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  1. superscience890

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Having this as an article would be nice to see As a mid level player, I think that most of this makes sense to me. Looking up to top players, there's definitely a clear barrier between them (at least for me and them) and alot of the things that I see myself needing to change is how I think about the game which probably will require alot of change in my play in both offense and defense. To actually take that step is honestly alot of work analysis of ones own play, that I'm honestly not too sure if I want to put in due to laziness/losing interest in fighting games, but I think that this rings quite true.
  2. NEC Shoutouts let's goooooooooooooo St1ckbug, DaiandOh, Biscuits, MakotoFox - Thank you so much guys for help running my brackets and such! Especially St1ckbug for letting me commentate and man the stream when I could! Team St1ckBuG is always great! Lord Knight - Thanks so much for letting me commentate with you for BB top 4. It really really meant alot to me. Also thanks for Tokyo Tea at Copa haha I died \o/ Travis, KV, c0r, Huey, Logic, Shyn - Thank you for giving me a room to stay in at NEC. Also the first time I met most of you IRL too so that was cool~ All I have to say is BATTLE OF THE GODSSSS even though I just slept through that haha SKD, Crown, Cirno - Always a good time to hang out with you guys :3 Always super hype and everything! Mahouko - Yoooooo dat cosplay doe. Commentating with you was hella hype! LOVE PHANTOOOMMMMMM Delta - Thanks for the random advice during Persona haha xD You were super strong in Top 4 Good shit! Jourdal - DA GAWDDDDDDDDD YOOOOOOO THE SNOW STORMMMMMMM You're also great to hang out with to <3Brice - Lewd anime openings :3 Kaeru - You're still the best man! I really really love you <3 Lich - Your Relius is always fun to watch, but a bitch to play against. See you at MagFest~ Zidane - We only exchanged greetings and that's it :< sad times JIMMY - WHY ARE YOU SO GDLK WHYYYYYYY Colpevole - You are my bane and I don't know why ;__-; I was pretty sad after that too ;__; Grover - Good shit for winning P4A! GF was really fun to watch and commentate Naotololololol - You've improved alot! I don't think I can win anymore ;_-; Shoutouts to the Copa where I died and I stayed in the backroom for the whole event Shoutouts to KV and the rest of PNW for taking care of me after I died Fuuuckk why can't we all be in one place more often ;__; I really love you guys. Hanging out with you guys is just too fun.
  3. I have a PS3 with both BBCP and GGAC+R installed on it so I can bring that. Monitor... maybe :< Oh and I'll bring P4A as well
  4. The best part about that is that you can actually change your momentum a bit depending on the direction you press so if you hold 1, you can non cross up ;3
  5. I just called them double relaunch combos since you had to launch them twice after the initial 6C but I dunno :< Also, using musasabi for double overheads is pretty amusing, but only really usable after a knockdown. In neutral it's hard to just get a straight jump in. Kinda wish you could use it after other air actions, but it could possibly be too strong especially with all of Bang's air movement as it is
  6. Just to be clear, by triple relaunch combos do you mean doing three IADs? If so that's what that's what I meant. And if it's the same we should agree on how to refer to it.
  7. Crush Trigger on Bang is unfortunately not that great. Doesn't have that much range so it's bleh :<. Plus if they crouch guard it you get a crouching combo and outside of the corner, it's pretty meh without meter :< Pressuring with Bang is a little weird :< I feel like alot of his pressure is keeping it ambiguous when you use 6A and when you stop pressure. It feels like you can gatling his normals later than before which is pretty nice for pressure. Hit confirming from standing and crouching is super key with Bang so getting used to it is going to be fun lol From what I can tell, B nail is alot less useful in this version. it goes all the way across the screen which makes it alot less useful as a tool in neutral. A nail is probably the best nail in neutral by far aside from D nails haha. I haven't really messed around with throwing three of a nail at once, but I bet those are going to be very very situational and not very practical generally. I haven't really learned any seal combos so I haven't really been getting enough seals for Shippugeki :< But Bang get's super good corner carry off of 5B ;3. You can almost go corner to corner with double relaunch combos.
  8. superscience890

