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  1. I couldn't help but notice that you have "Richmond Hill < NO ONE PLAYS BB HERE" as your location, and I have to say, it made me laugh. :razz: Have you heard of Lovegety Station? It's arcade in Richmond Hill with BB:CS and an extremely active community.

  2. DxClow

    Random Combo Drops and Help!

    Thanx lol kinda figured it out I can play I just dont know the terms that well... I figured out why i kept dropping and losing... it was my controller. Got 2 new ones tho so shouldnt be a problem. I beat a parrylooping makoto in ranked (but barely) :P For the Bang combo you posted, I have no idea but sometimes when I do that it whiffs on certain characters. I rather do the normal 5B, 2B, 2C, 2B, 623B combo, and I learnt how to follow that up. (thanx axis for the motivation) i usually just use 5D and air combo. Doesn't hit very high but has a good feeling to it. Also for the double BE combo thanx that really helped. Still drops sometimes tho. Also, I'm currently trying to switch mains cuz I messed up my tager game. Its because I expect the opponent to jump and block every single one of my moves. So I try to apply pressure with Tager xD which I know does not end very well. the pressure has a lot of loopholes that can be dp out by a blocking ragna. For some reason this is really hard to fix. Just gonna try to play like i used to play. I guess.
  3. DxClow

    Random Combo Drops and Help!

    Yea wasnt really sure where to put it... I guess I really should give a look, but I'm really bad at finding things useful... Thanx for advice tho I'm sure ur pissed after putting up with my stupidity :/
  4. DxClow

    Random Combo Drops and Help!

    I didn't really know where this should go, so I guess I can post here :o Couple of things: Ragna: 5B>5C>5D>dashcancel> "6A" I sometimes drop 6A for some reason it's very weird. Also after 6A>sj.5C 5D> 5C> belial edge, does the combo drop if you use 6D>D j.5C>belial edge? sorry if these are really nooby questions I just sometimes seem to drop those.. Any fixes would be awesome :D Bang: 5B>2B>2C>2B>623B>dash what should I do after the dash? No matter what I try I always seem to drop it. Is there anything easy with mediocre damage output that I can do after this combo? or should I just try for a reset... Also, I've been on like a 20 losing streak now, even after looking at the losing streak mentality thread I've STILL been losing. I'm losing so bad I'm making friends.... im losing so bad im getting owned by like lv 15 jins and ragnas and whatnot (by owned I mean forking over Perfects.)... Im training, Im focusing, Im losing. I never felt so bad about myself ever. My 360s dont come out, my backdash is dropping, and worst of all im getting neutralC on 720 inputs... BTW Pisces Albafica if you see this it was after you crushed me the second time I played you. Cant believe I took the first Match tho! was so happy T.T I....I'm lost! Oh and also, If anyone is willing to teach me litchi or bang (pweeze!) add me on 360 :D thanx. I'm thinking of switching a Main in order to compensate for my loss streak. or mite just cry in my corner... that works too
  5. DxClow

    The Losing Streak Mentality

    Guys, I'm on a losing streak............................................................. of like 16 T.T I'm getting beat by lv 20 Ragnas......
  6. DxClow

    What makes Tager "fair" ?

    Perfect Zoning :O It has always slapped me in the face in CT, and a bunch of other things.... like Haida..... But yea in really high level play tager is everyone's b****. He's kinda in the rachel tier... If the opponent never screws up, and always gets you, Tager will have to go...
  7. DxClow

    [CS1] Iron Tager vs. Hazama

    I sorta play Haz and I did play him agaisnt Tager before, but im not sure if this will help... DO NOT LET HAZ JUMP. Haz has options when he uses (super)j.6D. He can go behind you, directly in front of you while in the air, or do this crazy circle using the end of ouroboros as a fulcrum... I find that Tager has more options while Haz is using his ouroboros. While haz is in the air, try to backdash through his overhead j.5B or his j.2C. I find this more effective than IBing for some reason unless you are IBing the ouroboros (backdashing ouro is not a great idea since he can retract and do it again), or it might just be me. If you manage to backdash his ouroboros followup (j.5B or j.2C) it will now depend if he directly goes to 3C (in this case, try to j.5B with Tager if that is humanly possible for you, or try to 360A it. No matter What you do, your first priority if he tries for 3C is to NOT GET HIT BY IT. This is because almost all of his BnB combo starters start with a 3C) or if he pokes with 5.b. 5b is dangerous because you won't be able to backdash punish it, and I am pretty sure it is jump cancelable, not to sure tho... But in this case, 360A works really well. If he lands and tries for any C move, just punish with 360A, 720 (if you can get if out fast enough) and backdashing 2D works sometimes, but I don't recommend it. Also, once Haz is in, try to not let him run away. I noticed his close game is very weak without an ouroboros startup since he does not have a good dash and the startup on most of his moves are really slow if he doesn't stun you and get in with ouro. If he is magnetized after a failed ouro and tries to run, 8/10 times he will jump and backdash, and you can collider him for it. Jayoku is really great for Haz :P I use it all the time in the middle of a faulty blockstring, on wakeup, or when other players airdash towards me to try and get in :D Tager has to be patient in this case. Tager should try to refrain from jumping because he can zone out the air with ouro. if he grabs you with the ouro and launches you to the wall then you are about to eat a serpents coil (50 heat tho). In the end, Tager should just be patient and wait for his chance when Haz ouros or screws up on an opening. If you want to play offensive you are most likely going to get hit and that wont help your situation. Not a very great matchup for tager tho. I haven't played any amazingly great Hazamas with Tager yet. Im safe ^.^ Edit: my bad when he gets in with ouro and you block everything and he tries to run away punish that, and if he tries to zone with ouro you can use SLEDGE! just remembered..... :/ so if he tries to j.6D you can b or a sledge doesn't matter, this makes things more interesting because if he tries to get in like that, the more he does it, the more you will be able to get closer to him!