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    Enough of this "back to gameplay" crap. This particular thread is used for general BB talk because there are no other places to talk on this forum at all. Discord has nothing to do with this forum's demise (it's the aftermath, not the reason), successful attempts of admins/super mods to kill an entire forum communication just to transform it into useless info dump is the cause. What's the point of dumping info there if it does not serve the community? People use twitter and discord because they don't have to deal with endless opression and restrictions like here. There is a big "dustloop revamp community" thread with many suggestions which were completely ignored. And what did we get? Horrible forum update which made this forum unusable for roughly one week, screwed all links and provided countless bugs to enjoy for many months. No one updates the articles section (people now look for news on pro-capcom sites like eventscrubs or shoryuken, seriously), 120 moderators where 98% of them are innactive, once active threads are dead - it's glaring incompetence/indifference of the administration. This forum needs a dedicated team of people to lead it, not the ones who do nothing and blame everything on discord (they were the one who told people to chat on twitter/facebook instead of this forum before discord even existed). Unfortunately, the damage seems to be unrepairable at this time. I'm finished, let's continue to enjoy the delusion of "gameplay discussion" in this thread.
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    What the hell's up with this discord nonsense? So many people are looking to get into this game that I know, but they have to rely on that inconsistent app that players have strangely flocked to. WHAT is wrong posting vital info HERE? We need something stable and organized to grow the player-base. Freakn' Terumi's discord had a lot of info on it(if you took the time to comb through it), then it was erased. So the solution to that is to make another discord channel? We're shooting ourselves in the foot here guys/girls. We have all of these outdated forums here, making it seem like no one is playing the game. You can only do so much on twitter as well.
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    I Apologize to Everyone for Keeping you Waiting, but... It's Here! Central Fiction 1st Part from the Rips are Complete~ I know it's not much. but... Probably this Should do for some People who were Waiting for the Things to Come out. Also, as you can see... All the CP/CP:EX Downloads were "Removed" from the Main Post. For those who still want them, feel free to Leave a Message Here or PM Me. Update: Audio is the Most Difficult thing since i have to do this 1 by 1. PSound isn't doing a good job lately. it will come out for sure after i'm done doing all the images regarding Story Mode & Arcade Cutscenes Sprites Anyways! I hope you enjoy the small things for now & i promise for good that the 2nd Part of the Rips will come out Soon Enough (Not HL3 Delay) Extra (Did this meanwhile i was messing around with the Arcade Sprites):
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    Massive spoiler for CF, but it's also news and gameplay, so open at your own risk I suppose.
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    Heh, no problem~♥ Anyways! Here you go: Main & Chibi Portraits I do look Forward for the CF Portrait Recolors! :3
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    http://www.ggxrd.com/rev/cs2/outline/ Rev2 includes an "After Story". Additional story is planned for free release after launch. Online Lobby is now independent of Ranked and Player Matches, meaning it's now a true 3rd mode of netplay like in BB and not a required sign-in to play the other modes of netplay. Ranked match now allows rematching up to a FT2. Player match now allows you to spectate a match that has already started. You can switch back to the original Revelator in the options menu if you wish to netplay with a person who hasn't upgraded yet.
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    It's embarrassing a lot of the time to say I play/support Arc games. WHERE Is the community at? Freakn' SRK gets/has home page info on our games that a casual person would never knew existed if they were crazy enough to only come here. The Susanoo announcement, combo videos, game tech-all on SRK. Here? The last announcement on the home page was August 22nd. Trying to make guides for step-by-step instruction on how to grow into a character is impossible when the dedicated wiki is void of frame data and move descriptions. This game has been out since last year and characters like Hibiki are missing almost all of their frame data (That hitbox viewer is not cutting it). That is vital info that is nowhere to be found. Blazblue/Guilty Gear are already an investment to get into, but this lack of community cohesion is making the journey seem pointless. The one of many things Japanese players have that keep them ahead of us (besides dedication) is cohesion. That can never be denied. I'm ready, willing and able to lead people to the water, but there must be some drinkable water in place to begin with. I've read online people talking about to NOT go to Dustloop.com for info/help because it's dead.
