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    Anyways, if you happen to have Rev 1 on PS3/PS4, you might have had your game updated recently. And here's what it entails in preparations for Rev 2. (1) "Added REV 2 Upgrade Package", the catalog data necessary to prepare for the upgrade to the newest addition to the series, "REV 2". (2) "Lobby", "Rank Match" and/or "Player Match" now function independently of each other. (3) Changed controls for Online Mode functions. Please refer to the button guide at the bottom of the screen for more information. Not only that, but a couple other things in the game has also been added. The spaces where Baiken/Answer are in the CSS are locked, the Extra Story is locked, more spaces in the gallery are included, but are also locked, this brings the total unlocks in the Gallery to 319, for the rest however...(Preliminary guesses, but more than likely...) 1. Artwork: Key Art and Cover Art + Baiken and Answers Character Avatar. 2. Movie: 4 Intro's/Endings for the characters that don't have an episode story until now (Jam/Haehyun/Raven/Dizzy), with Baiken and Answer's Episode stories. Along with Rev 2 intro/etc. and possible after story ending. 3. Voice: A couple of voice items are also locked (8 of them at least). 4. Music: Only 2 spaces with added music. (Baiken's X2 Theme - Momentary Life, and Rev 2 OP Theme - Break a Spell, confirmed in the Digital Figures track list. Nothing for Answer, false alarm guys.) 5. Character: Baiken and Answer's color's 7-11 and 12-16. Plus GG World has some new logs added, along with some ??? in the side. And like in the Demo, your W$ will always be displayed in the main menu for convenience. Other stuff I have found yet so far... You can now have your entry in Ranked Matches in any other mode when you pause the game, it also includes the option of either pressing start/options to fight your opponent or fight the person automatically. Training Mode character switching while pausing is now available. R-Code icons now include collaboration icons (not available yet.). "Rev 1" info will be displayed in stuff like Replays and R-Code (More than likely, the same stuff will be mentioned if "Rev 2" is selected.) "Hot News" now has more space to show instead of highlighting it to scroll. You can now Rematch for best 2 out of 3 matches (in Ranked). Your avatar now has the circle of pre-selected quotes to speak. And also, you can spectate other people's matches in progress at any time on Player Matches. Either way, the rest of the Rev 2 additions will become available once its out soon.
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    Hey guys, thanks for the sprite rips. Here's my first attempt at sound ripping. Got the voices of Es, Ragna, and Susanoo. Some of Susanoo's quotes spoken as Terumi can't be found in his files so I think it's amongst Terumi's files. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8dn0wn0jehn9ei6/Es.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssporcpoev75xtv/Ragna.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/89cvl6912d57sxj/Susanoo.zip?dl=0
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    ragna's effects https://www.dropbox.com/s/y3sbaece11f4hjw/laguna.zip?dl=0
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    Here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/5k67k0xwx4ugrlu/su.rar?dl=0 Let me know if anything's missing.
