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    [CSE] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    Block their block strings. Block low and wait for overheads. If they seem to get predictable with their blockstring and you can instant block well, try for counters after IBing. It will set your opponent in the corner if you do 2D, J.D, or 5D. If you get them with 6D, just combo. Countering is risky sometimes, wait it out and find times to either jump out, or punish them with a combo that can get you out. Jabs might help? But if you want to play sht brainless and troll the game like I do, just press D repeaditly until you die. Defense is the most important thing for Hakumen (and the entire cast in general), but it's arguably much more important on haku as IBing helps builds his meter that he's so dependent as well as avoiding damage (duh). Practice instant guarding and you can instant block -> counter if people go nuts on their offense without thinking. Since counters are always a risk, you can just IB near the end of their gatling where stuff is easier to punish and go for a jab and start a combo from there.
  2. yo just give me a shout when you're on, I just got out of the upstate tourny we had, 14 people showed up for BB and no one had any idea what they were doing except me lol, I'll link you the vids when I get them, I also commentated my buddy's tager match

  3. Yo, you're that asian tager dude at clocktower right? I'm the hakumen spazzing over my C and D buttons during gadget finger. What's up?

  4. Hey, how you're doing? We should play a few sometime.

  5. Yoshi13

    [CSE] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    Hi I'm Haku-men. I press my drive button if I'm in danger and I press my C button if I'm not. A victory well earned.
  6. Astral Heats seem to be much more common in CS due to the requirements being a bit less specific than it was in CT. That being said, the question is: What do you think about Astral Heats? Like do you consider Astral Heats to be a "jerk move" or some sort of disrespect or do you consider them to be viable and not just some sort of showing-off. Or are you indifferent? You can answer in any way you like. I'm aware that not all Astral Heats are equal, as some seem to be clearly better than others. Tager's astral heat is difficult to avoid in some scenarios, Tsubaki can combo into hers, Jin can pull his off after a throw, and Hakumen's will beat anything that isn't a projectile (throws amazingly). So you can be specific. I personally consider them to be somewhat of a jerk-move, as there is a lot you can do with 100% heat and the burst to drain the opponent from his 30% remaining life. Astral Heats just doesn't seem to be necessary, and you might be putting up the match in attempt to finish off the opponent in a fancy way. However, I'm not terribly experienced with this game. Although I anticipate that most think it's kind of a method to show-off, I've heard some opinions otherwise.