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  1. You expect too much common sense from a Japanese studio.
  2. Is there a place where the effect of Instant Blocking on tension gain/balance is explained in detail? How long it lasts, how much it increases etc. I know there is a section about it on the Wiki but it just mentions it briefly.
  3. Technically they never said she'd come out before Evo. People are expecting too much.
  4. I've got a US digital version of the game and a friend of mine has the EU disc one. For some reason we cannot connect to each other nor find our rooms. He told me that he still has patch 1.01, is this normal? Also are the open lobbies still broken? Ever since the patch I keep getting 'Failed to initialise" every time I sit on a station and try to play someone. Player rooms work fine so I'm a bit puzzled.
  5. What I meant by that is that they go from one extreme to the other, overnerfing characters instead of fixing them. Robo Ky from R to /, Eddie from R to /, Ram etc. They pretty much went from overpowered to unplayable. I'll give you Elphelt because that is a good example how to do it right, but to me that's just an exception.
  6. Arc doesn't really have a good track record of 'fixing' top tier characters.
  7. Yes PS4, which is even more confusing as the tweet from previous page stated that it was pushed back to Monday and would be available only in JP for now. Not that I'm complaining or anything, played a few matches just a minute ago and the connection felt more smooth than before.
  8. Was this patch only released in the US? I have friends with both the JP and EU versions and we couldn't play this evening, as they didn't get a prompt to download anything.
  9. Not this again.... Lasy time there was a 1-2week gap where people with different versions weren't able to play with each other because of it, if I remember correctl
  10. Can't blame them. We've been waiting a long time for this release.
  11. It doesn't. Funny enough, they haven't even translated the titles you can earn. They are in Japanese. Not that it matters..
  12. To you it's a 'perk', to me it's poorly done voice acting. But to each their own.
  13. I'm surprised anyone actually liked Sign's English dub, as it was just plain terrible.
  14. If that is true - what exactly have they been doing for the past 10 months after Revelator came out on the arcades?
  15. See, most people don't even care about this, especially after the Sign EU fiasco. They got burned once and now they refuse to put any faith into the EU release. Besides I have a lot of friends that already purchased the JP version because they simply do not want to wait 4 week for this game to come out.