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  1. hobbes713

    [CS2] Noel CS1 -> CS2 Changlog

    It was pretty funny watching Hakuman get hit by the 5C > 6B new gattling. Guess he wasn't expecting an overhead after 5C. Can you jump cancel 5C now?
  2. hobbes713

    [CS1] Noel Beginner Questions: You Gotta Start Somewhere

    214A differs enough from 3C due to the fact that it's a bit deceiving. Most moves where a character jumps off the ground to do an attack is considered an overhead. For example Ragna's guantlet hades, Tao's 6B, Mu's 6B, etc. 214A is unique due to the fact that it looks like an overhead but it is actually a low move. 214A has more of a delay on start-up compared to 3C which happens almost instantly. A lot of people end up instinctively blocking it high on reaction even if they were originally blocking low. 214A also works on players who try to throw you when you rush in to pressure them. Also if the 214A ends up whiffing mid-screen, Noel will usually end up a bit further away on the other side of the opponent (as they were crouching of course). This can make it a bit harder to punish depending on how far away she's standing.
  3. hobbes713

    [CS1] Noel Beginner Questions: You Gotta Start Somewhere

    I do notice that the majority of Noel players online utilize the hit-and-run playstyle. Then again, I don't see many Noel players on XBL in the first place except for Luna. I play a very rushdown Noel myself and it works alright for me. The main problem about Noel is that her blockstrings have a lot of holes in it so it's important to be able to read and analyze how they deal with your pressure. The three methods which players generally use to deal with pressure is DP, mash 2A, or keep on blocking. Characters which have a good DP, like Ragna and Litchi, you should generally avoid pressuring for extended periods of time, especially if they IB. If they mash 2A whenever you try to rush back in you can stuff them with 2D after your blockstring. Alternatively, you can catch them with a frame trap in your blockstring. If they keep on blocking then you can rush back in and continue to pressure them. Also this may sound obvious, but it's important to mix up your pressure. 214A is imo, one of Noel's best moves and is extremely underrated. You can throw 214A from any normal or drive and it leads to pretty good damage. If you find your opponent blocking your 6B every single time, try throwing out a 214A in there instead.
  4. Holy hell, I had no idea you actually had an account on DL, its good to see you here.

  5. GG Hobbes! I wanted to play in that 3v3 tourney to get a crack at you guys.

  6. No, I live in Toronto.

  7. Are you from Montreal by any chance?

  8. hobbes713

    [CT+CS1] Noel vs. Tager

    Hey DCXII. I didn't notice that you were the same person as the one I see online. If you mix up the way you approach you can avoid getting 360 grabbed. Just don't approach every single time with 5A. As long as you mix up how you rush your opponent then it works fine.
  9. hobbes713

    [CT+CS1] Noel vs. Tager

    5A works if he is backdashing. Tager can still grab when you run towards him with his 360a but he has to buffer it in order for it to work. Therefore you can approach him safely if you time it when you know he can't be buffering (if he isn't jumping around or after he techs). Spring Raid can probably destroy any move Tager has if you land j.D safely due to the invincibility frames but if he blocks that as well then your in trouble (unless you Rapid Cancel it).
  10. hobbes713

    [CT+CS1] Noel vs. Tager

    I think that j.D is good if used sparingly. If you overuse and Tager blocks it then your pretty screwed when you land since he'll just sledge right through your next D move. I win against Tager about 50/50 of the time depending on how good they are. You should alternate between rushing them down from the air using j.A and rushing them from the ground with 5A or 5B. I notice that many Tagers will attempt to backdash as you approach then grab you but if you mash 5A then you will hit them out of their backdash (most of the time). A general rule is to never start with a D move as Tager can just sledge right through it.