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  1. Twin Rhapsody

    Soul Calibur 5

    I just want to know who's going to take Yun's place. He IS one of the younger fighters, so maybe he'll be back just older.
  2. I recently got back into this game thanks to finding a tourney player who isn't a 2+ hour drive away. I'm in Central WI, whereas all of the tourney scenes are on the edges, like Green Bay, Milwaukee, etc. I play Zenia, my usual Arcana is Sacred. Yes, yes I know it's ass, but I really like it's Specials.
  3. 2366 is very hard for me going from right to left (2144 in other words), my wrist aches after practicing it for a while. No problem going left to right though.
  4. How's her Parry now? It "spins" on hit now, right? Does that enable no meter combos off of it, or is it just to make Rapid combos easier?
  5. Twin Rhapsody

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    How's leveling up in Duodecim? Still possible to powerlevel against Lv. 100 Emporer by reflecting Blue Flares back at him?
  6. Even if you say that I still play CT, CS cuz that's all I got. Unlike you rich kids I can't afford $60 fighting games.

  7. Mainly because I don't play BlazBlue anymore, haven't played since I got AH3 and MvC3. Might pick it back up when CS2 hits, but MvC3 put the nail in CS's coffin honestly.

  8. Oi, how come I never play you?

  9. Twin Rhapsody

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Taskmaster should get a Demogoblin Alt, and have it so his counters are always active. Meaning if you punch him, he'll punch right back every time. (Hope someone gets the reference lol.)
  10. 333 West Kilbourn Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 53203 location http://www.animemilwaukee.com/Images/SaturdaySchedule.pdf and schedule

  11. Twin Rhapsody

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    The stage where Cloud is talking is the Theater Ship from IX.
  12. Twin Rhapsody

    BBCS2 FINAL SHOWDOWN: Loketest 5, Nov. 15th Discussion

    Since there's nothing about it in the first post, I'm guessing Makoto's still mega-nerfed?
  13. Twin Rhapsody

    BBCS LokeTest 2: Oct. 8th, 2010 Discussion (NO COMPLAINING)

    Nothing new on Makoto eh? Well, guess that's actually good news, she's solid as is and 5B JC-able on block is great. Only thing I'm really watching for in the coming Loketests is if 214B/C-D is an overhead, and if 623C-D can allow follow-ups or is still just a combo ender.
  14. Twin Rhapsody

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    The stage that Kuja and Cloud are talking on has been speculated to be the Theater Ship from IX.
  15. Twin Rhapsody

    Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy Thread

    I'm wondering if they're going for 3 characters per game, which would bring the final count to 39, or if they'll try and add a new Hero + Villain for each, which would bring th total to a whopping 52. I just hope for IX's new rep it's Beatrix, Vivi or Mikoto. Beatrix could fit on the Chaos side if they wanted, though without Dagger or Steiner, story-wise it'd be odd for her to be there. Vivi would make more sense story-wise, he's got a reason to fight Kuja at least. Mikoto just for semi-lols, it would add the final "Angel of Death" from IX, but I don't see how she'd fight honestly. Maybe wield a scythe, that'd be awesome. She'd also have a reason to be against Kuja, or for him, but I'm certain she's not getting added.