesses are still neutral guesses (your opponent can also move more accordingly, so the RPS changes a bit), and she does lack a bit in terms of defensive and movement options, so she still suffers from the same weakness. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's a frame trap. They get hit with an unreactable 14f infraction.
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    Here's my stab at a translation: http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/121056115924/4gamer-news-article-on-ggxrd-revelator
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    Their eager trust shattered by Daisuke, known for his exceptionally metal characters like May, Dizzy, Bridget, and Faust; the ever-wavering GG following was struck yet another blow. What once had integrity and a level of sheer coolness, now just a bunch of anime BlazBlue shit. I blame Mori. This cyclical conversation comes up over and over every single time a new character is shown.
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    Ishiwatari just spoke during the ArcLive that Johnny's model from Story Mode couldn't simply be turned into playable character, but they had to pretty much re-create that model from a scratch in order to make him playable for Revelator. So, it has pretty much taken half a year to create Johnny... Also, balance isn't apparently changing much because people have really loved 1.10 balance.
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    @aksysgames/status/596353031534301184 awwwwwwww yeaaaaah
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    Raziul a drill is not a regular attack it's a fucking drill
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    If you want high level play, you play offline.
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    Every time I come into this thread when there's a new character there's complaints about the fanservice. It's been 7 years, it's time to get over it. And not in this thread. GAMEPLAY AND NEWS
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    This is what I've read on a Japanese forum claiming to have got early access to the magazine. The poster did post a photo of the magazine, but it was only up for 10 minutes so I missed it. So what I'm trying to say is, take it with a pinch of salt. I hoped other sites would report about it, but they ignored BBCF completely. Nine doesn't have a drive, instead she is using sorcery. She activates her magic with the D button. Her Stock consists of two symbols, the left one is "Stock slot" and the right one are "Active slot". When an attack hit or is being blocked, the active slot will change into the element of that attack. A: Water B: Wind C: Fire After that, by doing a certain command the element from the active slot will be put into the stock slot. The stock slot can contain up to three elements, and depending on what elements that are in the stock slot the magic will change(for example Fire. Or Fire Fire Fire. Or Water Wind Fire). There are some more info from that poster. Original Japanese text
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    Soon. Info in famitsu this week. source
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    I hereby forbid all complaining discussion about the release schedule. This is about the GAME, not about business practices. Let's not clutter the thread with bullshit when people are checking for news.
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    Daisuke's Panel was today as Anime Expo. I'll try to sum up everything he said. - Those images we saw with Vastedge Sol Badguy and weird goofy looking Sol Badguy was a proof of concept video the team did to pitch the idea of a 3D designed Guilty Gear. We saw footage of it in action, but weren't allowed to record. The reason why goofy looking Sol Badguy is there is because they only had Sol's model designed and decided to just reuse it and change his face to have a second character to show the battle system. - When asked about PC and Xbox One port Daisuke said he was not allowed to speak about it. - Obligatory question about GG vs BB with same obligatory answer. - That Man's servants with their strange concepts based on Masochist, Sadist, and Bondage was not intentional whatsoever and Daisuke simply just made them up as he went along. - The Valentines differing animal motifs were also unintentional. - Emphasized several times that the team really wants to bring back all the old characters. Eventually. - Zato-One's design was based on Ninjas from mangas Daisuke used to read. - Big Blast Sonic was made just for the trailer at TGS, which is why we never hear it in the game. Still doesn't explain why it's labeled as "Console Opening" though.... - We got him to scream Dragon Install. It was amazing. He was quite embarrassed. - He gets Burst Grabbed all the time.
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    Dear diary today the ass was fat.
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    aw, i was hoping throw breaks would trigger danger time
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    Oh my dear sweet god in heaven, no.