    [CP] Bang Video Thread

    Added Videos Amane [10/13/2013] Peach vs Some Yoshi Arakune [08/31/2013] Robert Masuyama vs VER Hakumen [10/13/2013] Bakuga vs Fuwahiyo Hazama [10/18/2013] Jiku vs Noze [10/18/2013] Jiku vs Noze Jin [10/13/2013] Tatsuki vs Tonkichi Noel [10/13/2013] Tastuki vs Kawa Uso Nu [10/13/2013] Tastuki vs Kawa Uso Rachel [10/13/2013] Peach vs Bob Tager [10/13/2013] Bakuga vs Yumura Tsubaki [10/12/2013] Ikegami vs Wara [Part 1] [10/12/2013] Ikegami vs Wara [Part 2] Valkenhayn [10/13/2013] Peach vs Kamabu [10/13/2013] Peach vs Shuu Stream Archives [10/24/2013]Dora Bang Day 1 BBCP Console Netplay [Part 1] [10/24/2013]Dora Bang Day 1 BBCP Console Netplay [Part 2]
  9. This times a million ;__; So, is there any threads that anyone wants being made? Just suggest them here and I'll take a look and see. Also sorry GreekAngel for deleting your CP combo thread. I feel that it would be better if I had control of it.
  10. superscience890

    BBCP Arcade Profile Site Rip

    Thanks for the files! I'm going to at least upload the Bang ones to the wiki
  11. superscience890

