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    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/99831120/arcana-heart-3-love-max-six-stars-2d-fighting-game/posts/1986352 https://arcana-heart-3-love-max-six-stars.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders Pre-Orders are now available through BackerKit until the end of October. Additional stretch goals can be reached through combined KS+BK funding totals: $360K - Dark Heart (CPU-only) $390K - Dark Heart (Playable) $420K - Love Prison Geist (Dark Heart's Arcana) Additional stretch goals for Omega are probably a maybe.
  2. Tokkan

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Uh... what I meant was we'll get at least one of them if there's enough funding. Hence why I said probable instead of possible. I do not think that all 3 would be the one stretch goal.
  3. Tokkan

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/99831120/arcana-heart-3-love-max-six-stars-2d-fighting-game/ Kickstarter launched. Initial goal of $100,000 for just the port but it sounds like at least one additional DLC character for a stretch goal is quite probable.
  4. It's ガルマッゾ (Garumazzo), not ガリマッソ.
  5. More info from an official stream. Arcade release on the 30th of March (this coming Thursday) The After Story is in 3 parts; 1st part is available day 1 and the 2nd and 3rd parts will be added in later updates. You will need to have watched the main story first. The Online Lobby includes an official twitter feed.
  6. http://www.ggxrd.com/rev/cs2/outline/ Rev2 includes an "After Story". Additional story is planned for free release after launch. Online Lobby is now independent of Ranked and Player Matches, meaning it's now a true 3rd mode of netplay like in BB and not a required sign-in to play the other modes of netplay. Ranked match now allows rematching up to a FT2. Player match now allows you to spectate a match that has already started. You can switch back to the original Revelator in the options menu if you wish to netplay with a person who hasn't upgraded yet.
  7. New moves: Ky has a new 6HS Millia has a new j.HS and also an added HS version of Silent Force Potemkin's F.D.B can now be charged. Axl has a new j.6K and j.2S Venom has a new 2HS Bedman has a new 6HS Ram has two new specials: Marteli (236S w/sword) and Forpeli (236HS w/sword). If Marteli hits, you can follow up with Forpeli. Sin's "Still Growing" can now restore more calory gauge with repeated button presses.
  8. http://www.blazblue.jp/topics.html#topics892 Es, Mai and Susanoo coming to arcade BBCF on December 8. It will be the same balance as is currently on console.
  9. You can not unlock them via arcade mode. They are only available as DLC, the exception being Susanoo's. You can unlock Susanoo's system voice just by unlocking Susanoo as a playable character. Es's and Mai's are bundled with their character DLC and Kajun's is bundled with Mai.
  10. BBCP had an anime supporting it, advertising-wise; its sales numbers are kind of an outlier as a result. Also probably still some lingering "waiting for Extend" sentiment even with Mori's repeated statements on there being no Extend version this time.
  11. Noel's is Rulue/Lulu from Puyo Puyo series (same VA).
  12. That issue does not come out on the 20th, it came out on the 6th. Famitsu names their issues for two weeks ahead of their release (or when it's a double/triple issue, it's named for 2/3 dates). This is completely normal for magazines, which would have December issues releasing in October or November if they were monthly release. I mean it says right there on the page: 配信開始日 2016年10月06日 (Distribution Start Day: October 6 2016). That means it came out on the 6th.
  13. https://bookwalker.jp/deeae29810-86e8-4f72-9b5b-dd6d96d98e9a/週刊ファミ通-2016年10月20日号/ Buy that issue.
  14. I'm guessing he won't be available for purchase for quite a while, because he's a walking spoiler. You might have to wait a month... or just rush through story mode.
  15. There's also two slots each below Tager and Amane. So there's a total of 6 free spaces to use for more DLC if they so desire.
  16. I already told you, the code for that comes out with next week's issue on the 13th.
  17. That particular artwork is much older than that issue; it's from when CP Extend was releasing. I forget what issue.
  18. No, that's Issue No.1428, the issue that's featured as furniture with their code. The furniture comes with issue No.1454, which is not out yet. It comes out on the 13th. The code for colours comes out tomorrow, though.
  19. No, that's where Button Settings is.
  20. The Famitsu codes for colours and My Room furniture are included with issues that come out on October 6 and October 13 respectively. Neither of these issues are out or available for purchase yet. The Dengeki issue that includes a code for colours is already out but there's also another Dengeki issue with DLC coming on the 13th that includes furniture for "My Room". Furniture from Famitsu: "Famitsu Issue No.1428" (the one BBCF console was announced in) and a tapestry of Noel, Celica and Mai drawn by Sumeragi. Furniture from Dengeki: "Poritan" plushy (Poritan is the Dengeki mascot) and tapestries drawn by Mori, Katou and Higuchi. The codes from Dengeki and Famitsu don't expire until October 31, 2017 so you have plenty of time (over a year) to buy those magazines.
  21. That mean's nothing, their contracts on previous games could've contained specific clauses for these kind of things. Seitz's post on FB was also not endorsing any sort of petition so it's completely fine. Also, let's not discuss this any further.
  22. Liking twitter posts does not equate to endorsement. It's more tacit approval than actual endorsement, they aren't actively encouraging people to sign the petition (and in all likelihood probably aren't even allowed to do so).
  23. You mean the part where it says 有料ダウンロードコンテンツキャラクター (Paid Download Content Character)? "Tapestry" in this case means a wall scroll.
  24. It's not a dakimakura, it's a tapestry.
  25. Mai also became female on a mental level as well as the story went on and has also come to accept life as a female. And on a soul-deep level, Mai is both genders at once according to Relius.