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    While I was scouring the Xrd files for scrapped content I found some interesting stuff. Mind you this is from the disc release, so this is all pre-day 0 patch. Apparently this was Leo's versus image. A piece of placeholder concept art. Placeholder MOM-map icon. Character select placeholder. So I guess he really wasn't finished until that day 1 patch, unlike some people who like to believe he was 100% final on the disk. And then it started getting weird: (Story mode test image)
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    [Xrd] News Thread

    Translating some things from the @ARCSY_Event Twitter regarding goodies in Xrd's console release. Links are provided to the original tweets. Translations may be inaccurate - let me know if you see any errors. Part 1: Players will have access to an R-CODE, with information like win rate, etc. It can be accessed from most menus with the Square button. Part 2: Xrd DLC will be cross-buy, meaning it's not exclusive to one console. Buying it for PS3 will make it available on PS4 to the same account. Useful if you intend to upgrade down the line. (Xrd itself is not cross-buy.) Part 3: In Network Mode, you can designate a default character to be automatically selected in matches, bypassing character select and letting you get to the match faster. Part 4: You can join an Online Lobby and a Player Match Room at the same time, and switch between them and the main menu with the L2 and R2 buttons. Part 5: Replays can be saved during online and offline matches. These replays can then be shared through the Replay Theater with other players. (Combo videos are mentioned as an example, but no mention of editing capacity.) Part 6: Network delay is showed to players in real-time, measured in frames. (Delay is not shown to spectators.) Part 7: Network delay can be simulated in training mode, anywhere from 1 to 20 frames. Part 8: By pressing Start/Options in a Player Match room, you can shake and roll three dice. (I don't quite understand what the purpose of this is, if someone could give a more thorough translation, it would be appreciated.) Part 9: The music that plays in Network Mode can be randomized. (Implying it can also be set to specific songs?) Part 10: On PS4, the SHARE button can be used to share screenshots and video. However, this functionality cannot be used in Story Mode. Part 11: Xrd will allow Cross-Save, enabling you to upload save data to a dedicated server space and download it to the same account on a different console, including transitions between PS3 and PS4 with no limit. Part 12: The PS3 version will have a visual toggle, which can be set to "Image Quality" or "Speed" priority. (The Speed priority removes/simplifies some background elements to reduce the visual load, but the Quality priority apparently comes with no or negligible performance impact.) Part 13: Additional color DLC will be made available on December 18th. Part 14: PS4 install size: 5.7GB for Disc and Download versions. PS3 install size: 1.2GB for Disc, 3.9GB for Download. Part 15: Xrd will have auto-save. The system data will require 54MB on PS4, and 24MB on PS3. Part 16: You can swap between displaying PlayStation buttons or Guilty Gear buttons in all modes where they're displayed. Additional note: No form of SHARE will be enabled during Story Mode. ASW thanks you for cooperating with their wish not to have the contents of Story Mode shared online. Part 17: The "Speed Priority" setting from Part 12 will be automatically applied while in Network Mode.
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    Stream over. Nothing of importance announced. Here's just some random info bits... - French Bread doesn't really have any influence to UNIEL official tournament, so they can't increase the amount of qualifiers - Gotta ask from others. - They would like to make a sequel and are currently looking for more people... Nothing actual done yet, but only thinking stuff that needs to be done in the sequel. - Narita never expected their fighting game (Dengeki FC) to get a TV commercial. - There won't be another guest character from same series. If you want to play as Murakumo, go ask En-Eins developers to create a sequel. - At first Narita though that once the game got popular they could remove the guest characters. - Narita thinks it's too early for Kuon to become playable character - at best he could be a boss in the sequel. - Narita thinks it's impossible for them to create Lobbies like ArcSys did in BBCp and P4U2 - It's like creating a completely different game within a game. - They have gotten a lot of feedback that the currenct system is pretty good, so they think that they shouldn't make any big changes anymore. - Narita thought that there's no need for Story Mode in a fighting game, but they've huge amount of requests about it. - Narita doesn't allow panty shots for any characters. - There's still chance for Chemeti to be added. - Adding Network Mode to arcade version (like in Tekken 7) is technically possible, but what happens to the paid 100 yen when the connection fails... - Narita think it could work and eventually all arcade fighters might end up that way. - "Who would buy Orie's or Vatista's dakimakura...?" - A lot of Akatsuki Blitzkampf players have sent feedback to French Bread. - It's going to take a while longer before Nanase and Byakuya are going to be added to arcades. - Porting Windows-based arcade version to PS3 was difficult, but now it's more difficult to move data from PS3 version to arcade version... - Sequel's name hasn't been decided, but Narita says that "UNI Two sound dumb" - It was unexpected how many requests for playable Tsukuyomi they got, but currently story prevent her from being added... - Terminology and setting explanation page is coming soon. If they don't create something like that, they can never do a Story Mode. - "Look at the time!" system voice needs to be added. No idea when. - Narita still wants Skullgirls guest character, but nothing to talk about yet. - Porting Melty Blood: Current Code to a newer arcade machine isn't something French Bread can do on their own. Talk to TYPE-MOON. - Narita isn't sure if they can add alternative button schemes (like in BlazBlue) to the arcades. - When they watch Kamone playing Hilda, they wonder how exactly is that character supposed to be weak... - They don't have too many people to draw pixel sprites... - Nothing to announce coming next month... Next stream sometime later... - It's been some time since they worked in the Western version of the game. It's pretty much in ArcSys' hands now. - They get a lot of comment from overseas. As long as it's English it's okay, but when they get comments in other languages they don't know what to do.
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    S: sword guys A: weird guys B: guys you like
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    *Everyone on PSN Friend list has game except you*