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  1. Mordecai415

    What got -you- into BlazBlue?

    I actually heard about CT through the Fighters Generation website... It's where I normally go to get my all around fighting game news fix and BAM! There it was.. watched the trailer and was hooked.
  2. Yeah, I got it man.. I just never really bothered to mess with it because it never really happened until recently. Thanks though. Appreciate it.

  3. Just take a look at the control settings and you'll see it all there. You can at least know what button does what.

  4. ahh, I see.. that's what I guessed.. but as of right now.. my controller is pretty stupid anyways, so even if I mapped it out... my inputs would either be wrong, or it'll be like I didn't even input any direction and 5a/b/c/d comes out instead. But you're right, I should map it out that way so it's ONLY barrier. I've lost a few matches where a grab came out and my opponent got a free combo and killed me.

  5. Ah, OK. Listen up! The reason is, the buttons are shortcuts for A/B/C/D buttons. By default, the LT is A+B+C. What that means is that every time you hit LT you're really hitting A and B and C at the same time. Since it's three buttons, the game interprets those inputs the way they'd fit best. If you're just standing doing nothing and hit LT, it'll see A+B+C, and the only thing it could fit with is a grab, B+C, so you grab. If you were holding back and hit LT, it sees back + A + B + C and so it takes the back + A + B and barrier blocks. But if you're ATTACKING and hit it, it sees you landing an attack with A+B+C in the mix which means you want to rapid cancel. I hated having the wrong thing happen at the wrong time since it has so many functions mapped to one button, so what you should do is split them up to different buttons. Make one A+B so it'll be barrier and only barrier, one B+C so it's grab and only grab, etc. It's already set up that way actually...

  6. Because it's sort of like the right stick on the controller (offline), it does moves.. if you were to hit 6 LT, you'll grab. Or if you do the haduken movement in the air and press LT you'll do the wheel, if you're arakune.

  7. Do you know why you rapid when you hit LT?

  8. I don't want to TRIPLE post haha so I'll tell you here. Nah, he does what I do.. when jumping, he'll also use LT to barrier jump and it's like an auto RC type deal... apparently skye is hell bent on completely disproving what I was saying lo, it's not like I'm trying to be a dick with him when I explain something to him lol.. anyways go ahead and do an attack when 50 heat and during the attack hold 7 and press LT.. you'll rapid.. shit happens to me all the time, happens to creepy... it's because we have a habit of using LT.

  9. I didn't even know there was one hahaha... shows how much I pay attention haha

  10. Post it in the avatar request thread plox =3 illl check it out

  11. Yo Oso! I got an avatar request... would you be happy to oblige?

  12. Fun matches man, fun matches!

  13. haha sure thing, I've been pretty busy with things on my end as well. Anyways, friday afternoon it is.

  14. I'm all for playing some matches but I'm really swamped with work this week, and won't really be able to play until friday afternoon. Shoot me a message then and we will see just how rusty Halo: Reach and SSF4 have made me. :)

  15. Wanna get some matches in sometime soon?