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    Gonna go ahead and do a detailed overview using screenshots from that article and information from it and other sources. Kum Haehyun is girl riding around in a humanoid puppet that looks like an old tough man. She's a link-based character with easy-to-input specials with follow-ups focused on either holding and releasing the attack button or moving the stick in a certain direction. Her normals tend to have a short range but deal a lot of damage. Size is similar to Potemkin, movement options aren't very good, but she can dash, airdash, and can move while while crouching. This is her crouch. She's actually moving in this image, though it's hard to tell. This is her projectile, Chōdengan (Tune Relay Sphere). 236+S or HS. You can actually use the stick to move it left and right after launching it. HS version is red. This is Shi'inken (Saingeom, aka Four Tigers Sword). Standard input (623+K) is an anti-air kick (left). If you hold K she starts to spin and travel forward along the ground, hitting low multiple times, before leaping into the air with a spinning kick that hits multiple times. If you hold back on the stick after she starts spinning, you'll do a powered up version of the anti-air kick that you can gatling after. This is Hayabusa Otoshi (Falcon Drop). It's an axe kick. 214+K. Normally it's small and blue, but you can hold K to do a powered up version (pictured) that hits harder that you can gatling after. Can also be used in the air. This is her first Overdrive, Arahan Sanzenshō (Arhat's Three Thousand Palms). 236236+H. Has a short cinematic startup where all these extra energy palms start rotating around her mech's hands, then she does a big forward hand clasp. You can hold the button, which creates a big sphere centered on Haehyun that pulls the oppontent toward her if they're inside of it. This is her second Overdrive, Shinkung: Chōdengan (Divine Bow: Tune Relay Sphere). 236236+S. A bigger more powerful version of Chōdengan, which you can control with the stick. Unlike the normal version of Chōdengan, you can also move this one up and down. In her intro, she plays some notes on a zither which then transforms around her, becoming her humanoid puppet armor. After the the cockpit closes, the puppet crosses its arms. In her win pose, the camera zooms into her cockpit and she leans back in her seat, relieved, but accidentally pushes a self-destruct button with her elbow. Warning messages start flashing on all of her monitors with a countdown while she freaks out. When the timer hits 0 the screen flashes to white. In the cinematic for her IK, Zengen Teppai (Total Chord Elimination), the camera zooms into the cockpit and she conjures a magical zither with strings made of ki and starts to play a tune on them. The strings extend outside the puppet and wrap around the opponent, forcing them to their knees. She marches forward while delivering a lengthy speech, kneels in front of the opponent, then flicks them in the head with her finger, sending them bouncing across the ground and over the horizon. Raven is one of That Man's three lieutennants and an immortal whose body can regenerate from any injury. He has a unique Excitement Gauge that fills when he uses his ability Koko ni Saretai ("I Want It Here!"), increasing his damage and changing the property of his attacks. His normals are on the slow side, but generally have a lot of range and a very briefly lingering slash trail that maintains the attack's hitbox even after it looks like the attack is done, so they're good for zoning. I've seen them compared to Dhalism, but it's more like he dislocates the joints in his arms and lashes them around like whips. His dash looks like a teleport, but he won't pass through the enemy. This is his airdash. It works like a glide, angling downwards, and the steepness of the angle is determined by how high up he is when you input it. As you can see in the image, it deals damage on contact and can be used to start an air combo. This is Koko ni Saretai. 214 + K (can be held). He'll stay in this stance until you let go of K. He'll absorb all incoming damage and fill up his Excitement Gauge. When the gauge is full his animation changes to the one pictured. Damage won't knock him out of the stance and attacks will just push him around, but he can be grabbed. Any damage he takes in this stance will slowly regen when you cancel it. This is Grebechlich Licht (Fragile Light), 236+P or K during a jump, a downward-angled projectile. P or K determines the angle of the attack. He also has a horizontal ground projectile, Schmerz Berg (Painful Mountain), which is 236 + P. The needles used in both of these attacks will afflict the enemy with a short (1~ sec duration) slowdown. This is Scharf Kugel (Sharp Circle), 236+HS (air ok), a spinning saw-like projectile that travels forward a bit, slows down, then spins in place briefly, like Jedah's Dio Sega from Darkstalkers. The air version travels at a downward angle with a slight forward arc. This is Grausam Impuls (Gruesome Impulse), 236+S (air ok), a long range claw slash that knocks back and seems to be meant as a combo finisher. This is his command grab, Wachen Zweig (Guarding Branch), 63214 + S or HS. S is pictured, HS is an anti-air. He lashes out and snags the enemy, then slams them down into the ground. If his Excitement Gauge is full, it'll bounce them up into the air for combo potential. This is his first Overdrive, Getreuer (Loyalty). 214214+HS. Has a short range and a bit of a windup. If the first hit catches the enemy, he'll unleash an increasingly rapid flurry of slashes and then deliver a big kick with knockback. The number of hits seems to be based entirely on how full his Excitement Gauge is. It looks like it does 51 hits total with a full gauge, and 1 (just the kick) with it empty. This is his second overdrive, Verzweifelt (Despair). 632146+S (air ok). He summons a bunch of needles and then charges forward with them, Psycho Crusher-style. At the end of the move he does one of several different random poses, just like the GG2 version. Raven's new theme is currently titled "Tsuki no Shida" (月の虐), which means something like "The Moon's Dominance." It has vocals. In his intro, a crow is perched on a branch in front of a blood moon, preening its feathers. The camera zooms in until its eye (which has a gold coin instead of a pupil and iris) fills the screen, then zooms back out to reveal that the eye belongs to Raven, who is now floating in front of the moon in a "bird of prey" pose. He starts to spin around, then quickly flies off the screen, leaving behind fluttering black feathers. In his win pose, the blood moon is in the background and he's hunched over in the foreground. He slowly rises, then throws his head back and says his win quote, before leaping up and transforming into a four ravens that fly towards the moon. In the cinematic for his IK, Sehnsucht (Yearning), he slowly walks towards the enemy while his silhouette is enveloped by an aura of purple flames, leaving only his eyes and grin visible. He grabs them by the throat and lifts them into the air, then his eyes and smile turn red and energy starts to radiate from his left eye. The energy erupts around them, disintegrating them both completely. Nothing is left but a pile of smoking ash, which Raven's regenerating arm suddenly reaches out of.
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    Please stop talking about Jubei. It is getting WAY out of hand.
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    Every time I come into this thread when there's a new character there's complaints about the fanservice. It's been 7 years, it's time to get over it. And not in this thread. GAMEPLAY AND NEWS
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    toco toco tv game creator special with Daisuke Ishiwatari (and Toshimichi Mori):
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    I watched Platinum's act 3. Luna and Sena were about to disappear and then Jin came and fought with them. He took over "ackowledging" their existence using his power of order and now they've stopped disappearing. Luna and Sena remembered that when they touched the azure they realized there was a third personality inside Muchourin. "She's in the Yukianesa now." Trinity created Platinum with the Muchourin, it seems. And now Luna and Sena have used the Muchourin to create a new body for Trinity.