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    Hakumen vs Susanoo theme is called God of War
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    I wanted to refresh myself on BlazBlue's story before the big spoilers show up. The excellent wikia and forums were a lot of unstructured reading, so I ended up trying to make a streamlined BlazBlue story and lore guide. Check it out and let me know what you think: http://blazblue.kumodori.com I kept away from CF spoilers, but I have a small section with an Arcade Mode summary. I tried to be as factual as possible and stay away from speculation, but sometimes I had to make guesses, especially since I went with a mostly timeline format. Let me know if I got something way off! Hope this helps people review before for next week (or November)!
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    (IN PROGRESS) Currently Ripped: Story Mode - Includes the Audio from the Cutscenes / Endings of ACT. 1 / 2 / 3 from Arcade Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes All the Sprites used on the Cutscenes / Endings of ACT. 1 / 2 / 3 from Arcade Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes Portraits / Names / Emblems / Drives / Misc of All Characters. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes the All the Images from In-Game Gallery Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes all the Character Sprites / Effects / Color Palettes. ( IMPORTANT NOTE: CURRENTLY THERE'S NO WAY TO GET SUSANOO / ES / MAI / N.O.L. Noel SPRITES ) Click on the Spoiler for Previews - Includes all the Background and Character Sprites that Appear on Story Mode. Click on the Spoiler for Previews
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    Anyways, if you happen to have Rev 1 on PS3/PS4, you might have had your game updated recently. And here's what it entails in preparations for Rev 2. (1) "Added REV 2 Upgrade Package", the catalog data necessary to prepare for the upgrade to the newest addition to the series, "REV 2". (2) "Lobby", "Rank Match" and/or "Player Match" now function independently of each other. (3) Changed controls for Online Mode functions. Please refer to the button guide at the bottom of the screen for more information. Not only that, but a couple other things in the game has also been added. The spaces where Baiken/Answer are in the CSS are locked, the Extra Story is locked, more spaces in the gallery are included, but are also locked, this brings the total unlocks in the Gallery to 319, for the rest however...(Preliminary guesses, but more than likely...) 1. Artwork: Key Art and Cover Art + Baiken and Answers Character Avatar. 2. Movie: 4 Intro's/Endings for the characters that don't have an episode story until now (Jam/Haehyun/Raven/Dizzy), with Baiken and Answer's Episode stories. Along with Rev 2 intro/etc. and possible after story ending. 3. Voice: A couple of voice items are also locked (8 of them at least). 4. Music: Only 2 spaces with added music. (Baiken's X2 Theme - Momentary Life, and Rev 2 OP Theme - Break a Spell, confirmed in the Digital Figures track list. Nothing for Answer, false alarm guys.) 5. Character: Baiken and Answer's color's 7-11 and 12-16. Plus GG World has some new logs added, along with some ??? in the side. And like in the Demo, your W$ will always be displayed in the main menu for convenience. Other stuff I have found yet so far... You can now have your entry in Ranked Matches in any other mode when you pause the game, it also includes the option of either pressing start/options to fight your opponent or fight the person automatically. Training Mode character switching while pausing is now available. R-Code icons now include collaboration icons (not available yet.). "Rev 1" info will be displayed in stuff like Replays and R-Code (More than likely, the same stuff will be mentioned if "Rev 2" is selected.) "Hot News" now has more space to show instead of highlighting it to scroll. You can now Rematch for best 2 out of 3 matches (in Ranked). Your avatar now has the circle of pre-selected quotes to speak. And also, you can spectate other people's matches in progress at any time on Player Matches. Either way, the rest of the Rev 2 additions will become available once its out soon.
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    Patrick Seitz made another FB post, though it doesn't say much that we didn't already know.
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    Here's the default announcer saying it:
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    The theme for Es vs Nine is END GAZER!! That's the opening theme for Lost: Memories! So cool! Also, here's the character select screen with Susanoo on it.
