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  1. dennch7

    [CSE] Relius Clover Q&A Thread

    can someone post his movelist? might be a bit much work to do, but would rlly help for us that dont have BBCSEX yet cause i am rlly interested to play him. But one question, is his playstyle similar to Carls? is the drive the same? Whats the difference between them in that case? EDIT: Forget it, i found this site http://blazblue.wikia.com/wiki/Relius_Clover/Movelist
  2. dennch7

    BBCSEX Importing Question

    any information on when it will be released in Hong Kong? Or anywhere else in the world apart from Japan?
  3. dennch7

    BBCSEX Importing Question

    ooooh, thnx to both. And i meant "region" as in playstation store, in case it was downloadable X)
  4. dennch7

    BBCSEX Importing Question

    god, iv missed out on so much! Im not in reach of a playstation right now and not gonna be for quite a while, and i cant find good info on the net so can someone please answer my questions? :3 Do i have to buy an entirely new "Disc" or is it available for download from playstation store? How much is the cost? I heard something about it being "Japanese" or "Asia" version, does this mean that i have to change my account region to the Asia Stores and buy it from there? In that case, will it be available for my other accounts that have another region? Thnx Dustloop community ))))
  5. Hmmm, ofc, any dmg is good, its just that for the people that cant do the combo (like me), and whiffs at the 5B, it resets and actually puts you in a disadvantage with recovery. On the other hand, so many conditions....ill start practicing right now!! Iv actually tried delaying J.CC, but it just doesnt seem to work!! Could u try to explain exactly what "height" ur talking about?
  6. oh, that. Just started reading dustloop recently and forgotten most of the terminology...if u can call it that. I dont really find it necessary. You only get about 3 or more hits out of IAD combo and minimal dmg. Good for putting them in the corner though..... And i cant really do it...they always tech before the 5B lands....
  7. also, what do u guys think about her in-air 236C? The start up is somewhat slow, but i sometimes use this move while air dashing towards the opponent. The "wings" have quite a large hitbox, so once they are out it pretty much fully covers tsubakis body, making it kinda like an advancing wall :D i use it for mix-ups as well at times....5BB -> J.c -> J.B -> J.CC -> 623C -> 214A OR B actually works.....and if i delay the 623C it ends the combo but still hits the opponent from behind. The block-stun is decent enough so not much to worry about there......who knows? u might just get a CH on it and u can continue with a ground combo. EDIT: has this been discussed already? i havent read the entire thread yet....
  8. ooooooooh, i have still much to learn....*bows in respect*
  9. also, there are actually 2 ways to kara throw with tsubaki!! One with the regular 6C and 6B!! Just like how you press B or throw button after 6C, just press C after 6B....or the throw button ofc. Although 6C moves faster and further....its not really helping......just thought it would be interresting to know...
  10. hmmm, so iv been trying to find out what usage there is to her 3CC, and apperently (well, its really quite obvious actually...) you recover a lot faster than the opponent, as they cant air tech it...... In other words, you can continue pressure and stuff once they actually recover, but be careful to not attack immediatly after recovering yourself, cause it will whiff..... On the other hand, it doesnt prorate dmg so much and is a good combo starter, almost as good as 214D :DD Although it costs 50 heat for dat rapid but meh....
  11. dennch7

    [CS2] Platinum the General #1

    hello PTT General! (Or whatever u call urself now, i read the first couple of posts X)) but anyways, i downloaded platinum today and installed it.....but she is still "locked" and not selectable in any mode.....has anyone else ever encountered this issue? cause not even google has anything useful....help pls?
  12. first of all, nice guide!! and i have a BIG issue with the CS litchi, whenever i do the 5B-2C-ItsuuA-6Kote-Haku-Hatsu-RichiiA-IppatsuA-...... I keep on missing the IppatsuA, ALWAYS! The kick just doesnt connect!! are there any delays on the Haku or Hatsu? And i always start the 5B up-close so i dont have to dash. Please, please, please help......
  13. dennch7

    [CT] Rachel vs Jin

    try this: when jin is either AD or charging towards u, surprise him by double super jumping up and summon a pumpkin, wind it down with a j.2cd, wether he blocks it or not, go on with a ground combo: 5b-(6b)5cdc(3c)-236a, the last lobelia pushes him back a bit. now, both should be in "neutral" stand, which means that ur back at "ACTION"! BUT WAIT! THE PUMPKIN IS STILL OUT! it should be above u somewhere, use it 2 catch the opponent of guard and go on with the the pressure/combo. thats one of my favorite "moves"...XD and it should work on all characters...
  14. like ur profile avatar!! XD