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  1. It was announced during an ASW event that After Story would be three parts, so there will indeed be one more.
  2. Trick question. They're detrimental to any game.
  3. New loketest on the 16th. It'll last about a week.
  4. Ruki's impressions: - 214P/K still don't hit Faust crouching. The lower hitbox probably didn't increase. - 214D now staggers the opponent if it hits them on the ground, and the tracking against them in the air is fast. The attack level hasn't changed. The attack portion might be faster in general. - Hard to tell how much her hurtboxes have been reduced. It may only be by a little. Didn't expect much to begin with, though. - AA CH 2S is lit.
  5. Yeah, with a grinder out, her only real options are jump or block, so depending on 214D isn't a good idea, but since Ky does indeed have the advantage in neutral, being able to shut down some of his long-range game, even if just sometimes, can help.
  6. This isn't necessarily the case; in my experience, 214D renders Stun Edge nigh useless without a grinder, and even at close- or mid-range, Ky has to use low-hitting moves to hit Dizzy herself, and she doesn't need YRC for it since it has the fastest startup of her 214 series. Tension is indeed more important for her in this matchup, especially up close, but she's not totally free without any. 236HS doesn't even need YRC to beat it.
  7. Bringing up multiple worlds in a game that ends with a young Nine having let go of her grudge against her father can be easily inferred to mean that that game also doesn't take place in the main timeline.
  8. Sorry, I forgot to work in that Watashi and Imouto not being the same Nine and Celica in the main story seemed to be an implication from that exchange.
  9. Watashi's last exchange in LM is actually pretty clear about this. I don't remember it all that well, but I do remember her theorizing that Es is most likely not from the same world/timeline she is. As should've been obvious from Naoto's dialogue with Relius in his third arcade story, characters in different timelines can meet without events going the same way. As such, just as the Relius in the main BB story witnessed Naoto dying instead of surviving his fight with Clavis, Nine and Celica likely met Es in a way that didn't entail Nine getting over her grudge.
  10. All three of them were fine after the EVO patch, it's apparently just common for people to confuse "top tiers getting nerfed" with "welcome the new low tiers". Was she? I saw Kazuki tweet about her j.H change reminding him of Slash and saying that she was still top tier in that one.
  11. You say when she actually turned out not to be that bad off after the last couple of updates, and these changes are hardly unreasonable. That being said, as always, it's important to remember that loketests tend to have changes that don't stick, so people shouldn't get too excited/upset/ecstatic/despair-filled just yet.
  12. As far as I can tell, the main problem with her fish okizeme off of most enders is that the startup of her 214P/K/HS weren't reduced proportionately to the general decrease in wakeup time among the cast, so the fish themselves aren't going to hit meaty unless you do 214HS after 236HS at a high height. Thus, it's become more important to use a normal as a meaty attack or a setup that catches jumps and/or abare. I believe the latter is mainly why you see players like Kazuki succeed more often than most, despite her okizeme still being noticeably weaker.
  13. Story mode takes place after the arcade stories, so you should do episode first.
  14. The console characters are only just now getting added to the arcade version. Given the time ASW takes between updates like that, even without balance changes, it's not all that likely there'll any more big news until next year.
  15. Not sure if it's every page, but these seem to be from that issue.