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  1. Nov Ganon

    Johnny General Discussion

    Hey is it possible for someone to give me the notations for the lvl 3 mist finer cancel loops in the corner after a grab? And can anyone give me some lvl 3 mist finer combos in the corner ? Thanks in advance
  2. Nov Ganon

    [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Hey guys what are some of slayer safe jumps against wake up dps? Also what are u guys doing for oki after a grab?
  3. Nov Ganon

    [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Hey guys how are u starting the match ? What moves are you using? In the matchup thread is it possible to show the options each character has at the start of the round?
  4. Nov Ganon

    [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    So sorry I don't know where to ask this im having a hard time combo'n after a j2k any tips ? Or just grind it out in training mode?
  5. Lol look who's back playing bb

  6. Where are you????

  7. im not gona lie wen u went furry i was upset but dam bro 2nd is awesome im happy for u lol

  8. oh ok sir i guess she doesnt need it anymore :)

  9. Slower Startup, and less invincibility.

  10. omg bro i cant use 5d fo ish now i know they changed it but i dont kno what they changed exactly lol

  11. yo ughh add me on eternalequinox1. i can't netplay on cs because the disk is cracked lol.

  12. Psp onri lol (or 3ds lol)

  13. hold on plat is out?! already!?

  14. lolol niceeee i need to start playing cs again