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  1. Korey

    GGPO Vampire Savior Weekly Vambats

    Another week of Vampire Savior weekly tournaments is coming up on GGPO this Sunday, October 21st. Either join up or watch the stream, we have a good number of skilled players so either will be fun. If you want to sign up, go on GGPO the day of and tell Korey you want to enter the tournament. Please make sure before you enter the tournament that your ports are all open properly and you can connect to people . Time: Sunday, October 21st, 2012. 1pm PST/4pm EST Double Elimination 2/3 Matches 3/5 Matches for Grand Finals. If two players cannot connect, if one of them is new, the priority will be given to older player that we know can already connect to people. Otherwise it will be a coin toss. Stream URL: www.twitch.tv/rotanibor Please follow, as we stream tournaments weekly on this channe
  2. So our good friend Hampster from the Japanese community recently wrote us a text document detailing some defensive options and how the frames work on air resets (or just wakeup in general)
  3. Korey

    [VS] General Discussion

    less than 3 months to PU2012 guys! Get hype
  4. Korey

    [VS] General Discussion

    I'm all set for PowerUp. I'll be there in April to take your money
  5. Korey

    [VS] Simple Q&A thread

    There are many methods to tech hit the buttons. You can swipe your hands across the buttons or you can do the above method. The only way I can say to practice the other way is to play and try it. if you roll your hand across the stick from left to right, that's how you'll get it. It is possible to hit all the buttons, but it takes a lot of practice.
  6. Korey

    [VS] General Discussion

    Howdy everyone! As I'm sure you know, Darkstalkers Combination Cup will be going on September 23rd and the 24th. Japanese Sasquatch player Sasunii has been kind enough to link us videos of the qualifiers and information regarding teams for DCC. You can check that out if you're a part of our Facebook group. Also, DCC will be streamed via Sakamoto's uStream channel So check that out for dates and times. They will have a special 5 on 5 team event the night before DCC then the Main Events will start the day after with the Hunter tournament first, followed by VSav. Don't miss out on some high level Vampire play from some of the best players in the world.
  7. Korey

    [VS] General Discussion

    Ggs to Kyle and anyone I played from here on GGPO~! I discovered something new with Fish. In my quest to be an ultimate troll and create random reset confusion I decided instead of finishing my poison combo...I'd do Instant overhead and reset the situation. Little did I know that it all combos! So it looks something like this: Poison> Jump Lk, HP (do HP while falling), Land, Instant j.lk, d.rh (drill). It all combos and it looks stylin. Plus you get an even frames mixup/ confusion from that situation. NOTE: This doesn't work on QB (Of course it doesn't :/ )
  8. Korey

    [VS] Video Thread

    I'd like to add in a few channels: Neojinbe's Channel: youtube.com/user/neojinbe B-IzM's Channel: youtube.com/user/b3nner DDSasquatch's Channel: youtube.com/user/DDSasquatch MagnetoManiac's Channel: youtube.com/goldfelicia Orecom's channel: youtube.com/user/orecomchan psychorarity's channel:youtube.com/user/psychorarity Shimatuya's channel: youtube.com/user/shimatuya EgoLei's Channel: youtube.com/user/ukio987 *MY* channel: youtube.com/user/DJRedrumofEPG
  9. Korey

    [VS] Simple Q&A thread

    Bulleta's weakness lies from her inability to deal with people jumping on her from any distance really. S.MK is an ok AA, but it's no Demitri S.MK. She also has no real good defensive option when dealing with pressure (like a DP). GC is ok to temporarily alleivate pressure. Bulleta's defensive options are similar to Rikuo's. You have to defend by using your movement/ spacing. From your perspective as Morrigan, it is a hella tough matchup for sure. You have to stave off the incoming Bulleta rushdown of death and destruction while attempting to deal damage with inferior damage dealing options. However, once you get within the range that Bulleta wants to fight at, then you can start to open up on her and use your hi/low game to take advantage of her. Controlling the top part of the screen is important too, because Bulleta wants to be in the air to assault you with like 30 jumping attacks before she lands. Standing MP and MK can stop dashes if you predict them correctly, but only in a situation where they don't have charge. Otherwise you'll eat missle.
  10. Korey

    [VS] Simple Q&A thread

    I'd throw Aulbath in there, somewhat. While his dash pressure game is immensely better, he can be very annoying when the McFish player can zone you out right and makes you land on a poison or a sonic wave. But that's a real risk compared to other characters who have a better zoning game. Although Demitri has your "shoto standard" zoning game, I think Lei Lei has the best overall zoning game, because she has two special moves (ES Gong and Projectile) and an entire Super that are geared towards zoning (LaoRai Tenshin [swords]). Other characters that can kinda hang back are Morrigan (somewhat) and Anakaris (somewhat). But as Skankin Garbage mentioned, zoning and turtling in Savior takes a sort of backseat to rushdown. Characters who can break zoning are more than capable of sheerly overwhelming overly defensive players by the speed and angle of their rushdown (Sas, Raptor, QB are the biggest culprits).
  11. Korey

    Haha, yeah. You and quan and Zach come out and we'll see how high my streak goes ;)

  12. Kyle

    GGPO is being mean to me... Come to Cinicnnati!

  13. Howdy folks!. As many of you realize, Vampire has a growing, mostly online community. Luckily there are many programs you can use to play VSav online. I'll detail them here: Online GGPO- This is where the majority of the VSav community plays. The netcode for Vampire is nearly flawless (the new build does add some crazy rollbacks when specs join/leave the game and some other weird lag spikes), but it's by far the best program to play VS on. This requires the ROM of vsav.zip (euro) Supercade- Supercade is a P2P (Peer to Peer) based client run by Damdai. It boasts the ability to have replays, and that's really the only thing it has over GGPO. The netplay isn't as good and creates some pretty nasty input lag, which in a game like Vampire is pretty essential. the Vsav community uses it when GGPO is down. This requires the ROM of vsav.zip (euro) Kaillera P2P- Some people use this function of Kaillera to play VSav. It's useful to avoid lag from Specs and I don't think it has input lag ( don't really use it). It's rather easy to set up too. Just get your opponents IP, host a game and gogogogogogo. This requires the ROM of vsav.zip (euro) If anyone else uses another service, just let me know Offline Arcade Boards are the best!
  14. Korey

    Gotta spread the love for the VS community, sir. Let's get some games in soon, yeah?

  15. Kyle

    Badass Korey! Medals coming very soon too.