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    I lost my composure, thanks @kylehyde for calling me out on it. It's like how you don't make "chicken jokes" around Paradigm for being a Dragon. It was never my intention to just be "right" and be a jerk about it so, sorry for that. That all said, GGXrd has dark parts if you look carefully, they're easy to miss (older GG games were in Visual Novel format so that made stuff more obvious). @Aegis High When the Universal Will invaded Justice' body in 2074, she took Justice' DNA and transplanted it in to the Japanese people who mutated in to Antimatter Gears, these were the "Variable X" creatures that Asuka identified shortly before he used Gamma Ray on Japan. The surviving Japanese people got "sick" with the unstable Gear DNA inside their Bodies "Ki Overflow Syndrome", like May had, unexploded Information Flares. From 2074 to 2187 the Japanese were quarantined not to leave the Dimensional Colonies, the biggest was Miyabi. May was born sometime before 2174 as she was just a child in appearance when she met Johnny at that time. Baiken was a child in 2074 when her people mutated in to Gears and attacked their village, Anji lived in the same village but was born some time later and has memories of Crow Kuruwaba. They've been alive all this while and even escaped the Colony on occasion, though Baiken has a bounty on her head. As an aside, Youkai-like Gears were sealed inside the Colonies along with the Japanese (based on Ogre Valley info), War Relics were sealed there too, because of the danger.
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    UNIST Console Opening, looks very damn crisp, lol. Be aware at the moment, no localization has yet to be annouced, but if like UNIEL, then UNIST will be too eventually. Also, PS4 version comes in physical/digital, while PS3/Vita will be digital only, so...make your purchase wisely when you guys are willing to import or head off to the JP/Asia region PS Stores. Or, if possible, wait for the (possible) English release.
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    I-No is having an existential crisis, but outside of that, she's been having evil plans of what to do with Sol's FoC seed. She barely tolerates Axl Low if you read between the lines of her dialogue. Also, when you talk dark tones, did you forget Ariels shot a guy? That Babylon's population was WIPED OUT? Did you forget the Japanese were turned in to Gear bombs and blew up several city blocks? Did you forget the Phalanx Nine soldiers killed innocent people? Ramlethal's dog? How about all the people who were killed by Bedman's Nightmare Theater and then made "permanently dead" once he woke up? Ky getting shot by Axus, MULTIPLE TIMES? Seriously, if you think Xrd isn't dark enough, you got issues.
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    More artworks from the ASW X Girls' Frontline collaboration. Elphelt got a nice black dress. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5175356836
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    You know what, just for you @Calamitus: 1. Philosophy is never "needless" in a Story. 2. Maybe if you studied the stories before Sign and Rev, instead of putting up expectations, you wouldn't feel so disappointed? 3. Sol has legit reasons to complain about his situation IF you RECALL HIS BACKSTORY. Being a "Tsundere" involves dishonesty with one's self, something Sol OVERCAME. 4. Asuka was being polite to a guest in Axl Low, obviously he had more important things to do, but he was thanking Axl Low for risking his life to deliver a message. Axl was almost killed by Bedman. 5. Raven has lived over 900 years and nearly FORGOT what having friends was even like! You try living that long and see if you stay positive about it! 6. Robo-Ky was never a jerk, just crude in speech, and only following orders. He's got a life of his own now, so leave him be. 7. Zato went through several hells of the Backyard and was nearly erased. You expect him to do parlor tricks after all that? 8. Potemkin was humiliated by Bedman, so of course he had a crisis. He's not made of steel despite his looks. He's human! 9. Jam has her own world views, just like everyone else so stop judging. 10. Robo-Ky never WANTED TO BE Crow's friend. The guy's a reclusive N.E.E.T. with a Dizzy obsession. 11. We don't know anything about Ariels so you're jumping the gun. Also feeling ARE IMPORTANT. This game would be dull if emotions didn't exist. 12. Your beef with Shonen Anime is your own, but GG has nothing to do with it. GG is a lot better than most Shonen Anime I've ever seen. Prove me wrong! Seriously, STUDY the Story instead of Speedrunning through it. Maybe you'll understand something.
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    I really liked his design, but unfortunately it seems like he's probably not on par with the rest of the cast, given how terrified of Venom he actually was. Side note, this is probably just a coincidence, but the guy Zato's talking to in this old illustration for the original PSX Guilty Gear bears a pretty strong resemblance to him:
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    Chain Chronicles added Sol: "Soshage" is the proper term for (Japanese) mobile/social games. Most people call these games mobages, though "Mobage" is a registered trademark by DeNa. That's like calling every 3D Fighting Game a "Tekken" (A proper name is synonym for a product; e.g. you don't search for something on the WWW, you google it)
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    The GG World Library is kinda vague about it, look up "Juzo Sano" and you'll see the connection. Juzo Sano was one of the Japanese Bedman detonated. http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/160043680974/okay-before-bedmans-fight-with-slayer-in GGXtra Manga also hints that Mizuha had Gear-like powers too. lol that's not a Gear Mark, it's a Buddhist Mantra for Health and Well-being. http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/23264720701/guide-to-baikens-moves-and-symbols THIS is a Gear Seal: http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/147000888159/fusion-its-not-perfectly-accurate-to-the-story You probably won't ever see a Gear Seal on the Japanese because their DNA was altered instead of a full Gear conversion. Like a Mutation instead of the Gear Cell dubbing process. The mutation is what made them sick though some adapted to it, like May, others did not. Baiken lost her arm and eye before the mutation happened to her body, so they won't grow back like Gear limbs usually might. Kum had to tune the Japanese to prevent further mutation as that triggered Information Flare chain reactions.
