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  1. They pay me study but why am I having a hard time studying?

  2. Last month and I'm done!

  3. Down to my last two months and it's back in business again.

  4. Should I do a count down with these last 3 months in service?

  5. Should I do a keep down with these last 3 months in service?

  6. 4 monts to go before this nonsense is over with.

    1. Tong


      hang in there!

  7. I'm primarily the host so you can leave your skype info to me or just message me instead. sadeyo.amatsu is my skype and the edited name is Successful Black.

    1. Tenryuga


      My Skype is deshawn.lynch. If that doesn't work try Tenryuga. My avatar on there is eltnum as well. And I believe I sent you a PM. You're successful Kuro right?

  8. What's this? Only 5 more months to go? I'm exhilerated!

  9. half a year to go and my contract is finished

  10. I don't like this new messaging system since it's confusing as hell sometime. Well here's my message, why haven't we played games with one another? If you're so close I wish you mentioned it sooner. BBCP, AH3LM, or Jump Stars (and other games).

    1. SoWL


      I dunno, probably because I only go online for about three hours a day. If we coordinate ourselves better, I'm all for playing whatever you want.

  11. Who are you playing for AH3LM and was it Hilda main for UNIEL? Still going the Eltnum myself while considering Weiss after playing her for a few nights on vanilla.

    1. Urichinan


      I don't actually play Arcana Heart, and I probably won't be investing in Love Max for quite a long while. But when I do, I'll still play Dorothy, Nazuna, and Konoha. And yes, I want to try Hilda, but I'm more interested in Chaos at the moment.

  12. Sakasama no Patema, please don't watch it. You'll regret sitting down for an hour and half just to be disappointed by all of it. Just a simple review on it back on Skype if you peek at it but if you want to know through here I'll tell you another time.

  13. How are your characters taking the changes? Ragna is still the same as ever for me, Bullet lost a valuable asset to her icombat but gained something slightly promising while other subs just felt blockier or heavier. I think I'm going for the nu-13, she still has freedom of combat.

  14. Long time no hear dude, life got any easier for you?

  15. US servers filled with the koko's? That must be ugly.

    1. Argent Zero

      Argent Zero

      From what I've been fighting. Also Azrael, Jin, and the occasional Ragna. I only see the rest sometimes. Update Come oooooon!!

  16. The message never popped up till I browsed my profile. I have no kid on the way, it's my countdown till the end of my military contract and free once again.

  17. How are you not on my friends list? Let me add you.

  18. 7 months and counting

    1. mAc Chaos

      mAc Chaos

      is it a boy or a girl :V

    2. Sadeyo


      lol, scaring me like that. It's a count down when I'm done with the service.

  19. 8 months and counting

  20. Reupload your avatar again if you want it to have motion again, it's not leaving the same impact as before. Oh right, you investing into Jump Star Victory VS?

  21. Since DL revival I think the groups were removed. Make good use of Skype or create another one? I have so little time to look into everything because of work so good luck finding it or pass the news back to me and others again.

  22. Engaged to Unidentified, I think I'm enjoying this show almost too much. Especially when you used to see old traits of yourself in character models; Benio. Please tell me that you're at least watching this. Oh right, I'll be turning to you and some of the Izayoi community for help in learning the character. I'll save the questions for later till I put her in the lab more often.

  23. Get on Skype more, more anime discussion and possibly bringing you into the anime group as well. I like to increase the players more but more from DL instead of random individuals. Still rooting for Harime as my best character for the season though that's a discussion for later.

  24. We should play against each other when we get back to the states. I remember fighting you in the past, CS1 but I don't think we ever went up against each other in Extend. CP won't count since I'm not in the same country anymore.

  25. Ultima-sama? Weren't you raging on me earlier for not supporting team troll anymore? I'll probably share this in tomorrow's skype but I can't believe how uncomfortable I am in choosing a character for XRD, they're different and I can't judge immediately since I don't know how to play GG in the first place, buying AC+ was a poor investment on psn (ps3), aksys lying about the balance patch at the end of the year. I wouldn't have to invest into P4U if they did that sooner, but at least being competitive for P4U2 may be worth it.