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    From a summary: Ragna Act 3 3 Makoto 6 Tsubaki 7 Kagura 8 Amane Ragna thinks that the geography have become completely crazy, and Makoto happens to run into him. Ragna knew Makoto from being around Kagura, and Makoto says that she didn't want to find Ragna, but since she did she has to restrain him. Ragna says that it's probably on Kokonoe's or Kagura's order, but it doesn't matter. Ragna then asks Makoto if the entitled could feel that the other one is an entitled when close to one and another. Makoto says that she doesn't know how it works, but something like that. Ragna then asks Makoto if she knows where Noel is, but Makoto doesn't know. Afterwards, Ragna asks if any of the entitled have died, but Makoto says that as far as she knows, she don't thinks so. After that Makoto tries to capture Ragna and Ragna reluctantly fights. Ragna arrives to a place that he said that the linchpin was in the basement before. Tsubaki arrives and says that it was like Makoto had reported. She also says that she is going to take Ragna's life in the name of justice and for the world's order. Ragna asks Tsubaki if it's okay for her to do it for the order's sake and not Jin's, and Tsubaki tells Ragna to not say Jin's name so casually, it's a unpleasant feeling. Ragna then tries to ask Tsubaki if she knows where Noel is, but she interrupts him and asks if it's true the Ragna is Jin's brother, and Ragna confirms it. Tsubaki then says that her desire is to cut the chains that is holding Jin back and support him so that he can create a new order for the world. And for that she needs the azure. Ragna is at ease that Jin does have some people that is liking him, but however that desire will “also” be denied. Kagura says to Ragna that he is late, but Ragna says that Kagura was watching the entire time. Ragna asks Kagura why didn't he help Tsubaki, but Kagura says that he didn't want to get in the way for Tsubaki's feelings. Kagura says that he will have Ragna to stay quiet, that he has fought up until now so that everyone could smile and that he won't allow Ragna to get in the way. Or that he won't hand over Noel to him. Kagura says that Noel is needed for the new world, and according to what Ragna said to Makoto, it seemes that Ragna is planning to use in a dangerous way. And since it's Noel, she will probably do want Ragna want her to do. And Kagura can't forgive that she will not consult him about it. Later Kagura asks Ragna to join him instead, but Ragna just laughed at it and is impressed that Kagura would even ask him that. After the battle, Kagura says that Ragna has become strong, or that this is Ragna's true strength. Ragna himself says that Kagura is too strong, that he is a monster like Mad dog, but Kagura tells Ragna to not compare him to that. But soon Ragna thinks an phenomena intervention is occuring, but Kagura says that this is something else. Ragna says in surprise that it was a teleportation sorcery, and Amane says that he shouldn't try to imitate, he nearly made a big interference. Ragna asks what he is planning, and Amane said that he wanted to know what Ragna's goal is. However since they arrived to this place, Ragna was planning to use “Soul Eater” to ask something from Rettenjou. Ragna says that Amane has nothing to do with him, but Amane says that he has. That from now Ragna is part of his troupe. Ragna asks what the hell is Amane talking about, wasn't he after Carl. But Amane says that will take Ragna on the way. However, he is going to take Ragna by force. Amane: You're strong! If it's you it could be a good dance As I thought, please be a part of my troupe! Ragna: I've said no. Don't make me say it any more! Amane: Okay then... Let me choose other words. Become under my observation. Ragna: What? Amane: You're the only one that isn't an “entitled”. Now, an being outside the logic. I can't allow something that is like a baby change this world. Ragna: Baby... baby, huh... Amane: And if you go under my observation... The Black Beast's progress will be slowed down a little. Since Rachel Alucard have lost her powers, only I can do that. I can't approve you to become the black beast again and devour this world. Ragna: … Amane: If you get it, then... Ragna: … I refuse. Amane: What? Ragna I will not devour this world. Ragna: I understand what you're saying. But... Then nothing will change. You only delay the problem, right? Everything will repeat again. Saya... What I fought Izanami, I saw “someone” inside the Master Unit. That is a new born baby? No. That was a girl. Probably, Someone I know... no, a woman that “knows me”. And now, those exaggerated guys known as the entitled is... “again” pushing... their desires on her. And, for whose sake is that desire? It's been all “denied” until now... Whose desire that is “relying upon others for attaining one's own objective” should be granted? Is that only trying to run away from the “result”? One doesn't like the choice one has made... and then deny the “world”... … It can't be like this. Nothing will progress... nothing will change.... Nothing will be “saved”. Amane: You, do you mean...” Ragna: “I will not allow anyone's desire to be granted. The desires... All of the entitled's desires, I will devour them... Even if it's the god's “desire”! Remember Observer... I am everyone's... The world's “enemy”... The Grim Reaper Ragna the Bloodedge. To be continued...
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    Enough of this "back to gameplay" crap. This particular thread is used for general BB talk because there are no other places to talk on this forum at all. Discord has nothing to do with this forum's demise (it's the aftermath, not the reason), successful attempts of admins/super mods to kill an entire forum communication just to transform it into useless info dump is the cause. What's the point of dumping info there if it does not serve the community? People use twitter and discord because they don't have to deal with endless opression and restrictions like here. There is a big "dustloop revamp community" thread with many suggestions which were completely ignored. And what did we get? Horrible forum update which made this forum unusable for roughly one week, screwed all links and provided countless bugs to enjoy for many months. No one updates the articles section (people now look for news on pro-capcom sites like eventscrubs or shoryuken, seriously), 120 moderators where 98% of them are innactive, once active threads are dead - it's glaring incompetence/indifference of the administration. This forum needs a dedicated team of people to lead it, not the ones who do nothing and blame everything on discord (they were the one who told people to chat on twitter/facebook instead of this forum before discord even existed). Unfortunately, the damage seems to be unrepairable at this time. I'm finished, let's continue to enjoy the delusion of "gameplay discussion" in this thread.
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    What the hell's up with this discord nonsense? So many people are looking to get into this game that I know, but they have to rely on that inconsistent app that players have strangely flocked to. WHAT is wrong posting vital info HERE? We need something stable and organized to grow the player-base. Freakn' Terumi's discord had a lot of info on it(if you took the time to comb through it), then it was erased. So the solution to that is to make another discord channel? We're shooting ourselves in the foot here guys/girls. We have all of these outdated forums here, making it seem like no one is playing the game. You can only do so much on twitter as well.
