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  1. I had the same problem and even tried redownloading the whole game. I fixed it by logging in on my PS4 with the account I bought BBCF with and restoring my licenses under Settings -> Playstation Network/Account Management -> Restore Licenses. Good luck!
  2. mashing will lose to frametraps/staggered pressure (eg 5B dash 2A, 5B 5B etc) as for dps you just have to guess, hazama's backdash is fast and long enough to use to bait dp, 214d~a (blocked) > backdash will make ragna's dp whiff for example (midscreen only, sorta, if ragna's is in the corner your spacing has to be really good).
  3. Depends on the character's weight, dauro jP is pretty easy to hit vs. "light" mediums like Chipp, Axl or Slayer while it's pretty much impossible to hit Sol with it. Doing jP instead of microdash jP won't allow you to hit iad jKS9D though so it's not particularly useful.
  4. dauro d.jP is hard but doable, I've been practicing that link since day1 and what I found to work best is: - get used to the (very) small buffer window of the game - after dauro input 66 somewhat late - just hold 9 after inputing the dash (you are supposed to hold 9 throughout jPKS9D anyway so that you won't get a double jump j.8D at the end) Once you truly understand how late you can input 66 and still have it come out automatically after dauro then you are pretty much set and just need to learn how to delay jPKS9D I'd say I barely drop it on Sol-class weight characters now, I haven't really practiced dauro cS dauro d.jP or dauro d.pk d.jP much yet though. I think it'll likely become the go-to combo route (at least on Sol/Axl/Slayer/Chipp-weight characters) once people get used to playing Ramlethal more/grind it out in training mode, I've even seen Karinchu doing it vs a Sol in one of his recent vids. The damage difference between midscreen j8D loops and the d.pk xN ppp route is pretty big. It honestly feels like Hazama's CSX hiren loops, you just need to understand the trick behind it (buffered dash) then it's pretty much auto-pilot.
  5. 2A and 5B are (and were) much better than 214D~A for resetting pressure, as I've already wrote before, long blockstrings are useless, KISS and just throw/tick throw a lot! Hazama's pressure tools are very strong only when you start throwing a lot and people are forced to learn to deal with them somehow (OSs etc.), that's pretty much why asw has never given him a meterless comboable overhead and also why upback is a nightmare to deal with. I'm pretty sure most Jin players would love to have a +2 5B and not having to rely on 6B to reset pressure, same goes for most of the cast... except Taokaka, fuck that character. with the buff to barrier pushblock it can definitely be pretty annoying to deal with people that abuse barrier, what you want to establish is whether they are just holding barrier, mashing on 1ABC or they actually know what they are doing. just holding barrier randomly -> command throw, throw, 214D~A mashing on 1ABC -> purple throw a lot they know what they are doing -> keep it short and try to understand how they like to use throw OS / fuzzy OS / do they have a 6f 2A and they know how to IB 5B? / can you use 5A in pressure (Relius/Hakumen/Tager)? / etc. pretty much what I've wrote a couple posts ago. oh, also use his CT (sparingly), it's quite +on block and leads to solid damage on hit. As for 214D~A in CP1.1, I'll gladly take a knockdown over "resetting pressure" or comboing into d.2A for no damage. Comboable 214D~A in CP1.0 was pretty cheap, Hazama never needed it anyway, a buff to his command throw would have been welcome though... I still have fond memories of grabbing Litchi out of her Tsubame in CS1/2 I'm a scrub yet even I can tell that CP2 Hazama is pretty strong, yay for consistent combos. Honestly the only thing I truly wanted for CP2 Haz was a slight damage buff to hountejin... barely breaking 4k off 6A is pretty sad, I understand why they nerfed it in CP1.1 but nerfing only his jC would have been enough to tone down his damage, CP1.1 Haz ended up still being a good character but also the most boring version of Hazama yet.
  6. Has anyone figured out how dauro d.jP works? this combo is driving me insane, on some characters it's pretty easy/doable but on, for example, Sol or Zato it's quite difficult.
  7. Taking away jc'able 5B made baiting counter assaults pretty much impossible unless the only frame trap you are doing is 2A 2C, old 5B was SO strong, ch 5B xx 214D~C linking on crouchers was pretty cool. No jc on 5C is w/e, it really isn't that big of a deal since you can pretty much swap it for 2C for frame traps/pressure (it was much better in CP1 where you could actually hit confirm ch 2C into 4k without mindlessly cancelling into iad though). When it comes to pressuring with Hazama you really need to figure out quickly your opponent's tendencies when he's on defense (does he ever fuzzy guard? does he know how to properly OS tech or is he just mashing standing throw? does he have a 6fr 2a/5a(that hits crouchers)? dp?) and find the best way to score a b.throw as that's pretty much Hazama's most threatening option. Most good players know to mostly look out for 5B anyway since IB'ing it drastically reduces Hazama's pressure options and forces him to either go for a late gatling to catch chicken block/fuzzy guard/2a mash or "back off" by ending the blockstring with a (tight) gatling into jabaki. You really want to get in and try to land a throw quickly, otherwise just back off and play neutral, fixating too much on running endless frame traps is pretty much useless. Just look at that recent Tetsuwo vs. Udon CP2 set, Udon pretty much lost a lot of games because he was too afraid to go for throws, instead he stuck to just doing frame traps and Tetsuwo capitalized on that by just sticking to barrier blocking/fuzzy guard to get out and then looking to space himself at 2/4 ~ inside Haz's 3C range. Compare Udon's playstyle in that set to ANY of Mitsurugi's matches, unlike Udon he will always keep his blockstrings extremely short and go for 214D~A/throw/command throw asap to try to score a knockdown or push the opponent to the corner (where longer blockstrings are much better because of how easier it is to convert them into meaningful damage w/o meter). It was a bit less obvious in CP1 because of his gorilla damage, but Hazama's gameplay has drastically shifted from CSX to CP1/2 forcing us to focus on playing a better neutral/keep away game, unlike CSX where it was pretty much: score a throw/try your best to ib everything > score a hit and confirm into hountejin > 214D~B corner setplay > land anything > bait burst(s) > "the wheel of fate is turning!" * n, this kind of gameplay put a much bigger emphasis on rushing the opponent down as soon as we had hountejin stocked and thus made frame traps/blockstrings more "appealing", in CP I swear I use my meter more for CAs than confirming into hountejin.
  8. That sounds fairly slow to be a mix up. I haven't tried it out yet in training mode, but I'm sure most character would be able to run under the j2C/d.barrier/right out j.A you out of anything. chains are pretty bad as a mix up tool (as in when gatlin'd into), they CAN be used but not too often, mostly because it's kinda like cancelling 3C into 214D~x, not necessarily bad frame wise but super obvious. and even then most characters can 5A you on reaction out of 5C 5DD or stuff like that (can't really do the same vs. 5C 5D~A 3C // 5C 5Dxx214D~ // 5C 5Dxx236D, still pretty bad mix ups/blockstrings though). you can use chains as oki tools after a very close to the corner 3C 236D, just end something into 3C 236D and then dash 5D~D/C/B, most of the times most characters will be able to 5A you out of it (or roll away) though
  9. ask something meaningful or post techs findings and the forums will get more lively!
  10. _Sey

