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  1. This topic gets made like every 2 weeks, so I'm making it now save everyone the trouble. GENERAL ADVICE FOR PICKING A MAIN: 1. watch videos of good players using a character, see if the general gameplan they use is what you want to do. 2. look up combos for the character, and try them out in training mode. 3. play with the character yourself, see if you like using him/her/it.
  2. Strange, I'll look into it, likely just folder doesn't have write access or something similar
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    XRD Matchup Directory

    Select characters to search for threads. If no threads are found, please create the thread and post in here that a you made a matchup thread (provide link) so we can update this first post. vs Select Characters Note to moderators:
  4. This thread gets made every two weeks, so I'll save you guys the trouble and make one for you. Guilty Gear button Layout (for XX, #R, Slash, and AC) = punch, = kick, = slash, = heavy slash, = dust, = nothing BlazBlue button layout Type A: Type B: :n: = A, = B, etc, = nothing In the arcades, you pick either one of the configurations before you pick your character. In CS there is also an easy mode option, but no one who plays seriously uses it. Persona button layout: for all games, the taunt/respect doesn't have a real defined location, since it varies depending on what type of arcade cabinet you play on. So people who play on consoles with an arcade stick just put taunt/respect anywhere or don't even assign it to a button if they know they don't ever want to press it on accident. General advice: 1. go into training mode and practice combos, setups, moving around (running, instant air dashing, super jumping, etc) 2. if you're having problems doing certain things (like say performing a motion), then set training mode to show your inputs (trust me it's there) and look at what you're doing wrong. Then practice doing the motion correctly. 3. PRACTICE. PLAY OTHER PEOPLE. DON'T GIVE UP Buying a Joystick: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3428 shoryuken.com also has a lot of resources involving stick buying/building/modding. Holding a Joystick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsME37GrqjY this isn't an definitive guide, it just shows some common ways people hold joysticks. Find (or develop) a way to grip the joystick that's comfortable and usable for you.
  5. Unfortunately, I'm going to be very busy for the next few months with personal issues, so I need help getting the frame data onto the character pages (the ones with the images), as they still have data from the old games. If you'd like to help, feel free to start updating the pages; you don't need an account to make edits on he wiki! If you have questions on how to edit the wiki or notice wrong values in the frame data, feel free to message me.
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    BB Matchup Directory

    Select characters to search for threads. If no threads are found, please create the thread and post in here that a you made a matchup thread (provide link) so we can update this first post. vs Select Characters Note to moderators:
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    Hakumen CPEX > CF changelog

    I've been using the diff tool on dantarion's hitbox site http://boxdox-bb.dantarion.com/#/diff to try and list changes. here they are. 5B damage 730 5C damage 1100 5D attack damage 1600 p2 72 2B damage 650 2C damage 1050 p2 82 invulH 9-15 2D attack damage 1600 p2 42 j.A damage 300 j.B damage 650 j.2C damage 1200 j.D attack damage 1600 p2 67 j.2A damage 700 j.C damage 1000 6A damage 720 invul removed startup 12 active 4 recovery 16 6B p1 80 invulF 4-22 can cancel into D normals, yanagi, yukikaze, mugen, astral 6D attack damage 1600 p2 72 4C damage 900 p1 100 startup10 active 3 recovery 22 throw damage 1500 p2 50 back throw damage 750 p2 50 air throw damage 1300 p2 50 crush trigger uncharged p2 60 guard breaks for 32 crush trigger charged p2 100 guard breaks for 60 214A damage 950 236B p2 82 startup9 active 3 (12) 3 recovery 21 41236C p1 90 623A invulHB 5-14 623AA damage 1060 p2 72 invulHB 1-8 j.214C damage 2500 fatal, guard break j.214B damage 1500 p1 80 p2 92 j.214A damage 950 lv3 p1 70 p2 92 fumajin damage 900 214D startup 29 active 3 recovery 6 guard 4-27 lv4 damage 1500 p2 72 p1 100 active frames only activate after catching a strike (not projectile) active refers to frames that grab opponent on successful catch (strike or projectile), can special cancel immediately, hakumen is invul for remainder of move 62146C damage 3500 p2 60 632146Cmax damage 5000 unblockable only regular and max charge, no other charge levels 632146C wave 2500 632146C OD damage 4000 632146Cmax OD same as other max EAslow startup 20 active 4 recovery 20 EAfast startup 10 active 4 recovery 20 caveats: i can't read all the stuff in the diff, especially stuff that involves charging like crush triggers and 6C, so i'm definitely missing stuff there (primarily timing info) why did i do hakumen? because i figured his moves were pretty easy, so i'd be least likely to screw it up haha. please let me know if you notice any errors
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    BBCPE Hitbox Viewer by Dantarion!