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    I Apologize to Everyone for Keeping you Waiting, but... It's Here! Central Fiction 1st Part from the Rips are Complete~ I know it's not much. but... Probably this Should do for some People who were Waiting for the Things to Come out. Also, as you can see... All the CP/CP:EX Downloads were "Removed" from the Main Post. For those who still want them, feel free to Leave a Message Here or PM Me. Update: Audio is the Most Difficult thing since i have to do this 1 by 1. PSound isn't doing a good job lately. it will come out for sure after i'm done doing all the images regarding Story Mode & Arcade Cutscenes Sprites Anyways! I hope you enjoy the small things for now & i promise for good that the 2nd Part of the Rips will come out Soon Enough (Not HL3 Delay) Extra (Did this meanwhile i was messing around with the Arcade Sprites):
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    Massive spoiler for CF, but it's also news and gameplay, so open at your own risk I suppose.
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    Images of the quotes of and against Es in English (except Bang), from Dreamolition Derby 3 in Munich (taken by me *cought*). We simply forgot to take pictures of Bang because the game crashed very often after the winning animation of her or the opponent, so we had to switch the setups at least three times. Sorry that it took so long, there was also a problem with transferring the images and I also had to edit everyone of them: http://imgur.com/a/XXaxh
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    So yeah, all the remaining Act 3 videos I possess have been subbed and uploaded. Since people have been outright stealing my subs and uploading them to Youtube, I decided to make rest of the stuff hidden. If you're interested in watching these, send me a PM and I'll tell the password.
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    From a Japanese thread. Game modes: Arcade, Vs, Grim of Abyss, Score Attack, Speed Star, Network. Es will have an arcade story. The story mode will center on Ragna and it will only be one. Opening theme: TRUE-BLUE, Kotoko. Ending theme: BLAZBLUE~Hikari no Mukou he~, Faylan.
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    From a summary, Amane's ending. Amane: Ouch... Are you satisfied? Rachel: Not at all, but oh well. Let's hear what you have to say. But... as you know, the current me doesn't really have any power. Amane: It's not like I want to have you fight. It's only... could you shelter her? The successor of the azure... No, the god slaying sword in the Alucard Castle. Rachel: You need Noel? You, what are you thinking? In this empty and uncertain world called Embryo... That girl separated with her powers. That itself has a reason but... Noel Vermillion and Tsubaki Yayoi's powers are needed. To seal the Master Unit. Rachel: Seal Amaterasu... You, could it be. Amane: Right. Open Nemesis Horizon and send back the god. Rachel: It's impossible. In this world where seithr doesn't exist... For the Nemesis Horizon to open once again-- Amane: Right, that's why I need their powers. Rachel: You know about it, don't you. The gods' world, the location of the gate to the boundary line of the azure. Amane: Well, I can't say it definitely. After all, there is a scary gatekeeper over there. Rachel: Okay... But, do you realize it? To send the Amaterasu unit still empty over there, on the other side o the gate... This world won't be observed by anyone and might disappear. I'll say this... If that is what you're planning, even if this body will be erased, I'll stop you. Amane: You don't need to worry about that, I have already prepared a “replacement for the god”--
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    Heh, no problem~♥ Anyways! Here you go: Main & Chibi Portraits I do look Forward for the CF Portrait Recolors! :3
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    Mai Natsume gameplay starts at the 8:40 mark. Nothing in-depth but personally I like what I see. Looks like you can hold/charge the spear (on the ground) when readying to throw it and makes the spear at least faster (didn't show it changing trajectory though and it is unknown if you can charge the spear in the air). Spear toss will not hit crouching without changing the trajectory though (here it was Amane) unless the opponent is Tager and maybe Azrael. Her variable arts that ends in a flurry of stabs is pretty darn impressive and the combo even ends with ~2.7K damage.
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    Also from Zedar: Mai's Drive is to throw her spear, and she can change the directions mid-throw. She has a unique mechanic called Variable Arts, which I'm assuming works like Ramlethal's attack in Xrd. The second image uploaded by Calmitus shows that with the little green arrows showing the progression from the moves. Looks like Mai's birthday is April 4th. Her hobby is appreciating mysterious creatures, and she likes reptiles (especially chameleons). She's paid DLC, and has a wicked cool stage.
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    http://www.famitsu.com/news/201608/16113161.html Mai is new playable character.
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    Jin 3 Tsubaki 6 Rachel 7 Noel 8 Kagura Tsubaki asks Jin why is he going to kill Noel, and Jin says it's because it needs to be done. Tsubaki says that Jin shouldn't be able to fight in the state he is in, but Jin asks Tsubaki if she would believe him if he said that he made a pact with the devil. After the battle, Trinity says that Jin is cruel for calling her a devil. Jin asks if he should call her a witch instead, and that Jin doesn't see such a big difference between the two. Trinity asks if they shouldn't leave Noel to Tsubaki, but Jin says they can't since Tsubaki has the Izayoi. Jin asks Rachel if she has come to tell him to not kill Noel too, and Rachel says that it's too big of a risk to lose Noel now. Rachel says that Noel is an existence that can oppose Izanami, while Jin says that Noel is the biggest obstacle to defeating Izanami. After the battle, Jin tells Rachel to not get so full of herself, that the current her can't stop him. Rachel says to Jin and Trinity that their method is to dangerous. Trinity says the same thing back to Rachel, that she should avoid doing more interference to the world, and Jin hates to say it, but he agrees with Trinity. Noel asks Jin(calling him captain) if he has also come to kill her, to grant his desire. Jin says that it seems like Noel likes this world, and Noel says off course she does. Jin says he won't listen to her determination, he will have “them” sealed. After the battle, Noel collapse and Jin says next is the Lynchpin. Kagura arrives, and says that Jin's methods are wrong. Jin says he doesn't desire for him to be understood, that he has his resolution to go through this, and then Kagura tell Jin to show him Jin's resolution. After the battle, Kagura says that he doens't like Jin's method of sacrificing Noel, that even if Noel's soul is sealed into the lynchpin, that doesn't mean that Izanami will be defeated. But Jin says that isn't it. That Jin will defeat the Successor of the Azure, Izanami and Ragna the bloodedge. To defeat all the evil that breaks the world's order. Even if no one will understand him. The Jin desire a world without a god.
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    It's embarrassing a lot of the time to say I play/support Arc games. WHERE Is the community at? Freakn' SRK gets/has home page info on our games that a casual person would never knew existed if they were crazy enough to only come here. The Susanoo announcement, combo videos, game tech-all on SRK. Here? The last announcement on the home page was August 22nd. Trying to make guides for step-by-step instruction on how to grow into a character is impossible when the dedicated wiki is void of frame data and move descriptions. This game has been out since last year and characters like Hibiki are missing almost all of their frame data (That hitbox viewer is not cutting it). That is vital info that is nowhere to be found. Blazblue/Guilty Gear are already an investment to get into, but this lack of community cohesion is making the journey seem pointless. The one of many things Japanese players have that keep them ahead of us (besides dedication) is cohesion. That can never be denied. I'm ready, willing and able to lead people to the water, but there must be some drinkable water in place to begin with. I've read online people talking about to NOT go to Dustloop.com for info/help because it's dead.
