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    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    Yep, I was wondering why there were so many people online today I had to check while spectating.
  2. lime93

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    GGs to all of the new UNIEL players I played today, and some of the older ones too. If anyone is down for some games I'm on the East Coast: x_Yomi. I really have to get back to playing this again. BB is still in my heart.
  3. lime93

    [CP] Order/Shipping Discussion

    Waiting on FED EX to bring my copy in the morning, I really don't even want to sleep.
  4. lime93

    [CSE] Lambda Combo Thread v2

    I should be finishing my research paper, but watching that trailer of Nu just made me have to play this game and do something. Mid-screen: CH5D>236C>IAD>j.2C>2DD>214A>TK>6A>6C>2DD>6DD>2DD>j.DD>j.2DD>dj.DD>j.2DD>j.632146D [5374 DMG] [50 Heat] CH5D>236C>j.2DD>214D©>j.2C>2DD>4B>TK>6DD>2DD>j.DD>j.2DD>dj.DD>j.2DD>j.632146D [~4828+ DMG depends on hits from j.2C] [50 Heat] Corner: CH236B>5CxN>6C>236D>214DC>2DD>TK>6A>6C>236C>66>4B>2DD>Air Combo>Calamity Sword [6045 DMG] [50 Heat]
  5. lime93

    [CP](Pre-Release) ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    Woke up, my dreams came true. Not only did I get my #1 robot bitch back, but she looks awesome and dat yandere voice is to die for. I'm sorry Lambda but the real shit is back now.
  6. lime93

    Red September 4

    In its 4th year, Red September is back and with the support of the fighting game community its better than ever! It should be no surprise to everyone that has attended our tournaments over the past couple years that they are rapidly growing among the south in the fighting game scene. With that said it’s becoming increasingly more difficult on ourselves to stick to our time schedule just out of the sheer number of players entering each tournament. Please try to help us out and be on time so we can in exchange provide you a smoother and less chaotic tournament experience. Location: Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum 1150 Lakeland Dr Jackson, Mississippi 39216-4728 CST-10:00am-11:30pm Facebook: Red September 4 Stream: RawkusX The following games will be played at the tournament: Persona 4 Arena King of Fighters 13 Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Mortal Kombat 9 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Capcom vs. SNK 2 Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Street Fighter X Tekken Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Skullgirls Fees: $15 for those that take part within the tournament $5 for spectators $10 for each game you take part within All fees will be waived if you bring a FULL SETUP!!!!!
  7. lime93

    [P4A] Labrys - Basic Combo Thread

    ^^^ Thanks, I been switching back and forth between Labrys and Aigis. I still can't stick to a main. All I know is that I struggled fighting Naoto with Labrys, and I want to kill her quickly. edit For some reason I just find combos that look flashy, but I'm still learning the match-up and trying to learn more damaging ones with less meter usage. If the situation came up where at the beginning of the round I have red axe and around 50 heat, I would like to try to 100% the bitch. I know it's sorta rare, but I would like to keep my options open.
  8. lime93

    [P4A] Labrys - Basic Combo Thread

    Mid-screen 2B>j.B>(land)66>5B>236A>6>A>66>2B>2C>214AB>2B>214B>236236D [75 SP] [7360 DMG] I have to kill Naoto in one hit, I'm so close. I can't stand her speed and her bullets shooting me. So far this is the only shit I can come up with that is practical.
  9. lime93

    [P4A] Labrys - Introductory Combo Thread

    Sorta mid-screen, closer to corner Red Axe 2B>2C>236B>6>A>66>5B>236A>6>A>2C>sj.BB>C>214B>236236D [6966 DMG] [50 SP] If you do j.B before 2B they'll drop out during the super Fully Charged 2B>66>2C>236B>6>A>66>5B>236A>6>A>2C>sj.BB>C>214B>236236D [7494 DMG] [50 SP] Good damage probably not very practical. Mid-screen 2B>delay>j.BB>214AB>236B>6>A>2C>sj.BB>C>214B>236236D [7030 DMG] [75 SP] 5B>Sweep>OMB>214AB>236A>6>A>2B>sj.BB>C>214B>236236D [7527 DMG] [75 SP]
  10. lime93

    [P4A] Labrys - Introductory Combo Thread

    Red Axe Corner CH.j.B>2B>5B>236A>66>A>2B>sj.BB>j.C>j.214B>236236D [50 SP] [6506] CH.j.B>2B>2C>214AB>2B>j.B>dj.BB>j.C>214B>236236D [75 SP] [6774] CH.2B>j.B>5B>236A>66>A>2B>sj.BB>j.C>214B>236236D [50 SP] [6667~6753 (depending on hits of j.C)] This shit took me forever to get that 5B Midscreen CH.5B>2C>66>5A>2B>2C>214AB>22B>2B>FC B+D>236236D [75 SP] [6680]
  11. lime93

    [P4A] Labrys - Introductory Combo Thread

    Yo I've been trying this with the red axe but I can't get the full 236236C or D super to fully connect: CHj.B>2B>2C>214AB>22C>5B>236A>6>A>2B>sj.C>214B>236236D maybe instead of 2B>sj.C>214B>236236D just go right into the 236236D. I'm at work doing everything but my job thinking about the game, could someone try this out?
  12. lime93

