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  1. Senxo

    Necessary to use more characters?

    Personally, I believe that if your fundamentals are solid sticking to one character will do you just fine. You'll learn what to do and what not to do against a certain character simply by playing against them. For Example, I have zero idea how to play Ranga, but I know how Ranga plays. Know what I mean? But I would definitely agree that learning different characters will help you learn different styles of play. Maybe if you're terrible at mix ups, learn a character thats all about that. Or if you have no clue how to zone, play that type of character. That's the kind of thing I look for when playing multiple characters.
  2. Senxo

    The Fighter Mentality

    this. I don't mind losing. I just think OK try harder, get better. I can't stand losing against someone who has already put themselves up on this high horse. As a matter of fact, playing against that person in general is just annoying. It really takes ALL of the fun out of the game.
  3. Nothing much man, how bout you? -Tha Hindu

  4. Hey. Not too sure if we've met or had a chat before, but, still, whats up!

  5. Senxo

    [CT] Bang Shishigami Combination Arts FRKZ MERGED

    Yep, you should be doing it in place without jumping up at all. Not sure what your exact problem is but maybe try doing it faster, or a bit later.
  6. Senxo

    The Fighter Mentality

    Yep yep. I'm getting used to keeping pressure, its just..throwing mixups man. I get the concept of fighting hard and doing combos etc etc. I just cannot, for the life of me, think about how to get into my opponents head AND win at the same time. I always feel like, while I'm over here playing mind games and what not, I could just be doing some more strict damage. Thats what inspired me to make the thread in the first place. I think that state of mind comes from lack of fighter experience in general, not just blazblue experience. Which sucks =( Edit: Just adding that I do not agree with the "It's just a game" mentality. It still requires hard work and dedication to be good at, like anything else. So I can easily understand people taking it very seriously. The type of work that goes into these types of games is like none other. So if people are getting really into the competitive aspect, and making money, power to em i say.
  7. Senxo

    The Fighter Mentality

    I think that was/is my main problem haha. I'm so used to, just play, and you'll eventually get better from playing so much. Thats true to some extent but there is a lot more to it than that, for fighters. There really has to be some sort of dedication in order to go that extra step. I'm trying so hard to get myself in the right frame of mind, but if aren't one of those people that have been doing this for years it's a pain in the ass let my tell you -___-;
  8. Senxo

    [CT] Bang Shishigami Combination Arts FRKZ MERGED

    Generally, questions like this are asked in the execution thread. The answer is there as well. In any case, you need to jump cancel those moves to get the second part to come out. Tip: When doing 6D, press 9, then just as 6D connects pressed 623B. As for the jD to 236C, do 2369C instead after the jD. Hope that helps you out some.
  9. Senxo

    The Fighter Mentality

    And I'd have to agree with you, that too much competitiveness can be a bad thing. For myself, I just want to be recognized as good. The competitive part is more of a side-effect of wanting to better myself at said game. So far, I'm seeing that the mentality is probably the most important part of these games. Knowing all the moves/combos is great, knowing all the matchups is great. But If you can't put that to use correctly you can never get to that "Top 8" level. I often forget that there is a person controlling that other character, and I have to do my best to not only out perform, but outwit that person. Those without this mindset (like myself) have yet to grasp such concepts as..using a specific combo that works very well only a few times, or rarely, just so the opponent doesn't catch on. Even in casual play, the goal is to win. Imo, fighter mentality ultimately points you in the direction of consistantly winning.
  10. Senxo

    The Fighter Mentality

    Not sure if this is the right section for this, but here goes. What do you feel is the most important thing in having a mentality required to play figthers well? I think it'd be interesting to share indepth thoughts and opinions. Based on the way I play, and how I've seen pro players play. I'd say the most important thing is being able to use your knowledge of the game to diversify your play style and not get locked into only doing everything you can to pull off those couple combos you know. For example, I just try and get in and go with the combo I know that'll work. I think it takes more than that. It's not just getting the hits in, its about making them guess while keeping the advantage. That's my 2 cents. Any other thoughts?
  11. Senxo

    [CT] Bang Shishigami Combination Arts FRKZ MERGED

    I know this is old, but I've been through this thread time and time again, practicing combos against the entire cast. I've noticed that I have no problem doing the combos IF I get in. Right now, I'm just winging it and trying to figure out ways to get in with FRKZ. I mean, I cant bait anything because barrier doesnt cancel the dash. I try dashing past them since i have invincibility frames but tracking usually takes care of that. So, any tips for a FRKZ noob? Btw, I've been trying to find something to do against jump happy opponents. I've been messing with 7/8/9 dashing and canceled it with j.b since the dash speed helps me beat them in the air on reaction. Turns out j.b, 6-dash, j.d, 3/2-dash j.d, V, 2b, 6c, 9-dash, j.b, 6d, 3d, V, 2c for 4023 damage. Haven't tested on the entire cast though. I like j.b more than j.d sometimes because it has range and comes out faster. Any thoughts or better solutions? EDIT: Another thing, I've read a lot about starting a combo normally then FRKZing in the middle and continuing the combo FRKZ style. I've been trying stuff like. 5a, 5b, 2b, 2c, FRKZ, 6-dash, 6a, 6c, 9-dash, j.b, etc, etc. But from the looks of it, the combo timer runs out before I can do anything worth while, there's like one more hit in there. So it always ends up being [...], FRKZ, 6-dash, 6A, *opponent techs*. Is it simply not possible to continue a FRKZ combo starting in normal mode?
  12. He seems to be fairly easy to pick up and mess around with. By that I mean sitting in training mode and learning his combos wasn't too hard. However, actually playing well with bang took me (is still taking me) a while to get used to. Since you have to utilize pressure and mixups, if you are new to fighting games like I am those concepts are pretty hard to grasp. So, it doesn't help when your main is all about that. You don't have any spammable moves to help you win. You really have to either create your openings or wait for that perfect moment to retaliate. I'd say he's about a 7 or 8. Its why I love the guy tho.
  13. Senxo

    [CT] Bang Shishigami Combination Arts FRKZ MERGED

    Lol.that's actually the combo I meant to write. Mustve been tired when I wrote this. Thanks tho. The one after this with the j.c ender I will have to try. About the d5c hitting, it does but its a little tricky (at least for me) to get there in time.
  14. Senxo

    [CT] Bang Shishigami Combination Arts FRKZ MERGED

    I dont know if its just me. But when I do something basic like..5d, j.a, j.b, dj.a, dj.b, 623b I started trying to mix it up by dropping the 623b and throwing a B nail. A lot of the times people will tech backwards, and since I'm so far by then, wait until they hit the ground and regroup their thoughts. Aside from that, most of the time people dont notice the nail is a B at that height. Because of that if they are blocking they block the explosion and I get free pressure again, and if they aren't blocking and are ready to attack the explosion hits them in the back of the head. I'm 99.99% sure this is just me getting lucky on newby players, but your combo is a great addition lol. Impractical as it may be =p
  15. Senxo

    [CT] Bang vs Noel

    I really feel your pain. I remember when I first started playing, Ragna was my first practice and I could instantly see where his windows were, on block. Noel, it seems like she's constantly doing stuff and there is no way for me to get in. However, what I've noticed is a lot of people go for that over head after a long string of blocks. So, I usually wait for them to get done and j.a, j.a, or j.a, j.b, 623b, etc. or j.623c. I guess playing Rose in SF4 as helped me with being psychic on jumps. In any case, are there any moves on ground are punishable, because I cannot for the life of me get in fast enough without using drive. I'm seeing people using d.2b but I suck at that right now. I either get 2b or 623b <_<;