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    I wanted to refresh myself on BlazBlue's story before the big spoilers show up. The excellent wikia and forums were a lot of unstructured reading, so I ended up trying to make a streamlined BlazBlue story and lore guide. Check it out and let me know what you think: http://blazblue.kumodori.com I kept away from CF spoilers, but I have a small section with an Arcade Mode summary. I tried to be as factual as possible and stay away from speculation, but sometimes I had to make guesses, especially since I went with a mostly timeline format. Let me know if I got something way off! Hope this helps people review before for next week (or November)!
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    Also, this article includes a lot of screenshots of Mai's playstyle along with other stuff: http://www.gamer.ne.jp/news/201608260081/
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    http://pastebin.com/hYWSgCjv Patch notes fully translated.
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    Had to do some work to get another company to buy from, and get through protections. I just want to say I will be handling the raw releases for this. http://www.mediafire.com/view/ruy2ql3f5gh7gzk/Variable_Heart_Preview.png
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    Evernote version for when DL is down - http://www.evernote.com/l/AnAEmYsdAB9Ojbm04Sjp0NnuNJS9IxW83hg/ Introduction Hey everyone. Rurouni here. This is a Jack-O Starter Guide. I made this guide for one reason and one reason only: to make it as EASY as possible for people to pick up the character and be able to hold their own fairly quickly. Several things can make Jack-O a diifcult character to learn and play. The structure of her pressure and mixup is a bit unusual compared to what you'd normally find. If you haven't played a summon character before, dealing with rushdown can be overwhelming. And perhaps the biggest hurdle of all will be the need to constantly confirm the situation of your servants on screen and decide/alter your neutral, pressure and combos accordingly. If by writing this guide I made it easier for you to pick up this character, then I'll be glad ^,^ Neutral Neutral: where matches are won and loss. There's a lot to cover and a lot of stuff that go into that's matchup specific. I'm just going to cover general themes and the most common stuff here. Improving and sharpening your neutral game tends to take lots of time and experience so don't worry too much if things aren't clicking or you're struggling with things right away. Just do your best to improve one step at a time. Round Start Jack-O has several good round start options. I'm listing the most common ones here but in reality, you'll want to narrow or broaden what you want to consider to do at the start of the round on a matchup by matchup basis. f.S f.S can be a good option at round start because of its range. On hit or block, you can special cancel into a ghost set. Round Start f.S - https://youtu.be/totOidu5OE4?t=1640 Back Dash Back dash is also another good option. During the back dash, take the time to confirm what your opponent is currently doing. If he's rushing in, you can try to stop them with f.S. If they're being cautious, you can place a ghost. Round Start Back Dash - https://youtu.be/9nyATYpN_K0?t=642 Forward/Back Jump Forward/Back Jump and observe is a nice passive round start option to just see what your opponent does and get a feel for the sort of things they might try to do at round start. Jump forward if you want to fish to whiff punish round start pokes with poor vertical range. Jump back to focus more on observing what your opponent does Round Start Jump Back - https://youtu.be/8Zm9NQ6v1RA?t=19 3HS 3HS can also be a good option at round start due to its ability to low profile some of your opponent's round start options. On hit, it'll let you set up a ghost or two. On block, it's usually safeish because of the distance away from the opponent you'll be doing it from. The biggest danger here is whiffing 3HS entirely can lead to punishes or putting you in undesirable situations, which is why you probably won't be using this option as much as others. Round Start 3HS - https://youtu.be/9nyATYpN_K0?t=718 Dealing with rushdown Intercepting Your first line of defense against dealing with rushdwon, especially when you don't have anything out on the screen. The theory behind this tactic is straight forward. Characters want to rush in and stop you from setting up. We're going to take advantage of that. At the heart of this tactic is the ability to swiftly change gears. You want to start by passively running away, pretending like you are trying to make space so that you can safely put down ghosts while in reality carefully observing their movements. If the opponent chases after you to try and stop you, take them by surprise by changing gears. A sudden dash forward f.S or air dash j.S/j.HS can throw them off and net you a full combo, placing a ghost and pressure. Once you've demonstrated to your opponent a few times that you're willing to go on the offensive suddenly like this, you'll find that they'll hesitate a bit more to rush in. If you notice this hesitation while you're pretending to run away, you'll be able to take advantage of it and setup. It'll probably be hard to get used to at first but once you start getting a good feel for it, you'll find that you'll be able to change gears at the drop of a hat. Rushdown with IAD j.S > j.HS - https://youtu.be/totOidu5OE4?t=1925 Jump back > Low to the ground air dash j.S > j.HS intercept - https://youtu.be/totOidu5OE4?t=2514 Making use of Jack-O's diverse toolbox Where intercepting applied mostly to the situation where characters want to rush you down and you don't have anything out on the screen yet, this section instead covers the situation where you have a few things out on the screen but not enough servants to attempt a servant lockdown Ground/IAD/IABD Ghost Throw An all around solid option because of the trajectory ghost throws travel along, their blockstun/hitstun and CH Air Hits being easily convertible into full combos (Even when you trade sometimes!!!). Ground, IABD or a regular jump back Ghost Throw are all good ways to zone out the opponent. While IAD Ghost Throw is great for covering an approach to get in. Choose which ghost throw is best to do based on the situation with your servants and your spacing to the opponent Super jump > Meter j.D As one would imagine, meter j.D's 3 fireballs can do a good job of creating an impassable wall in neutral, which can be pretty useful for hindering people trying to rush in. While the 3 fireballs are firing, be sure to confirm the current situation on the screen. You can still use remaining air options after j.D so now's the time to decide how best to use them. If your opponent ran past the fireballs and is waiting underneath, it's probably a good idea to consider air dashing away to safety. On the other hand, if the fireballs did their job and got them to back off to avoid them, you might consider air dashing towards them to take them by surprise. Using remaining air options after j.D to get to safety Example - https://youtu.be/TqrEgCSAQ1Y?t=2354 Rushdown+ The right servant or two in the right place can work wonders to help Jack-O's rushdown. Th risk of them getting tagged by a stray lancer or knight's attack creates situations where an opponent will hesitate where normally pushing a button could solve their problem. Similarly, the right servant or two in the right place can also limit an opponent's movement options and force them to move in a much more predictable way that you can take advantage of while rushing down Servant tagging an opponent out of a blocked attack, leading to full combo Example - https://youtu.be/mRGFE2cuTwM?t=741 Dealing with Air Approaches There are multiple ways to deal with air appraoches but each tool works best in certain situations. Be sure to confirm the situation before deciding on which tool to use 2S While it isn't 1f upper body invuln like 6P, her hurtbox is pretty low to the ground