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    Okay, I'm back. Sorry. It was a long day and I'm kind of sick. Answer's took me 15 seconds. Baiken's intro and outro took me...longer than I want to admit because WTF IS THIS? lol Answer (Intro): 直行直帰 (Chokkou Chokki) "Going straight home without stopping" Baiken (Intro): お頼み申す お頼み申す 卒爾ながら冥府わ何処 外道が笑えば民が泣く 諸行に埓なき沙汰あれば魔道の始末を請負いたす 己は尾籠の三一侍 士道死花無用の所存 (Otanomi mousu, otanomi mousu: sotsuji nagara, meifu wa izuko? Gedou ga waraeba, tani ga naku. Shogyou ni rachi naki sata areba, madou no shimatsu wo ukeoi itasu. Onore wa birou no sanpinzamurai. Shidou shinibana muyou no shozon.) "I humbly ask, I humbly ask: though 'tis sudden, where doth lie Hell? Whilst the demons laugh, the people weep. Since it doth lie outside the bounds of virtuous deeds, I shall undertake the task of felling the Netherworld. For I am a vulgar samurai of lowest rank. I have not intent of dying the honorable death of a warrior." Baiken (Outro): 詮議 成敗 御上の政 仇討ち是非なし阿鼻にて野放図 なにとぞ良しなに閻魔殿 なにとぞ良しなに閻魔殿 (Sengi! Seibai! Okami no matsuri! Adauchi zehi nashi abi nite nohouzu! Nanitozo yoshinani Enmadono, nanitozo yoshinani Enmadono...) "Inquisition! Judgement! The rule of the Emperor! Vengeance unleashed inevitably throughout the lowest levels of Hell! Pay thy respects to the palace of Yama pay thy respects to the palace of Yama..." Yama = the god of death. So, I'm 90% sure Baiken's outro is telling you that you died and you now have to face judgement in the afterlife. lol
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    https://www.famitsu.com/news/201701/19125095.html New article about REV2 and the new characters. Also, Shinjin's tweets about Baiken's stuffs mentioned in there:
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    I never said I wanted her. Hype dog is priority number 1.
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    Welp... It sure has been a While again, probably this Thread is Dead by now. Anyways! I'm just here to go Back into my BlazBlue Ripping Progress (All the Games)! But for now, here you have a few things that i got from Central Fiction:
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    Icons are in order: 1: "Dash" a dashing attack, has three levels, level one is just a hit that knocks down and away, level three does an additional attack that allows for a follow-up 2: "Spikes" Susanoo punches the ground and spikes come up. it's a DP. only has one level. 3: "Splash" it's a kick has more than one level (2 or 3 I don't remember) it's + and guardbreaks when it levels up. 4: "Wheel" he jumps and then does a few hits knocking downward. It bounces allowing for follow-up. only special with an air okay version. Levels up but I don't know what the different levels do or how many times it levels up (2 or 3) I believe it overheads. Seems to be the most reliable combo extender. 5: "Grand Viper" it's literally Grand Viper. attacks low along the ground and then launches. it jump cancels for an air follow-up and it cannot level up. 6: "Spark" he zaps in front of him as long as you hold the input down up to a certain point. it can push opponents out and chip, don't really know how useful this one is. doesn't level up 7: "The Waldstein" a charging command grab that takes the opponent to the wall and does roughly 2K. Can rapid to continue. doesn't level up. 8: "Sword" hits (nearly?) fullscreen along the ground sends opponent bounding toward the wall. does a lot of damage quite fast and wallbounces into a follow-up on CH. Can be followed up near the corner. doesn't level up. how his drive works: Each time he lands a hit he cycles to the next Icon in numerical. he starts on none of them so if you did 5A>5B>5C(1) you'd be highlighting icon 3. When a drive move hits or is blocked that icon becomes unlocked or it levels up if it's already unlocked and the highlighted icon is set to the beginning state so it is no longer highlighting any icons. it's known that one of his supers adds one level to all icons ether leveling them up or unlocking them, and another super uses all currently unlocked specials in order to deal more damage the more icons you have unlocked/leveled up. It seems like gameplay will revolve around getting the tools you need and balancing that with damage and your current highlighted icon. You have to constantly be aware of which icon you're going to unlock until you have what you need. His icons reset every round.
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    Well wht feels like forever jubei finally got announced at evo and is meant to be out this summer sometime. can't wait to get my hands on his sprites.
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    Oh yeah. I don't care if this is a DLC, Extend, or something else, i'm happy. I got my cat. Bring it on!
