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    [CF] Relius Clover Combo Thread

    Some handy-ish things for desummon combos. The numbers here aren't exact and were gotten from eyeballing the Ignis gauge while using the record playback feature to get rough numbers. This should be replaced with more accurate data whenever possible. from point of desummon it takes about 160~180F for Ignis to begin regen when she is desummoned with red bar about 260F for Ignis for blue bar status to clear Blue bar status doesn't refresh if it's already applied even if Relius or Ignis was hit to make her force desummon again, and progress toward clearing blue bar status is kept when Ignis is summoned back in with blue bar status. ^(Example, if ignis is force desummoned and given blue bar and you wait 140 out of the 260 frames it takes to clear it and resummon her, blue bar will still be on Ignis but it will only take 120 frames after she is desummoned again for blue bar status to clear.) Even when blue bar status is cleared Ignis will not begin regen until the 160~180 mark has been cleared for the red bar regen. ^(In the above example even though the blue bar status would be cleared after 120F of de-summon time, Ignis will not begin regen until the remaining 40F or 60F passes. This means if Ignis gets force desummoned, and you resummon her you ideally want about 160~180 left of blue bar status. This will basically negate any further regen loss and since Ignis has blue bar status applied, she cannot get it again making future force de-summons not lose you any regen time at all!) With red bar it takes roughly 320F to regen a full bar of Ignis So if we factor in our data about blue bar, regenning a full bar of IG from a complete blue bar status should take about 400F For reference, it takes about 760F for a dead Ignis to become usable again. Now for OD! In OD Ignis will start regenning IMMEDIATELY when ether idle or desummoned regardless blue bar or red bar. Even with OD Blue bar persists for about 260F when Ignis is desummoned, and will never go away if she is out but idle. Additionally even if OD ends, regen will not halt once it's begun, so 214A>5D>2C combos can get back 100% IG easily HOWEVER blue bar can throw a wrench in this because after OD ends it resumes its function and blocks Ignis regen until it's cleared. If you do not factor this into how you use regen combos you will find you can lose upwards of 50% IG from regen combos you may attempt! It takes about 250F to fully regen a summoned but idle Ignis with red bar in OD It takes roughly 620F to fully regen a summoned but idle Ignis with blue bar in OD (yikes) With red bar it takes roughly 120F to regen a full bar of Ignis in OD With blue bar it takes about 200F to regen a full bar of Ignis in OD In OD a dead Ignis only takes about 240F to become usable again. ^(with this in mind you can actually get more IG regen if you kill Ignis and then use OD instead of letting her stay out and regen with a blue bar. For example You're in the corner with 100%HP, OD, 1000IG left, and a blue bar state. You land a throw: you can 5B+C>OD>214A>665D>2C>TKj.236C>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B for [3268DMG/+23HT/IG=5000] or you can 5B+C>214A>6A>(Ignis dies)>OD>2C>6C>41236B>5B>2C>sj.B>j.C>j.236C~j.214B for [3447DMG/+25HT/IG=9000] In this situation and ones like it, it is OPTIMAL to kill Ignis)
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    Sure, here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7a7inkdoizwy530/phonon.psd
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    Anybody else get this level in ranked? It appears to be an easter egg perhaps? https://twitter.com/theefenders/status/897971023437582336
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    Tension gain modifier Tension pulse < -12500 = 25 Tension pulse >= -12500 = 50 Tension pulse >= -7500 = 75 Tension pulse >= -3750 = 90 Tension pulse >= -1250 = 100 Tension pulse >= 1250 = 125 Tension pulse >= 5000 = 150 100 really means 100 and not 1.0 Truncated after modifiers are applied Having a tension penalty active adds a 20% modifier Penalties are 6 seconds for RC, 1 second for FD, 4 seconds for dead angle, and 10 seconds for negative penalty Penalties do not stack and do nothing if the current penalty timer is longer than the new penalty Being 875,000 Guiltymeters or more away adds an 80% modifier (http://i.imgur.com/Nloo8VL.jpg) Being 1,312,500 Guiltymeters or more away adds a 60% modifier (http://i.imgur.com/6JJoeWR.jpg) For run/forward dash tension: 60% modifier during the first 9 frames 50% modifier during frame 62 onwards Tension pulse Has a minimum of -25000 and a maximum of 25000 Decreases by 1 per frame when 7500 or below Decreases by 3 per frame when above 7500 Decreases by 8 per frame when tension pulse penalty is 360 or greater Still changes during hitstop, but not super freeze While 280,000 Guiltymeters or more away (http://i.imgur.com/gw3VNfs.jpg): Decreases by 6 per frame when moving backwards Decreases by 100 per frame during the first 6 frames of a backdash and by 30 during subsequent frames Decreases by 150 per frame during the first 6 frames of an air backdash and by 45 during subsequent frames Landing an attack will increase it by 5 * damage Having an attack blocked will increase it by 2 * damage Instant blocking increases it by 1000 Walking forward increases it by .07 * tension gain modifier per frame Airdashing forward increases it by .05 * tension gain modifier per frame Running or dashing forward increases it by .12 * tension gain modifier per frame (See the running frame modifiers under the tension gain modifier section) Tension pulse penalty (separate from negative penalty) Has a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 1800 Resets when negative penalty is incurred Always increments by 1 every frame While 280,000 Guiltymeters or more away (http://i.imgur.com/gw3VNfs.jpg): Increases by .2 * tension pulse penalty gain modifier per frame when moving backwards Increases by .5 * tension pulse penalty gain modifier per frame during a backdash or air backdash Landing an attack halves it and subtracts 300 Having an attack blocked decreases it by 60 Decreases by 3 every frame you move forward Tension pulse penalty gain modifier Tension pulse < -17500 = 350 Tension pulse >= -17500 = 250 Tension pulse >= -12500 = 200 Tension pulse >= -7500 = 150 Tension pulse >= -5000 = 125 Tension pulse >= -2500 = 100 Being less than 437,500 Guiltymeters away adds a 50% modifier (http://i.imgur.com/fgc3yYu.jpg) Being 875,000 Guiltymeters or more away adds a 150% modifier (http://i.imgur.com/Nloo8VL.jpg) For some reason all of this resets if both you and your opponent have both AFK'd for 360 frames
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    Isamu vs a eally strong Millia, don't know their name:
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    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Nothing about what Aegis did was wrong or being an ass. There is no concrete evidence for Baiken being 100 years old, so claiming it as a fact was wrong. Blade pointed towards some pretty good stuff in the Guilty Gear canon that supports what he now admitted to be a theory, and we can leave this behind now. Way too many pages of "Is it canon?" "Kinda." "No, is it canon?" "Some of it is." I think we all got that there is no source that states "Baiken is 100 years old", but she definitely is older than she looks. We can believe what we want to for now and leave this behind please.
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    lol yes they still exist, there are CF2 videos up for you to see. You should check out a couple. To our knowledge so far. The Ren chan's Projectile hit has less hit stop so we can't do long range non-CH conversions off it like we can now - they tech faster The one combo that someone confirmed to "not work" anymore is xx>Ren Chan > 236c>236a>236b > 63214A (because ren chan's hit stop his reduced) Ren Chan is a bit less safe on hit > but it isn't really the best move to use for "pressure" but it's still good to fill in gaps at time. But............ the good thing is, they balanced the Ren Chan change by making its recovery faster. That's probably why a large majority of our old combos still work. Also in other news , since Kan Chan is now faster: litchi can do 6C > Kan-chan in normal combos Example: https://youtu.be/4mI-zdYer1g?t=2584