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    Please stop talking about Jubei. It is getting WAY out of hand.
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    Every time I come into this thread when there's a new character there's complaints about the fanservice. It's been 7 years, it's time to get over it. And not in this thread. GAMEPLAY AND NEWS
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    toco toco tv game creator special with Daisuke Ishiwatari (and Toshimichi Mori):
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    Enough of this "back to gameplay" crap. This particular thread is used for general BB talk because there are no other places to talk on this forum at all. Discord has nothing to do with this forum's demise (it's the aftermath, not the reason), successful attempts of admins/super mods to kill an entire forum communication just to transform it into useless info dump is the cause. What's the point of dumping info there if it does not serve the community? People use twitter and discord because they don't have to deal with endless opression and restrictions like here. There is a big "dustloop revamp community" thread with many suggestions which were completely ignored. And what did we get? Horrible forum update which made this forum unusable for roughly one week, screwed all links and provided countless bugs to enjoy for many months. No one updates the articles section (people now look for news on pro-capcom sites like eventscrubs or shoryuken, seriously), 120 moderators where 98% of them are innactive, once active threads are dead - it's glaring incompetence/indifference of the administration. This forum needs a dedicated team of people to lead it, not the ones who do nothing and blame everything on discord (they were the one who told people to chat on twitter/facebook instead of this forum before discord even existed). Unfortunately, the damage seems to be unrepairable at this time. I'm finished, let's continue to enjoy the delusion of "gameplay discussion" in this thread.
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    What the hell's up with this discord nonsense? So many people are looking to get into this game that I know, but they have to rely on that inconsistent app that players have strangely flocked to. WHAT is wrong posting vital info HERE? We need something stable and organized to grow the player-base. Freakn' Terumi's discord had a lot of info on it(if you took the time to comb through it), then it was erased. So the solution to that is to make another discord channel? We're shooting ourselves in the foot here guys/girls. We have all of these outdated forums here, making it seem like no one is playing the game. You can only do so much on twitter as well.
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    I Apologize to Everyone for Keeping you Waiting, but... It's Here! Central Fiction 1st Part from the Rips are Complete~ I know it's not much. but... Probably this Should do for some People who were Waiting for the Things to Come out. Also, as you can see... All the CP/CP:EX Downloads were "Removed" from the Main Post. For those who still want them, feel free to Leave a Message Here or PM Me. Update: Audio is the Most Difficult thing since i have to do this 1 by 1. PSound isn't doing a good job lately. it will come out for sure after i'm done doing all the images regarding Story Mode & Arcade Cutscenes Sprites Anyways! I hope you enjoy the small things for now & i promise for good that the 2nd Part of the Rips will come out Soon Enough (Not HL3 Delay) Extra (Did this meanwhile i was messing around with the Arcade Sprites):
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    Massive spoiler for CF, but it's also news and gameplay, so open at your own risk I suppose.
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    Images of the quotes of and against Es in English (except Bang), from Dreamolition Derby 3 in Munich (taken by me *cought*). We simply forgot to take pictures of Bang because the game crashed very often after the winning animation of her or the opponent, so we had to switch the setups at least three times. Sorry that it took so long, there was also a problem with transferring the images and I also had to edit everyone of them: http://imgur.com/a/XXaxh
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    So yeah, all the remaining Act 3 videos I possess have been subbed and uploaded. Since people have been outright stealing my subs and uploading them to Youtube, I decided to make rest of the stuff hidden. If you're interested in watching these, send me a PM and I'll tell the password.
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    Heh, no problem~♥ Anyways! Here you go: Main & Chibi Portraits I do look Forward for the CF Portrait Recolors! :3
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    Mai Natsume gameplay starts at the 8:40 mark. Nothing in-depth but personally I like what I see. Looks like you can hold/charge the spear (on the ground) when readying to throw it and makes the spear at least faster (didn't show it changing trajectory though and it is unknown if you can charge the spear in the air). Spear toss will not hit crouching without changing the trajectory though (here it was Amane) unless the opponent is Tager and maybe Azrael. Her variable arts that ends in a flurry of stabs is pretty darn impressive and the combo even ends with ~2.7K damage.
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    Also from Zedar: Mai's Drive is to throw her spear, and she can change the directions mid-throw. She has a unique mechanic called Variable Arts, which I'm assuming works like Ramlethal's attack in Xrd. The second image uploaded by Calmitus shows that with the little green arrows showing the progression from the moves. Looks like Mai's birthday is April 4th. Her hobby is appreciating mysterious creatures, and she likes reptiles (especially chameleons). She's paid DLC, and has a wicked cool stage.
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    http://www.famitsu.com/news/201608/16113161.html Mai is new playable character.