    Be sure to thank Dantarion if you see him!
  9. COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF TERMS ON THE WIKI http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Notation Some simple ones: WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN? 789 456 123 look at a numpad on a keyobard. Each number represents a direction so 6 is right and 8 is straight up. 5 would be neutral (not moving in any direction). 236A would be a street fighter styled fireball motion and pressing the A button. WHAT'S A FRAME? a frame is the smallest unit of time in a fighting game. Most fighting games run at 60 frames per second, so instead of using terms like 0.0125 seconds, we just say 1 frame. For example an attack that starts up in 12 frames means it will be active in 0.2 seconds. WHAT ARE ALL THE ABBREVIATIONS/ LINGO? read the conventions link. Here are a few common ones: CH = counter hit j = while jumping so j.2C = while jumping, press down + C black beat/ blue beat = a combo that the opponent could have escaped out of if they had teched hit confirm = a technique of only doing the rest of a combo if the first hit actually hits the opponent. Some of these can be quite hard. whiff = an attack that completely misses the opponent. Imagine your attack hitting only the air. cancel = performing a second attack while the first attack is still happening thereby canceling the animation of the first attack. There are very many types of cancels, and they are all used for various things. link = a combo where you must wait for the first attack to recover completely before doing the second attack. Links typically take some time to do consistently, so keep on practicing! gatling = revolver action = normal attacks that cancel into one another. mixup = having the opportunity to attack the opponent in 2 or more ways at once without giving the opponent much time to react (high/low/crossup/throw). crossup = jumping over the opponent and hitting them just as the opponent's character turns around. This is useful as it's difficult to block and stops the opponent from doing DPs (because their inputs will be reversed when you cross them up). tiger knee = the act of doing an air attack very low to the ground. Comes from the command for Sagat's Tiger Knee attack in Street Fighter 2. EX: doing Jin's j.236C by pressing 2369C. chicken block = jumping into the air and blocking rather than standing on teh ground and being forced to guess a high-low mixup. MORE ABBREVIATIONS DP = dragon punch. Refers to attacks whose utility is similar Ryu's dragon punch from street fighter. This does not mean that the motion to perform the move needs to be the same. SRK = shoryuken = dragon punch FD = faultless defense = barrier block. A type of blocking where you negate chip damage and increase pushback at the cost of meter. IB = instant block. Blocking just before an attack strikes you makes you flash white, recover faster, etc. FC = fatal counter. Blazblue specific mechanic for making all subsequent attacks in a combo deal more hitstun IK = instant kill. Guilty Gear specific mechanic for instant killing an opponent. Mostly for show. OCV = one character victory. Used in team battles where one player defeats the entire opposing team.
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    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    with the buff to j.S, we get more fuzzy overheads doesn't work on Ky, May, or Faust
  11. Jourdal was kind enough to record the stream and put it on youtube, so those of us without Nico Premium can see it.
  12. Hop to it! Some of these games don't have on site registration (BB and P4)
  13. Also if you missed last week's exhibition of Machaboo (Sin) vs Nage (Faust) then you can check out the recording on youtube here
  14. PS: In case you missed last week's exhibition of Karinchu vs Nakamura, it's now on youtube:
  15. Be sure to tune in on Jonio's channel http://twitch.tv/joniosan
  16. that had me confused for a long time too. they're referencing elphelt's color in revelator
  17. also, if you missed last weekend's BB Exhibition, Majinobama has put them up on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw0h8mwSJkE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hJaN3zv7ks
  18. fair enough, i'll add it in
  19. http://www.dustloop.com/wiki if you have any suggestions about the layout, content, etc. please let us know here. Anyone can edit the wiki, even without an account. You will have to answer an anti-bot question, and your IP will be recorded. if you'd like to get an account (so you can stop answering anti-bot questions), please contact the staff and include your desired name and email address.
  20. be sure to subscribe to these channels if you haven't already!
  21. Do note that this offer is only for PS4 download version of the game on PSN, not disc! Be sure to thank Aksys for giving everyone a chance to start training ahead of the game's full release on June 7th.
  22. -i want to do awards again, but i don't know of any systems available for ipboard 4 right now... -the site goes down from time to time due to unknown reasons, i've had to call tech support multiple times to get our server restarted, but other than that, i don't know what's the cause, it's very inconsistent so troubleshooting is near impossible for me -i have signatures disabled personally as i find them gaudy and hate them, i wasn't aware of people embedding images, i'll ahve to look into disabling that... which members have been doing this? ps you can disable signatures in your personal settings