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  1. Shinsyn

    P4 Matchup Directory

    I have a few threads that have match-up data in them so its going to take me some time with my schedule to add them. I'll try to stick to creating two a day and update this post as they're created. So far, these are ready: Yukari vs Ken: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11646-yukari-vs-ken/ Yukari vs Shadow Labrys: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/11647-yukari-vs-shadow-labrys/ As I complete more threads, I'll add them in this post (I'll be working on the vs Yosuke & Mitsuru boards later).
  2. Shinsyn

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Video Thread 1.1

    Posting this tech, it may serve useful for some. You guys might like this setup: [P4AU] Yukari Fatal Counter DP Setup
  3. Shinsyn

    Combo Breaker | May 22-24 | Chicago, IL.

    BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma Extend Tournament Update: The #BBCPEX Side tournament at #CB2015 will be held on Sunday after #GGXrd Finals. I will be taking signups at the venue through the weekend. Sorry for the delay on getting that info out there guys. I'll be around all weekend and won't be hard to find so hit me up when you see me about the BBCPEX tournament over the weekend. I'll be taking signups on site and I'll be taking payment Sunday Morning during Xrd Finals. If you do not pay before Xrd Finals are over, you will not be put into the bracket. I'm taking money late because I don't want to hold all that cash over the weekend with the chance of me losing it. I did this at UFGTX for P4U to make sure nothing bad happened to funds for that tournament so please understand why I'm only taking pay the day of. Talk to me beforehand to pre-register on site and pay on Sunday.
  4. Shinsyn

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    GG's to everyone in ElvenShadow's room yesterday and others I played randomly.
  5. Shinsyn

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    GG's to BananaKen, Tectal_Eastside, Violin_FRC and everyone else I played Yesterday. Sorry if I forgot the names.
  6. Shinsyn

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    GG's Doren2K, Sym, dot_Nova, Malik and OmniSScythe. That room was something else! BG's to netplay drops and me being bad.
  7. Shinsyn

    Combo Breaker | May 22-24 | Chicago, IL.

    With BBCP having the Extend release a month before Combo Breaker, I'm sure that's the game everyone would want to play. I'll get with the staff later and see if a side tournament for BBCP is possible.
  8. Shinsyn

    Combo Breaker | May 22-24 | Chicago, IL.

    Talked to an admin and it has been done.
  9. From what we got in translation: After Sweep, you cannot cancel into ANY D Persona move. @StylisH: The video promo gives you a good grasp on what the Mahagaru changes look like and how things work. Look at that video and you'll see.
  10. Shinsyn

    The Illinois Thread: We Play Everything!

    Both Ignite and GGA venues are planning a Ranbat season after Frosty Faustings. More details will be posted soon.
  11. Shinsyn

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Video Thread 1.1

    Got a Famitsu Video for Yukari Changes: Yukari Takeba 2.0 Changes Video
  12. Alright, I had a friend of mine do some translations for the Yukari Changes for 2.0! + = Buff - = Nerf * = New/Re-Balance System Changes + AOA has more Armor. + C Persona Attacks have invulnerability on start-up. + Ailment Status Effects, also appear on screen in text + When All out Attack connects, you can hold A+B rather than mash A+B for additional attacks - AOA has more recovery on block. - Back Throw has more recovery. Yukari 2.0 Changes Yukari Change Video Reference can be found in *This Link* Character/Persona Normals and System Changes: * 6D Added: Same as 5D but in the farther position. + B Arrows are faster. + AOA after 5AAA Possible. + 5AAA Whiff Recovery Decreased. + Persona Disappears from screen faster from D attacks. + CH j.C non-tech time increased. + Feather ☆ Slasher (Yukari's DP) cannot hit Personas, she does goes past the Persona! + Feather ☆ Slasher travels slightly farther on block. + 5C, 2C, j.C, 214C/D have Persona invulnerability on start-up. - 5A slight Nerf. - All D attacks has less hit-stop. - Cannot sweep after 5AAA. - Ground Bounce from j.C has reduced non-tech time. - 2AB > D moves removed. Feather ☆ Flip (236C/D) Changes: + Feather Flip has invulnerability on Start-up. + Feather Flip can go through the opponent. + Feather Flip can cancel into a different version of Feather Flip after the shot (Example: A Flip > A Shot > B Flip > B Shot > SB Flip > SB Shot is possible). Once all version have been used, you cannot go into another Feather Flip. - Feather Flip has more recovery. Feather ☆ Shoot(A/B/C/D Follow-Up) Changes: + Feather Shot is faster. + SB Feather Shot recovery reduced. Feather ☆ Arrow (236A/B) Changes: * B Feather Arrow (Air version) has less float and faster fall. * A Feather Arrow (Air Version) has more float and slower fall. + Feather Arrow is faster. + Less recovery on B Feather Arrow. + Feather Arrow puts grounded opponent in spin-state on hit. + No restrictions on Air Feather Arrow (You can do as many as you can as long as you recover in the air) [What?]. + Feather Arrow (236A/B/A+B)) is much faster, all hits will get reflected too. - More recovery on A Feather Arrow. - Feather Arrow has more push back on hit. Feather ☆ Bomb (214A/B) Changes: + Feather Bomb comes out faster. Mahagaru (214C/D) Changes: + Mahagaru: Multiple attacks from Feather Arrow will come out of the orb instead of one. + D Mahagaru has a different trajectory and goes Lower to the Ground and further away. + D Mahagaru stays out on the screen longer. + SB Mahagaru (D orb copy) trajectory goes further away. Hyper Feather ☆ Shot(236236C/D) Changes: + Fatal Recovery Removed. Shadow Yukari 2.0 Changes Shadow Berserk: + No restrictions for Feather Flip > Feather Shot (Can keep doing this until Shadow Berserk is over). This is what we were able to translate, if something is off from the translation, please let me know and I will change this post. The PDF Document with all the changes can be found in *This Link* on Page 21. The Feather Arrow Air Change is kind of an awkward application to the move so I didn't place it as a Nerf or Buff because I'm not sure myself.
  13. Shinsyn

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Video Thread 1.1

    12/31/14 P4U2 Shinjuku Sportsland 5V5 - Tahichi (Yukari) vs Damosu (Elizabeth) - Tahichi (Yukari) vs Ji (Chie) (Hype Ender) - Tahichi (Yukari) vs Tetsu (Chie)
  14. Shinsyn

    The Illinois Thread: We Play Everything!

    *Double Post* GGA Results have been added to the first post. Also, who can I expect to see at Ignite for some Guilty Gear?
  15. Shinsyn

    The Illinois Thread: We Play Everything!

    I will be there and I'll be bringing an Xrd setup. I'm also down for playing other games if people break them out. I haven't touched anything else outside of Xrd since NEC though LOL!