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    Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7cpb0a2vmwhntx/Mai.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/47d994r353a4kxf/Izanami.zip?dl=0
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    I'm currently investigating on how to rip them with the files themselves, since BBCF just won't run on my PC, same as a few other games (and the issue already went on weeks ago). For now, I've tried the importation to Audacity through raw files after having extracted the vbtl_es_0.xwb file (for Es here) using Hipster. (IIRC there was a way using the Microsoft XAct utilities in the Jun 2010 DirectX folder package you can find on the Internet, but honestly, I don't find the way to open the Wave bank again (if there was any to start with)) I've picked the following parameters : Encoding : Signed 32 bit PCM Bit order : little-endian Channels : 2 (Stereo) Offset : 0 octets Sample frequency : 44100 Hz After having modified the speed with the multiplier x0.26, I've retrieved the voice clips of Es in battle, but they don't seem to have the best quality. Perhaps I should tweak a few more parameters to get something good, but in the meanwhile, I give you the .wav file with all the voice clips within the .xwb file, so you can see the current quality I got from it, and judge if it's good enough or not. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g71jwwo2va18owx/vbtl_es_0.rar?dl=0
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    rNNN_ the legend was very nice to rip for me the missing character effects and some stage background effects. naoto,nine and susanoo r not in this link since he already posted the links to there effects before hand and i can't find ragna's among the list. he told me to inform u all tht all the files r in dds format so u will need a program like Photoshop or gimp with a dds plugin to view them https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7dhk57g18qpbauy/AABOjV5klNMia4MeQiOrRwnqa?dl=0
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    give credit to rNNN_ for ripping these effects as he was super nice to take time to do this https://www.dropbox.com/s/3b4rgqid93gphwh/Naoto Effects.rar?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/76gowm0cf37t0vy/Nine Effects.rar?dl=0
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    Here you go. Also added Terumi as an extra. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1umm1m4a4sjnmd8/Hibiki.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/4tgsv2jzzcazhxj/Naoto.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/uw126r1naj2030k/Nine.zip?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8836anb4alw0li/Terumi.zip?dl=0
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    As somebody who still plays the game. The reason this site seems dead because people who actually are playing the game have moved on. It's still pretty active. Maybe if y'all spent less time on this site bitching and moaning about what isn't there and played the game, you might (gasp) enjoy it? But by all means, go on complaining about Jubei, dubs, or whatever if it helps you sleep at night. I'll be actually playing the game. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
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    Got to hear "Enough is Enough" It's like "in the shadows": Not too heavy on the whole rock and roll we'd usually get (I mean, you even get a full 50 second section of piano jazz), but still a masterpiece in it's own right. I actually can't pick between it or "六文 -ROKUMON-". They're equally good if you ask me!
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    we know they already you didn't read the post's they already been rip and upload on here look at post uploads
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    Jack-O Discord Group Just click the link and you should be good to go: https://discord.gg/0XbyOuifGoZ1fLJj
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    It will take some time but yes, eventually. For now here's Hakumen: https://mega.nz/#!wMQ3RYbK!1aDEKqeHWAvM3qmfIaYj91yH5eVj_PgBl6ZZdO2HNwU
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    Here is a combo video for GGXRD REV2 on how to play jam with guidelines on some do's and dont's and loads of stuff,combo/guide.FOR INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS ! That are trying to reach higher levels of set play. Some say its for experts but i say intermediate because im making one for experts in the future! https://youtu.be/ywMS4ZWmIy4
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    So against air resets like that, the way to defend against them is to vary your tech window. Air techs are fully invulnerable for a short period of time but can then be beaten out by well times attacks/air grabs (as you've shown). If the opponent doesn't tech out, then you can catch them into a Black Beat combo (they could have teched but didn't). The only true way to escape that would be to perfectly time your tech so that the throw's active window would connect during the early tech window. Having said that, I think the properties of I-no's command throw have changed slightly for Rev 2 so this might not be accurate for much longer.
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    Personally I think she's fine. j.S > j.D corner loops are easy to confirm and decent meterless damage. Air Tatami is a bit slower but still a solid oki tool. Her pressure and mixup game isn't stellar but a good Baiken player will make sure the opponent is scared of an Azami and CH follow-up. That will be the key to making Baiken a real threat, smart use of Azami. As for Answer, I dunno. From the footage i've seen he likes to go nuts with IAD mixups and jumping everywhere on his kites. I think people will have a huge problem with him at first until they learn to deal with his kites. Then he'll settle.
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    After several months of training I can finally pick Naoto as my sub. Learning of micro-dash timing and do these combos regularly is the one thing but putting whole combos in online matches is the second one... I prefer „214A” way in any „2366B” longer combinations and really recommend it. On netplay I prefer to make a simple rekka 6-7 hit combos to put enemy into corner and finish the game than struggle with basic/optimized basics. Seriously +/- 500 dmg output isn't worth it to miss an occasion for corner. Put in the corner first then use any micro-dash combo. In my opinion overally he has one of the best corner in the game → you can just lock any char and the dmg output is... huge (My main is Valkenhayn so I feel the difference). He also has nice mobility and it may sounds biased but I think that he has better tools against zooners than Ragna.
