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  1. TD

    [CF] Nine the Phantom Q&A Thread

    Is anyone still alive here? Does anyone still play this slow behemoth of a character? o.0
  2. Just let him have his moment. It's been a long time.
  3. Jubei looks cool. Rwby being added is really cool. (That anime fighting scenes were really really awesome) as as long as Rachel makes it into that tag team game (she should), I'll buy it, import it, whatever
  4. TD

    Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

    Seems hype. Hopefully they don't intentionally make the game broken like its predecessor.
  5. I wonder where mai fits on a tier list, she looks amazing to play with, so many tools for neutral and good looking pressure.
  6. TD

    BB5 Prediction and Discussion

    I don't see why other characters can't return. There's still plenty of material for characters such as litchi, bang, tao, kokonoe, tager, kagura etc etc. to play minor roles, maybe they'll even "age gracefully" and provide more fanservice, idk. With how many years these characters have been around there are bound to be fans interested in a "life after bb" even if it's 20 years later. But maybe not, who knows. Likewise I don't see a reason for Rachel to play a part in a future BB with the world not in danger and ragna MIA, thoughts on that?
  7. What? No. Have some dignity about yourself. And that's not going to work.
  8. TD

    CPU Sparing: What to look for?

    Can practice blocking overheads as CPU will often attemp either an overhead or throw when in range. This is for lv 100 though. Lesser level CPU may be too dumb to be of any real use
  9. TD

    [CF] Match Finder

    Probably still the duel coliseums are good for matches online. How ideal? Not certain. other than that I'm not sure and don't want to make an uneducated guess. Ggs to the chaps I fought tonight. think I'm done with bb finally. Not even playing Rachel gives me an inkling of satisfaction, and losing matches just isn't motivating me to change my play like at all. Nine was super fun but the novelty wore off. It's been a good 7 years though, tons of great fighters and I hope you guys keep fighting until the very end! :D I know no one cares lol but it just feels like a relief to finally say it! BUT I do have a request, if you guys do do this old vs new thing please stream it. Honestly if it goes down, the matches should definitely be on the front page. (Also if any of you guys play smite, feel free to add me! :333 cheers)
  10. TD

    [CF] Match Finder

    old school vs new school sounds like a stomp in the nuts... old school would totally win.
  11. TD

    Central Fiction Story Discussion

    As said, it's going to be really hard re-adding certain characters especially the main heroes and villans. I mean it is definitely not impossible. Like, at all. but they'd have a ton of 'splaining to do, and well, they probably wouldnt do so great a job at it. I'm just in agreeance that it'd probably be wise to keep the money-makers (protaganists) in the next game, if there is one; and if there is, everyone just needs to be prepared for a slightly bullshit explanation, which I personally wouldn't care about
  12. Doubt the west will make too much of an impact on bb sales. the series is finally showing some semblance of being over, and as much as I love my dark Loli princess... it is about time. Great game and story, just a bit stale, after what, 7 years? What a great run.
  13. TD

    [CF] Match Finder

    It's cool. Any play is fun play imo. And unlike nineball, you'll totally be able to press some buttons other than 4 and 1 with me. speaking of, I wonder if he's still around so he can have his way with my characters ;.;