and the upward vertical kick has good vertical range (But limited horizontal range!) On CH, you can convert it into a full combo Ideal Time To Use: Due to 2S's limited horizontal range, you'll want to use this mainly when the opponent is right above or on top of you. Also, like many Anti-Airs, it usually works best in situations where the opponent has to commit to the jump in. Example - https://youtu.be/VxBlc0r2Fl0?t=1698 6P Not as desirable to use as an anti air as 2S because on CH, it'll blow back full screen instead of giving you a full combo. However, it's very useful as an anti-air in tight situations because of the usual 6P 1F upper body invuln. Ideal Time To Use: Up close and in very tight situations where 6P's 1f upper body invuln can save your life Jump Up Air Throw In general in Guilty Gear, a solid option to deal with air options when you're close enough because of how fast throws are. Ideal Time to Use: Works best in situations where the opponent isn't really within range of 2S or 6P and doesn't necessarily have to commit to pressing a button Jump Up j.K j.K has pretty good horizontal range and is a good option to deal with air approaches in an air to air way Ideal Time to Use: Unlike all the previous options, j.K is best used when the opponent isn't quite up close to you. You'll want to use this around j.K's maximum range to make the most of it. Also since j.K doesn't have the advantages of the previous option (2S's low hurtbox, 6P's 1fF Upper body invuln, Air Throw's quick start up), you'll need to do this more in advance than your previous options which might require you to predict the air approach. 6HS Good long range anti-air, mostly to prevent people from jumping out of getting locked down by servants in some situations. Ideal Time to Use: Because of the risks of getting punished on whiff, you mostly want to use this either when you're dealing with opponent's with a lack of air options, sluggish air movement or when you have knights and lancers covering the ground to minimize the risks Setting up Ghosts Getting ghosts out on the screen is an important part of Jack-O's gameplan so it's important to know when to get them out. Neutral Luckily for us, placing a ghost doesn't take too much time (22 Frames) so as long as you can create a bit of space between you and your opponent, it isn't too hard to get out a ghost. If there's enough space between you and your opponent, you might even be able to place 2 of them. However, characters aren't just going to let you create that space to begin with. Be sure to read the "Dealing With Rushdown - Intercepting" part of the guide because it's very important to being able to set up ghosts in neutral. After Combos and Throws One of the nice benefits of knockdowns is that it gives you plenty of time at your advantage. Whether it's after a combo or a throw, be sure to take the time to place at least one ghost down if all your ghosts aren't already out Ground Throw > setup - https://youtu.be/VxBlc0r2Fl0?t=1529 Air Throw > setup - https://youtu.be/VxBlc0r2Fl0?t=3527 Mixup & Pressure Jack-O takes her unusual character design and brings it with her into her mixup and pressure. For the most part, Jack-O abandons the typical mixup and blockstring structure and replaces it with a more servant lockdown or assisted oriented approach. Standard mixup and pressure structure is still used from time to time but is usually done less often or done in a way that'll help you set up the servant lockdown. Servant Lockdown As the name of this subsection implies, the name of the game is to get the opponent's trapped in the blockstun of servants constantly attacking. This tends to be the easiest to do in the corner but it can be done midscreen too. It'll require more effort and a bit of luck since you'll need to have your servants in a pincer formation to cut off their escape routes but it can definitely be done midscreen. Setting up the lockdown pressure There are 3 Important Situations to look out for 1. Servants are between you and the opponent This is the best case scenario. If your servants aren't already clocked up and Clock Up isn't on cooldown, then the first thing you should do is use Clock Up. The next thing you need to do is to make it difficult to jump out. For this, you need to use your ghosts and throw them in a way that it'll create a hard to pass wall. Rinse and repeat until the servants have your opponent completely locked down Corner Example 1 - https://youtu.be/totOidu5OE4?t=1748 Corner Example 2 - https://youtu.be/mRGFE2cuTwM?t=104 Corner Example 3 - https://youtu.be/mRGFE2cuTwM?t=495 Midscreen to corner Servant Lockdown Example 1 - https://youtu.be/mRGFE2cuTwM?t=262 Special note: If you're running out of ghosts, you can make use of the Organ Command to Retrieve all Ghosts to reload your supply Retrieve ghosts during midscreen swarm to get more ghosts to throw Example - https://youtu.be/t0kVy-dcfHo?t=4270 2. Servants are between you and the opponent but the knights and lancers' formation is loose Of the three situations, this is probably the most important sitaution to recognize. The loose formation of the knights and lancers means that it's more easy for opponents to get out of the lockdown by getting past the servants on the ground. If you let yourself get too focused on picking up and throwing ghosts, you might end up getting hit out of it by an opponent who suddenly rushed forward on the ground. However, if your opponent tries to rush forward and you block, he might end up opening himself up because a nearby servant might hit him while you're blocking. On the other hand, if you're being too passive and waiting for him to rush forward, he might just take advantage of you not throwing ghosts to just jump out. It's a tricky situation that can turn the tides of the round in either direction depending on who makes a mistake. Handle it with the greatest of care. Loose knight and lancer formation Example 1 - https://youtu.be/IGUyhalhX8A?t=3286 Loose knight and lancer formation Example 2 - https://youtu.be/9nyATYpN_K0?t=371 Loose Knight and lancer formation Example 3 - https://youtu.be/9nyATYpN_K0?t=381 Loose knight and lancer formation Example 4 - https://youtu.be/9nyATYpN_K0?t=504 3. Servants are lagging behind This is the situation where you finish your combo and unfortunately, your servants are not already there but are behind you or approaching from the other side of the opponent if you're midscreen. You have two options in this situation. The first option is to retreat back behind your servants. This can be an especially good option if your opponent is in the corner and your servants aren't trailing too far behind. Your opponent might try to chase after you in the hopes of getting a stray hit to make all the servants disappear so you need to be careful when you're first retreating. Once you're safely behind your servants, you can go for situation 1's workflow. Falling back! - https://youtu.be/9nyATYpN_K0?t=157 The second option is to stand your ground and try to buy time for your servants with pressure. Stagger pressure is one good way to buy time. Take advantage of both 2K and cS being +3 on block to vary the way you reset your pressure. You can also try picking up a ghost and throwing it if there's one nearby and you do a blockstring that pushes you out to a distance that makes it hard to challenge. Another thing you can do is jump up above the opponent and use the meter version of j.D to trap the opponent in blockstun/hitstun to buy some time as well. Stagger pressure to buy time for servants - https://youtu.be/IGUyhalhX8A?t=4503 Using Meter j.D to stall for time for the servants to swarm in the corner - https://youtu.be/IGUyhalhX8A?t=3186 Mixups Now that the servants have the opponent locked down, it's time to reap your rewards. Now that the opponent is trapped in blockstun, you can pretty much go for any high/low mixup you want. The sky is the limit! 