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Sakura Fight Festa - March 20th-22nd 2015

Jan 24 2015 12:01 AM | Zoular in Home

After a successful Revolution 2014 NthGen Interactive are back.
Introducing Sakura Fight Festa hoping to be the definitive Fighting Game Tournament in Europe, dedicated to Anime fighters!

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Frosty Faustings VII Going Down This Weekend, 1...

Jan 23 2015 06:50 PM | mynus in Home

The seventh installment of Frosty Faustings is getting set to kick off today at 8pm at The Crowne Plaza Chicago-Northbrook Hotel right outside of Chcago IL. Guilty Gear AC +R will be the first up to bat.

Plenty of killers from a multitude of games will be congregating to compete tonight, and the competition could not be fiercer, with some of the best the Mid-West, Texas, and West Coast have to offer.

Hit the jump for more info, including the stream schedule!

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APEX 2015 Jan 30 - Feb 1 2015: $1500 Bonus...

Jan 23 2015 05:57 PM | mynus in Home

Apex 2015 is only 2 weeks away, and plenty of talent including TS|Lord Knight, TSB|Mynus, FF|Elvenshadow, & TSB|Zidane battling to take the Guilty Gear Xrd crown. With a huge pot bonus on the line and a chance to showcase some incredibly high-level Guilty Gear to the masses, it is truly shaping up to be a memorable weekend.

Check the jump for info on the Pot Bonuses as well as a breakdown of the weekend and stream schedule!

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Sonic Boom 2015 - Febuary 21-22nd 2015

Jan 22 2015 05:29 PM | Zoular in Home

LTTL are pleased to announce their 2nd edition to the Sonic Boom series.
This event will take place on February 21-22 in Madrid, Spain.

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Zero Frame Whiplash: Throws in Guilty Gear

Jan 01 2015 10:51 PM | Digital Watches in Home

So Xrd has been out for a little under a month now, and it seems like a lot of new people are interested in Guilty Gear because of it, which is awesome! I’ve recently started to hear more and more that new players are having trouble with a few key things, so to help with that, I’ve decided to write about a very important topic: Throws!

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Xrd - Alioune With Elphelt Unblockables on Near...

Dec 23 2014 04:25 PM | mynus in Home

French player Alioune-sensei is world renown not only for is amazing Street Fighter IV play, but also for his skill and love of Guilty Gear. In Xrd, this is also the case as the lab monster has been hard at work developing unblockable technology for Elphelt, a newcomer to the series and console-exclusive character. Check out this playlist after the break.

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Guilty Gear Xrd I-no Tutorial Roundup!

Dec 22 2014 04:29 PM | mynus in Home

With Guilty Gear Xrd now available for both Japan as well as North America, plenty of videos and tech have come in for various characters.
On the tutorial side of things, I-no, a character notorious for being extremely execution heavy and requiring demanding play has been broken down for beginners looking to try her out. Check out these community created I-no tutorials after the jump.

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Blazblue Chrono Phantasma ver 2.0 Change List V...

Oct 07 2014 05:20 PM | mynus in Home

The folks over at Famitsu have partnered with Arc System Works to bring you parts 1-3 of a video highlight series demonstrating the character changes in BBCP 2.0 for:
1 - [Ragna, Jin, Noel, Rachel, Tao]
2 - [Tager, Litchi, Arakune, Bang] and
3 - [Carl, Hakumen, Tsubaki, Hazama]. Check out all of the vids after the jump.

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Persona 4 Ultimax Defense Tutorial by LordKnight

Sep 20 2014 04:36 AM | LegendaryRath in Home

New players and old players can all learn something from LordKnight's P4U2 defense tutorial. He covers everything from the basics, such as instant blocking and guard canceling, to advanced techniques, including utilizing option selects. This is a must watch for anyone planning on taking Ultimax seriously!

Basic defensive techniques and fundamentals are vital for every player to have, but they can only take someone so far. Top Japanese players have been using options selects in not just Persona, but also blazblue and guilty gear. Without understanding how option selects work and what their weaknesses are, it can seem impossible to open these players up. Do what you need to stand a chance, and watch the video! I guarantee you will learn something.

For now, the tutorial can be found here within LK's twitch archive (skip to about 16:00). This post will be updated with new links when the tutorial is uploaded to youtube.

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NextUp - Tournament Automation & Organization

Sep 15 2014 02:17 PM | Phrekwenci in Home

I'd like to introduce a project I've been working on that aims to help organizers of multi-tournament events manage player matches more efficiently while interfacing with Challonge bracketing. The project is called NextUp - Tournament Automation & Organization. http://nextup.me

Key points:
  • Call player matches via text message. - After entering in player information at NextUp, matches will be called to players by text message (where applicable). Each player receives a message naming the opponent, the location to play and the game they are to compete in.
  • Receive match results via text message. - After players receive a called match via text message, they have the ability to reply with the player's personal result. The system can automatically verify the results or await manual verification.
  • Monitor virtual stations. - Virtual stations represent actual stations in your tournament where matches take place. Add a station and open it for matching to start the competition.
  • Event player identification- Adding a feature to Challonge; one player over multiple tournaments. If a player is current in a match, the player cannot be called for another match in another tournament (under the same Challonge account) until the first match is finished.
For more information, please see the about page. http://nextup.me/about.html

The service is currently free to use but I'll also ask that tournament organizers interested in using the system please email me at info[at]nextup[dot]me before an event so that I can supervise the server as the tournament goes on and provide some technical support if necessary.

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