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  1. -Ladon-

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    didn't hear that, that's pretty nice, also allows for the fuzzy guard-rapid setup to be better as well
  2. -Ladon-

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    I do 62369 so it's a smoother input
  3. -Ladon-

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    I have a feeling this will work on my quad 2C combo, lemme go check well I couldn't reproduce it, feels like they're teching too fast after the TK CID if you can reproduce it, combo is: corner, near opponent 2c-2c-6c-dc-2c-5d(1)-GH-2c-5D-dc-6A-jc-j.C-j.D-j.C-BE-6A-TK CID then it seems to blue beat before I get in range for j.C pickup, you guys might have the timing down better than me though combo does about 5.2k with D ID ender, I'd imagine 5.5k with 22C pickup
  4. -Ladon-

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    if you instantly cancel it doesn't
  5. Is the J.D that is listed for non-BK Ragna? shoutouts to getting even more proration on moves that could use less of it
  6. -Ladon-

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    Kune is my worst matchup bar none, it just feels like while you can get a solid rushdown going and get a lot of momentum he always has the opportunity to get out and even without curse zoning against him is unbelievably hard. CS Ragna feels iffy, while I love his meter gain, damage and oki, I still feel like he needs more mixup in general instead of high meter/damage, with the removal of ID wallbounce and CS bounce(for crossunder ET mixup) I can't really say how he's going to look in CS2 other than generally weaker, but so is a large portion of the cast. I wish someone would've tested blood kain at least a little in BBCS2, I still want it to be a staple in his game post-burst or even pre-burst if you got dat yomi bad matchups with who's considered the top characters in japan, subpar mixup, bad zoning make for a pretty hard time getting far in SBO @above: while ragna has a lot of Same Move Proration, if he didn't, his average damage would probably be more around 4.5k rather than 3.5-4, plus, his best prorated move(2c) is a fatal and has no SMP
  7. -Ladon-

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    5C proration is ass, since your combo has two of them, you're going to get bad results
  8. -Ladon-

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    pretty impractical, but it's a really good hit confirm setup in the corner and a solid way to get 22c oki without having to rely on 3c
  9. doesn't combo into anything except 5A on a cornered tager, and leaves you at - frames, so no also whoever said it won't be used in combos is most likely wrong, it's an aerial corner push, which rg doesn't have
  10. belial being harder to connect is fine, people actually have to line themselves up now god forbid
  11. there's usually no solid info on frame data until the game is actually released, so yes, it's possible no one's noticing slight frame changes
  12. -Ladon-

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    they are, and you're correct in assuming it doesn't, some of the highest non-fatal meterless combos come off a TK GH counter hit and involve a grounded GH
  13. -Ladon-

    BBCS II: Location Test Videos