5D An especially good mixup when you have the opponent locked down with clocked up servants because the red glow of the servants can make it hard to see the usual red flash that a dust makes in some cases. Example - https://youtu.be/t0kVy-dcfHo?t=637 Run up 6K Straight forward. Just run up and do 6K while the servants have the opponent locked down. Because the servants will be attacking constantly, you'll be able to convert it into a combo without spending meter Example 1 - https://youtu.be/totOidu5OE4?t=2041 Example 2 - https://youtu.be/mRGFE2cuTwM?t=695 Run up 2K Jump > Low to the ground IAD j.S > j.HS mixup - https://youtu.be/9nyATYpN_K0?t=164 Empty Jump > 2K Low - https://youtu.be/totOidu5OE4?t=2478 Mixups without Servant Lockdown 6K An overhead. Under normal circumstances, you can't convert it into a combo meterless unless a Knight or Lancer attack happens to be timed to attack at just the right moment. That said, if you have 50 meter, you can always convert this into a full combo by doing 6K > RC Air dash j.S > j.HS. 6K > RC Air Dash j.S > j.HS > ground ender Example - https://youtu.be/mRGFE2cuTwM?t=566 Because 6K makes Jack-O airborne, it's also good for beating and punishing an opponent's attempt to throw on wakeup. You can't convert it into a combo on CH though. Additionally, there are these interesting 6K YRC mixups that I've seen Mike use from time to time in his matchups. I'd like to experiment with these more once Revelator drops but for now, I'll just put these examples here to give people food for thought and experiment 6K YRC > Jump Over Cross Up - https://youtu.be/t0kVy-dcfHo?t=1413 6K YRC > Empty Jump Over > 2K Low - https://youtu.be/9nyATYpN_K0?t=670 6D Command grab. Rarely used as a mixup due to a combination of the unusual structure of Jack-O's pressure and the risks of getting punished when people jump out but it's still good to use every now and then. It can't be converted into a combo normally midscreen but its damage on its own is pretty good IAD Ghost Throw > Throw The key here is to have a good understanding of your spacing when you do IAD Ghost Throw so that you know before hand that the Ghost will actually whiff over your opponent slightly so that you can throw them when you land. Midscreen IAD Ghost Throw > Throw - https://youtu.be/mRGFE2cuTwM?t=295 Corner IAD Ghost Throw > land Throw - https://youtu.be/9nyATYpN_K0?t=1120 IAD Ghost Throw > Low The throw mixup route involved having you get your spacing right to get the ghost to whiff over them. This land low variation instead requires you to have perfect spacing where the ghost will definitely hit the opponent. The end result should be that when you land and hit them with a low then the ghost should arrive after to hit the opponent and give you time to continue the combo by running up to them. Spacing for where you land to do the low might also be important in order to avoid any 6Ps. Example - https://youtu.be/VxBlc0r2Fl0?t=835 Defense In terms of character specific options, Jack-O has a number of options. But before covering her character specific options, I'd like to take this opportunity to suggest first learning and mastering what the system mechanics have to offer. Character specific options can be very powerful but the risks are also just as high. While not as outright powerful, the options provided by system mechanics often pose less risks and can be somewhat as powerful if used strategically, especially if you take the time to learn and understand the structure and goals of your opponent's mixup and pressure. I highly recommend experimenting with them. 0-Low Resources 2D - 1f invuln and can be used like a regular DP. Due note that like all of Jack-O's D moves, it'll use meter if meter is available. The meter version has faster startup (9f metered vs 14f meterless). Also, you should keep in mind that 2D's horizontal range is limited Limited Range Example - https://youtu.be/totOidu5OE4?t=2110 Resources 360P - Forever Elysion Driver is 1f invuln and can also be used as a reversal. Costs meter but the jump forward gives it more horizontal range though it'll lose to airborne opponents since it's a grab. It also does a lot of damage (150). If you have 75 meter when attempting to use this as a reversal, be sure to react to what the opponent is doing during the super flash and YRC if necessary to try save yourself from whiffing and getting punished. Attempt to keep yourself safe Example - https://youtu.be/totOidu5OE4?t=298 236D - Like most burst enhanced supers, the burst enhanced version of Calvados is 1f invuln and can be used as a reversal. More pricey than your other options since it'll cost both 50 meter and a burst but Calvados has a lot of blockstun/hitstun and can be safeish on block while converting into a full combo on hit. Combos To be honest, when I originally started writing this guide, I planned to not even write this section. After thinking about it for a while though, I decided to write something that would more properly explain the situation than just leaving it out entirely. In terms of combos, I think it's best (especially when you're first starting off like you are now) to just keep your combos really simple. A lot of the reason for this is because of how the servants work. Because servants attack on their own time intervals that can be hard to keep track of and sync up with, there's a lot of danger of a servant attacking at the wrong time, causing a combo to drop. Then you have to deal with an opponent teching in your face and putting you in an awkward at best, terrible at worst situation. For this reason, I think it's best to keep things as simple as possible so that you can more easily control these situations on reaction when they happen. But that's mostly my opinion. If you decide to ignore it and follow your own path, that's cool too. I wish you good luck and godspeed o7 Basic Combos 2K > cS > fS > 3HS > 22P/K/S (|> 22P/K/S) Simple combo that ends in knockdown and gives you a chance to place a ghost or pick up a ghost to throw if one is nearby. CH 2S > dash cS > jc j.P > j.K > j.S > djc j.S > j.HS > j.4D~X Simple AA combo from 2S. Make sure to confirm your situation near the end of the combo and decide the best direction to toss the opponent from j.4D Example - https://youtu.be/VxBlc0r2Fl0?t=4149 CH AA Ghost Throw > j.S > djc j.S > j.HS > j.4D~X This specific CH combo is for an opponent that got hit high up. You have a lot of time to capitalize on the effect of CH Ghost Throw on air hit so you can alter it based on the exact height and spacing you hit the opponent. Closer to the ground and further away , you might consider the same dash cS route as the CH AA 2S route above. Example - https://youtu.be/VxBlc0r2Fl0?t=4199 6K > RC > air dash j.S > j.HS > ground ender Simple RC combo from a 6K mixup. Requires: 50 meter Compensating for Servants Because of the nature of how servants work, sometimes they can interrupt sensitive points in a combo and cause it to drop or not finish as intended. It's important to recognize when this could happen and compensate for them accordingly. In the case of 3HS, servants can sometimes attack while the opponent is falling or on the ground and ruin the 3HS's usual knockdown. You can try to salvage the situation by mashing 5P to link it after the 3HS and then chain into 5K to knock them a safe distance away or jump cancel into an air combo into j.4D to throw them away. Saving yourself from a servant messing up your knockdown - https://youtu.be/9nyATYpN_K0?t=1297
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    From an interview with Mori. Blazblue was originally supposed to be a trilogy, but it became 4 games due to that Blazblue got more characters then it was predicted it would have. The scenario is mostly written by Mori, but he was also assisted by the scenario staff Kumakawa and the writer Komao Mako. Es will appear in places in the beginning, but won't full out appear until after halfway of the story. Es' outfit was made by Mori making the base for it, and Higuchi made the final touches. Since there might be players coming from Xblaze, they've made Es easy to use. Es has a command grab that is surprisingly cute if it fails. source
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    You should thank Toxin for spreading these "theories" in every possible place.