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    Massive info incoming!!! Battle Fantasia Analysis - Olivia vs Odile&Dokurod Let’s continue breaking down both Olivia and Odile. So far we’ve covered their similarities and differences in a few of their normal attacks, mainly 5C, 2C, and 5D. We will continue on with 2D, hopefully go over the other normal attacks, and transition over to specials, supers, etc. Here we go! Both Olivia and Odile have a lot of similar attacks of course, and 2D is no different. Olivia’s 2D is actually great in terms of appearance and overall usage. The attack is 10f and -4f on block. Compared to the rest of Olivia’s good normal, this is the slow poke of the bunch, along with 5D and 6B which is the slowest. The -4f on block isn’t too bad at a beginner level, but once you start playing at an intermediate to high level, that’s when match ups play a bigger role in determining how often and when you should use 2D. As a poke, 2D can act as a “noob checker” since some players may not be knowledgeable enough in the match up to punish accordingly with their character. Across the board, and depending on range, everyone can throw punish this move (a la Face’s Texas Knee [623K] on block), so it is imperative that Olivia uses this move from max range if it’s done as a poke. There are character specific punishes that can do devastating damage to Olivia at the right range. For instance, Urs and Marco can definitely punish with their 236236K attack since they come out either at or under 4f. Donvalve’s Don Swing (360+P), and super version of Don Swing (720+P) come out instantly. Against Face, it almost doesn’t matter where you use 2D (notice I didn’t say when). If it is blocked, expect to eat a Wilderness Bazooka (236236+P), unless of course Face’s timing is off, or he does the A version that goes upward vice the C version which goes straight. Face’s 236236K super can also be used to punish Olivia’s 2D, albeit a super that’s even more position dependent. Regardless, this is an example of a match up that isn’t great for Olivia’s that rely on 2D. Don’t be so quick to drop this normal altogether. It works wonders in combos and mix ups. Plus, aside from her C attacks and 5D, 2D actually takes a huge chunk of damage off of the opponent’s health bar. In terms of combos, Olivia’s 2D is actually a combo starter, ender, and even a juggle move. Just by itself at mid-screen, Olivia will be using 2D into 5C, just as much as 5D into 2C. This makes Olivia’s high/low game pretty deadly once the player understands the max range to use these moves. Couple this with the fact that she has a command grab that functions as a combo/mix up tool, this really makes her a real threat. In the corner, you have many options at your disposal. If you happen to land 2D, you can simply do it again for a juggle. If you want, you can do other things like 623A/C for a bit more damage. If you prefer to mix up the opponent, there’s her 5B > 3D attack set that allows for potential crossups, and is even used for her command grab option select which will be explained in another write up. Using 2D plus Heat Up (HU) adds extra hits from her birds that are summoned, plus it’s considerably safe, but deceptively spam friendly. I still wouldn’t recommend abusing this too much, as the bird attacks can have gaps big enough for some characters to punish Olivia. After a Gachi Drive, 2D plus Heat Up means “Bird Juggles”, as in you’ll find yourself juggling with 2D anywhere from 2-3 times a combo. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you see the damage this move is doing, you’ll respect 2D more. Odile, Odile, Odile… Your 2D looks deceptively slow, but somehow it moves at 9f. It’s less safe than Olivia’s, giving -6f on block, so just like Olivia, you’ll have to use this at max range if you want to think about staying somewhat safe. It’s cool though, because YOU CAN JUMP CANCEL 2D!!! The only caveat is that the jump cancel can ONLY occur on hit. So if you plan on using this move, you must be dedicated to it, and aware that it needs to be done at max range. Also know that if this move is blocked, you’re screwed for the most part, but -6f isn’t bad vs some characters. Other characters can and will have a field’s day if you aren’t playing smart with this move. Despite the cons, this move is still good and very important for Odile, despite the fact that most players don’t utilize it properly (or at all). Why is 2D still an important attack??? I’m pretty sure once we’re done with this journey you’ll start seeing the hidden potential in Odile’s aerial game. I’m just going to put this out there: if you don’t know by now, most of what Odile can do involves jump canceling, or it just puts her in the air. She has some ground options depending on what she does, but what she can do in the air vs the ground really depends on the match up, and if specific moves are going to hit. Moving on… 2D