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  1. Aksys Games announcement on PS4 demo: http://www.aksysgames.com/2017/04/28/guilty-gear-xrd-rev-2-demo-hits-north-america-may-1st/ Doesn't require a pre-order lock in, just PS+. It's actually a demo this time!
  2. Susanoo is actually included in the base game, and is unlockable for free by playing thru the story mode completely. The paid unlock is only there if you can't stand doing the story. Mai is considered a full dlc character not included in the base game, hence why she costs more.
  3. Huh, really? But you can use Susanoo online, right? it seems to me like the character is more of a spoiler then those stages, if those two stages are the ones, I'm thinking of. How odd.
  4. If some of the stuff I read is accurate, there are at least a couple of stages that are locked via story mode, because they are spoilers to some degree. I believe the white gate stage is one of the locked ones.
  5. I don't know if you guys are referring to CEOtaku specifically or not, but if you are, they aren't using the patch. See tweet below:
  6. Sounds like NA Central Fiction release is first week of November.
  7. *urk* I'm not normally a ps4 theme guy, but I reaaaaaaally want that theme.
  8. Speaking as someone for whom Dizzy was the closest thing they had to a main in the bad old XX days, and who has been really looking forward to her, I would vastly prefer that ASW take the time to knock her design out of the park, rather than meet some arbitrary date (even if it's the date of the biggest tourney in the world). I'd be really disappointed if she came out in a bad state due to not enough time spent. Don't worry, ASW will get her out. They want our monies after all.
  9. Cocomonk


    For your first question, it is strongly implied in the CS True End that Saya is now acting as Terumi's observer, which may be the reason why Terumi grabbed her in the first place. See, thanks to getting thrown into the Boundary with Hakumen, Terumi needs an "observer" in order to, well, exist. Up until the final part of the True End, Takamaharaga and Noel were acting as his observers. Remember that bit in the True End where Terumi is taking out Takamaharaga and the T's are questioning him doing so, since without Takamaharaga or Noel, he can't exist? Terumi responds that he has that handled, and TA says "Oh God, you awakened her?" I am fairly certain that the her refers to Saya. This is the reason why Terumi is actually obedient when it comes to Saya. He needs her help in order to exist. As for the exact circumstances about how Saya became Imperator, that's confusing to me as well. Keep in mind, however, that Terumi has been working on his goals through multiple timelines, and was working on his plans even before the NOL existed. It would make sense that he would have maintained a certain amount of control within the NOL, maybe enough to help make Saya the Imperator. It still remains to be seen why Saya would accept the position, however.