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    updated files + source code https://mega.nz/#!vAsljSIb!-KCorfEbNCBENg1w2Ct26xUJlozYM13sFs12oYlaLNQ ggxrd_hitbox_overlay.zip
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    Altimor is working on Rev2 version instead of rev1.
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    I was kind of worried of having an opinion because I figured you would come out and start insulting me. If I think the older games had a darker tone than the Xrd series then so be it. I don't have any issues because at the end of the day this is a video game, you apparently do since you can't let this minor story stuff go however. Like seriously, grow the fuck up already. I could understand if your like 12 years old or something but I'm assuming your a grown ass man. Get over it, not everyone thinks like you and guess what that's ok. I wasn't even going to go off on you, but I figured maybe just maybe you would take my words to heart and chill the fuck out and let people have an opinion without you going apeshit on them. Your issues are simple, you always have to be right. It's fine if you want to bestow some GG knowledge on us who aren't as acquainted with the lore and stuff, but you go about it in the most douche bag way. "And did you forget this" "And did you forget that" "And that's your problem.." "And don't let the door hit you.." "And and and.." Get the fuck out with that shit. PS. I don't want to go on a back and forth with you here on this thread, nobody wants that. You want to debate me or tell me how wrong I am? Then hit me up with a pm. You can go ahead and write a reply to this particular post if you want so you can save some face, but I won't be replying to your ass. Send me a pm if you really want to talk to me If not let it die here and fix your "issues"
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    New PV for the upcoming console release with Enkidu and Erika snippets:
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    According to what ArcSys have said in the past, XX and AC+ stories are considered "gaiden" stories.
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    I remember back in GGX2 when I thought I-no was evil as fuck. I'm not sure if that game was reconned or something, but yeah I thought she was a crazy psycho with all her shenanigans. Sending Sol back in time and having him kill his passed self was hardcore shit. Until Sol ruined that plan by not giving a fuck. If I recall she tried to murder pretty much anyone in her way, and with a devilish delight about it too. Sign/Rev however showed us that I-no was just a big softie on the inside. Now I like character development as much as the next person, but the old GG games had a darker tone that the current Xrd series doesn't. Which is fine, I'm not complaining about it, it's all good for me. I love GG no matter what form it takes.
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    That's something I can agree with, literally everyone is a good guy in guilty gear lol. But at least we are starting to see some clashing interests/grudges now.
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    Gonna give a quick mechanical breakdown of what I've been able to pick up. Think this is complete, as of the E3 demo. Six button control scheme: X / Square: Light Attack (L) Y / Triangle: Medium Attack (M) B / Circle: Heavy Attack (H) A / Cross: Special Attack (S) LB / L1: Z Assist 1 (A1) LT / L2: Z Assist 2 (A2) In the demo, (L + M) is bound to RB / R1 and (H + S) is bound to RT / R2 Universal Mechanics: Super Combo (mash L or M): Automatically perform a combination attack. [Auto Combo] Ki Blast (S): Universal projectile attack, can be repeatedly pressed to fire a volley of projectiles. Ki Charge (L + S): Hold down to charge your Energy Guage. Deflect (4S): Deflects Ki Blasts and repels Super Dashes. [Push Block] Super Dash (L + M): A homing dash you can use to approach the opponent while avoiding Ki Blasts. Dragon Rush (H + S): Approach the enemy and launch a rush that cannot be guarded. [Throw + Dust] Sparking Blast (L + M + H + S): Increase your power for a limited time and also recover your health gauge. (Once during one match) [Burst + X-Factor] Vanish (M + H): Move instantly behind the opponent and land an attack. (Uses 1 Gauge) [Roman Cancel] Z Assists (A1 or A2): Call your teammate for covering fire. Z Change (Hold A1 or A2): Switch with another teammate. Ultimate Z Change (A1 or A2 during a Super Attack): Launch a Super Attack with your team members. (Uses 1 Gauge) [DHC] Also has the typical stuff like double jumping, air dashing, teching, etc.
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    Also, to heck with your "woe is me ___ isn't playable yet", the story isn't about who's playable, it's a STORY, jeez guys. @Calamitus don't let the door hit you on the way out. I'll keep enjoying GG just fine, thanks.
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    Well damn...it's unfortunate but I have similar sentiments about the direction Guilty Gear is headed story wise.
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    I had high hopes for Jean Reno 2cave because of his design and finally different personality from the rest of the sheep (despite too much needless philosophy) but of course Ishiwatari masterfully destroyed them in the end. The story went downhill since Sign and Revelator brought even more disappointment. I don't remember any other major fighting game where characters basically have no reasons to fight each other. I can't even recognize most of them. Sol is whiny tsundere, That Man distributes candies, Raven talks about friendship, mega jerkass Robo-ky talks about importance of people's dreams, Zato is just a boring husk, Potemkin is so insignificant that he fights with himself in his episode mode, Jam rants about some school level philosophy, Crow's page says that Robo-ky is his only friend (Ishiwatari seems to be gung ho about sentimentality these days), Ariel's page says that they did not even had guts to finish her off (I bet she will preach "feelings are important!1" too in the next game) and the list goes on. It's like the worst kind of shonen anime. Unfortunately, you can easily hide all of that with fancy 3D graphics (although those graphics look pretty bland in story mode plus animations are cringe worthy), add some *EXPLOSIONS* and people will start to pee in their pants from excitement.
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    The Chain Chronicle collab illustration of Sol is by Ishiwatari himself, FYI. The "cards" can be found in (moderately) high resolution in this 4gamer article: http://www.4gamer.net/games/223/G022384/20170613037/
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    What kind of trouble are we talking about?
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    found what I'm pretty sure is an optimal meterless route off markless 5B in the corner. 5B > 2C > 5B > 2C > 2C > 5B > TCL > 6A > 6B > j.ABC > j.D ~3770
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    Guns are actually long-ranged weapons? Who would've thought.