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  1. Moderator/admin only. Sorry bro

  2. Question. Howdya get a avi on this forum that isn't... tiny?

  3. ggxxac online pc simple setup. https://sites.google.com/site/ggxxaconline/setup all you need is an IP. you're in the same state as me so the connection should be ok.

  4. I have a more simple setup where there is a GUI and all I need is to click and type in an IP. I typed in my own, default IP just to see if the emulation worked.The result was no graphics, or rather, some eight bit looking, muddy stuff (but the sound was O.K.). This computer is old. I think it's a hardware problem. But I would like someone to verify. I have an old Pentium 4 Dell Dimension 2400 with the default graphics chip. 1GB ram upgraded (pretty sad specs at this point). If it is a hardware program (as it very well may be) I can probably just load the folder up to an FDD and use my dad's laptop, which is up-to-date. And maybe run #R on this computer, which I know it is able to do.
  5. Dogboy

    [Accent Core] Sol Badguy General Discussion

    This question has probably been asked 3 million times but.. do you guys have a special method for frc GAAAN FRAAAAME?! -.- it's something I just can't do much with sol. I'm thinking maybe piano-ing the buttons quickly and releasing sequentially 1>2x (very quickly) would do it. a-la t hawk. this right?
  6. is anyone actually successful in using this?
  7. Dogboy

    #R How to do the Dustloop?

    Kain, I believe you got the banner wrong too lol. It's jd, jd, jd, jd, jk, jd, js, Vorrukanniku vaipa, and what looks like a wild throw.
  8. Dogboy

    #R How to do the Dustloop?

    wull sorry, im used to having to defend myself from the people on srk. you seem to like that i want to learn which is cool.. i just have but one question though- how do you jd multiple times in one combo if jumping dust is a knockdown move? (assuming that jd is jumping dust.) just answer that and i'll leave you alone ok? happy holidays.
  9. Dogboy

    #R How to do the Dustloop?

    wait.. crap this is for gg mc/ sharp reload.. is this even possible in vanilla x2? im guessing not.
  10. Dogboy

    #R How to do the Dustloop?

    well yeah i know. like i said never have done it b4. but im not going to argue this too much- the second to last one looks like the vaipa to me. vorukanniku=volcanic. and "horribly" wrong? dude, chill out. its not like i live eat, sleep, and breathe gg, i just wanna play and get good at it... which leads me to a previous question- how is it possible to do jumping dust over and over in a combo?
  11. thats kinda what i thought honestly... however some players will turtle like a bad sf2 guile, i hear.. and to me thats really dumb, that is what i was asking about. i know you should block sometimes in order to preserve health in certain situations-thats fighting 101, in the real or virtual world, lol.
  12. Why would you want to turtle constantly (like sf2 guile) in Guilty Gear? I mean, it's obvious if you are using a counter character like Baiken, who's moves stem from block;but with so many offensive options and the meter penalty put on you for turtling-it doesn't seem very viable (except in short spurts).