is definitely a normal attack that is deceptive in lots of ways. As mentioned before, Odile can jump cancel from it on hit, allowing her to apply aerial mix ups, retreat if desired, or juggle on hit. What might be the best option in the event you land 2D with Odile? It’s simple—well, not really simple… It depends on your style of play. If you just want damage, Divertissement (j.236236K) does the most damage depending on how high Odile is when it’s activated. There are other options, like her j.2K drill kicks, or j.D (hard to do), but the latter is mainly used for mix ups, which leads to my next point. If you prefer mix ups from 2D, of course you can use j.D. Why? For those picking up Odile, her j.D can be canceled into the drill kicks. Yep. Be mindful of which drill kick you use though. J.2D goes practically downward, whereas j.2B goes outward (but still down of course, lol). Also, connecting with j.D can be a bit hard, but it definitely pays off with the amount of damage your can score from mixing it up. You could also jump backward and do an instant j.C, which hits lower than j.D, but removes the option to cancel into a drill kick. Here’s another tidbit regarding Odile’s 2D: it is one of her only normal attacks (6B counts as a command normal), that advances her forward. Why is this important for Odile? I personally think it’s very important to have positive control of your character in terms of movement. You as the player should be able to understand the range of your normal attacks, specials, and supers. If you’re slightly out of range with Odile, and you don’t want to jump, and the only attack that will actually connect is 2D, that’s probably your best bet. At best, you’ll land it, jump cancel and air super for damage. The next best thing is that you don’t jump cancel and let the 2D cause a Hard Knockdown, allowing you to close in with something like her dash. Worst case scenario, you get blocked, but you may not get punished properly, because the opponent may not have a decent move that punishes that quickly, or if they do, it doesn’t have the proper length to connect, so you could retaliate if the opponent does try to throw something out, even if you are negative on block. This is an example of what is known as Abare. For those new to Battle Fantasia, fighting games in general, or understanding Japanese fighting game terminology, Abare is a Japanese term used to describe “risky gameplay”, or essentially “attacking while in the negative” (in terms of frame data). This scenario can sometimes benefit Odile. This tactic is typically frowned upon depending on which subgroup within the fighting game community you associate with, but for others it can be moderately encouraged. In Battle Fantasia, depending on the situation, it may actually be a good thing for certain characters to “abare”, and Odile is one of those characters that can sometimes get away with it against certain characters. Regardless, it isn’t always a good idea to use an attack, especially if there’s a chance the move could either hit, or get whiff canceled into a special/super that will connect, so utilizing Gachi properly may help remedy the possibility of getting demolished. So that’s it for 2D! Yes it was quite a bit of information, but it is needed as it is very important information. I will continue to dissect Olivia and Odile in the next write up. Please comment and share this with others who are interested or already enjoy this great game. Tell me what your thoughts are regarding Olivia and/or Odile. Who do you think is strongest of these two, and why? Who should I breakdown next after Olivia and Odile? I definitely enjoy the comments and ideas I get. Thanks, and peace!!!
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    Well, EU/PAL regions are, at least (Its the full game however, not the digital DLC). In either case, nope, gotta wait until next week for it to show up.
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    Nice, thank you! At first sight it seems that everything is in it. Oh god, this will be a pain in the neck to color these, haha
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    Thanks. I'd recommend also uploading these to mediafire and mega because dropbox can cause you not to download files due to too much activity.
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    @rNNN_ Sorry to bother you, but you could rip the effect sprites of Susano'o's specials and supers too? One of the character Discords servers needs them for a little project. (To be exact the effects of Dancing Dual Kick [Grand Viper] and Towering Flames [his DP]) Oh, and thanks that you ripped the sprites of the DLC characters so quick after the Steam release. Already had a little bit fun with Susano'o, heh
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    Trying to get back into drawing BlazBlue Have a magical bunny milf on me~ Actually scratch that, my bunny milf! XD