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  1. Linear04

    Toronto BB and GG: FIENDS ONLY Part II

    ottawas so far
  2. Linear04

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    daed game?
  3. Linear04

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    does xrd pc have cross play with ps3/4 players?
  4. Linear04

    [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

  5. Linear04

    Toronto BB and GG: FIENDS ONLY Part II

    im ok hbu budy
  6. Linear04

    Toronto BB and GG: FIENDS ONLY Part II

    ggs already dead
  7. if it works once it works all the time with the same conditions. just need to practice
  8. if its random its just u being inconsistent lol teching in this game is already established, if the combo counter is not blacked out then its not techable ur being very disrespectful urself by telling other people that theyre wrong when ur the only one who seems to have such a big problem with the combo counter hit should only affect the first hits hitstun so its kind of irrelevant there u go, the combo works
  9. Linear04

    [Xrd] Tier Discussion

    do you think venoms better here than there
  10. Linear04

    Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    u ready ur body for brice to abuse? thats gay lol
  11. Linear04

    [Xrd] Tier Discussion