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    http://www.ggxrd.com/rev/cs2/outline/ Rev2 includes an "After Story". Additional story is planned for free release after launch. Online Lobby is now independent of Ranked and Player Matches, meaning it's now a true 3rd mode of netplay like in BB and not a required sign-in to play the other modes of netplay. Ranked match now allows rematching up to a FT2. Player match now allows you to spectate a match that has already started. You can switch back to the original Revelator in the options menu if you wish to netplay with a person who hasn't upgraded yet.
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    It's embarrassing a lot of the time to say I play/support Arc games. WHERE Is the community at? Freakn' SRK gets/has home page info on our games that a casual person would never knew existed if they were crazy enough to only come here. The Susanoo announcement, combo videos, game tech-all on SRK. Here? The last announcement on the home page was August 22nd. Trying to make guides for step-by-step instruction on how to grow into a character is impossible when the dedicated wiki is void of frame data and move descriptions. This game has been out since last year and characters like Hibiki are missing almost all of their frame data (That hitbox viewer is not cutting it). That is vital info that is nowhere to be found. Blazblue/Guilty Gear are already an investment to get into, but this lack of community cohesion is making the journey seem pointless. The one of many things Japanese players have that keep them ahead of us (besides dedication) is cohesion. That can never be denied. I'm ready, willing and able to lead people to the water, but there must be some drinkable water in place to begin with. I've read online people talking about to NOT go to Dustloop.com for info/help because it's dead.
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    I wanted to refresh myself on BlazBlue's story before the big spoilers show up. The excellent wikia and forums were a lot of unstructured reading, so I ended up trying to make a streamlined BlazBlue story and lore guide. Check it out and let me know what you think: http://blazblue.kumodori.com I kept away from CF spoilers, but I have a small section with an Arcade Mode summary. I tried to be as factual as possible and stay away from speculation, but sometimes I had to make guesses, especially since I went with a mostly timeline format. Let me know if I got something way off! Hope this helps people review before for next week (or November)!
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    Also, this article includes a lot of screenshots of Mai's playstyle along with other stuff: http://www.gamer.ne.jp/news/201608260081/
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    http://pastebin.com/hYWSgCjv Patch notes fully translated.
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    Had to do some work to get another company to buy from, and get through protections. I just want to say I will be handling the raw releases for this. http://www.mediafire.com/view/ruy2ql3f5gh7gzk/Variable_Heart_Preview.png
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    Patrick Seitz made another FB post, though it doesn't say much that we didn't already know.
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    The theme for Es vs Nine is END GAZER!! That's the opening theme for Lost: Memories! So cool! Also, here's the character select screen with Susanoo on it.
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    I used Bandicam to record the Mai demo and uploaded the videos on Mega in case anyone is interested: https://mega.nz/#!d4JU0bZK!h3XD20OG8Oxk0Uh2D_QNOYHDUPEagxYol7_1vKR4xi4 https://mega.nz/#!9hw0XbTJ!LsxXky7M6p4VhQhaSQZlyGom4RUVSUiFOaM-fjAJAF8 https://mega.nz/#!59wDUSIS!chjt0ErSiSxnP-VutQLZAXDHGSlnR-92Cf_wKHu6dic https://mega.nz/#!JxZTiDqZ!Z0lGDEs97R1SPhiqoV7WLTEH38M7NzxPJrAr1DBqACY The files are pretty big in size but they do cover the entire presentation (except for a few seconds between the videos). Also, I came across some screenshots of Mai's alternate colors.
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    The thing about release delays is twofold though: They say that having a dub would delay the release for 6+ months, but why? Sure, if they decided to start the localization of the game after the JP version was finished sure, I can see that. But, plenty of games companies manage to release their overseas counterparts within short timeframes, including Arc System Works themselves: CT was released in NA within only a few days of the JP release, and CS was released within a month or two, if I recall correctly. It wasn't until they contracted "Strangely Compelling" for CS Extend that the releases took 6+ months. CS Extend, in particular, had minimal content to localize compared to previous entries, and still had major QA issues that should never have seen the light of day, such as the 'Bang Joke' or the PS3 Japanese glitch. I can't help but feel that the reason for some of these localization issues is Arc Sys themselve, not just the simple cost. If they somehow don't have a good system for localizing their games in place, which seems to be the case given the entries since CS: Extend, that would explain why it would take so long to localize. If they don't start working on any localization until it's too late that would give delays. If they're difficult to localize for, that would drive up costs: Think of 'Ni No Kuni," that game was a nightmare to localize because of unnecessary technical issues caused by the original development team's decisions, such as having several different text standards to accommodate each writer. The "It gets released sooner" argument doesn't really hold water because near simultaneous releases, or at least short delays are possible. We've seen them before and it's only been since Arc Sys has been cutting corners on the localization that we've seen huge delays. That's not even getting into the fact that the game has already been out for a year in Arcades in Japan. The competitive scene in Japan still has a massive head-start. That's not getting into the fact that many of the people here just import the Japanese version anyways. Yes, I know importing is expensive and inconvenient, but at least you can still get the game you want. Saying that it's fine because it'll make getting the game more convenient is a slap in the face to everyone who wants the dub because while you can always import the game to get it when you want, we can never get the dub if it doesn't exist.
