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  1. OrionXElite

    [CP] Azrael - Gameplay Discussion (Pre-Console Release)

    Azrael's CT doesn't appear to have a unique animation like most(if not all, haven't seen all of them) CTs. I've seen it used like 3 times and It was the same animation as his Cobra Strike and I could only tell it was his CT cause of quick white flash before it hits and the Cobra Strike being done without Tiger Magnum being thrown first.
  2. OrionXElite

    [CP] Azrael - Gameplay Discussion (Pre-Console Release)

    Not sure if anyone cares or not, but I've been compiling various notes/observations/theories for Azrael since release. I've got stuff on pretty much all his attacks, situations they're used, how to follow them up and confirmed combos and theory combos using branching combo routes. Theres also some things that I know have already been brought up like BHS stuff and how Scud works. Its about 8-10 Pages in total and I'd like to hope would spark some good discussions. I haven't been around DL very much recently cause of school so I'm not sure whats been brought up but if enough people want it, I could post the list of stuff here.
  3. OrionXElite

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    Couple of common issues I've seen occur the most with this combo: 1) The height of the j.A, a lot of the time the j.A tends to be too high off the ground meaning more time between the hit and your ability to switch to Human and continue. Mess around with how low to the ground you can really hit the j.A and work from there. 2) I've seen people overestimate the amount of recovery transforming from Wolf to Human. Its surprisingly fast how soon you can act after the Transformation so there is a big possibility its dropping because you're waiting too long before hitting 2C. So try adjusting the timing between Transforming and hitting 2C and see if that fixes the problem. Other small issues are if you're getting 2C Dash after j.A, it just means you're hitting D too soon and Valk stays in Wolf form. So that just means delay the D a bit later and it should fix itself. Also be sure to keep the opponent about level with Valk during the j.B>j.A part so the rest combo stays consistent. If you have any other troubles, feel free to ask
  4. yeeeeah dude, I totally main broske... ...(whispers)poor ignorant norcal bastids.

  5. I am cyberstalking.

  6. Bastard you stole my character in Persona :3 We'll have to play some Brosuke mirrors with Huey next time you're all in NorCal :3

  7. I think Imma settle with Akihiko, Elizabeth, and Yu. You don't have a PSN, do you?

  8. Right now I'm playing Shadow Labrys and Yousuke. I plan to play Kanji and Teddie as well :3

  9. OrionXElite

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    I'm playing a bit of Theory Fighter here but I bet you could link a Wolf 5B after the j.A for something like this: [W]5A>5B>5C>6D>j.A>Land 5B>236B>j.236A>j.236B>6D~5D>[H]j.B>dj.B>j.C Also if you can describe it Nokita, I'd really like to know just how the Wolf j.C hits the opponent, mainly in the air. Is it like Human j.C where is knocks them to the ground or can you do any kind of follow ups from it? I'm assuming the former but I'm still curious.
  10. I'm not sure who I'll play yet, I'll figure it out when I actually get my hands on it. =P What about you?

  11. Oh shit you're on the EC now?! No wonder I stopped randomly seeing you at De Anza :P I better see you supporting P4U at Big Two then, who are you playing as??

  12. Haha yeah I kinda disappeared and went to League of Legends for awhile. Then I ended up moving to NJ/NY. So now I'm in the east coast =/ but yeah, I did come back for P4U. =P

  13. Shouldn't I be asking you that?? :P You vanished in the middle of CS1 days. Where have you been? Come back for P4U?? :3

  14. Yo. You still around?

  15. OrionXElite

    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend at EVO2k12

    I'd call it a bit unnecessary since I'm pretty sure the only stage people REALLY don't like is Training Stage. I don't wanna have people thinking we're playing Smash :3