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  1. Considering I'm like 5 years old I have High school on Fridays and it would be a lot easier if it was on a Saturday haha.

  2. We held them on Fridays as a test of sorts to get feed back on those who came. I don't know when the tournament will be next month, Chris is trying to work something out with Slash doing a stream for SSFIV next month. All I know at the moment is Chris said if Slash does do a stream for next month and if he wants to stream GG and BB next month then we may hold a GG/BB Tournament on February 19th once SSFIV ends, which would roughly be around 7pm. There will be a topic up for February's tournament once I know more, if Chris doesn't do it first.

  3. I'm officially really dumb.... I've never noticed that all the BB/GG events have been on Friday until now. Around what time do they usually start?

  4. I'd be there, if I was still in Nashville. All this shit happens right after I leave for Washington.
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for coming out last night, it was fun. Nice Jin as well.

  6. Looking for people to play with, be it in person or online. I'm currently playing Super Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. Used to play Guilty Gear but haven't done so in awhile. If anyone's interested hit me up sometime.

  7. RavenOmni

    Put yourself on the COMPETITION MAP!

    I came to Washington state not to long ago and I'm looking for some people to play against in CS, rusty as hell and need some good matches.
  8. Wow, you haven't been on in forever >_>

  9. Hey aren't you that guy?