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    Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    I lost my composure, thanks @kylehyde for calling me out on it. It's like how you don't make "chicken jokes" around Paradigm for being a Dragon. It was never my intention to just be "right" and be a jerk about it so, sorry for that. That all said, GGXrd has dark parts if you look carefully, they're easy to miss (older GG games were in Visual Novel format so that made stuff more obvious). @Aegis High When the Universal Will invaded Justice' body in 2074, she took Justice' DNA and transplanted it in to the Japanese people who mutated in to Antimatter Gears, these were the "Variable X" creatures that Asuka identified shortly before he used Gamma Ray on Japan. The surviving Japanese people got "sick" with the unstable Gear DNA inside their Bodies "Ki Overflow Syndrome", like May had, unexploded Information Flares. From 2074 to 2187 the Japanese were quarantined not to leave the Dimensional Colonies, the biggest was Miyabi. May was born sometime before 2174 as she was just a child in appearance when she met Johnny at that time. Baiken was a child in 2074 when her people mutated in to Gears and attacked their village, Anji lived in the same village but was born some time later and has memories of Crow Kuruwaba. They've been alive all this while and even escaped the Colony on occasion, though Baiken has a bounty on her head. As an aside, Youkai-like Gears were sealed inside the Colonies along with the Japanese (based on Ogre Valley info), War Relics were sealed there too, because of the danger.
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    Rev2 update for Steam version announced for 1st of June! http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/portal/post-4671/ Less than week after the console release, with the same price.
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    Festive. "Small Easter Egg. Baiken's (Christmas) color 16's Tatami Gaeshi isn't a 'tatami'." I wonder if Faust's doors do the same thing in color 16.
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    ArcSys OST Discussion

    http://www.ggxrd.com/rev/cs2/products/ Rev2 soundtrack details: Break a Spell - GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 Opening N.S.F.W. - GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 AC Ending Dear Song - GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2 CS Ending One Dawn - GUILTY GEAR Xrd Dizzy's Theme 六文 -ROKUMON- - GUILTY GEAR Xrd Baiken's Theme Enough is Enough - GUILTY GEAR Xrd Answer's Theme Break a Spell (Instrumental) N.S.F.W. (Instrumental) Dear Song (Instrumental)
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    Checked out the game at the arcade. I never really used Baiken with any regularity, so I can't comment too much on what's different. But, her 236236+S super definitely did less damage than I expected it to. She doesn't seem to be lacking in tools to make up for it, though. She also has this Yamazaki-style, mob-boss strut going on when she walks forward. Arched back and everything. It's goofy-looking as hell in comparison to her inching forward in the past games. So, you can look forward to that. Her intro and outro involve this kind of long-winded samurai period-drama narration. It's pretty funny. I really like Answer. His shenanigans are fun, but I definitely did not unlock any potential in one playthrough. I really want to play this character some more when the game hits. Nothing like Chipp at all if anyone was worried. He is actually on the phone throughout the entire match. Like, having full on convos while fighting you. Even a few strained lines when he gets hit. Dude's a multitasker. lol Also, Zato has a glowing red outline now. Akin to how in the previous games he would fade into black continuously. And a minor spoiler regarding something in Dizzy's episode mode regarding Ky...
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    STORY MODE UPLOADED! You can Either go to OP for the DL Link or Click Here to Download it instead~ P.S: In case i Missed a few things from Story Mode and you Noticed... Please, Let me know, so i can Add those to the Pack!
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    Merry X-Mas everyone! Did you thought i was Dead once again? Hahah~ Well, i Apologize for it! A lot of Stuff has been Going on and Blah Blah (You know my Usual Excuse) Either way! I've been Dead for a Simple reason, not sure if it will be Enough to get you Hyped but... Here goes nothing:
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    BVH CH6 (Raw) http://www.mediafire.com/file/jlvy7e20h7774f4/Blazblue_Variable_Heart_Chapter_6_(Raw).7z BVH CH7 (Raw) http://www.mediafire.com/file/s3dj2a2cp6g773x/Blazblue_Variable_Heart_Chapter_7_(Raw).7z BVH VL1 (Raw) http://www.mediafire.com/file/xe4ve5654zxgc8s/Blazblue_Variable_Heart_Volume_1_(Raw).7z
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    Considering how you normally act in regards to this matter, that remains to be seen. You're confusing your personal wants as though they apply for everyone. Which in case you haven't already noticed, isn't the case. No, it really is not. Not everyone likes every single roster addition or the same character equally. If I had my way, characters like Platinum, Rachel, Carl, Arakune and even Litchi wouldn't have been made. I find them to be awful and insufferable, but you don't see me going around complaining how they took a potential roster spot for a character I happen to like or how they're "second-place substitutes" because I know that I am not the unified voice of the BlazBlue FG community. This would be the definition of "entitlement". You were never promised Jubei, only teased at a potential inclusion (in a side gag segment no less until these sound files got datamined) and ASW is under no obligation to make him to appease you. If they do, then congrats, you got your wish. If not, then you might as well be on your merry way. Like others have said: wait. The game isn't out yet for NA (but very soon). We do not know ASW's plans for DLC (if any after Mai) so all you can do now is wait. And no, spending every waking moment of that asking "When's Jubei" is not what I mean. Now to prevent this thread of being derailed any further than it already has, I'm gonna stop right here.
