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    Banning Training Mode Stage

    I can tell where the corners are perfectly in any stage, I don't rely on the background... The camera changes perspective. Personally I'm not for it. It serves its purpose in Tutorial and parts in story. I wouldn't play it in game because it doesn't look nice, but for absolutely no technical reasons. If any stage, ban Hype Dog stage from serious play. (No, I freaking LOVE Hype Dog, but it really really distracts me and sounds like a SFX of a character's move and causes me to be overly defensive. Seriously)
  2. What_The_Factor


    Now I've 100'd the story mode and arcade, but I guess I forgot this. When did he say that? Guess that would bunk my theory alright.
  3. What_The_Factor


    Calling this. Hazama is lord Tenjo's son (Bang's master's son). Not the personality, but the body. Terumi was around when Jin was killing dudes in their bases in Ikaruga, and Terumi was on top of him when he got to Lord Tenjo. Terumi then infested Hazama's body. Bang's gonna get his Nox that splits connections to the boundary to save Lord Tenjo's son from Terumi's domination, and return his normal personality back. Bang is gonna basically be a huge help in the next game, unlike these two. Or maybe the fourth. This may happen farther in the future. But don't worry, Hazama will still be playable. He's still got Ouroboros, the nox, so there's no reason his fighting style should change. He'll probably gain mobility and some fun stuff. Why did he join the NOL then, if he was from Ikaruga? Well, I'mma go with Terumi did, as he was dominating Hazama's mind. /Speculation Agree/Disagree?
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    [CS2] Hazama Online Play

    PSN: What_The_Factor Location: New York
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    He also could have forgotten. Willingfully or otherwise.
  6. This ^ Also, gonna ditto complaints about challenge 6 with Ragna. Dashing into immediately cancelling into 6A? Holy shit did that mess me up. I recently changed to a stick over a pad as well. So, huge learning curve here. I only ever did 6D j.d (DC) 5B for the first time 2 days ago. Couldn't get it on the pad. I think challenge mode's hardest hurdles are dash cancels to immediately cancelling them into other moves before you even take a step. imho
  7. What_The_Factor

    [CT] Ragna vs Jin

    So, I read from pg1-6. Guess all the good stuff is in pages afterwards. Anyway, I don't have much trouble with Jins, so I guess I'm doing things right. Against scrubby jins, machine-gun 5A from full/near full screen and wait for him to run in with his Ice Car (yeah, 5A beats icecar, so does 5B). Again, block low till they jump, then if they're approaching RIGHT above you, either ID early half the time (so they don't anticipate it, can't be taught to ID every time they jump, now can you?), or what I prefer, dash right under em. Usually online and irl I've been seeing Jins really liking to cross you up with j.D. I know it's simple to block, I know sometimes you can anticipate it, but I don't know, if I fall for it once in the match, the frustration I feel toward the other player overwhelms me and I can't focus. If I block it I won't get hit for the match. It's more psychological than hp damage for me, you may not care, but just run under him if he's too close. Also good jins will try to make you learn to DP, or not DP, depending, by either shooting/not shooting their pi/4 radian icicle (236B midair) to either make you get hit and your 6A whiffs, or to make you think you're gonna get 236B'd, and not 6A, and they get a combo/block-string in. If you're gonna burst, unless you are GOING to die, don't burst right before he j.D's you and ends his air combo. I've seen so many people do this, and it applies to every matchup, but don't burst at the end of combos. Edit: Also remember in the corner game while in a Burger King (BK) combo, your Devoured by Darkness DOES have about 2 invincibility frames. A burst of his during a 5D can still net you the DBD hit... It just hits him as he's floating down from his burst. (Same applies to a lot of characters, I just BK against jins a lot more often than other characters [except maybe ragna] ) Double Edit: Obvious advice is obvious, but Ice Car has 2 hits for 3/4 of the versions. I usually can IB both of them, but worst case scenario, practice your timing for IBing the 2nd hit for the B/C and for the D versions (They're barely different, but not being able to punish someone isn't cool). IB -> CH -> Jin going