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  1. RAOU

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    FFA that's like a million miles away.
  2. It's not his car, was my friends Rolo.
  3. >:3 Shout outs to everyone I played. Now back to playing some MTG >:3
  4. Yo let's all go, I'll be there. This sunday.
  5. im never going to this arcades anymore, try to do some lan stuff and no one shows, ill be learning new combos, going to make combo video, cause im a lone squatting gamer
  6. I'm going to try and get a lift I wanna go lol
  7. Take me with you one of this days. Zong-1 I can teach you what I know.
  8. Yo tAke me with you one of this days
  9. Chemical gaming, fuck your alcohol.
  10. Thinking of coming to this Sunday, cross yo fingers.
  11. >:3 Wish I could go, but I'm only free on weekends.