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    Oh, and my favorite comedy scene in the game.
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    I'm kind of sick to be 1 year+ behind the arcade release of every new BB. This is getting really annoying.
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    Okay, I'm back. Sorry. It was a long day and I'm kind of sick. Answer's took me 15 seconds. Baiken's intro and outro took me...longer than I want to admit because WTF IS THIS? lol Answer (Intro): 直行直帰 (Chokkou Chokki) "Going straight home without stopping" Baiken (Intro): お頼み申す お頼み申す 卒爾ながら冥府わ何処 外道が笑えば民が泣く 諸行に埓なき沙汰あれば魔道の始末を請負いたす 己は尾籠の三一侍 士道死花無用の所存 (Otanomi mousu, otanomi mousu: sotsuji nagara, meifu wa izuko? Gedou ga waraeba, tani ga naku. Shogyou ni rachi naki sata areba, madou no shimatsu wo ukeoi itasu. Onore wa birou no sanpinzamurai. Shidou shinibana muyou no shozon.) "I humbly ask, I humbly ask: though 'tis sudden, where doth lie Hell? Whilst the demons laugh, the people weep. Since it doth lie outside the bounds of virtuous deeds, I shall undertake the task of felling the Netherworld. For I am a vulgar samurai of lowest rank. I have not intent of dying the honorable death of a warrior." Baiken (Outro): 詮議 成敗 御上の政 仇討ち是非なし阿鼻にて野放図 なにとぞ良しなに閻魔殿 なにとぞ良しなに閻魔殿 (Sengi! Seibai! Okami no matsuri! Adauchi zehi nashi abi nite nohouzu! Nanitozo yoshinani Enmadono, nanitozo yoshinani Enmadono...) "Inquisition! Judgement! The rule of the Emperor! Vengeance unleashed inevitably throughout the lowest levels of Hell! Pay thy respects to the palace of Yama pay thy respects to the palace of Yama..." Yama = the god of death. So, I'm 90% sure Baiken's outro is telling you that you died and you now have to face judgement in the afterlife. lol
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    https://www.famitsu.com/news/201701/19125095.html New article about REV2 and the new characters. Also, Shinjin's tweets about Baiken's stuffs mentioned in there:
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    Welp... It sure has been a While again, probably this Thread is Dead by now. Anyways! I'm just here to go Back into my BlazBlue Ripping Progress (All the Games)! But for now, here you have a few things that i got from Central Fiction:
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    Patrick Seitz posted this a few minutes ago on Facebook (It's a long post): "Aksys Games put out a few tweets yesterday that confirmed what I’d been dreading more with each passing month of silence—that BlazBlue Central Fiction would not be receiving an English dub, and would go to market in the U.S. sub-only: "@aksysgames Basically boiled down to- game now w/ no dub. Game 6-8 months later w/ dub. We made a tough decision, but stick by it." "@aksysgames For clarification- We're doing one release this Nov, not multiple for BBCF, no dub. No plans for a dub release or DLC atm." I’m disappointed by the news—and I’m especially disappointed to be getting it via tweet. Reaching out to the cast would have been a simple enough courtesy for Aksys to extend. Maybe they think we don’t much care either way, but many of us do. I know I do. I’ve been Ragna from Calamity Trigger onward. I served as script-adapter and VO director on Continuum Shift Extend. When BlazBlue: Alter Memory got licensed for a U.S. release, I coordinated with Funimation to adapt and direct it out in Los Angeles, so that we could retain practically the entire cast and give longtime fans of the series a dub with the voices they’ve known all along. Granted, my experience with BlazBlue might be a bit more “behind the scenes” than most—but at the end of the day, I’m a fan, too. Optimists are making a lot out of that “at the moment” distinction in Aksys’s second tweet, hanging their hopes on a dubbed release or at least English dialogue DLC down the line. Sadly, I am not. Aksys has literally nothing to gain by saying, “Nope, it’s never gonna happen,” except inviting a lot of disappointment and ill-will upon themselves in a moment when some folks are already fairly salty—even if they know it to ultimately be the truth. “No plans for a dub release or DLC atm” is the easy let-down, wherein everybody loses hope at their own staggered, gradual pace—or, ideally, just forgets about it with the passage of time. If the sub-only BBCF sells well in America, it’ll be seen as proof that an English dub isn’t essential—that it’s an expensive frippery, as it were, and that they were right to release a pared-down version. At that point, why commit funds to a dub after the fact when they’ve already got your cash in hand? And if BBCF doesn’t sell well, no one’s going to want to throw good money after bad by dubbing something that under-performed in its initial U.S. release. All this said, I’m not working with any privileged information here. If Aksys approaches us to dub Central Fiction later on, I will happily eat crow—and do it publicly, when we’re cleared to discuss the dub. But as of right now, faced with a reality I’d never thought to consider—that after the release of a multitude of dual-language BlazBlue