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    From a summary Mu 3 Makoto 6 Tager 7 ??? 8 Noel Makoto: Noerun, I finally found you. Mu: Makoto! So you are fine. Makoto: And, is it true that you distorts the world...? Mu: …!? That's not my intention... Makoto: I get that... but even if you don't mean it, Tsubaki and the rest must stop you! Mu: ..!! Makoto: This is the first time we'll fight seriously, right... Her if come Noerun! Makoto: As I thought it was no good... This is the god slaying sword...(unconscious) Mu: Sorry, Makoto... but I've got to find me!! Tager: I fainlly found you.. Mu: Tager-san.. you is also..? Kokonoe: Since you is creating this world, this is all we can do. Mu: Please wait!! I'm searching for the other me, if we find her..!! Kokonoe: You are.. Noel's half..? She cut off the god slaying power.. Tager, secure her anyway! Tager: I'm sorry Kokonoe... Kokonoe: Eei, retreat! Mu: I'm sorry Forgot 7th fight Mu: I finally found you... So this is where you were, Noel Vermillion. Noel: You are..? Mu: Come on, let's go..!? Noel: No, don't come any closer!! Mu: Calm down Noel! I'm you!! Noel: Why... Why is this world after my head!? Mu: Calm down.. I will not do that. Noel: It's scary.. the power is scary! This power, I don't need it! Mu: Eh.. What do you.. Izanami: So you finally remembered. Mu: Hades Izanami..!? And even the Master Unit... Izanami: I though you would already have been killed by the other entitleds, you did well to survive. However, I have no business with you.. it's with the other you. Noel: M, Me..? Izanami: I've come to put you back into your coffin.. You, the one who was the first to touch the god in the world, The Origin(Original Prime field).
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    Tager's ending was pretty much about him taking Noel's Bolverk into custody because Kokonoe ordered to collect all Noxes, and then handing Noel to Makoto. Tager tells to take Noel to Kagura's place since its the most safe place for her right now. Then Nu appears trying to kill Noel and Tager tells Makoto that: "You go ahead! I will take care of this Murakumo Unit"
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    Nu's Act3 summary was posted on jbbs, but it seems like Zedar is not translating at the moment, so I'll post it... 3rd Match: Hakumen NU: "Hand over your Nox Nyctores. I'll kill Noel and become one with Ragna!" HK: "Ragna and Noel... Our targets are the same." Almost manages to corner Hakumen, but he escapes. Resuming Nox Nyctores collecting... 6th Match: Lambda Kokonoe orders Lambda to fight against Nu, but Nu overpowers her. Kokonoe is amazed by Nu's strength and then notices something has changed within Nu. Orders Lambda to retreat. 7th Match: Rachel Rachel searched Nu to stop her. Without her powers, Rachel doesn't stand a chance against Nu. Rachel notices that not only has she herself become weaker, but Nu has also come stronger. 8th Match: Mu-12- Nu finds Mu in front of Kushinada's Lynchpin. NU: "If I'll use Kushinada's Lynchpin, I can kill Noel... and then become one with Ragna!" MU: "I don't wish to fight against the current you. Because right now you are....." NU: "As long as you exist, Nu can't become one with Ragna. Nu can't become happy. Your soul should just keep on suffering and wandering in the Boundary all alone! You should go through the same pain that I had to!" Nu overwhelms Mu in battle. When Nu is about to finish Mu off, Ragna jumps in and protects Mu. NU: "Why did you got in my way, Ragna?" RG: "I won't let anyone's desires to be fulfilled, and that includes you too." NU: "But why!?" RG: "So that I can save you."
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    The theme for Es vs Nine is END GAZER!! That's the opening theme for Lost: Memories! So cool! Also, here's the character select screen with Susanoo on it.
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    I used Bandicam to record the Mai demo and uploaded the videos on Mega in case anyone is interested: https://mega.nz/#!d4JU0bZK!h3XD20OG8Oxk0Uh2D_QNOYHDUPEagxYol7_1vKR4xi4 https://mega.nz/#!9hw0XbTJ!LsxXky7M6p4VhQhaSQZlyGom4RUVSUiFOaM-fjAJAF8 https://mega.nz/#!59wDUSIS!chjt0ErSiSxnP-VutQLZAXDHGSlnR-92Cf_wKHu6dic https://mega.nz/#!JxZTiDqZ!Z0lGDEs97R1SPhiqoV7WLTEH38M7NzxPJrAr1DBqACY The files are pretty big in size but they do cover the entire presentation (except for a few seconds between the videos). Also, I came across some screenshots of Mai's alternate colors.
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    The thing about release delays is twofold though: They say that having a dub would delay the release for 6+ months, but why? Sure, if they decided to start the localization of the game after the JP version was finished sure, I can see that. But, plenty of games companies manage to release their overseas counterparts within short timeframes, including Arc System Works themselves: CT was released in NA within only a few days of the JP release, and CS was released within a month or two, if I recall correctly. It wasn't until they contracted "Strangely Compelling" for CS Extend that the releases took 6+ months. CS Extend, in particular, had minimal content to localize compared to previous entries, and still had major QA issues that should never have seen the light of day, such as the 'Bang Joke' or the PS3 Japanese glitch. I can't help but feel that the reason for some of these localization issues is Arc Sys themselve, not just the simple cost. If they somehow don't have a good system for localizing their games in place, which seems to be the case given the entries since CS: Extend, that would explain why it would take so long to localize. If they don't start working on any localization until it's too late that would give delays. If they're difficult to localize for, that would drive up costs: Think of 'Ni No Kuni," that game was a nightmare to localize because of unnecessary technical issues caused by the original development team's decisions, such as having several different text standards to accommodate each writer. The "It gets released sooner" argument doesn't really hold water because near simultaneous releases, or at least short delays are possible. We've seen them before and it's only been since Arc Sys has been cutting corners on the localization that we've seen huge delays. That's not even getting into the fact that the game has already been out for a year in Arcades in Japan. The competitive scene in Japan still has a massive head-start. That's not getting into the fact that many of the people here just import the Japanese version anyways. Yes, I know importing is expensive and inconvenient, but at least you can still get the game you want. Saying that it's fine because it'll make getting the game more convenient is a slap in the face to everyone who wants the dub because while you can always import the game to get it when you want, we can never get the dub if it doesn't exist.
