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  1. I think Imma settle with Akihiko, Elizabeth, and Yu. You don't have a PSN, do you?

  2. Right now I'm playing Shadow Labrys and Yousuke. I plan to play Kanji and Teddie as well :3

  3. I'm not sure who I'll play yet, I'll figure it out when I actually get my hands on it. =P What about you?

  4. Oh shit you're on the EC now?! No wonder I stopped randomly seeing you at De Anza :P I better see you supporting P4U at Big Two then, who are you playing as??

  5. Haha yeah I kinda disappeared and went to League of Legends for awhile. Then I ended up moving to NJ/NY. So now I'm in the east coast =/ but yeah, I did come back for P4U. =P

  6. Shouldn't I be asking you that?? :P You vanished in the middle of CS1 days. Where have you been? Come back for P4U?? :3

  7. Indeed~ I'm more than ready to jump on the P4U train.

  8. Lol yeah. I took a long break from fighting games. I also moved to NJ/NY, so I'm not around norcal anymore. ): I'm about to hop on P4A tho. Are you?

  9. You've been gone for a looooong while.

  10. Hey. You ain't Ragna5B no more. =/

  11. Yo. You still around?

  12. meh let them hate. It's gamefaqs lol, no one takes them seriously XD

  13. ixRenegade

    [CS1] Hazama vs. Hakumen

    Lots of D~A to bait attempt for orb of death. Take advantage of chain hits. Hakumen doesn't have too many options on wake up. 2A to poke out rolls, or if neutral wake up, command grab>free combo.