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  1. I voted for Justice cause: -Tekkaman Blade-inspired designs are cool. -Beam cannons are cool -an updated design incorporating her actual identity would be amazing.
  2. The thing to realize here is that, based on how the Blazblue product line has gone, we would have had a $40-60 update disk by Spring/Summer 2017 anyway. The mere fact that we are being offered even the opportunity to digitally upgrade our current product in addition is actually much more customer-friendly than what ASW has done in the past. Having been a devout (if casual in skill level) fan of Blazblue since the start, I can tell you that this disc-a-year thing got real expensive real fast. ASW's new solution might not be "good" precisely, but it may be the best they can do, considering that they need to have their artists/programmers/game designers/etc still be working on stuff, so they can, you know, get paid. What I hope for is that this new paid expansion model works well enough that they quit selling stuff on a microtransaction basis, and instead roll all additional content into the paid expansion packs. It's more money upfront, but it's also way more cost effective than microtransactions.
  3. Hmm...I saw at least 1 deal on Amazon where the game was down to about 30 bucks for the PS4. That's close to 50% off, which seems like a decent discount to me.
  4. Susanoo is actually included in the base game, and is unlockable for free by playing thru the story mode completely. The paid unlock is only there if you can't stand doing the story. Mai is considered a full dlc character not included in the base game, hence why she costs more.
  5. Huh, really? But you can use Susanoo online, right? it seems to me like the character is more of a spoiler then those stages, if those two stages are the ones, I'm thinking of. How odd.
  6. If some of the stuff I read is accurate, there are at least a couple of stages that are locked via story mode, because they are spoilers to some degree. I believe the white gate stage is one of the locked ones.
  7. I don't know if you guys are referring to CEOtaku specifically or not, but if you are, they aren't using the patch. See tweet below:
  8. Sounds like NA Central Fiction release is first week of November.
  9. Thanks for having the room up last night! I was on, and got some decent training in.
  10. *urk* I'm not normally a ps4 theme guy, but I reaaaaaaally want that theme.
  11. Thanks, folks. I went ahead and signed up. Will try to pass on to what folks I can.
  12. Tl;Dr, there's only 1 release slated for US Blazblue Central Fiction; the no-dub November 2016 release. Aksys Games is/in not aware of any plans to offer a dubbed version, dlc or otherwise, at any point in the future.
  13. Yeah, I just saw that too. Fairly disappointed, but I'm happy that somebody actually sorta said something before the release date.
  14. I felt strongly enough about the potential lack of an English dub that I went ahead and sent a letter to Aksys Games and the US Arc Systems Works branch on the issue. I also tweeted on it to those companies, including Patrick Seitz's and Cristina Vee's social media accounts, just for some support (what little that provides, I suppose). I'm more unhappy about the lack of communication on the issue, especially given that, based on some recent tweets from Seitz's and Vee's accounts, doesn't look like they haven't really been talked to about the overall issue either way. They, and the other voice actors and actresses, deserve more respect than that. If there some legit business reasons that truly make the dub unfeasible, I wouldn't be happy with it, but I would accept it, so long as it was communicated out to me correctly. *shrug* I was polite and civil in my email, but I did let the companies know I wasn't really happy about the situation. If anybody feels the same need to send something more directly to Aksys and ASW, I would strongly encourage you to also be civil, as that's much more likely to generate a useful response than the other route. If you want a second set of eyes on your response to that end, drop me a PM. I don't mind helping with that.
  15. Speaking as someone for whom Dizzy was the closest thing they had to a main in the bad old XX days, and who has been really looking forward to her, I would vastly prefer that ASW take the time to knock her design out of the park, rather than meet some arbitrary date (even if it's the date of the biggest tourney in the world). I'd be really disappointed if she came out in a bad state due to not enough time spent. Don't worry, ASW will get her out. They want our monies after all.