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  1. MooMooAkai

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    You need to pick up a real character. Rapid 2D respect too strong. Hi lunaris. Hi zeth. Hi susano. GO DAI WOZ
  2. MooMooAkai

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Yo PSN I miss you guys. <3
  3. MooMooAkai

    [CSE] Iron Tager CS2 -> CSE Changelog

    Apart from damage, it almost looks like tager forgot what proration means. Dem combos just keep going.
  4. Awesome tavern usually is my training dummy but your tavern has always been a challenge and tough 2 fight

  5. Nice. I like fighting Carl's just about over any other matchup. The most reactive defense I ever have to have is against him. Once I get enough cash, I'll get a ps3 and start playin online again. Probably gonna just wait till CSX comes out.

  6. Solid my Carl has become a bit if talk on psn. Besides from zabe stealing my spotlight I'm a pro now. But I'm not gonna brag till I go to EVO next year. Right now I'm on hiatus playing darksouls so I definatly need to practice up again before returning to blazblue

  7. I still enjoy tager. His new changes look... interesting. His matchups are still painful but eh.. Relius looks like he fits in well with the cast. He has fine mobility, good tools, enough restrictions to keep him from being rediculous. Apart from school I plan on continuing to play when I get the chance and I'm saving up to head to texas and visit planet zero again with my cousins.

  8. Oh wow well I was rooting for u no matter what. So what are your plans now? With relius clover in the way and skull girls even closer

  9. I perished on the way. Also, two weeks before I actually got to go electric was cut at the place I was living so I had to pitch in a lot more to my very quiet friend. She didn't tell me how far behind she was on the bill =\

  10. Yo moomoo its been a very long time. Haven't seen u since you delcared u were going to EVO

  11. I'm gettin mah days off and bookin mah flight and hotel. Definately gonna see ya there. If I can I'm trying to bring a few more people from BEAST coast

  12. hey, haven't talked to you since SCR. how's it going? I've been really busy with work and haven't gotten a chance to play much bbcs2, but are you going to evo? we should try to get some games in. hopefully netplay won't suck as per usual. but if you do plan to go to evo, let me know! we should chill more and get some casuals in!

  13. lol a gimmick off XD i would love 2 see u 2 go at it. 4 SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!