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    I'm kind of sick to be 1 year+ behind the arcade release of every new BB. This is getting really annoying.
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    Es' quote from that image of her: Ragna. I will... guide you to the "gate". That is the "Azure's will".
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    found a small gameplay screenshot of her on twitter. she looks kinda short and small...
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    Never got around to those two summaries. Izayoi 3 Jin 6 Makoto 7 Noel 8 Hakumen Tsubaki won't allow Jin to kill Noel for the world's sake. After the battle, Jin says that the people of the world is after Noel, but Tsubaki says that she is prepared for that but she will protect her friend. For the sake of protecting their friend, Makoto and Tsubaki exercise. Noel is in confusion and thinks that Tsubaki is there to kill her with Izayoi. After the battle Hakumen appears. Tsubaki says to Hakumen that even if it's Hakumen's ideals and mission, she thinks that Hakumen is trying to do is wrong. After the battle, Tsubaki happens to touch the azure and sees the CG of Jin and, Tsubaki as a secretary which makes it seems like Tsubaki starts to realize who Hakumen is. Tsubaki 3 Carl 6 Hibiki 7 Hazama 8 Jin Carl asks Tsubaki if she knows where Noel is, and Tsubaki asks why does he wants to know where she is. Since Carl knows there is no use in lying towards Tsubaki, he says it's for the sake of killing Noel. Tsubaki says that then she can't allow him to go to Noel. After the battle, Carl asks Tsubaki why does she get in his way, and Tsubaki answers that like Carl wants to save his sister, she wants to protect her friends. Carl says that Tsubaki should have it also, a desire that she wants to sacrifice people for it being granted. Tsubaki says that she once had a desire to change the world. But that she is tired of a world that has to sacrifice someone. And if that person is someone dear to her, she will protect that person even if she becomes an enemy to the world. Tsubaki meets with Hibiki who is after Noel's life on his own since it's the fastest way to the world that Kagura is aiming for. After the battle, Tsubaki tells Hibiki to step down since Kagura is likely not wanting this to happen, but Hibiki says it doesn't matter to him what Kagura wants. And instead asks Tsubaki what will she do if Tsubaki's one and only person is trying to kill Noel. And later Hibiki disappears. Tsubaki meets Hazama, and they fight eachoters. After the fight, Hazama tells Tsubaki that Jin is planning on using the Lynchpin to seal Noel. Hearing this, Tsubaki runs off, and when Tsubaki is gone Hazama said that it would be easier for him now if either Jin or Tsubaki would disappear. Tsubaki arrives and protects Noel from Jin, and asks Jin if he is serious about sealing Noel. Jin tells Tsubaki to move away, that it's something that Jin must do. Tsubaki says to Jin that he should have something else that should be done instead, but Jin tells Tsubaki to handover Noel. Tsubaki tells Noel to stand down, but Noel is reluctant, but after that Tsubaki says it a second time Noel steps back. After the battle, Jin tells Tsubaki once again to get out of the way. But Tsubaki says that she will not and asks Jin for the reason of why he is doing this, but Jin only tells Tsubaki to move. Noel says to Tsubaki that it's enough, that she will be okay. But Tsubaki tells Noel to go, that Noel should have something to do that only she can do. Noel apologize and thanks Tsubaki, and after that she runs off. Jin tries to go after Noel but Tsubaki won't allow Jin to do that. Jin asks Tsubaki of what is she trying to do, and Tsubaki says that if Jin is planning on sealing Noel, he will have to do that after he has cut down her.
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    Noel 3 Litchi 6 Nu 7 Amane 8 Terumi Noel feels that what she is looking for isn't close, and that she must find it fast. And Litchi attacks Noel. Litchi says that she will get rid of Noel, so that she can use the azure to reconstruct the world so no one will be sad. Noel fights back saying that she can't understand Litchi feelings. And that she must find something even though it's scary. After the battle, Litchi asks if she can't save Roy, and she also said that if Noel didn't exist she could change the world. Noel apologize and leaves, and as she leaves she hears Terumi's voice saying that she will taste despair again. Nu attacks Noel out of the blue, and senses Bolverk from Noel. Noel asks if Nu is here to kill her, so that Nu will obtain the world. Nu says that she only wants the nox. To collect the nox and become one with Ragna. And for that reason, Noel is in the way so she should die. Noel says that Nu face is that same as her own, it like it was that child. After the battle, Nu asks where Noel is, and Noel is surprised that Nu can't see her. Noel wonders if Nu could have been like a normal girl if she had lived like Noel had. But the Noel wonders why she thought so, no matter how similar they are, they are different people, right? Amane asks Noel if she is looking for something, and Noel asks Amane if they have met before. Amane says they might have met before, or they might not had. Noel then asks Amane if he have seen someone looking exactly like herself. Amane asks Noel why is she looking for her. Noel says she doesn't know, only that she must find her. Amane then says that the scary girl from before looked like Noel, and Noel asked if Amane had been watching that. Amane said he was sorry about that, and that he was not going to interfere with the world. So if Noel wanted to hear something from him, she had to do it by force. After the battle, Amane said he knew where she is, but it's a dangerous place, and he asks Noel if she really wants to know. Noel says yes, and after that Amane asks Noel if she had ever thought of why she cut “her” off. Noel: (A little... I feel like I've remembered a little... That's right. I “cut that child off”... But why? Why did I cut her off? It was supposed yo be... something important.) Terumi: Hey... “Successor of the Azure”. To meet you here. No, this is the right place, huh. Noel: …!? W, who are... you? Terumi: Ah, that's right. You've forgotten me... No, You cut me off in the memories as well? How convenient. Noel: Cut off... you too? Terumi: Then I'm “here”, in “reality”. And, I have something to ask of you. “What” did you see inside the Black Beast? Noel: Black... Beast? …!? Terumi: That's right, you saw didn't you? You should have! When you got swallowed down by the berserk going Ragna the Bloodedge, you should have recognized it! Noel: Ah.... no... no... I... Terumi: Pull out that memory!! recollection inside the black beast? Mu shaped Noel. That is... what is there is... ah, so that is. I... I.. saw it. At that time, inside the darkness, inside the Black Beast... (Black Beast? What am I saying? But I can't stop... it's overflowing... this is, memory?) I saw it, with these “eyes”. That is... a “gate”... That right, that's why I cut her off... To forget everything... To protect “that person”. No... I mustn't remember! I must forget... At that time, what I “recognized”... that child also, I forgot for that reason...! Terumi: Remember! Take it back, “Noel Vermillion”! That thing inside the black beast! Accept it, Recognize it! perceive everything! And... Merge “god slayer”. Act as the “key” and open the “gate”! Noel: ! No! That gate mustn't be opened!! I will not merge with that child. I will not take back the power of god slaying. “Yuuki Terumi”! I will not give you anything! Absolutely!