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  1. I'll money match you ft10 on extend with your copy of gundam extreme versus on the line...and if you win, my copy of hello kitty island adventure is yours. shit just got real

  2. If I can find a ride to take me from LA and back I'll come.
  3. Yo Ryo what happened to ya? lol you quit FGs for MMOs now? lol

  4. Correction: You have a litchi/jin and an additional jin and rachel. lol
  5. Visitor Virginity Message Lost, nuuuu D:

  6. visitor message virginity.... TAKENNNNNN D:

  7. Donavan

    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - Version 1.03 Loketest(s)

    I might be down there. LAX isn't too far.
  8. Donavan

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    anyone from LA or passing by going to sano's house to give me a ride? I'll provide gas money
  9. I'm going, everyone go to FFA NAO.
  10. thanks..totally missed that thread ._.
  11. so did..FFA happen yesterday? or not? and also any update on next tourney?
  12. alright I'll PM you, and you mean to pick me up so I could take my soon to be munniez from you
  13. uhh well, shit I may know some others but idk, lol I'll keep you posted