    [P4AU] Mitsuru Kirijo Gameplay Discussion

    AoA~D can work as a different way to set up "safe" oki rather than going for B droit > njB (which I think is a safe jump... haven't bothered testing it yet tbh). (corner) AoA~D (fatal) iad back 2C 5A is often used by YMST to keep up a bit of pressure while still being relatively safe
  11. _Sey

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Combo Thread

    I was looking for combos lists on Yukari's japanese wiki/jbbs and I finally found something, I haven't bothered translating it yet (google translate works fine) but it pretty much explains her combo theory/routes outside of 5AAA confirms which we all know by now. Confirms (first half) 5Bor2Bch>2C>jc>JC>jc>溜めJ2B~ 5A>5C>2C~(しゃがみorfc) JA>JC>jc>溜めJ2B~ JA>JC>JD>下りJB>着地ジャンプJB>jc>溜めJ2B~ Midscreen enders 着地(微ダ)5B>低ダJB>微ダ5B>足払い(スカ)>微ダ5AAA>ボム>5B>2C>jc>JB爆破>jc>フリップ 着地5B>溜め2B>ボム>2B爆破>9hjc>dフリップ(端付近不可) Midscreen-to-corner enders (着地5B>低ダJB>)2B>溜め5B>ボム>5B>2C>JB爆破>jc>Cフリップ Corner enders ボム>5B>2C>JC>jc>J2B爆破>着地溜め5B>Cフリップ(前半でJC使ってない時) AアローscDマハガルーラ>ダッシュ5Aスカ>振り向きJD>7j溜めJ2B>着地AアローscDマハガルーラ>5D>超Bアロー(覚醒飛ばし) 割り込み超Aアロー>JC~(覚醒ry
  12. _Sey

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Combo Thread

    Haven't got the chance to grind combo on Aigis yet, but I swear that Rise has some really weird hurtbox when getting juggled, you have to delay 5B > 2C waaaay more than normal just to stand a chance at connecting jC, I've even got jC to hit only once and yet still bounce her on the ground.
  13. _Sey

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Combo Thread

    You never need to charge j2B when doing stuff off 5AAA, as long as you hit the floor bounce with jC you can just jc j2B and go from there (dash 5 if close to the corner). delaying 2C as much as possible after 5B should fix any trouble you may have with jC connecting (the hitbox is somewhat weird... but it's pretty much in front and below Yukari, so you don't want 2C to juggle people really high)
  14. _Sey

    [P4AU] Yukari Takeba - Combo Thread

    5AAA confirms 5AAA > 214A > 5C > 5B > 2C > j.C > jc > j.2B > land > 236C~ (Yukari stays in front) 5AAA > 214A > 5C > 5B > 2C > j.C > jc > j.2B > j.236D~ (Side switch) 5AAA damage/hits can vary depending on the opponent, 5AAA hits Kuma 12 times, Mitsuru 15, Narukami 17, Minazuki 14, etc.
  15. _Sey

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDvs-jFkPos&list=UUMFfjggcRWQUk5pj4XZsrQQ Stahp it Noze