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  1. Zevali

    ur a hot maid <3

  2. I will come. As long as I don't choke. ._.

  3. Will you be coming to the next TSB tournament? :o

  4. Zevali

    Close your eyes, open your mouth, and say "annng~"

  5. skd

    Yes of course

  6. Zevali

    Are you interested in going on a hot date with a hot Asian onee-san?

  7. Zevali

    We'll make beautiful mistakes together.

  8. skd

    you mean "we can chill at my place and smash" ;;))))

  9. Zevali

    Not too bad, want to meet up and have some drinks with me? My boyfriend's away for the weekend, we can chill at my place and mash.

  10. skd

    wow i havent seen you in forever hows it going

  11. Zevali

    What's up SKD?

  12. I've been away for a while and I feel hopeless now with 5B no longer jump cancelable on block and 623C being uncomboable. With Ada dead, how are we supposed to play neutral while waiting for Ada now? D: I mean, I understand that Carl's supposed to be helpless without his doll, but... what do I do? It seems like the recovery for j.214C got buffed, so maybe I can use that to keep them away?
  13. Good games to duskthanatos, DinDragmire, and iw2ma! I need to stop using school as an excuse to NOT play games and train harder.
  14. Aki is just a playstyle I love. Patience and rushdown. Skullgirls, I love it. I play Painwheel/Double, I think the team is really powerful.