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  1. Yeah Zong, I was the Rachel using your color because none of those PS3s had the dlc Slayer color.
  2. Still no results thread so I'll post here Shoutouts to CS Rachel for preventing me from getting blown up Shoutouts to laggy monitors making me lose the only match up I actually practice(not Carl) Shoutouts to CopperDabbit, Shtkn, and the random Ragna/Litchi for playing casuals with me Shoutouts to Ike Takeda for owning me in Skull Girls Shoutouts to Dacidbro for being my 1st MM and ignoring my 1st shoutout by blowing me up in our 1st 2 sets anyway(sorry Zidane, I'm one of the scrubs who gave Dacid free money). Couldn't come on Sunday because of school stuff, anyone know if the GG setup was more alive then?
  3. 6A is better than CS 6A again, buffed in 1st loketest and nerfed in 2nd loketest. Since its been buffed again Arc does want Rachel to have a reliable AA, so since they're actually testing 6A this time we should have a good AA w/o people thinking its the most BS move ever.
  4. Gog_

    What is the best FC in the game?

    Henaki iirc SJ(and other people) never said Hazama wasn't 3rd in the other 2 threads. They just didn't like you and Zidane putting him into S tier with Litchi and Bang so he thinks you guys put him so high because you have the best EC Hazama( or at least one of the best US Hazama/BB players in general). Also not sure where this WC/EC stuff is coming from, thought SJ knew Alz and some of you guys. Anyways its BB, no need to be serious since its not SSF4 EDIT- forgot to address the topic, Hotaru is the best for previous reasons, Rachel's 5C is the worst FC in CS. Barely any extra damage( if any since you mostly land it when you're out of wind by accident) slow, very punishable and horrible range.
  5. Gog_

    [CS1] Rachel Combos

    Geno is right, it only works on Hazama, Tsubaki, and Makoto while they are crouching in the corner and 5b works after the 236a so you don't need 2a.
  6. Gog_

    [CS1] Rachel Combos

    I know its different, I'm asking about the lvl 3 j.2c. The combo changes after that because the one I posted does more damage, when I do the first part of the combo I need 2 winds for lvl 3 j.2c so whats your 3 wind version? EDIT- ok we were both just lazy with our notation I got it. CH 2C 2D jump 2Dj.2C 632146C dash under sj8D j.2C 214A dash under 3c(hold) 5CC 236B dash 214C dash sj j.B j.C JC j.B j.C j.236A
  7. Gog_

    [CS1] Rachel Combos

    CH 2C 2D jump 2D lvl2 j.2c BBL lvl3 j.2C frog 3C(hold) 5CC 236B dash 214 dash j.B j.C JC j.B j.C j.236A 5414 dmg So your combo is 4 winds, character specific, or I'm doing it wrong. Mind explaining how to do a 3 wind version Geno?
  8. CH 2C already does 4.6k in CS so with a dmg buff 5.3k sounds right, also unless CS2 changes this the combo DC posted only needs 2 winds.
  9. Gog_

    [CS1] Rachel Combos

    I already sent the list to Soniti kro_, hes just been too busy to update it.
  10. Gog_

    BBCS Character Analysis

    Yes she does, but most of the 5k practical ones are in corner(and start from throw lol). Even the MaDao spike loop only gives us about 3-3.8k from a 5b based on how much wind you want to use, 6a is so unreliable I wouldn't count the 5k mid screen combo as practical and my 4k mid screen 3c combo needs 50 meter. So even though her overall damage and wind use is definitely better than when SJ made this, most of the combos are still Litchi BnB damage or less. (unless you can start from a j.2C FC that guarantees a 5-8k combo)
  11. Wing

    i missed u mang. ehhh well, i haven't logged on in awhile anyway

  12. ggs Jason and anyone else who played against my terrible Rachel.(hate the stupid sticks at AI) Zong were you playing as multiple characters?
  13. Nah End didnt tell me at all. Also I'm gonna mess with this character when she gets released.

  14. End didn't tell you? My PS3 broke, but I'll be back next week when CS is out. Also why are you using a Platina avatar?