    [P4A] Labrys - Introductory Combo Thread

    lol still have BB on my mind playing P4A
  13. lime93

    [P4A] Labrys - Introductory Combo Thread

    Found a couple with the red axe Midscreen CH.j.B>2B.j.BB>land>66>sj.B>j.C>j.214B>236236D [5.7k damage] [50 heat] CH.j.B>2B>2C>214AB>236A>6>A>66>2B>sj.B>C>214B>236236D [6.5k damage] [75 heat] CH.j.B>5AA>5A>236A>6>A>66>2B>sj.B>C>214B>236236D [5.4k damage] [50 heat] Now I just have to apply them in a match.
  14. lime93

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Woke up saw this trailer, almost spit a mouthful of cinnamon toast crunch on my laptop. I cannot wait for this game. Everything looks updated new moves and characters, but where is my robot bitch to play with.
  15. I need to stay off drugs, I missed the whole stream!
  16. lime93

    DUSTLOOP X GODSGARDEN Information thread

    FUCK I just woke up, are they're any Lambdas left?
  17. Woke up to some extra bullshit on SRK. I was saving hella money to go to EVO this year just to play Blazblue, now I guess I will watch the stream.
  18. lime93

    [CS2/CSE] Lambda Critique And Self-Improvement Thread

    Well he did them more than usual, I probably would have stood a little closer to so if he throws it out it will whiff, and I can punish. I try to stay away from Tager, but not completely full screen.
  19. lime93

    [CS2/CSE] Lambda Critique And Self-Improvement Thread

    vs. that Ragna: I saw when you got trapped in the corner, you were quick to try to press buttons or use calamity sword more than usual. You got hit by a random j.214C in the third round because you hit a button for no reason. You should try more blockstrings when you have someone blocking 236D©, I mostly just saw one low, overhead, or teleport to the other side. I don't suggest doing 236A in front of your opponent unless you know you're going to end up on the other side. Most players nowadays look for that grab right after it or you might run into someone who predicts that move and punish it severely. Ragna can just DP it or even FC it. vs. that Arakune: When you were fighting the Arakune, you should have never been that close to him unless doing a blockstring then you have to quickly get away. That's how you almost lost the first round. Try to zone hit more with 6D and 2D, and also look for when he does that little switch side back dash in the air, you can punish that immediately with 2D, in some cases you were in perfect position to do so. Basically when fighting Arakune try your best to keep a sword on him. I saw a lot of running but not much zoning. vs. those Lambdas: There were some times where the Lambda whiffed 5C you could have easily punished that with 5D for a big ass combo. That is one of the main things I look for and try to make my opponent do in Lambda mirrors. You air dashed a lot, if that Lambda realized that he would have punished you every time. You also didn't punish that Lambda's air dashes. Try to trade her 214D© with a 5D instead of dashing back vs. that Tager: Try punishing those sledge hammers, he did them more than usual. vs. that Rachel: Again, you gotta punish her little ass air dashing. 6D and 2D are your best friends in this match-up Try to bait the cat chair and kill her punk ass. And look for her to jumping to set up lobelias, pumpkins, and George. I hate Rachel. vs. that Litchi: Good shit, keep that bitch away at all times, or at least that is what I try to do. Mu vs. Tager: Idk shit about playing with Mu. I just see a lot of Mu players hit 5C one more time... misc. You might want to work on confirming you CH 5Ds, I practice this by putting the CH on in training mode sometimes just to get used to reacting to it. There were some instances where if you did a RC you could have gotten a better combo when you had the heat. Such as the end of the first round of your first match with Lambda you could have RC the crescent to a 5D for a kill. You won the round but still you can never count out a comeback sometimes. Like HexaNoid said, you weren't really consistent with TK cresent or you just never tried it at all. There were some combos you could have added it just for a little extra damage. If you get a CH 4B with your back in the corner you can dash under to 5C>BnB corner combo. You got it once or twice and it looked like you didn't know wtf was going on. Try getting confirming 5DD>236B more, you dropped it a couple of times. Good shit though, you won every match in the end.
  20. lime93

    [CSE] Lambda General Discussion

    i have never had a 4bar connection ever, only 1 and maybe a 2
  21. lime93

    What is your favorite matchup?

    Bang vs. Jin When I play these matches I always have to stay on my toes as Bang cause I usually play against Jin players that try every mix up in the book. Trying to get in around that 5C or trying to bait his DP playing these matches usually always come down to the last piece of health trying to get that last hit in. I love fighting Jin with Bang even though I main Lambda.
  22. Good finals, I think everyone expected Noel to win, even though I had my money on Zong. Also lmao at my nigga Turntablist for commentating and giving me the shout-out on the stream.
  23. lime93

    What got -you- into BlazBlue?

    My wife Nu.
  24. lime93

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    Well the D-Pad killed my thumb while I was playing Dragon Quest IX, I doubt it will go well with a fighting games
  25. lime93

    [CS1] Lambda General Discussion

    The good old days...I miss them sometimes. Now I have to learn how to block.