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    Pretty sure that was just Mr. Biscuits not so subtly making fun of Street Fighter V.
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    I will now attempt to write down Break a Spell's lyrics by ear. I expect it to not even be close to the official lyrics. Approach the edge of the world. There I want no body alive. The night sky set on fire. We've all come so far. This world is full of laughs. We stroll in dystopia. We need to Break a Spell. (So what?) Whose filth is this? I want to flare up! Deceived and hung over! We have to fight! It's never on time. But all this is just life. And now to recant.
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    Mori posted a concept art of Calamity Trigger. Note that Ragna has a different sword and that Bang has a mesh instead of being nearly completely topless. The HUD also fits more to one of BlazBlue's initial names (e.g. Riot: The Blue Blood)
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_4cg1mJgDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlnypVX9TnM
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    I figured I'd start working on something else instead of trying to tab the piano in Icarus' chorus, so I went back and completely reworked Beyond the dark life. This time it should be 99% accurate, I hope you enjoy it while I work on MUST DIE. Guilty Gear - Beyond The Dark Life.zip
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    Baiken's outro is a throwback to Samurai Showdown / Spirits games.
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    An illustration of Ragna, which will be given to people who'll participate in a "Hina-Matsura Cup" on 3rd March (which is BTW also his Birthday)