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  1. Desperado

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    Yo people, if you want to start doing some BB tournaments, holla at me.
  2. Desperado

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    Thanks, boss.
  3. Desperado

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    What's the hit box on BE? It looks really picky at times? Do you have to be above or below the character to hit them with the full BE? Also, since I haven't seen it anywhere, what is the command for BE?
  4. Desperado

    BB/GG Michigan Thread

    Yo, anyone up for some BB casuals this weekend? And would anyone be up for a BB tournament the weekend of the 23rd and 24th this month?
  5. Desperado

    Necessary to use more characters?

    Using more characters, in my opinion, improves your game. It provides more perspective as well as adds the tactical aspect of that character to your arsenal of general knowledge. Learning the speed and options of other character, via walking in their shoes, really gives you the edge when you have to face that character. Also when you hit your plateau with your character (it's the worse and it happens to everyone!) having a second character can help you through it; give your eyes and your hands a change of pace. So for you, new Noel guy, stick with her but once you get comfortable maybe you should give someone else a try as well.
  6. Eh, depends on how the competition is. I think mirror matches improve your game vastly; you sometimes see and find out things that you didn't know before about your character.

  7. um... wouldn't it be kinda boring to have a entire tourney dedicated to the annoyance that is "the mirror match"

  8. Of course. Just give me a buzz or IM.

  9. Haha. Just a little, man. So I'm thinking about rounding up some of the michigan BB players and getting series of biweekly winter tournaments started, would you be game for that?

  10. Yo. Maybe I should check my notification tab more, huh?

  11. you'd have to message me on XBL so i can see these in a timely manner =p I'm usually up for games

  12. Yo, you up for some rounds of blazblue?

  13. Desperado

    The Fighter Mentality

    Play to be the best. That's my mentality. Everytime I play, I play to grow. It's not about winning or losing, but how I better myself. I love a good challenge and I love playing people better than myself.
  14. ggs to you too, soon i'll be able to play stick like a controller, gotta keep at it though.