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  1. SolheartStud

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    No video, but Nine when she gets hit by Relius' astral:
  2. SolheartStud

    [CF] Ragna Gameplay Discussion

    From the CF Loketest Newsthread: OD Hell's Fang now is dash cancel-able Counter Hit Nightmare Edge can now connect with 6C. 3C>2D connects, can even followup with a Dead Spike Ragna seems more of a beginner class character, eliminating any complicated combo routes or sort. Good to start off with but ends up being plain and basic. Even during a fatal counter, Nightmare Edge cannot pursue. 6D doesn't cause the opponent to float as much, after a JD wiff, 5B or 5C is the best it can do. A side-dash 6A won't reach. Mid-Screen "Not over yet" (22C) will push the opponent less. 22C>Dash Cancel>5C is easier to pull off. CID is an F Starter? Aerial Blood Scythe has bigger cool down? 6D>JD is too difficult to pull off, I was only able to do it once. But even if I miss, I still can combo into things so I guess it's OK. 5C>low air Gauntlet Hades is now gone. 5B>5C>2D>Dead Spike>Dash Cancel>Dash 5C, I was able to do up to 5C but couldn't connect it with a 5D afterwards. Only Aerials? 6D>JD>Dash 5B>6A seems like the basic combo. JD doesn't make the opponent float too much any more.
  3. Blade! How are you? Hope all is well! I have a couple of questions. One: Do you have psn? My Xbox Live ran out and I have no intention of getting anymore since all the games I play are basically dead over there. And two: Should I consider getting AC+R to get ready for Xrd? I may have asked you this but how steep of a learning curve is it from BB to GG?

  4. I understand. That's what BB is to me, you can't stop loving the thing that started it all. But I feel you on Extend, the only reason I'm really still (kind of) playing is because by the end of school I finally found some people who were into the game and other fighters. I'll let you know when I'd be down to have some matches. I may look into GG as well if the +R patch comes out soon. Speaking of CP what do you think of it?

  5. CP is one of the reasons I'm glad my dad got me a ps3 for christmas, but I won't stop playing BB. It's just that GG is my first true FG love. That and CSEX has sort of become stale for me as a Hakumen player. SO I barely play it unless people urge me to play when we do meet ups in MTL. But if anyone who's connection is good would wanna play I'd be down for that too. :)

  6. Getting ready fro AC +R and Xrd huh? Are you not gonna get CP when it comes out cause apparently it's only gonna be on ps3.

  7. Whenever you want to play goodsir, let me know on DL. I mostly play offline at this point and I barely play BB, been investing most of my time playing GG though. Though I would prefer playing on xbl rather than psn, I only really use my ps3 for offline sessions with friends.

  8. Blade! It's been a while! I hope all is well! Dunno if you're still playing BB or any other fighting game at the moment, but I'm still trying to keep up and have gone on every now and then. Let me know if you want to do some matches sometime. I'm still on Xbox but I'm also now on PSN for when CP comes out. Take care for now Blade!

  9. Sounds good. There's no rush so take your time. I have a ps3 but no arcade stick or copy of BB. I understand the money troubles. =I

  10. I'll give you an idea after December 1 since my gold is expired and I'm weighing my options whether to renew or not. PSN may have more players but XBL connection is close to flawless and there's no pricks to my knowledge.

  11. Sure! I know you said the weekend but is there a specific day that's good for you? Also keep in mind I'm probably gonna be extremely rusty...

  12. I should be getting my 360 back this weekend, want to get some rounds in?

  13. SolheartStud

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Maybe they'll do what they did with P4U- After they release the other 3 characters they'll do a balance path to the arcades. Then that balance patch will be what we get for consoles.
  14. SolheartStud

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Whoa...it does look like chip damage got buffed.. Didn't they say Amane can do a lot of chip damage? Guess it buffed for all of the other characters too!
  15. A couple of trees fell down in my area but my family is fine and no one got hurt. Really? Oh boy....I probably don't stand a chance against you now! Oh yeah GG came out...I'm somewhat interested in it, but I kind of just wanna wait until +R comes out. Has your dad reached your uncle? I know the city got hit pretty hard, but I think some of Long Island as got power back. I have a friend who lives in that area and she has power back.