titles from 2008 onward, they’re just nixing the English voices altogether—they’re not giving me much reason to hold my breath. Some fans just play BlazBlue to whup ass, and that’s fine. But for a lot of folks, the story mode—which has just grown richer with each iteration—is a major draw. The mythos and the relationships between characters have been fleshed out in loving detail, and many among you would rather hear those thousands upon thousands of lines being acted out in English than have to read them. And what a cast we’ve had…! I think our BB English cast is one of the best fighting-game ensembles in the genre, frankly. I’m not saying that as a self-aggrandizing actor, or as one who’s bummed over the loss of a paycheck. I’m saying that as someone who, like you, has spent the last eight years with these characters—cheering their victories, mourning their losses, and understanding the world of BlazBlue more (or sometimes less!) with each new revelation. TL;DR version: BlazBlue Central Fiction isn’t getting dubbed. I’m sad about it, irate about how impersonally I found out, and not putting any particular stock in a dub happening after-the-fact (though I’d love to be wrong on that front). After all this time, it hurts to be told that we’re not so central to the fiction after all."
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    Indifferent to this character, and I agree, her visual design looks like crap and stupid fanservice. And to all of you people who say "But...but... there are other fanservice characters in the game!" that doesn't mean we need/want/benefit from MORE. I would be DELIGHTED if Makoto put on a goddamn jacket, and that's not going to happen. But that doesn't mean I don't hope that new designs are less awful. Remember: Just because you've been punched in the face before doesn't mean you aren't allowed to complain when someone punches you in the face. Jeez.
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    Please do not complain about characters getting in before Jubei. It is not in any way constructive and just sours the entire mood of the thread.
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    toco toco tv, a small french web/TV series where Japanese creators present places in Japan which they like to visit or inspired them, will feature Daisuke Ishiwatari in the next episode of their game creator special. If they follow their old upload plan the episode should be available on the 15th of August. English subtitles will be available.
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    Enjoy: F**king photobucket and their resolution's changes. Download links to full-size pictures: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s4wszqdt67jmc2h/Famitsu+1.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/download/bm91b2l7edb4i7u/Famitsu+2.jpg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Am I blind or what? How I didn't spot it earlier that Izanami has both Ragna's and Naoto's tattoos on her hmm let's call it uniform (She wears several clothes so I won't call it dress). The first Ragna's it's on the lower part of this uniform and second (Naoto) it's on her helmet. And Again: are they interesting but non plot-related details which have been brought by creators to confuse/play with us or some potential connection?
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    What if Delilah is actually the new Jack-O', and Robo-Ky attaches his head to Bedman's bed?
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    No idea where this is from. "I shall show you the path to the [Gate]. That is the will of the Azure." "Commencing elimination of the target." "I am Es--[Embryo Storage]. I have been assigned to be the Gatekeeper of the Gate of Azure, as well as the Mediator." "This place is both the interstice, as well as the end, the Boundary Line." "I shall not allow any distasteful actions from anyone." "Who is that who exists beyond the bounds of Logic?" "I have great expectations of you, Ragna the Bloodedge." "Whether he will save this world, or embrace its illusions... I must ascertain, just what it is that the Azure desires of me." "Everything is as the Azure foretold."
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    Oh, hey, some actual Es gameplay info! - Wield the two-hit sword techniques and self-buffs Es is a character with many standard moves that's easy to use. She's quite agile, so using her really gives you the feeling of speed. Her unique "Drive" ability make "Crests" appear after her sword attacks, which you can then turn into another attack by using "Crest Arts". Make full use of her great sword and Drive double hits to grasp victory! Drive: Crest Arts Es unleashes a broad sword swing at Nine. Crest Arts is possible after a Crest appears from this attack... A Crest with a hitbox appears, hitting the opponent again! A tricky two-hit combo that combines a sword swing and a Crest attack.
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    Man, this Jubei talk has been going on for ages. I'm interested in Izanami, Nine and Es. I'm not losing sleep if he isn't included.