    [CP] Bang Video Thread

    I'll take this post in the case I need it :<
  12. superscience890

    [CP] Bang Video Thread

    If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that CHARACTER appears in the video, and I'll update this post with that video. If a suitable title for the video is available please list with it. Preferred Format [00/00/2013] www.youtube.com Player 1 vs Player 2 [Any relevant notes] Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting of videos only. Dates in Red are PS3 Ranked Matches. Notable Players- Minami - Peach (Pink Color) - HUEYYYY - not me :< Matches Collapsed: Vs. Amane: [10/13/2013] Peach vs Some Yoshi [08/13/2013] Jiku vs Mao [Part 1] [08/13/2013] Jiku vs Mao [Part 2] [08/13/2013] Jiku vs Mao [Part 3] [07/20/2013] Bang vs NT [Part 1] [06/16/2013] Bang vs Yuzuko [04/21/2013] Sebun vs Iisan [starts 5:50] Collapsed: Vs. Arakune: [08/31/2013] Robert Masuyama vs VER [Notes] [08/31/2013] Peach vs Kazama [Notes] Collapsed: Vs. Azrael: [09/22/2013] Minami vs Tochigin [Notes] [09/22/2013] Rajio vs Kiabui [Notes] [09/22/2013] Peach vs Tochigin [Notes] [09/14/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 8] [09/14/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 9] [09/14/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 6] [09/14/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 7] [09/14/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 5] [09/14/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 4] [09/14/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 3] [09/14/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 2] [09/14/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 1] [08/31/2013] Peach vs Asari [Notes] [08/03/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 1] [08/03/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 2] [08/03/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 3] [08/03/2013] Tan vs Tahichi [Match 4] Collapsed: Vs. Bang: [09/04/2013] Tan vs Gaao [Notes] [09/04/2013] Chibi vs Gaao [Notes] [09/04/2013] Tan vs Gaao [Part 2] [09/02/2013] Tan vs Gaao [Part 1] [08/18/2013] Chibi vs Gaao [Notes] [08/15/2013] Gao vs Bakuga [Part 1] [08/15/2013] Gao vs Bakuga [Part 2] [08/15/2013] Gao vs Bakuga [Part 3] Collapsed: Vs. Bullet: [09/21/2012] Peach vs Tenhou [Notes] Collapsed: Vs. Carl: [09/22/2013] Minami vs Mucchi [Part 1] [09/22/2013] Minami vs Mucchi [Part 2] [09/04/2013] Bang vs Carl [Notes] Collapsed: Vs. Hakumen: [10/13/2013] Bakuga vs Fuwahiyo [09/22/2013] Minami vs Poropiccho [09/22/2013] Minami vs Film [Notes] Collapsed: Vs. Hazama: [10/18/2013] Jiku vs Noze [Notes] [10/18/2013] Jiku vs Noze [Notes] [09/22/2013] Ikegami vs Mitsurugi [Notes] [07/28/2013] Jiku vs Noze [Notes] [08/04/2013] Bang vs Hazama [Notes] [08/04/2013] Bang vs Hazama [Notes] Collapsed: Vs. Izayoi: [00/00/2012] Click! [Notes] Collapsed: Vs. Jin: [10/13/2013] Tatsuki vs Tonkichi [09/25/2013] Eda vs K hara [Playspot Big One Red vs White] [09/25/2012] Mochiya vs Miya [Notes] [08/31/2013] Peach vs Tonkichi [Notes] [08/20/2013] Uchiyama vs Suke Ki yo [Notes] [08/18/2013] Peach vs Eruo [Notes] [08/11/2013] Bang vs Jin [Notes] [08/04/2013] Bang vs Jin [Notes] Collapsed: Vs. Litchi: [09/22/2013] Minami vs Kikuchiyo [09/22/2013] Minami vs POTY [Notes] [09/22/2013] Peach vs POTY [Notes] [09/22/2013] Ginni vs POTY [Notes] [09/21/2013] Peach vs Puromete [Notes] Collapsed: Vs. Makoto: [09/21/2013] Judo vs Makoto [Notes] [07/30/2013] Minami vs Sayo [Notes] Collapsed: Vs. Mu: [09/14/2013] Tan vs Mu-12 [Notes] [09/14/2013] Dora vs Furufuru [Notes] [09/06/2013] Faizu vs Serizawa [Notes] Collapsed: Vs. Noel: Collapsed: Vs. Nu: Collapsed: Vs. Platinum: Collapsed: Vs. Rachel: Collapsed: Vs. Ragna: Collapsed: Vs. Relius: Collapsed: Vs. Tager: Collapsed: Vs. Taokaka: Collapsed: Vs. Tsubaki: Collapsed: Vs. Valkenhayn: Challenge Mode Combos [*]- Combo Videos [*]Chibi Assorted Combos [Notes] [*]Chibi Extra Combos [Notes] [*]GET THE WORLD - Koshikawa [bang CMV GOD] [*]Bang Shishigami Combos - Isshi [Part 1] [*]Bang Shishigami Combos - Isshi [Part 2] [*]Bang Shishigami Combos - Isshi [Part 3] Stream Archives [*][10/24/2013]Dora Bang Day 1 BBCP Console Netplay [Part 1] [*]10/24/2013]Dora Bang Day 1 BBCP Console Netplay [Part 2] [*][10/13/2013] Peach vs Kamabu [Notes] [*][10/13/2013] Peach vs Shuu [Notes] [*][08/11/2013] Bang vs Valkenhayn [Notes] [*][10/12/2013] Ikegami vs Wara [Part 1] [*][10/12/2013] Ikegami vs Wara [Part 2] [*][09/14/2013] Tan vs Tsubaki [Notes] [*][09/21/2012] Judo vs EGO [Notes] [*][08/31/2013] Peach vs Hoge~ [Notes] [*][08/04/2013] Bang vs Taokaka [Notes] [*][08/04/2013] Bang vs Taokaka [Notes] [*][10/13/2013] Bakuga vs Yumura [Notes] [*][08/11/2013] Bang vs Tager [Notes] [*][08/03/2013] Tan vs YOL [Notes] [*][08/04/2012] Bang vs Tager [Notes] [*][09/21/2013] Peach vs Kichigami [Notes] [*][08/31/2013] Peach vs Relius [Notes] [*][09/14/2013] Uchiyama vs Fumi [Notes] [*][08/17/2013] Aka no Hito vs Hikaru [Notes] [*][08/11/2013] Bang vs Kuma [Notes] [*][07/30/2013] Minami vs Dream Club urges [Notes] [*][10/13/2013] Peach vs Bob [Notes] [*][09/21/2013] Peach vs Emurisu [Notes] [*][09/08/2013] Bang vs Tenkyoku [Notes] [*][07/30/2013] Bang vs Rachel [Part 1] [*][07/30/2013] Bang vs Rachel [Part 2] [*][00/00/2012] Click! [Notes] [*][10/14/2013] Peach vs Rike [Notes] [*][08/10/2013] Ikegami vs Ishie [Notes] [*][10/13/2013] Tastuki vs Kawa Uso [Notes] [*][09/22/2013] Rajio vs Phantom [Notes] [*][09/21/2013] Peach vs ABC [Notes] [*][09/14/2013] Tan vs Noel [Notes] [*][07/30/2013] Minami vs Shino [Notes] [*][11/25/2012] Bang vs Noel [*][12/08/2012] Kijyoui vs Shinol [*][12/14/2012] Zanzan vs Shino [*][12/27/2012] Dora vs Takeyama
  13. I'll go and take a look at it during this weekend. A little busy at the moment, so I'll spend osme time then.
  14. What's up, I'm the new Bang moderator :< I'll do my best to try and organize the forums over the next couple of weeks so hopefully it'll be a little more organized? We'll see soon enough though.
  15. superscience890

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Unfortunately I believe that the answer is no :<