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    Central Fiction Story Discussion

    So, having seen the story now, turns out that the reason Ragna was never an Entitled like the rest (barring Litchi) is because he is the titular "Central Fiction", for those that were still wondering how the title of the series ties in. He's what the Master Unit, or more specifically, the Origin dreams of and desires most of all and has been repeating all of this history just to reunite with him once more, which he obliges in the end. Like many of us thought, he was the "Hero" in that story that Rachel told. It's why Terumi/Susanoo especially goes out of his way to wreck what little happiness Ragna had (because Amaterasu wants him most of all and hurting him would pain her immeasurably). It's the reason why Nine became hostile to him after learning the truth. It is also the reason why he is the sole person who has permission to pass through the gate to the Azure and enter the "realm of the gods". Also for clarifications sake, let me see if I understand this properly. There are in fact 3 Saya out there (Origin, Noel/Mu-12 and Izanami). The Origin (Prime Field No.5) which is "Saya" and essentially the mother to Ragna, Jin and Saya. Izanami and Noel have 2 halves of Saya (the sister) and by the end of the game, the two halves were combined into Noel and thus Saya was effectively "reborn" and lives through her now. Am I missing anything? Because this whole business with so many girls sharing the same existence is kinda funky and a total mess.
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    So, I took extensive notes while I played through Central Fiction. I haven't done too much proof reading or fact checking replay yet, but I thought I'd share it already for people who are really eager to know what happens. Sometimes Q&A loses the context. This goes over everything that happens in story mode in a lot of detail, it will probably ruin story mode for you if you want to play it later. I'll eventually condense it into summary for my guide. http://blazblue.kumodori.com/cfdigest.html The two sections that I found the most interesting as a lorehead... Creating Prime Field Devices Prime Field War and Nine's Goal And some quotes I jotted down that made me laugh during the game:
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    SUSANOO's sample gameplay and Astral Heat:
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    BlazBlue creator’s next title will be completely new, not a fighting game Read more at http://gematsu.com/2016/10/blazblue-creator-next-title-completely-new-not-fighting-game#TLdz4kG26AcHtkw9.99 -Mori next game not related to BlazBlue. -No Extend version. -DLC characters if there is demand. A little more in the link.
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    Well, that is really early in November: Aksys announced that BBCF will available 1st of November in North America.
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    And nobody will miss you. Seriously, why are you making a spectacle of this? If you feel like Arcsys are wronging you by not adding Jubei then just cancel your pre-order and go about your business instead of constantly parroting the same complaints constantly. Nearly every post from you in this thread is complaining about Jubei isn't in the game like its going to accomplish something. If he is literally the only reason you even got into the series at all and stuck with it for this long, then you honestly never gave much of a shit about it to begin with if you feel the need to constantly insult the developers simply for not catering to you. I understand being upset that your favorite character isn't in the game and I understand venting that frustration, but that's just how it is. Either suck it up or go play something else because the constant bitching towards Mori about not adding Jubei has honestly gotten tiresome at this point.
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    List of balance changes in 1.04.
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    They most likely have a DLC announcement planned for EVO, which is why it's a Sunday final.
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    When did Daisuke stop doing metal and hard rock references in GG?
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    GGXrd Rev 2: New balance, some added moves. All characters without an Episode Mode will now have one. Also, a new chapter will be added to the story mode and a new online mode will be added. A physical PS4 version also will be released. Only digital or paid update for everybody else. So, hey, you don't have to buy another disc.
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    Okay! Everything is Extracted/Unpacked now~ (Story Backgrounds, Characters CG, Gallery, Portraits, Names, Emblems, BGM, Announcers, SFX, Voices) I'll Start with the Audio First & Then i will go with Everything else. Whew... 250k Files & It only took 65 GB of my HDD, totally Worth it! EXTRA (I had to do it, i'm sorry): (Gotta LOVE dem Arcade CG Sprites)
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