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  1. good thing millia disc is used to combo after the initial non projectile mixup
  2. i was testing IB jump and the jump doesn't happen so I would think theres only 1-2F gap? between the grenade and UB shot? if theres 3f u can jump? i dunno.
  3. what I'm saying is when you do 2P 236S UB shot, say the whole process takes 10 frames. You can toss the 2P before they even wake up, and they will wake up into blocking the 2P. So if the 2p had a blockstun of 5f, then if someone woke up on the 1st frame of 1F then that means they can get out between frames 6-10, if someone woke up on the 5th frame, then they cant get out. You make it sound like as long as I can have the 2P 236S out i will get the UB shot which isn't true (i think). Theres not enough hitstun on the 2P alone for the whole UB to charge up. You'll need some time for the 2P to travel before it hits or if they're down, the 2p just bounces around until they wake up (sometimes off the wall). I feel like theres like a 1-2F gap if you IB SOMETIMES between the 1st hit and the shot where you can backdash/shield. I don't feel like you can reversal backdash because the 1st grenade hit because it hits you on frame 1 I feel like its pretty hard to get it perfect but i don't really spend hours practicing the UB like you said so maybe its just me.
  4. unless the setup is perfect most of the time you can ib the 1st hit of the grenade and backdash the UB shot then block the explosion. Slayer has to backdash and jump because his backdash is so long (28F). Even Sin is ok to block after backdashing (24F). The backdashing part is kinda tricky, you can just blitz the shot if you cant get the timing. for badly timed UBs you can IB then jump, the shot will likely catch you in the air but the explosion hitbox isnt big enough to hit you and you can tech out. its just banking on the setup not being perfect, though perfect setups seems hard to get and is very character specific since everybody's wakeup timing is different and the setups for each character is different. Depending on the setup it may be easier to get out of as well. The tightest setup seems to be the regular sjspsd 236p jsh. Even the same setup depending on hitbox and character the setup may or may not be perfect. ie, on Sol if you time it right you cant get out but the same setup on someone else you can get out pretty easily.
  5. oh now i get it fucking hell I was sad last year. (yes I didn't realize MAD already had a thread since a month ago lol)
  6. down for that too everytime you miss a dash 2d, you take a shot
  7. did you learn how to get out of 5b deadspike x N yet? lolol I dont even play carl
  8. what the hell is with that schedule? Beerblue starts at 11am and ends when I'm the only one standing. and wheres the official "LK bodying everybody" event?
  9. LK how do you fight against Carl? And do you like to take free money from your Canadian brothers?
  10. so um due to $$$ problems, i may not be coming to MAD anymore its been fun guys
  11. this game is dumb because other dumb characters stayed dumb, and my character smartened up
  12. some salty scrub whos super salty that his dumb character didn't get to stay dumb and got balanced to "slightly less dumb" but lets face it, this game is pretty dumb as a whole. The only non dumb character is Makoto, even the other bottom tier is dumb with spammable gimmicky shit
  13. yo I have a hakumen and an arakune on my team, all we need now is a valk and its like BBR free.