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  1. mugenblade

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    Regarding Berial Edge, what is the best time to use it, and which combos work best to implement it?
  2. Sorry, let me rephrase that then......The links that were posted on the forum don't work.

  3. That'd be on Freezeman, not me. I didn't do Carl and Tager yet.

  4. Hey circ, i'm just letting you know that the Tager and Carl Sprite rips aren't working just to let you know.

  5. mugenblade

    [CS1] Hazama vs. Iron Tager

    well from my vast amount of time spent on youtube, i'd say that it's a25/75 tager's favor. Hazama has the same problem lambda has, low damage ratio.
  6. sure, Hazama's story mode figure smiling with with the words "Ass Hat" in red letters would be awesome

  7. Sho I can help you with an avatar. You got any particular ideas, though? Everyone and their granny has a "just Hazama" avatar.

  8. Hey, i'd like to say to say three things, first, i love your avatar, that's freaking awesome. Second, i would like to thank you for the sprite rips, it's revealed a lot about his movements that i never would have guessed. and third, i was wondering if you could help me make an avatar fit for Dust Loop, preferrably something with hazama if possible. Again thanks alot :)