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    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    This is Eve's (rank 2 Eltnum in UNIE, current rank 1 Seth in UNIST, rank 5 Kirino, best F-Hime, blah blah) personal tier list, but his disclaimers suggest it's more of a quality of life ranking (AKA how much X character has benefited from direct/indirect [system] buffs) than an actual measure of viability. "From the left are characters that give an impression of being strong" A: "Characters(between UNI and UNIST) aren't that different" B: "About the same (between versions)" Of course, as mentioned earlier, this is just a "moment in time." Game isn't even a month old yet, etc. Interesting nonetheless. ---------------------------------- Slightly off-topic: It's interesting that the cross-up properties between UNIST and DFCI could possibly be different now, considering I believe they were near identical in the last iterations of respective titles (DFC literally being built off the UNI engine and all). Video footage is a bit misleading, but DFCI seems to keep the same cross-up protection windows as vanilla DFC/Melty Blood.
  2. VietGeek

    [UNIEL] Seth

    If you're talking about Kai vs Senaru/TatsuE/GO1, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1oa-vCg9ac&t=34m39s
  3. Hey, Marcell told me you're interesting in netplaying me or something. May as well introduce myself then! I play Seth. Let's try to play UNI sometime.

  4. VietGeek

    [UNIEL] Chaos

    Have you tried nicovideo (search for 'uni)? AKB Leisureland started posting videos again after a minor UNI hiatus (i.e. only posting DFC stuff, lol).
  5. VietGeek

    [UNIEL] Seth

    What's the overall best way to input fastfall after 214BB? I'm trying to connect '214BB 22 623A CS (orb hits)' on some of the newer VO combos and I can never get the orb to hit, or I whiff the 623A. I think I'm doing it too slow but I can't tell. For reference, this is one of the combos I'm trying: ex command grab, j214a, 5b, 623b, 214a~c, 6c, j236b, j214a, 21(4)bb 22 623a, orb hits, vo, j.c, j214a, iw 4.7k
  6. VietGeek

    [UNIEL] Video/Stream Thread

    Streaming Georgia's first UNIEL tournament at Gwinnett Brawl @ http://twitch.tv/meltymedia
  7. VietGeek

    [UNIEL] Video/Stream Thread

    Currently using Grim Reaper at http://www.twitch.tv/meltymedia
  8. VietGeek

    [UNIEL] Seth

    Seth's only real problem is his HP and possibly his damage. He lacks overall consistency, but that is inherent to his character design. If this is anything like Melty, those 623s in his combos will be easy business imo. He looks to be a treat for Nanaya players from Melty Blood. Real, non-gimmick mix-ups, and a run over a hop. Those are godsends.
  9. Figured as much. So just to confirm, the online pass is account-specific and not console-specific, right?
  10. Okay, so I have two people I've convinced to buy EXVSFB off PSN. They intend to gameshare (poor people problems =V) to effectively split the costs. They're wondering about how the online pass stuff works. Like, they know the original buyer gets an online pass, but the second player has to buy his own for 1000JPY. If they purchase a 10,000JPY card, is it possible to refunnel funds from one PSN account to another? How would they be able to share the funds from the same PSN card so both players can use online?
  11. Wouldn't you need everyone to be wired to a central hub like a gigabit ethernet switch though? I can't see wireless being too reliable for this sort of thing?
  12. VietGeek

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    My Internet connect right now is too ass to watch the stream, but can anybody at the Rebel Up event tell me what equipment they have on their EXVS set-up? All I could make of it was some Ethernet cords.
  13. Does anyone plan on making a guide on how to get 2v2 play over LAN for optimal console play?
  14. VietGeek

    Dengeki FIGHTING CLIMAX: Announced at TGS.

    Those official tweets are written in formal-style Japanese which are fairly understandable even from Twitter's machine translation.
  15. Sup, this is Louis from TFC. btw here's a F-Seifuku video guide if you haven't seen it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrLwX4shojI