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  1. eirei

    [CP/EX] Kagura Mutsuki - FAQ/Q&A thread

    What do you do after a grounded ch 5d~c in the corner? Stuff like j.5d~6c on oki. They land too fast to pick up with 5b if it CHs, so I've been doing 2a5bbc. I really don't like that 2a, but I don't see any better options?
  2. eirei

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I, for one, welcome the death of KKH with open arms
  3. eirei

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I can't play the low tier card anymore help
  4. don'tfixzeniadon'tfixzeniadon'tfixzenia
  5. eirei

    Fate/Unlimited Codes

    Oh yeah, that makes sense, since Archer's 2C loop uses the same input.
  6. eirei

    Fate/Unlimited Codes

    Never actually played Rin, but it should work while activated. Archer has a 2C loop, which is basically just inputting 28C over and over. Just try hitting up and B at the same time, I don't have a PS2 atm so I can't test this for you.
  7. eirei

    Fate/Unlimited Codes

    Probably 623a 59b 623(9)a edit: well, 59b might as well just be any jump.b
  8. We can do better than that. corner j2c 5b2bc6c [2c5c j8bc land 236ab .. 6c] x5 Actually, play Beato and tag in before that, then do it 6 times for maximum hilarity.
  9. eirei

    BBCS:EX Delayed in Canada?

    Of all the retailers in all the world, I had to order from a Canadian one.
  10. eirei

    Ultimate MvC3

    A day too late, but who cares, Albert is a busy man.
  11. Welp, I read somewhere in this thread that it doesn't work against projectiles, which is why I asked
  12. So did anyone find out what Dlanor's 22 series does yet
  13. eirei

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    Capcom is really trying to kill all the hype for this game. And they're doing a good job.