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    Gundam vs. Gundam Next (plus)

    I"m confused guys. I've watched a ton of videos and it doesn't look like this game has much depth at all. Maybe some one can maybe explain some of the mechanics for me? I've done some searching around and all I get are reviewers saying get this game if your a gundam fan. I'm curious to see how much depth this game has.
  2. Hey Assassin I'm down for a few matches add me up on MSN if you have, make life easier when you msg me to request a few matches. Taimat also has msn so you should pm him as well if your down. my PSN is : SANHEK and my msn is c2ironfist@hotmail.com Cheers Shelcoof

  3. I just added you up on msn my msn is c2ironfist@hotmail.com. Gonna add you up on PSN in a bit.

  4. also, you added me on MSN? try to contact me on it sometime because I don't know who you are on messenger

  5. ya feel free to add my on PSN and we can try to play BF this week. I generally can only get on at night, like 10pm or later eastern time I don't play MOTW online, my computer is bad for doing games and I don't even have a converter to use controllers

  6. Yo Tai you down for some Battle Fantasia on PSN this week? I'll add you up when I get home from work :). Noticed you play MOTW as well. If you play on GGPO I'd love to get a few games going with you on that too. LMK Shelcoof

  7. I have my computer hooked up to the HDTV so breaking out old games is quit easy. Just click on the emu and your already started. Great way to stay in touch with the classics and they look awesome with filters too.

  8. Am thinking of doing that myself it might make me play my old games again.

  9. oh yhaa lol I play my PSX games on EMU now they look a lot nicer than my PS2 on the HDTV..

  10. I use god gundam and rx78 ya the boss gundams are crazy i don't think of using them.

  11. hey bj I'm at work right now but go ahead and post your FC. I'll post mine up once I get home which probably would be in 8 hours or so lol. If you have msn please add me (c2ironfist@hotmail.com). I have a group of guys on msn who are on who like to play occasionally (It's been quiet though the past month with people having exams etc). We mainly have friendly games and if anyone has problems with certian play style or anything we try to adjust for each other. Games can get heated at times in JUS due to it's brokeness so we try to keepe everyone happy :) My suggestion is not play on Random worste thing you can do unless you want to get upset playing against cheap players or hackers. We all try to help each other out too to make competition more fun and enjoyable. We have 1v1, 2v2 and 4FFA matches all the time and they are great fun. Anyways hopefully I'll catch you on messenger if you have it :) or Google talk (c2ironfist@gmail.com) oh yhaa names jimmy btw

  12. Actually, no, I don't play often. In fact, I've never played online. But that can change. :) Those rules are fine with me, BTW.

  13. hey bj Sure I don't mind. Do you play often? I only play by one rule though actually two. No support and no Time Stop. :)

  14. Yeah, I've got JUS. Wanna play sometime?